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The Effect of Drought Stress on Grain Yield, Yield Components and Some Quality Traits of Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum) Cultivars
Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca , 2010,
Abstract: Drought, one of environmental stresses, is the most significant factor restricting plant production in majority of agricultural fields of the world. Wheat is generally grown on arid–agricultural fields. Drought often causes serious problems in wheat production areas. A field study was conducted on clay-silt soil, in the Research Field, Southeastern Anatolia Agricultural Research Institute, in Diyarbak r during 1999-2000 growing season in order to evaluate genotypes for yield, yield components and some quality traits. Fourteen wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum) cultivars were grown under well watered and naturally drought conditions. Morphological traits were measured at anthesis and yield, yield components and quality traits were evaluated at ripening time. The flowering period was negatively associated with grain yield, while grain filling period, chlorophyll content, number of grains per spike and spikelets per spike were positively associated with grain yield under drought conditions. Moreover, the number of days to maturity was negatively associated with Drought Susceptibility Index (DSI), while Spike length was positively associated to DSI in drought conditions. DSI and relative yield (RY) values for grain yield were used to describe yield stability and yield potential. There were high variations in DSI and RY values within genotypes. DSI values for grain yield ranged from 0.82 to 1.07 and the mean RY values were 0.82 for well-watered plots and 0.87 for water stressed plots. The varieties ‘Gidara-II’, ‘Sar anak-98’, ‘Balcal -2000’, ‘Alt ntoprak-98’, ‘Ayd n-93’ and ‘Harran-95’ showed high yield potential and stability (DSI<1 and RY>mean RY).
Genotype x Environment Interaction and Phenotypic Stability Analysis for Grain Yield and several Quality Traits of Durum Wheat in the South-Eastern Anatolia Region
Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca , 2010,
Abstract: The objectives of this study were to assess genotype x environment (GEI) interaction and to determine stability of 14 durum wheat (Triticum turgidum var. durum Desf.) cultivars for grain yield, test weight, thousand grain weight (TGW), vitreousness, protein content, ash content and SDS sedimentation volume. Cultivars tested in a randomized complete block design with four replications across 8 environments of South-Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, were analyzed using four parametric stability measures (bi, S2di, R2 and a). A high GEI was determined for all traits. According to the stability analysis, ‘Balcali-2000’, ‘Firat-93’ and ‘Altintoprak-98’ were the most stable for grain yield. These cultivars had high mean grain yield and were non significant regression coefficient different from unity (bi = 1.0), coefficient of determination (Ri2) as high as possible. Although some cultivars were stable for one quality trait and unstable for another, the study of genotypic stability showed that ‘Balcali-2000’ cultivar had high stability for quality characteristics and determined to be the best within the pool of the studied cultivars. Furthermore, the estimated values of broad-sense heritability (H2) were found between 30.3% and 94.3%. H2 was low for vitreousness (30.3%) and ash contents (36.0%) while found high for thousand grain weight (94.3%), SDS volume (83.0%) and protein contents (75.2%). Grain yield (62.6%) and test weight (54.6%) were as moderate.
Potentiometric investigation of acid-base equilibria of two newv pyrimidine derivatives in various methanol–water media
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society , 2006,
Abstract: The acid-base properties of 1-amino-5-benzoyl-4-phenyl-1H-pyrimidine-2-one (L1) and 1-amino-5-benzoyl-4-phenyl-1H-pyrimidine-2-thione (L2) were investigated potentiometrically at an ionic strength of 0.10M(LiCl) in 19.8, 33.6 and 55.9 % (v/v) methanola water mixtures at 25.0 ± 0.1 oC. The apparent dissociation constants (psKa) were calculated for the di-protonated form (L1H2+2 and L2H2+2) of pyrimidine bases, using a software package TITFIT, which were then extrapolated to pure water to derive the dissociation constants in aqueous solution (pKa). The aqueous pKa constants were found to be: L1, pKa1 = 3.76 and pKa2 = 6.95; L2, pKa1 = 3.57 and pKa1 = 6.90. At pH 2.00, the dominant species in solution were the protonated form of the amino group substituted at the 1-position, while at a pH around 5.00, they were the protonated form of the pyrimidine ring nitrogen at the 3-position. An effect of intramolecular hydrogen bonding on the psKa values was observed with L1 but not L2. The effects ofmolecular structure and solvent medium on the psKa values are also discussed.
