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Numerical Explanation of Slow Transients in an AlGaN/GaN HEMT
Zhang Jinfeng,Hao Yue,
Zhang Jinfeng
,Hao Yue

半导体学报 , 2006,
Abstract: A series of slow drain current recovery transients at different gate biases after a short-term stress are observed in an AlGaN/GaN HEMT.As the variation of the time constants of the transients is small,the working trap is determined to be electronic.A numerical simulation verifies this conclusion and reproduces the measured transients.The electron traps at different spatial positions in the device-on the ungated surface of the AlGaN layer,in the AlGaN barrier,and in the GaN layer are considered;corresponding behaviors in the stress and the transients are discussed;and for the simulated transients,agreement with and deviation from the measured transients are explained.Based on this discussion,we suggest that the measured transients are caused by the combined effects of a deep surface trap and a bulk trap in the GaN layer.
Yield Modeling of Rectangular Defect Outline
Wang JunPing,Hao Yue,

半导体学报 , 2005,
Abstract: In integrated circuits,the defects associated with photolithography are assumed to be in the shape of circular discs in order to perform the estimation of yield and fault analysis.However,real defects exhibit a great variety of shapes.In this paper,a novel yield model is presented and the critical area model of short circuit is correspondingly provided.In comparison with the circular model corrently available,the new model takes the similarity shape to an original defect,the two-dimensional distributional characteristic of defects,the feature of a layout routing and the character of yield estimation into account.As for the aspect of prediction of yield,the experimental results show that the new model may predict the yield caused by real defects more accurately than the circular model does.It is significant that the yield is accurately estimated and improved using the proposed model.

Hao Yue,

电子与信息学报 , 1993,
Abstract: A statistical optimization method of integrated circuit design is proposed. This model summerizes optimal centering design of yield maximization, optimal tolerance, tuning design and maximum production profit design. The equivalence between this method and the general statistical optimization method is discussed, and the main features of the model are given. Based on the frame of deterministic optimization method, the general statistical optimization method can be improved further by the model proposed in this paper.

Hao Yue,

电子与信息学报 , 1991,
Abstract: The method and procedure for realizing parameter statistical correlation analysis of bipolar analongous integrated circuits are given, and a statistical method of double parame-ters (BF, Rs) with some symmetrical parameters is suggested. Based on the comparision and analysis of the circuits, it is shown that the method can be used to analyse and design bipolar analogous integrated circuits.
Two types of special resources in Petri nets models of flexible manufacturing systems

YUE Hao,

计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: This paper concerned two types of resources with special location in a class of flexible manufacturing systems(FMS) Petri nets models N named S3PR. These two types of resources were defined as the first type and the second type of special location resources,respectively.It was proved that neither these resources would be contained in each arbitrary strict minimal siphon(SMS) or elementary siphon of S3PR,nor those operation places that used these resources.The conclusion illustrates that there might be some resources which have nothing to do with the occurrence of system deadlock. Finally,briefly introduced the application perspective of the two types of special resources.
Property of Liveness in Sequential Resource Allocation Systems Based on Petri Net

