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Vaccination against urinary tract infections caused by E. coli  [PDF]
Hartwig Wilhelm Bauer, Hira Shams, Ricarda Michaela Bauer
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2013.43A064

Uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) causes uncomplicated urinary tract infection (UTI) depicts a prevalent and potentially uncompromising infectious disease. In this analysis, we explained the functions of an immunoproteomics concept to vaccine development that has been successfully employed to recognize vaccine targets in other pathogenic bacteria. Pyelonephritis strains E. coli CFT073 are used for outer membrane isolation mimics urinary tract environment in which iron limitation, osmotic stress, human urine, and exposure to uroepithelial cells are included. During experiments of UTI, the antigens that induce the humoral immune response is to identified, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis are employed for the isolation of outer membrane protein and probed using pooled antisera from 20 CBA/J mice chronically infected with E. coli CFT073. 23 total outer membrane antigens, in which a unique iron compound receptor is included, are reacted with antisera and were identified by mass spectrometry. These antigens comprises of proteins with known functions in UPEC pathogenesis such as, ChuA, IroN, IreA, Iha, IutA, and FliC. These all information and data elaborate that these factors are associated with virulence during UTI are directed by antibody response. We also represents that the genes encoding ChuA, IroN, hypothetical protein c2482, and IutA are significantly more prevalent among UPEC strains than among fecal-commensal E. coli isolates. Therefore we concluded that, the outer membrane antigens are identified in this study are conserved, could be reflective part for the UTI vaccine generated to induce protective immunity against UPEC infections.

Formalization of Federated Schema Architectural Style Variability  [PDF]
Wilhelm Hasselbring
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2015.82009
Abstract: Data integration requires managing heterogeneous schema information. A federated database system integrates heterogeneous, autonomous database systems on the schema level, whereby both local applications and global applications accessing multiple component database systems are supported. Such a federated database system is a complex system of systems which requires a well-designed organization at the system and software architecture level. A specific challenge that federated database systems face is the organization of schemas into a schema architecture. This paper provides a detailed, formal investigation of variability in the family of schema architectures, which are central components in the architecture of federated database systems. It is shown how the variability of specific architectures can be compared to the reference architecture and to each other. To achieve this, we combine the semi-formal object-oriented modeling language UML with the formal object-oriented specification language Object-Z. Appropriate use of inheritance in the formal specification, as enabled by Object-Z, greatly supports specifying and analyzing the variability among the studied schema architectures. The investigation also serves to illustrate the employed specification techniques for analyzing and comparing software architecture specifications.
The Conditions for the Convergence of Power Scaled Matrices and Applications  [PDF]
Xuzhou Chen, Robert E. Hartwig
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2011.12007
Abstract: For an invertible diagonal matrix D , the convergence of the power scaled matrix sequence D-NAN is investigated. As a special case, necessary and sufficient conditions are given for the convergence of D-NTN , where T is triangular. These conditions involve both the spectrum as well as the diagraph of the matrix .The results are then used to privide a new proof for the convergence of subspace iteration.
Phylogeny of the Quambalariaceae fam. nov., including important Eucalyptus pathogens in South Africa and Australia
Z. Wilhelm de Beer,Dominik Begerow,Robert Bauer,Geoff S. Pegg
Studies in Mycology , 2006,
Abstract: The genus Quambalaria consists of plant-pathogenic fungi causing disease on leaves and shoots of species of Eucalyptus and its close relative, Corymbia. The phylogenetic relationship of Quambalaria spp., previously classified in genera such as Sporothrix and Ramularia, has never been addressed. It has, however, been suggested that they belong to the basidiomycete orders Exobasidiales or Ustilaginales. The aim of this study was thus to consider the ordinal relationships of Q. eucalypti and Q. pitereka using ribosomal LSU sequences. Sequence data from the ITS nrDNA were used to determine the phylogenetic relationship of the two Quambalaria species together with Fugomyces (= Cerinosterus) cyanescens. In addition to sequence data, the ultrastructure of the septal pores of the species in question was compared. From the LSU sequence data it was concluded that Quambalaria spp. and F. cyanescens form a monophyletic clade in the Microstromatales, an order of the Ustilaginomycetes. Sequences from the ITS region confirmed that Q. pitereka and Q. eucalypti are distinct species. The ex-type isolate of F. cyanescens, together with another isolate from Eucalyptus in Australia, constitute a third species of Quambalaria, Q. cyanescens (de Hoog & G.A. de Vries) Z.W. de Beer, Begerow & R. Bauer comb. nov. Transmission electron-microscopic studies of the septal pores confirm that all three Quambalaria spp. have dolipores with swollen lips, which differ from other members of the Microstromatales (i.e. the Microstromataceae and Volvocisporiaceae) that have simple pores with more or less rounded pore lips. Based on their unique ultrastructural features and the monophyly of the three Quambalaria spp. in the Microstromatales, a new family, Quambalariaceae Z.W. de Beer, Begerow & R. Bauer fam. nov., is described.
A Model of Virtual University
Hartwig STEIN
The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 2000,
Abstract: This article aims to explain elements, structure and process of virtual university. The potential of communication media and networks has provided the means for worldwide communication “online” and this opportunity can be used in education. In this way of education provides effective education process also improve the cost-effectiveness.In this model, work team, comprised by teachers which occurs TV-producers, students, a technology-specialist, a visual aids producer, and an instructional designer; student profile which may be different for every individual and it has to be considered in the design of the learning activities; student action which means the activity that the students realize to learn and to develop concepts, skills and attitudes and the communication media play key roles in model of Virtual University. A understanding of Distance Education History and Theory of Distance Education is necessary to understand the differences between Distance Education and the potential that a virtual university could offer. The conclusions of virtual university depends on the consideration of all elements of this model and its relations.
