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Central Nervous System Involvement in Gaucher’s Disease: Radiological Demonstration Case Report
Haticeztürkmen Akay,Alpaslan Kemal Tuzcu
Dicle Medical Journal , 2004,
Abstract: Gaucher’s disease is most common sphyngolipid storage disease.Central nervous system involvement is very rare and imaging findings ofthis involvement is not specific.In this case report, we described computed tomographic and magneticresonance findings of cerebral involvement verified with cerebrospinal fluidexamination in a patient with Gaucher’s disease.
The Role of Multidetector CT in Pediatric Lung Disease
Senem ?entürk,Haticeztürkmen Akay
Dicle Medical Journal , 2008,
Abstract: Chest computed tomography is one of the diagnostic procedures used forevaluation of lung disease in pediatric patients.In this study chest computed tomography images of 150 pediatric patientswere reviwed retrospectively in comparison with preliminary clinical diagnosisand chest radiography findings recorded in computer files.The most common preliminary diagnosis for demand of chest computedtomography was lung infection-pneumonia. Recurrent lung infections,malignancy, chronic cough, foreign body aspiration, pleural effusion,tuberculosis and bronchiectasis were other preliminary diagnoses. The mostcommon parenchymal pathology detected by computed tomography wasatelectasis. Parenchymal consolidation, pleural effusion, bronchiectasis, mosaicattenuation, ground-glass opacity, nodular infiltration and nodule were otherfindings.In this study it was shown that some parenchymal lesions, pneumoniacomplications and pleural effusions, which were not evident on chestradiography, could be easily determined on computed tomography. In lungpathologies various imaging modalities are beneficial and to avoid unnecessaryradiation exposure in pediatric patients, who are sensitive to radiation hazards,when the indication of computed tomography is determined, clinician shouldbetter take sentiments from the radiologist.
Bilateraly Diaphragmatic Traumatic Rupture with Delayed and Liver Herniation of Right Diaphragmatic Rupture
Haticeztürkmen Akay,Refik ülkü
Dicle Medical Journal , 2004,
Abstract: Bilateraly diyafragmatic rupture is a rare pathology. The incidence isregarded 0.8-5%. Here we reported a bilateraly diyafragmatic rupture withdelayed right diyafragmatic liver herniation. We review the literature andwe mentioned the important radiologic findings of the patology withultrasonoghraphy, Computed tomography, and magnetic resonanceimaging.
Radiologic Imaging of Diaphragmatic Pathologies
Haticeztürkmen Akay,Mehtap Bar?,M. Nuri ?zbek
Dicle Medical Journal , 2004,
Abstract: We researched the images methods in the evaluation of diaphragmaticpathologies. The study was done with 30 patients (21 males, 9 females). Themedian age of the patients was 36.1 years (Range 1-74 years). Firstly,lateraly and posteroanterior chest X-Ray were done in all patients the otherradiological images were the Barium examination, ultrasonography,computerized tomography and magnetic rezonans imaging. We determineddiaphragmatic pseudotumour in 4 patients, congenital diaphragmatichernia in 6 patients, diaphragmatic paralysis in 2 patients, diaphragmaticelevation in 8 patients, hiatal hernia in 5 patients, and diaphragmaticrupture in 5 patients.Although radiological images were developed all, we believe that thediaphragmatic pathologies should be evaluated with both clinically andradiologically in all patients.
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia: Report of Three Cases
Selahattin Katar,Celal Devecio?lu,Haticeztürkmen Akay
Dicle Medical Journal , 2007,
Abstract: Congenital diaphragmatic hernia is associated with a high degree of morbidity and mortality. It may be diagnosed antenatally by Ultrasonografi. Postnatal survival rate significantly increases by means of appropriate management. Three cases presented in this report were without a prenatal diagnosis. One of the cases has right side congenital diaphragmatic hernia while other two cases have left side ones. None of them could survive for postnatal 8 hours. In our report, we aimed to remind that survival of these cases may be increased if disease is detected prenatally and the labor is realized in centers where neonatologist, pediatric surgeon and required equipment are present.
Bladder Leiomyoma: Case Report
Haticeztürkmen Akay,Ali Ferruh Akay,Hüseyin Büyükbayram,Hayrettin ?ahin
Dicle Medical Journal , 2004,
Abstract: Leiomyoma of the bladder is a rare benign mesenchymal tumor. Theclinic symptomatology depends on the tumor site, and this type of lesion ismorefrequently found in women. Treatment mainly consist of endoscopicresection, but may involve partial cystectomy.
Clinical and Radiological Evaluation of Children with Subacute Sclerosan Panencephalitis
Ahmet ?rdem,Sultan Ecer,M. Nuri ?zbek,Haticeztürkmen Akay
Dicle Medical Journal , 2004,
Abstract: A total of 65 children with Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE) who admittedto our clinic between September 1998 and December 2002 were retrospectively evaluated interms of clinical and radiological findings.The most common symptoms and findings at admission were myoklonia (31 patients, 47%), behaveral changes (18 patients, 27.7 %) and convulsion (8 patients, 12 %). There was atrauma history initiating symptoms in 14 patients (21.5 %). Neurological symptoms presentedsignificantly earlier in patients who had measles before 2 years of age compared to others(p< 0.05). There was no correlation between latent period and age at the time of meales(p>0.05). The clinical stage of the patients at admission was determined based on Risk veHaddad classification. The most frequent stage was IIA (21 patients, 32.2%), IIC (17patients, 26.2%) and IIB (16 patients, 24.6%). At the follow-up period, 46 (71%) patients wasdepended to bed. The mean time interval between SSPE initiation age and bed dependencywas 4.68 ± 4.05 months (1-17 months).Of the 31 patients who underwent cranial magnetic rezonans imaging (MRI), 15patients (48.38%) had pathological findings, the most frequent findings were cortical vesubcortical lesions. Of the 24 patients who underwent cranial tomographi, 22 (91.6%) werenormal. Of the remaining two, one had atrophy and the other had increase in contrast. All ofthe patients underwent rutine EEG test. Fifty-four (83.1%) of these had periodic complexhigh slow wave activity.The clinical findings and Electro Encephalographi results are important parameters inthe diagnosis of SSPE. Cranial tomographi is not useful in the diagnosis of SSPE. However,cranial MRI findings is pathologic only in the half of the patients.