YUE Hao,

计算机科学 , 2011,
Abstract: 具有多资源需求和柔性加工路径的顺序资源分配系统(Sequential Resource Allocation Systems with Multiple Resource Acquisitions and Flexible Routings,C/D-RAS)是一类较复杂的、更为一般的资源分配系统。考察了两个与 C/D-RAS密切相关的活性问题。借助这两个C/D-RAS的Petri网模型来定义标识S3 PGR2网对((N1,Mm),(N2,M02),由标识S3 PGR2网中资源种类、数量的守恒性和变迁使能的一个充分必要条件,证明(N1 ,M01)和(N2,M02)的合法变迁发生序列是一致的,据此得出的最终结论是(N1,M01,)和(N2,M02)具有相同的活性。最后,简要提及本结论的应用。
Geochemical detection of carbon dioxide in dilute aquifers
Susan Carroll, Yue Hao, Roger Aines
Geochemical Transactions , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1467-4866-10-4
Abstract: For the scenarios we studied, our simulations show pH and carbonate chemistry are good indicators for leakage of stored CO2 into an overlying aquifer because elevated CO2 yields a more acid pH than the ambient groundwater. CO2 leakage into a dilute groundwater creates a slightly acid plume that can be detected at some distance from the leak source due to groundwater flow and CO2 buoyancy. pH breakthrough curves demonstrate that CO2 leaks can be easily detected for CO2 flux ≥ 104 t/yr within a 15-month time period at a monitoring well screened within a permeable layer 500 m downstream from the vertical gas trace. At lower flux rates, the CO2 dissolves in the aqueous phase in the lower most permeable unit and does not reach the monitoring well. Sustained pumping in a developed aquifer mixes the CO2-affected water with the ambient water and enhances pH signal for small leaks (103 t/yr) and reduces pH signal for larger leaks (≥ 104t/yr).The ability to detect CO2 leakage from a storage reservoir to overlying dilute groundwater is dependent on CO2 solubility, leak flux, CO2 buoyancy, and groundwater flow. Our simulations show that the most likely places to detect CO2 are at the base of the confining layer near the water table where CO2 gas accumulates and is transported laterally in all directions, and downstream of the vertical gas trace where groundwater flow is great enough to transport dissolved CO2 laterally. Our simulations show that CO2 may not rise high enough in the aquifer to be detected because aqueous solubility and lateral groundwater transport within the lower aquifer unit exceeds gas pressure build-up and buoyancy needed to drive the CO2 gas upwards.Carbon storage as a liquid, gas, dissolved carbon, or as carbonate minerals has the potential to significantly offset global warming caused by anthropogenic combustion of fossil fuels [1,2]. It is generally accepted that the most suitable systems for geologic storage are depleted oil and deep saline reservoirs,
GaN-based heterostructures: electric--static equilibrium and boundary conditions

Zhang Jin-Feng,Hao Yue,

中国物理 B , 2006,
Abstract: In the GaN-based heterostructures, this paper reports that the strong electric fields induced by polarization effects at the structure boundaries complicate the electric--static equilibrium and the boundary conditions. The basic requirements of electric--static equilibrium for the heterostructure systems are discussed first, and it is deduced that in the application of the coupled Schr\"{o}dinger--Poisson model to the heterostructures of electric--static equilibrium state, zero external electric field guarantees the overall electric neutrality, and there is no need to introduce the charge balance equation. Then the relation between the screening of the polar charges in GaN-based heterostructures and the possible boundary conditions of the Poisson equation is analysed, it is shown that the various boundary conditions are equivalent to each other, and the surface charge, which can be used in studying the screening of the polar charges, can be precisely solved even if only the conduction band energy is correctly known at the surface. Finally, through the calculations on an AlGaN/GaN heterostructure with typical structure parameters by the coupled Schr\"{o}dinger--Poisson model under the various boundary conditions, the correctness of the above analyses are validated.
A theoretical study of harmonic generation in a short period AlGaN/GaN superlattice induced by a terahertz field

Chen Jun-Feng,Hao Yue,

中国物理 B , 2009,

Ren Hong-xia,Hao Yue,

中国物理 B , 2001,
Abstract: Based on the hydrodynamic energy transport model, immunity from the hot-carrier effect in deep-sub-micron grooved-gate p-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (PMOSFETs) is analysed. The results show that hot carriers generated in grooved-gate PMOSFETs are much smaller than those in planar ones, especially for the case of channel lengths lying in the deep-sub-micron and super deep-sub-micron regions. Then, the hot-carrier generation mechanism and the reason why grooved-gate MOS devices can suppress the hot-carrier effect are studied from the viewpoint of physical mechanisms occurring in devices. It is found that the highest hot-carrier generating rate is at a medium gate bias voltage in three stress areas, similar to conventional planar devices. In deep-sub-micron grooved-gate PMOSFETs, the hot-carrier injection gate current is still composed mainly of the hot-electron injection current, and the hole injection current becomes dominant only at an extremely high gate voltage. In order to investigate other influences of the hot-carrier effect on the device characteristics, the degradation of the device performance is studied for both grooved-gate and planar devices at different interface states. The results show that the drift of the device electrical performance induced by the interface states in grooved-gate PMOSFETs is far larger than that in planar devices.
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