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Eosinophilic granulomatous gastrointestinal and hepatic abscesses attributable to basidiobolomycosis and fasciolias: a simultaneous emergence in Iraqi Kurdistan
Hassan Hemmin A,Majid Runnak A,Rashid Nawshirwan G,Nuradeen Bryar E
BMC Infectious Diseases , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2334-13-91
Abstract: Background Deep eosinophilic granulomatous abscesses, as distinguished from eosinophilic subcutaneous abscesses, are rare. Most reports are from the Far-East and India where the most commonly attributed cause is Toxocara. Sulaimaniyah in Northeastern Iraq has experienced an outbreak of eosinophilic granulomatous liver and gastrointestinal (GI) abscesses beginning in 2009. The purpose of this study was to determine the etiology and guide treatment. Methods The study was an ongoing investigation of patients having a histopathologic diagnosis of eosinophilic granulomatous abdominal abscesses in Sulaimaniyah hospitals from May 2009 to August 2012. Tissues were examined for organisms, and Enzyme Linked Immunoabsorbent Assays (ELISA) were performed for serum antibodies to Fasciola hepatica, Toxocara, and Echinococcus granulosus. Results Fourteen patients had granulomatous inflammation surrounding a central necrotizing eosinophilic exudate identified in surgical pathology specimens from abdominal surgeries. Two children and four adults had abscesses that formed GI masses. These patients included a 39 year old male with oropharyngeal and transverse colon disease, and a 48 year old male with liver and GI abscesses. All sites demonstrated a Zygomycete fungus surrounded by eosinophilic Splendori-Hoeppli material consistent with basidiobolomycosis. Five of the six patients with fungal disease were treated by surgery and 4 to 7 months of itraconozol. One child died of intestinal perforation while receiving IV amphotericin B; two adults required additional surgery for recurrent GI obstruction. Eight patients had isolated liver abscesses with no organisms identified by histopathology: ELISA results for F. hepatica were positive for five, borderline for one, and negative for two patients. These eight patients were treated for fascioliasis by surgical resection of localized abscesses and albendazol. One patient serologically positive for F. Hepatica was found to have a common duct fluke two years after initial diagnosis. Serological testing for Toxocara and Echinococcus granulosus was negative in all 14 patients. Conclusions Basidiobolomycosis and F. hepatica are implicated as the cause of abdominal eosinophilic granulomatous abscesses in 12 of 14 patients identified over a period of 40 months in northern Iraq. Treatment was complicated by chronic biliary tract disease in fascioliasis and perforation and recurrent intestinal obstruction with basidiobolomycosis.
Geochemical Characteristics and Chemical Electron Microprobe U-Pb-Th Dating of Pitchblende Mineralization from Gabal Gattar Younger Granite, North Eastern Desert, Egypt  [PDF]
Hassan A. A. Shahin
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2014.41003

Pitchblende mineralization was studied in the younger granite samples collected from Gabal Gattar, north Eastern Desert, Egypt using electron scanning microscope (ESM) and electron probe microanalyses (EPMA). This study revealed that this pitchblende contains significant Zr content reaching up to (66.80% ZrO2), which suggests that volcanic rocks were probably the source of such a deposit. High level emplaced high-K Calc-alkaline plutons as Qattar granite may have been associated with their volcanic equivalent emplaced in the surrounding area or now eroded. Lead content of the pitchblende mineralization is high and with moderate volcanics (up to 7.71% PbO). In contrast, it is low in ThO2, Y2O3 and REE2O3. High Zr and Pb content associated with pitchblende mineralization from Gattar granite indicates

Ultrastructural Identification of the Basal-Granulated Cells in the Duodenum of Albino Rat  [PDF]
Ali Hassan A. Ali
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2014.47041
Abstract: The fine structure of the crypt epithelium of the duodenal mucosa in albino rats was studied to represent the types and distribution of the basal-granulated or endocrine cells. Twenty male animals were used. Perfusion-fixation was made and samples of duodenal mucosa were taken and processed to prepare epon-embedded specimens for examination by a transmission electron microscope. Cells containing membrane-bound granules were seen in the crypt epithelium. They were identified to be basal-granulated cells. Six different types of such cells were demonstrated. All of the cells were of the closed type. The possible functional significance of these closed cell types was discussed. Correlation among the distributions of such cells in the intestine of albino rat might enable the physiologists, internists and other research workers to study several biologically active peptides with well-established functions other than those which have long been investigated.
