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Quantitative estimation of silybin in Silybum marianum mother tincture using high performance liquid chromatography
Hamrapurkar Purnima,Thakurdesai Leena,Phale Mitesh
International Journal of Green Pharmacy , 2010,
Abstract: Silybin is a characterising compound present in the plant Silybum marianum, used as an hepatoprotective. A simple, accurate and sensitive HPLC method was developed for estimation of silybin. The chromatographic separation was carried out on RP C18 (Waters) column (250 × 4.6 mm, 10 μm) using mobile phase, phosphate buffer: water (65:35 % v/v) pumped at a flow rate of 1 ml/min. The eluent was monitored at 288 nm. The method is specific and linear over the range of 10-200 ng/ml. The method was statistically validated for precision, accuracy, robustness and recovery. The HPLC method can be applied for identification and on of silybin in herbal extracts of Silybum marianum.
Ediacaran Discs from the Jodhpur Sandstone, Marwar Supergroup, India: A Biological Diversification or Taphonomic Interplay?  [PDF]
Purnima Srivastava
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2012.35113
Abstract: The noncarbonaceous Ediacaran discs of variable morphologies from the Jodhpur Sandstone Formation of the Marwar Supergroup, western Rajasthan, suggest different biologic affinities of plant and animal kingdom. These discs are commonly preserved on the bedding surfaces of siliciclastic sandstone and shale in strong positive relief and appear to possess a flexible to rigid body. Discs assignable to Aspidella, Cyclomedusa, Nimbia and Heimalora; all possibly inclining towards cnidarian affinity are being reported from the sandstone beds in Sursagar area. Variable morphologies among discs preserved in siliciclastic shale beds from the Artiya Kalan area support scyphozoan affinity (earlier named Marsonia from the same locality) and cnidarian affinity for small discs comparable with Funisia (considered being the first animals having sexual reproduction). Disc’s morphologies also suggest ephyra stage of Aurilia (a cnidarian form) or budding stages of some fungi, like Germinosphaera (multicellular benthic fungal fossils) and noncarbonaceous discs with well preserved wrinkles and folds like in Chuaria. Discs from the Jodhpur Sandstone, may at times display taphonomic interplay, but consistency and repetition in morphology support variable biological affinities representing diverse assemblage and advance ecosystem prevailing during Ediacaran period. A degree of genetic variability can be expected within any taxa, and this may be compounded by preservation factors affecting the Jodhpur Ediacaran discs. Sudden increase in size or gigantism is a common feature of Ediacaran life, which is evident in case of Jodhpur discs also. On the basis of fossil assemblage, the Jodhpur Group (the Marwar Supergroup) is regionally correlated with the Bhander Group of the Vindhyan Supergroup and Krol Group of Lesser Himalaya. Globally, the assemblage is comparable with the Long Mynd Group, Shropshire, UK, Fermuse Formation Newfoundland, South Australia, Russia and Norway.
Psychosocial Roots of Stigma of Homosexuality and Its Impact on the Lives of Sexual Minorities in India  [PDF]
Sanchita Srivastava, Purnima Singh
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.38015
Abstract: The present study examined the factors related to the negative attitude of society towards sexual minorities living in India. This study also explored further the impact of such stigmatization and carrying homosexual identity on the lives of lesbian and gay individuals. To fulfill the objectives, two studies were conducted. Study 1 included 24 heterosexuals and this study scrutinized the societal perspective regarding homosexuality and attitude towards it. Results showed that homosexuality is a strong stigma in India. The results further provided factors responsible for the prevalence of negative attitudes towards homosexuality. Study 2 included 34 sexual minorities (gay & lesbian) and explored the impact of stigmatization on their lives. It also demonstrated the adverse effect of the stigma on the lives and wellbeing of the sexual minorities. The present paper provides an exhaustive theoretical and empirical underpinning of the development and existence of the stigma of homosexuality in Indian society. The results have implications for understanding and mitigating stigma in various walks of life.
Can Social Support and Control Agency Change Illness Consequences? Evidence from Cervix Cancer Patients  [PDF]
Purnima Awasthi, Ramesh C. Mishra
Open Journal of Medical Psychology (OJMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojmp.2013.23018
Abstract: Research has demonstrated facilitative effects of social support on psychological and physical well-being of individuals suffering from chronic health problems. Social support can change not only patients’ perception of their health problems, but also the consequences of their illness. In the present study with cervix cancer patients, the relationship of social support and illness control agency with illness consequences and health outcome beliefs was examined. Emotional, informational, social companionship and practical supports were found to be negatively correlated with the severity of interpersonal, physiological and psychological consequences of illness. Patients’ belief in self-control and doctor-control was related to less severity and less pain of illness, and strong hope for better health outcomes.