A New Method with a Different Auxiliary Equation to Obtain Solitary Wave Solutions for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Bülent Kili,Hasan Bulut
Advances in Mathematical Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/890784
Abstract: A new method with a different auxiliary equation from the Riccati equation is used for constructing exact travelling wave solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations. The main idea of this method is to take full advantage of a different auxilliary equation from the Riccati equation which has more new solutions. More new solitary solutions are obtained for the RLW Burgers and Hirota Satsuma coupled equations. 1. Introduction In the recent years, remarkable progress has been made in the construction of the exact solutions for nonlinear partial differential equations, which have been a basic concern for both mathematicians and physicists [1–3].We do not attempt to characterize the general form of nonlinear dispersive wave equations [4, 5]. When an original nonlinear equation is directly calculated, the solution will preserve the actual physical characters of solutions [6]. The studies in finding exact solutions to nonlinear differential equation (NPDE), when they exist, are very important for the understanding of most nonlinear physical phenomena. There are many studies which obtain explicit solutions for nonlinear differential equations. Many explicit exact methods have been introduced in literature [7–21]. Some of them are generalized Miura transformation, Darboux transformation, Cole-Hopf transformation, Hirota’s dependent variable transformation, the inverse scattering transform and the B?cklund transformation, tanh method, sine-cosine method, Painleve method, homogeneous balance method (HB), similarity reduction method, improved tanh method and so on. In this article, the first section presents the scope of the study as an introduction. In the second section contains analyze of a new method and balance term definition. In the third section, we will obtain wave solutions of RLW Burgers and Hirota Satsuma coupled equations by using a new method. In the last section, we implement the conclusion. 2. Method and Its Applications Let us simply describe the method [22]. Consider a given partial differential equation in two variables The fact that the solutions of many nonlinear equations can be expressed as a finite series of solutions of the auxiliary equation motivates us to seek for the solutions of (1) in the form where, ,?? and are the wave number and the wave speed respectively, is a positive integer that can be determined by balancing the linear term of highest order with the nonlinear term in (1), is balancing coefficient that will be defined in a new “Balance term” definition and ,?? ,?? are parameters to be determined. Substituting (2)
Estimates of Genotype x Environment Interactions and Heritability of Black Point in Durum Wheat
Hasan KILI,Abuzer SA?IR,Yunus BAYRAM
Notulae Scientia Biologicae , 2009,
Abstract: Experiments were carried out in four different locations with 14 durum wheat genotypes in two successful seasons of 1999- 2000 and 2000-2001. Black point disease of genotypes was evaluated by interactions of genotypes and environment as well as heritability (h2). It was found that black point disease affected differently in different locations and growing seasons. This indicates that the genotypes have different adaptation ability for traits studied in different locations. Heritability rate that variance analyzes accepted means squares calculated was found as phenotypic variance rate of genotypic variance was found as 49%. Variance of genotype x location x year was bigger than other variance components. Genotype x year variance was bigger than genotype x location variance too. The heritability of black point disease was founded moderate. In addition to one of factors on the black point disease genotype also environment x genotype interactions were found effective. According to evaluation of black point disease, the highest value was obtained from Sorgül (2.7%), Dicle-74 (2.56%) and Gidara-II (2.32%) varieties; the least value was obtained from Balcal -2000 variety (0.64%). Alternaria spp., Phoma sp., Fusarium spp., Helminthosporium spp., and Stemphylium spp., fungi were isolated from the grain affected by black point diseases.
Assessment of Parametric and Non-parametric Methods for Selecting Stable and Adapted Durum Wheat Genotypes in Multi-Environments
Hasan KILI,Mevlüt AK?URA,Hüsnü AKTA?
Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca , 2010,
Abstract: Seventeen parametric and non-parametric methods for grain yield of 5 cultivars and 20 advanced durum wheat genotypes evaluated across 10 environments during the 2004-2007 growing seasons were used to assess performance stability and adaptability of the genotypes as well as to study interrelationship among these methods. Biplot analysis based on the rank correlation matrix indicated that most non-parametric methods were significantly inter-correlated with parametric methods. The results also showed that stability methods could be classified into four groups based on biplot analyses. The group related to the dynamic stability concept and strongly correlated with mean grain yield included the parameters of regression coefficient (bi), alpha (αi), TOP (proportion of environments in which a genotype ranked in the top third), environmental variance (Si2), coefficient of variation (CVi), Di2, Si(3) and Si(6). The second group included Wricke’s ecovalence (Wi2), the Huehn’s parameters [Si(1) Si(2)], Shukla’s stability variance (σ2i), Plaisted and Peterson’s parameter (P59) and Tai’s model (λi) which were influenced by both yield and stability simultaneously. The third group included Kang’s parameter (RS) and superiority index (Pi), which only measures stability. Genotypes 18, 16 and 2 were most stables based on parametric and non-parametric stability methods used.
The validity and reliability of Kogan’s attitude towards old people scale in the Turkish society  [PDF]
Dilek Kili, Derya Adibelli
Health (Health) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/health.2011.39101
Abstract: This study was conducted methodologically in order to determine the validity and reliability of Kogan’s Attitude towards Old People Scale after being adapted to the Turkish Society. 145 female students, attending the 4th and 5th year of the faculty of Medical Sciences at Atatürk University, and 118 nurses, working at Ataturk University Aziziye-Yakutiye Research Hospitals, were in-cluded in the study. The sample group was chosen from the population using a non-probability convenience sampling method. A form containing demographic characteristics of nurses and nursing students, and the Turkish version of Kogan’s Attitude towards Old People Scale were used to gather the required data. Data was analysed using the t-test, Cronbach’s alpha coefficient, correlation, and factor analyses. In the study, Cronbach’s Alpha Reliability Coefficient for Kogan’s Attitude towards Old People Scale was 0.81, and the scale comprised of one factor. The attitude of working nurses towards old people was more positive in comparison to the attitude of student nurses. After analysis, the scale was deemed highly valid and reliable, and suitable to be used for Turkish society. The scale may be used in studies to evaluative attitude toward old people and quality of the care offered to older people.
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Every society whose livelyhood is based on agriculture and livestock has developed a kind of belief and application around its culture so as to resolve drought, and people have applied these methods till present time and they stil continue them. In societies, for the rain volley applications, some terms of magic of the rain and prayer of rain have been used. Although there are some magical applications among them, this pratice is generally called as the prayer of rain in Turkish culture.As the livelihood of the people in Takmak village, E me, a town of U ak is based on agriculture and livestock, some practices are held during the drought seasons. The subject of the article is based on description and analysis of the techniques of the rain volley applications today in Takmak village. That’s why, important phenomenons of description data applications of the rain volley applications in Takmak village gained with participant observation and detailed interview technques will be evaluated in terms of History of Religions and the history of the rain volley applications in this village will be put forward with their religious origins. Ge im kayna tar m ve hayvanc l a dayanan her toplum, kurakl gidermek amac yla kendi kültürü evresinde birtak m inan ve uygulamalar geli tirmi , bunlar ge mi ten günümüze kadar uygulam , halen de uygulamaya devam etmektedir. Toplumlarda, ya mur ya d rma uygulamalar i in ya mur büyüsü ve ya mur duas terimleri kullan lmaktad r. Türk kültüründe ise bu i lemlere, i erisinde birtak m büyüsel ve sihirsel uygulamalar bulundurmakla birlikte, genel olarak ya mur duas denilmektedir.U ak ili E me il esine ba l olan Takmak k yünde halk n ge im kayna genel olarak tar m ve hayvanc l k olmas sebebiyle, mevsimin kurak gitti i d nemlerde, ya mur ya d rmak i in birtak m pratikler yap lmaktad r. Makalenin konusunu, günümüzde Takmak k yünde uygulanmakta olan ya mur ya d rma tekniklerinin tasviri ve tahlili olu turmaktad r. Bu manada, kat l ml g zlem ve derinlemesine mülakat teknikleriyle elde edilen Takmak k yündeki ya mur ya d rma uygulamalar n n tasviri verilerinin nemli fenomenleri, Dinler Tarihi a s ndan de erlendirilerek, Takmak k yündeki ya mur ya d rma tekniklerinin tarihi-dini k kenleri ortaya konulmaya al lacakt r.
