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Application of Texture Measures to Study Effect of B Chromosomes on the 3D Architecture of Plant Chromatin  [PDF]
Hanna Sas-Nowosielska, Jolanta Ma?uszyńska, Tytus Bernas
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2012.39155
Abstract: Background: Supernumerary chromosomes (B) comprise optional complement to basic (A) chromosome set. The presence of B-chromosomes may significantly reduce plant vigor and fertility. Potentially active genes constitute only small fraction of DNA of these chromosomes indicating that these effects are mediated by epigenetic mechanisms. One example is down-regulation of rDNA genes and condensation of their respective chromatin regions (demonstrated in squashed preparations using 2D microscopy). It may be postulated that the presence of B chromosomes leads to more extensive changes of local chromatin structure. Verification of hypothesis requires studying 3D spatial architecture of intact nuclei in tissue. Results: An image processing algorithm was developed and applied for isolation (from the confocal datasets) of regions corresponding to single nuclei. The nuclei were segmented using iterative global thresholding followed by growing and merging of regions belonging to different nuclei. The result of segmentation was verified by a human observer. Chromatin architecture was characterized quantitatively using global fluorescence intensity distribution measures (mean, variance) and local intensity distribution parameters (haraclick features, wavelet energy, run- length features). The sets of parameters corresponding to populations of nuclei with different number of B-chromo- somes were subjected to discriminate analysis. The distinct parameters were then correlated with depth in tissue at which a given nucleus was positioned. Conclusions: Combination of light microscopy with dedicated image processing and analysis framework made it possible to study chromatin architecture in nuclei containing various number of B chromosomes. These data indicate that alterations of 3D chromatin distribution occur globally in the interphase nuclei in the presence of Bs. The changes occur at the spatial scale comparable with the resolution limit of light microscopy and at larger distances.
Diminishing the risk on lead and zinc ore regions by subtle modulation of soil properties
Sas-Nowosielska A.,Pogrzeba M.
E3S Web of Conferences , 2013, DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20130101001
Abstract: The negative effect of non-ferrous metal emission in Upper Silesian Industrial Region (Poland) on the quality of soil is continuously present. It poses a serious threat on living organisms and is an important factor influencing the level of metal load introduced to human organism. Easy way for diminishing the metal uptake by plants is the amendment application to the soil. Presented study was conducted to evaluate the effect of the introduction of sewage sludge and fly ashes from power station into the medium contaminated soil. Heavy metals in soil were stabilized with a mixture of sewage sludge and fly ashes from the local wastewater treatment plant and power plant. Previously the mixture was tested in terms of the probability of its ecotoxicological impact on plant growth and development. Even low doses of the mixture addition to the contaminated soil caused a observable reduction of lead, cadmium and zinc in leaves of grasses. Soil additives also increased the soil pH.
Environmental hazards related to Miscanthus x giganteus cultivation on heavy metal contaminated soil
Pogrzeba M.,Krzy?ak J.,Sas-Nowosielska A.
E3S Web of Conferences , 2013, DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20130129006
Abstract: According to recent estimates reaching the target of a 20% share of renewable energy sources (RES) in the final energy balance in Poland by 2020 will result in the demand for more than 8 million tons of biomass, which, in turn, will entail the necessity of creating large-scale energy crop plantations. According to EU assumptions the most effective way to produce biomass for energy purposes is cultivation of energy crops in agricultural areas. It is particularly vital for Poland, because these areas constitute a relatively large part of the country (59%), 76% of them being used as farmlands. In Silesia, the most industrialized region of the country, 5-10% of agricultural soils are contaminated with cadmium, lead and zinc. The main objective of the presented study was to estimate the accumulation of heavy metals in the tissues of Miscanthus x giganteus grown on contaminated soils and calculate concentrations of Pb, Cd and Zn in crops. It was shown that the large intake of heavy metals by that species could cause high emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere during its improper combustion. As a side effect, winter harvesting led to the loss of even 30% of biomass. Plant residues (leaves) can be the source of pollution after decomposing and releasing metals back into the soil. Moreover, miscanthus leaves can be transferred by wind to the surrounding areas. It is very likely that ash coming from the combustion of contaminated biomass cannot be used as a fertilizer.
Morphological diversity and DNA polymorphism of common oat (Avena sativa L.) breeding varieties cultivated in Poland
Dorota Nowosielska, Jaros aw Nowosielski
Plant Breeding and Seed Science , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/v10129-010-0004-8
Abstract: The aim of the work was characterization of morphological diversity and DNA polymorphism of common oat breeding varieties. 25 morphological traits and DNA polymorphism have been examined using AFLP and RAPD methods. It has been found, that identification of oat breeding varieties is possible based on the examined morphological traits. The examined accessions were differentiated by traits important for intraspecific taxonomy of oat: type of panicle, presence of awns, colour of grain, as well as other morphological traits, such as shape of panicle, and type of awns. Relationships of morphological traits of leaves, grains, and stem with some DNA fragments suggesting presence of molecular markers of these morphological traits have been found. Morphological similarity of breeding varieties doesn't correspond to affinity complied with DNA similarity of these objects. Breeding varieties distinguishing unique combination of morphological traits as well as different DNA polymorphism have been identified. They could be used in process of new varieties breeding. Complex characterization of the examined objects of oat collection, maintained in the National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources of Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute, will make possible its effective use in breeding and research works and will facilitate management of this collection.