The Association of Acromegaly and Ankylosing Spondylitis
Alpaslan Tuzcu,Ayse Dicle Turhanoglu,Mithat Bah?eci,Haticeztürkmen Akay
Dicle Medical Journal , 2004,
Abstract: Coexistence of acromegaly and anklosing spondylitis had been rarelyreported. Only two case reports were described coexistence of two diseasesin literature. These two diseases have some similar clinical andradiographic features. Calcaneal epin formation, enteshopathy and caudeequina syndrome can be seen both acromegaly and ankylosing spondylitis.Our case had clinical and radiological features of both acromegaly andankylosing spondylitis. Acral enlargement, coarsening of feature,malocclusion, non-suppressed growth hormone levels with oral glucosetolerance test and evidence of pituitary adenoma were support diagnose ofacromegaly. Morning stiffness, positive Schober and Moll test, elevatederythrocyte sedimentation rate and grade 4 sacroiletis of the patient lead usto diagnose ankylosing spondylitis at the same time. In this case report, weaim to discuss interesting coexistence of two disease
Photo(chemo)therapy in Psoriasis
Hatice ?anl?,Bengü Nisa Akay
Turkderm , 2010,
Abstract: Phototherapy remains an essential treatment option for patients with moderate to severe psoriasis. Various spectra of the UV-B and UV-A wavelenghts are used for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris. Photochemotherapy combines initial topical or systemic administration of a photosensitizer with the subsequent exposure to light of the corresponding wavelength, generally UVA light (320-400 nm). Photochemotherapy and narrow band UVB can be used as treatments either as monotherapy or combination with other agents,to effectively treat moderate or severe psoriasis.
Akdeniz üniversitesi’nde ta eron sa l k i ilerinin i i sa l ve i güvenli i durum tespiti
Mustafa Cumhur ?zgi,Hafize ?ztürk Türkmen
Turkish Journal of Public Health , 2012, DOI: 10.5421/10.5421/1304.1086
Abstract: Ama : Neoliberal politikalar n Türkiye’deki yans malar ndan biri olan Sa l kta D nü üm Projesi ta eronla may i eren bir programd r. Sa l kta ta eronla ma, al an n sa l n ve üretti i hizmetin niteli i nedeniyle toplum sa l n etkilemektedir. al man n amac , bir üniversite hastanesinde ta eronla ma sonras al anlar n i i sa l ve i güvenli i a s ndan durumlar n de erlendirmek, konuya y nelik fark ndal k yaratmak ve geni apl al malar n planlan p gerekli nlemlerin al nmas na katk sa lamakt r. Y ntem: Akdeniz üniversitesi Hastanesi’nde ta eron olarak al an 1175 i iden, meslek gruplar temel al narak tan mlay c ara t rman n 153 ki ilik rne i belirlenmi ve ara t rmaya kat lmay kabul eden 128 al ana iki b lümden olu an anket uygulanm t r. Anketin ilk b lümünde sosyodemografik veriler ve ara t rmaya ili kin a k u lu sorular, ikinci b lümünde ise be li Likert tipi soru k kleri yer almaktad r. Bulgular: Kat l mc lar n %62.5’i i ncesi sa l k risk e itimi almad n , %82.8’i riskler konusunda i veren taraf ndan bilgilendirilmedi ini, %85.2’si a yap lmad n , %57.0’si koruyucu donan m n yetersiz oldu unu, %73.4’ü yapt klar i in sa l k riski yaratt n , %71.1’i ta eron al man n sa l olumsuz etkiledi ini, %94.6’s kadrolu al man n güvenceli oldu unu belirtmi lerdir. Sonu : al ma ortam n n sa l k risklerinden ar nd r lmas , i güvencesinin sa lanmas ve sa l k hizmet üretiminde insan haklar n n ya ama ge irilmesi i in ta eronla maya son verilmesi gerekir. Anahtar Kelimeler: Ta eronla ma, sa l k hakk , i i sa l , i güvenli i Due diligence of occupational health and safety of subcontractor health workers in Akdeniz University Objective: The Health Transformation Project, one of the outcomes of neo-liberal policies, includes subcontracting Subcontracting in the health sector affects the health of individual workers, and due to the quality of the service it produces, it also affects the health of the community. The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the effect of subcontracting on health and safety of workers in university hospitals that serve as centers of science, education and research, and further to raise awareness of the effects of subcontracting, to plan large scale studies and considerthe precautions that need to be taken. Methods: The sample group of the quantitative research was determined by considering work groups as a basis and choosing 153 workers from 1175 subcontractors working in Akdeniz University Hospital. The survey consisting of 2 sections were applied to 128 workers who agreed to participa
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