Muzaffer KILI
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Products of Verbal and written culture are different facts each other and human nature tend to verbalism. Nor did the written culture appear just after verbal culture or did the transition from verbal culture to written culture happen directly. The transition happened gradually and verbal culture characteristic was seen in early times written culture. In this paper, Axel OLRIK’s “Epic Laws” and Nedim BAKIRCI’s determination “Characteristic of Animal Tail of Turkish World” is applied and considered the side of appropriateness of folk narrative and animal tail. As a result of the research, it is observed that folk narrative and animal tail of Harname which is one of written culture work resemble each other on a large scale. This paper and other similars observe & reflect that a nation's cultural products keep on strongly and consistently like an organism. S zlü ve yaz l kültür ürünleri birbirinden farkl olu umlard r ve insan do as daha ok s zlü anlat ma mayildir. S zlü kültür sonras bir olu um olan yaz l kültür birdenbire ortaya kmad gibi s zlü kültürden yaz l kültüre ge i de do rudan olmam t r. Bu ge i belli a amalarla yava a olmu ve erken d nem yaz l kültür ürünlerinde s zlü kültür zelliklerine rastlan lm t r. Bu al mada Axel OLR K’in Epik Kanunlar ve Nedim BAKIRCI’n n tespit etti i “Türk Dünyas Hayvan Masallar n n zellikleri” eyh ’nin Harname’sine uygulanarak eserin halk anlat lar ve hayvan masallar yla ne derecede rtü tü ü ele al nacakt r. nceleme neticesinde Harname’nin halk anlat lar ve hayvan masallar yla büyük l üde benze ti i g rülmektedir. Bu al ma ve benzerleri ile bir milletin kültür ürünlerinin bir organizma gibi sa lam ve tutarl bir geli im i erisinde süreklilik arz etti i g rülüp/g sterilmektedir.
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: According to many sources of Islam, Yez d sm was founded by the people who were follower of sufi Sheikh Adi b. Musafir who lived in the 12 th century and it is defined as an Islamic source syncretic sect or current that regards Yezid b. Muaviye as a superhuman being. Yez d sm has been discussed among one of the groups about the name of its source, process of its formation and ideas.Yez d sm that extends a syncretic content was affected by Harran s which occured with the effect of paganist, plotiest Mesopotamia, Iran religions, Judaism and Christianity. In many sources the religions written above are said to contribute Yez d sm but in which situations and how they contributed is not indicated. In some sources only some information is available about them. In this study as it is a detailed subject to determine which religions contributed to the Yez d sm, we restricted the subject only whith the Harran sm. We tried to interpret similiar things while determining the traces and effects of Yez d sm in Harran s. So, we aimed to illuminate some beliefs and practises in Yez d sm in the back plan of history. Yez d lik, slam kaynaklar n n o unda, XII. Yüzy lda ya am olan mutasavv f eyh Ad b. Müsafir’i takip edenler taraf ndan kurulmu ve Yez d b. Muaviye’nin insanüstü bir varl k oldu u esas na dayanan slam kaynakl senkretik bir mezhep veya ak m olarak tan mlanmaktad r. Bununla birlikte Yez d lik, isminin kayna , te ekkül süreci ve g rü lerinin men ei konusunda en ok tart lan dini-sosyal gruplardan biridir. Senkretik bir yap arz eden Yez d li e, zellikle paganist ve politeist Mezopotamya dinlerinin etkisiyle olu an Harran ler, ran dinleri, Yahudilik, H ristiyanl k ve slam’ n tesir etti i, kaynaklarda ifade edilmektedir. Bir ok kaynakta bu dinlerin Yez d li e tesir etti i bildirilmekte, ancak bu dinlerin hangi noktalarda ve nas l etki etti i belirtilmemektedir. Baz kaynaklarda ise sadece bu dinler hakk nda tan t c bilgi verilerek konu izah edilmeye al lmaktad r. Bu al mada Yez d li e tesir eden dinlerin hangi noktalarda tesir etti ini tespit etmenin, konunun kapsam n a aca ndan dolay , ara t rman n Harran ler ile s n rland r lmas uygun g rülmü tür. Harran lerin Yez d kteki izleri ve tesirleri ortaya konarken de benzerliklerden hareket edilerek yorumlanmaya al lm t r. B ylece Yez d likteki baz inan ve uygulamalar n tarihi arka plan na az da olsa k tutmas ama lanm t r.
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