La Belgique et la recherche agronomique pour le développement
Sas, L.
Tropicultura , 2004,
Abstract: Belgium and Agricultural Research for Development. Depuis les années 80, les stratégies conservationnistes intègrent les populations locales dans le processus de gestion des aires protégées. Mais les réalisations dans ce domaine restent encore assez mitigées. Lorsqu'il est interprété à la lumière des "logiques sociales locales", ce problème semble trouver son origine dans une inadéquation entre le développement proposé sur un modèle occidental et les dynamiques de prestige en cours dans ces sociétés. Une autre raison est évoquée, à savoir l'occultation des effets induits par les restrictions d'accès aux espaces et aux ressources naturelles. Ces deux aspects fournissent des exemples militant en faveur d'une meilleure collaboration entre sciences humaines et sciences de la nature.
La comunidad estéril. El recurso comunitario como forma de la autodescripción social
Mariano G. Sasín
Papeles del CEIC , 2010,
Abstract: La utilización que han hecho los sociólogos tanto clásicos como contemporáneos de la distinción comunidad/sociedad, sociedad/comunidad, prefigura la forma de un pasaje (en una u otra dirección) que se lleva a cabo en un momento histórico que es interpretado como crisis de lo establecido y emergencia de algo nuevo que aún está por definirse. En estos casos el operador conceptual que permite centrar las referencias y atribuir al menos algún sentido a lo observado es la idea de comunidad. Esta “idea de comunidad” parece configurar, así, la forma de una autodescripción social del presente que se articula inevitablemente con la percepción de sus posibilidades futuras. / Classic and contemporary sociologists have made a distinction between community/society and society/community as a passage (in one or other direction) produced in a historic moment, which is interpreted like a crisis of what was established and an emergency of something new still to be defined. In these cases, the idea of community becomes the conceptual opera-tor that gathers diverse references and enables the attribution of some sort of meaning to the observed. Hence, this “community idea” seems to acquired the shape of a social self-description of the present which is articulated, unavoidably, with the perception of its future possibilities.
Ethnic marketing possibilities and its ethics issues
Annamaria Sas,Agota Kozma
Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business , 2009,
Abstract: This paper focuses on the possibilities of ethnic marketing and its ethic connections. The differences found in our face-to-face interviews and analysing questionnaire data will provide opportunities for Hungarian small enterprises. Targeting ethnic groups for marketing purposes results in ethical difficulties. In Hungary, ethnic marketing is yet an inexperienced concept. Based on these ideas the authors examine the ins and outs of using ethnic marketing in case of Germans in Hungary. Consumers with German ethnic attitude really want German products and brands. At the same time, enterprises have to emphasise the products’ “Germanness” and character in a better/stronger way because this can help for better consumer decision making.
Briciu Sorin,Sas Florentina
Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2008,
Abstract: Direct-costing represents a method of calculation which, although can not be used in financial reporting, represents a very strong instrument of analysis within reach of enterprise’s management. The method direct-costing requires the delimitation between the variable and fixed costs and including in the cost of production of the variable costs, the fixed costs being considered costs of the period. Another important aspect is the difference between the methods of absorbent costs and the method direct costing. The making of rational decisions that can permit the obtaining of optimum results can be made only if it is taken into account the correlation between the fixed costs, the variable costs, the volume of activity and the price of selling of the products, correlation given by the specific indicators of the method direct-costing.
Rese a de "La comunidad como pretexto. En torno al (re)surgimiento de las solidaridades comunitarias" de Pablo de Marinis, Gabriel Gatti, Ignacio Irazuzta (Eds.)
Mariano Sasín
Nómadas , 2011,
Serpentinites of the Ural: Mineralogical Features, Petrophysical Properties and Subduction Processes  [PDF]
T. V. Posukhova, L. L. Panasian, I. E. Sas
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2013.33029

The article presents the results of study of composition, structure and properties of three genetic types of serpentinites from Ural: developed by chromite-bearing ultrabasic rocks, by metamorphic zones of carbonate rocks and within the zone of weathering of ultrabasic rocks. The samples were selected from deposits, located along the Main Ural Fault - the Paleozoic subduction zone (named GUR). Peculiarities of microstructure, chemical composition and properties of serpentinites formed in different geological conditions were investigated and their comparative study was held. Three groups of serpentinites with oriented and non-oriented structure, which formed by different protholites, were devided: mantle, lithosphere and crust.

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