Chemical Composition, Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities of Thyme Essential Oil (Thymus vulgaris)  [PDF]
Hamad S. Aljabeili, Hassan Barakat, Hassan A. Abdel-Rahman
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2018.95034
Abstract: Herbal medicine from natural resources plays an important role as antibacterial and antioxidant agents. The present investigation was designed to evaluate the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) essential oil (TEO) and/or chitosan (CH) in vitro. Results indicated that TEO exhibited high radical scavenging activity (RSA) toward DPPH, ABTS, linoleic acid deterioration and iron chelation activity. TEO exhibited high amount of total phenolic compounds (TPC) related to its terpenes. The TPC of TEO was 177.3 mg GAE g-1 demonstrated 149.8 μmol of TE g-1 DPPH-RSA and 192.4 μmol of TE g-1 ABTS-RSA. The antioxidant capacity of TEO exhibited 68.9% reduction when evaluated by β-carotene bleaching assay. The reducing power activity related to iron chelation was 142.8 μmol of AAE g-1. The TEO exhibited a high content of Thymol (41.04%) as major compound over 14 identified components by GC-MS analysis followed by 1,8-Cineole (14.26%), γ-Terpinene (12.06%), p-Cymene (10.50%) and α-Terpinene (9.22%). TEO exhibited antimicrobial activity in vitro and MIC noticed that TEO was efficiently affected pathogens in vitro. Indeed, CH exhibited negligible or very low antimicrobial activity. In conclusion, both investigated TEO and TEO-CHmix have strong antibacterial activity against many pathogenic bacteria and need exploitation as an alternative source of natural antibacterial and antioxidant agents for potential applications.
Study of the Different Factors That Influence Jet Pump Performance  [PDF]
A. A. Saker, H. Z. Hassan
Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics (OJFD) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojfd.2013.32006

The objective of this work is to study experimentally the characteristics of jet pump. Suction head, driving air pressure and the percentage of the distance between throat section and nozzle are recorded. The effect of each parameter on the pump performance is investigated, in order to have a better understanding about the behavior of such pump under various conditions. A simple geometry jet pump was designed, developed and tested. The experiments show that we should be careful in increasing the suction head, and stability must be considered between the suction head and the driving air mass flow rate. While the effect of increasing Pa will stop at certain maximum of the ratio of the mass flow rate of water to air (M), that is any increase in Pa will meet no change in M. While increasing S/Dth will leads to decrease in the percentage of M because the optimum S/Dth = 0.5 so that at this value we will have the best performance and any other values for S/Dth the percentage M will decreases, but this effect is not so clear and it could be neglected. The pump performance is not so sensitive with the change of S/Dth after S/Dth = 0.5. Also this information will help improving and extending the use of the jet pump in many practical applications.

Transient Stability Analysis of Power System by Coordinated PSS-AVR Design Based on PSO Technique  [PDF]
A. D. Falehi, M. Rostami, Hassan Mehrjadi
Engineering (ENG) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2011.35055
Abstract: In this paper, Power System Stabilizer (PSS) and Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) are coordinated to improve the transient stability of generator in power system. Coordinated design problem of AVR and PSS is formulated as an optimization problem. Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique is an advanced robust search method by the swarming or cooperative behavior of biological populations mechanism. The performance of PSO has been certified in solution of highly non-linear objectives. Thus, PSO technique has been employed to optimize the parameters of PSS and AVR in order to reduce the power system oscillations during the load changing conditions in single-machine, infinite-bus power system. The results of nonlinear simulation suggest that, by coordinated design of AVR and PSS based on PSO technique power system oscillations are exceptionally damped. Correspondingly, it’s shown that power system stability is superiorly enhanced than the uncoordinated designed of the PSS and the AVR controllers.