Die Rechte der Frauen The Rights of Women
Andrea Hartwig
querelles-net , 2004,
Abstract: Zeitgleich mit dem 55-j hrigen Bestehen und dem 35. Kongress des Deutschen Juristinnenbundes im Jahr 2003 erschien in vierter aktualisierter Auflage die vorliegende Publikation als überblick über die T tigkeit des Juristinnenbundes seit Gründung der Bundesrepublik. Die ausführliche übersicht wird eingeleitet durch einen historischen Abriss der Ausbildung und T tigkeit von Juristinnen in Deutschland. Sie wird abgerundet durch einige ausgew hlte Lebensbilder. The fourth updated edition of this book was published simultaneously with the 55th anniversary of the German Association of Women Lawyers and its 35th congress in 2003. It provides an overview of the activities of the Association of Women Lawyers since the beginning of West Germany. The detailed overview is introduced with an historical survey of the education and occupation of women lawyers in Germany. It is rounded off with several biographical portraits.
Der Glaube als Erkenntnisquelle Belief as the source of knowledge
Andrea Hartwig
querelles-net , 2004,
Abstract: Seit ihrer Kanonisation 1998 und Ernennung zur Mit-Patronin Europas 1999 steht die 1942 in Auschwitz ermordete Ph nomenologin Edith Stein, 1922 vom jüdischen zum christlichen Glauben konvertiert und 1933 als Benedicta vom Kreuz in den K lner Karmel eingetreten, mehr denn je im Blickfeld der ffentlichkeit. Die Bedeutung ihrer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit u. a. als Assistentin von Edmund Husserl in Freiburg und als Dozentin am Deutschen Institut für wissenschaftliche P dagogik in Münster, aber auch in privaten Studien wurden im Juli 2000 im Rahmen eines Symposiums des Internationalen Edith Stein Instituts in Würzburg diskutiert. Die Beitr ge der vorliegenden Publikation beleuchten breit gef chert Aspekte des Werks und seiner Interpretation mit dem Ziel, die Philosophin neu zu entdecken und die bisherige Forschung zu intensivieren. Since her canonisation and her appointment as Martyr and Co-Patroness of Europe in 1999, Edith Stein has, more than ever, been in the public eye. Murdered in Auschwitz in 1942, the phenomenologist converted from Judaism to Catholicism in 1922 and entered the Carmel of Cologne in 1933 as Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. In July 2000, at a symposium of the International Edith Stein Institute in Wurzburg, the significance of her academic work (among other things as an assistant to Edmund Husserl in Freiburg and as a lecturer at the German Institute for Pedagogy in Munster) was discussed. The wide-ranging contributions in this publication highlight aspects of this work and its interpretation with the aim of rediscovering the philosopher and of intensifying research conducted to date.
Kottwitz-Rapoport and p-rank strata in the reduction of Shimura varieties of PEL type
Philipp Hartwig
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We study the reduction of certain integral models of Shimura varieties of PEL type with Iwahori level structure. On these spaces we have the Kottwitz-Rapoport and the $p$-rank stratification. We show that the $p$-rank is constant on a KR stratum, generalizing a result of Ng\^o and Genestier. We prove an abstract, uniform formula for the $p$-rank on a KR stratum. In the symplectic and in the unitary case we derive explicit formulas for its value. We apply these formulas to the question of the density of the ordinary locus and to the question of the dimension of the $p$-rank 0 locus.
Self-intersection of the relative dualizing sheaf on modular curves $X_1(N)$
Hartwig Mayer
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: Let $N$ be an odd and squarefree positive integer divisible by at least two relative prime integers bigger or equal than 4. Our main theorem is an asymptotic formula solely in terms of $N$ for the stable arithmetic self-intersection number of the relative dualizing sheaf for modular curves $X_1(N)/ \mathbb{Q}$. From our main theorem we obtain an asymptotic formula for the stable Faltings height of the Jacobian $J_1(N) / \mathbb{Q}$ of $X_1(N)/ \mathbb{Q}$, and, for sufficiently large N, an effective version of Bogomolov's conjecture for $X_1(N) / \mathbb{Q}$.
Three Mutually Adjacent Leonard Pairs
Brian Hartwig
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: Let (A,B) and (C,D) denote Leonard pairs on V. We say these pairs are adjacent whenever each basis for V which is standard for (A,B) (resp. (C,D)) is split for (C,D) (resp. (A,B)). Our main results are as follows: Theorem 1. There exists at most 3 mutually adjacent Leonard pairs on V provided the dimension of V is at least 2. Theorem 2. Let (A,B), (C,D), and (E,F) denote three mutually adjacent Leonard pairs on V. There for each of these pairs, the eigenvalue sequence and dual eigenvalue sequence are in arithmetic progression. Theorem 3. Let (A,B) denote a Leonard pair on V whose eigenvalue sequence and dual eigenvalue sequence are in arithmetic progression. Then there exist Leonard pairs (C,D) and (E,F) on V such that (A,B), (C,D), and (E,F) are mutually adjacent.
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