Factors Associated with Occupational Stress and Their Effects on Organizational Performance in a Sudanese University  [PDF]
Ahlam B. El Shikieri, Hassan A. Musa
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.31022
Abstract: Occupational stress has a significant impact on student learning and thereby on the contribution that such institutions can make to society. This affects organizational performance by reducing productivity and efficiency which affect the organization negatively. The aim of the current study was to determine the factors associated with occupational stress and their relationship with organizational performance at one of the private universities in Sudan. A total of 150 male and female employees from different departments and with various educational levels in the main building of the university were randomly selected. Data was collected using a questionnaire with background questions, job stressors such as role conflict and ambiguity, lack of participation in decision making, lack of authority, workload, unsatisfactory working conditions and interpersonal relationships, and statements about the effect on organisational performance. Questions were based on three- and four-point scale. Responses were grouped in terms of scores to show the level of job stress. Descriptive statistics was carried out using SPSS programme. Results indicated that on average the employees experienced high degree of job stress. Job stressors affected the general physical health of employees, their job satisfaction and performance as well as their commitment negatively. Similar findings were reported in other studies. The study recommended that the university needs to elevate the situation and resolve all the factors affecting the employees by for example increasing the number of staff needed to perform the tasks and/or decreasing the number of students enrolled.
Tensor Product of Krammer’s Representations of the P3  [PDF]
Hassan A. Tarraf, Mohammad N. Abdulrahim
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2012.23026
Abstract: We consider the complex specializations of Krammer’s representation of the pure braid group on three strings, namely K(q,t), where q and t are non-zero complex numbers. We then specialize the indeterminate t by one and replace by for simplicity. Then we present our main theorem that gives us sufficient conditions that guarantee the irreducibility of the tensor product of two irreducible complex specializations of Krammer’s repre- sentations .
Lecablock, an Alternative Construction Material for the Exterior Walls of Passive House  [PDF]
Osama A. B. Hassan, Petra Jonsson
Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research (JBCPR) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jbcpr.2014.22009
Abstract: In this paper it is attempted to investigate the Leca blocks as sustainable construction material for the exterior walls of passive house. The building physical properties of Leca design wall structure are studied along with the environmental impact and load-bearing capacity. To compare the results, a similar analysis is carried out considering the traditional wooden wall construction of passive houses. The results showed that Leca design wall structure can be an alternative sustainable solution to the traditional wooden wall structure of passive house, mainly due to its low U-value, its ability to handle moisture, and comparable structural load-bearing capacity. However, the wooden wall structure is more environmentally friendly than the Leca blocks due to its lower emissions to the environment and reduced energy use, especially during the manufacturing process.
A New Kinetic Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Cefadroxil in Pharmaceutical Formulations Using Lawsonia inermis (Henna) as Natural Reagent  [PDF]
Mohammed Hassan, Fathy A. Abeed, Bassam Saif
Advances in Biological Chemistry (ABC) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/abc.2014.42016
Abstract: A new simple and sensitive kinetic spectrophotometric method has been proposed for the determination of cefadroxil in pure form and pharmaceutical formulations. The proposed method is based on the formation of yellow coloured product (λmax = 410 nm) that resulted after addition of the reagent, which is composed of a mixture of Henna extract, sodium hydroxide and potassium permanganate, to cefadroxil aqueous solution. The experimental conditions have been optimized. Beer’s law is obeyed over the concentrations of 100 - 35 μg/ml, with a linear regression correlation coefficient of 0.996. The proposed method has been successfully applied for the determination of cefadroxil in pharmaceutical dosage forms.
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