Systems with Negative Fuzzy Parameters
Purnima Pandit
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: Various primitive Engineering and Sciences applications can be modeled using system of linear equations. In such models it can happen that the values of the parameters are not known or they cannot be stated precisely only their estimation due to experimental data or expert knowledge is available. In such situation it is convenient to represent such parameters by fuzzy numbers (refer [14]). The method and the conditions for obtaining the fuzzy solution for the systems with positive fuzzy parameters is given in [10]. There are applications wherein the model involves even negative fuzzy parameters. In this paper, an algorithm for solving such fuzzy systems is proposed and illustrated.
Reporter Gene Imaging of Immune Responses to Cancer: Progress and Challenges
Purnima Dubey
Theranostics , 2012,
Abstract: Immune responses to cancer are dynamic processes which take place through the concerted activity of innate and adaptive cell populations. In order to fully understand the efficacy of immune therapies for cancer, it is critical to understand how the treatment modulates the function of each cell type involved in the anti-tumor immune response. Molecular imaging is a versatile method for longitudinal studies of cellular localization and function. The development of reporter genes for tracking cell movement and function was a powerful addition to the immunologist's toolbox. This review will highlight the advances and challenges in the use of reporter gene imaging to track immune cell localization and function in cancer.
Max Barry’s Jennifer Government and NationStates: neo-liberalism and the cultural public sphere = Jennifer Government, de Max Barry, e Estados-Na es: Neoliberalismo e a esfera pública da cultural
Purnima Bose
Acta Scientiarum : Language and Culture , 2008,
Abstract: In the United States, many people point to the corporatization of the media and the impoverishment of the public sphere as symptomatic of a crisis in democracy. While the mainstream media has not given much attention to popular anger against corporate globalization,literary works have started to explore this terrain, suggesting that the cultural public sphere is a parapolitical site for debates about economic neo-liberalism and its effects on people. This essayanalyzes the representation of neo-liberalism, corporate power, and resistance in Max Barry’s novel Jennifer Government and computer simulation game NationStates in the context of debates over globalization and the cultural public sphere. Muitas pessoas nos Estados Unidos alegam que a corporativismo dos meios de comunica o e o empobrecimento da esfera pública s osintomas da crise na democracia. Enquanto os meios de comunica o principais n o deram tanta importancia à ira popular contra a globaliza o corporativa, muitos autores de obras literárias já come aram de analisar esse assunto. Sugerem que a esfera publica cultural é um lugar para-político para debates sobre o neoliberalismo econ mico e suas conseqüências na popula o. Esse ensaio analisa a representa o do neoliberalismo, poder corporativista e resistência no romance Jennifer Government, de Max Barry, e o jogo de computadorNationStates no contexto de debates sobre a globaliza o e a esfera pública cultural.
Fully Fuzzy System of Linear Equations
Purnima Pandit
International Journal of Soft Computing & Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: In real life applications which are represented by system of linear equations, that can arise in various fields of Engineering and Sciences like Electrical, Civil, Economics, Dietary etc., there may be situation when the values of the parameters are not known or they cannot be stated precisely only their estimation due to experts knowledge is available. In such situation it may be convenient to represent such parameters by fuzzy numbers, as in [5]. Klir in [4] gave the results for the existence of solution of linear algebraic equation involving fuzzy numbers. On the similar lines we give the results for system of linear equations with fuzzy parameters. The α-cut technique is well known in obtaining weak solutions, as in [1] for fully fuzzy systems of linear equations (FFSL). However, our results state and prove the conditions for the existence and uniqueness of the fuzzy solution.
Leveraging human capital to reduce maternal mortality in India: enhanced public health system or public-private partnership?
Karl Krupp, Purnima Madhivanan
Human Resources for Health , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1478-4491-7-18
Abstract: Recently the association between human resources (HR) and population health has received considerable attention. There is growing evidence that HR inputs are an important determinant of broader population-based outcomes such as maternal mortality [1]. The issue is of crucial importance to developing countries facing the triple threat of rising demand, escalating costs and human resource shortages in public health care systems. This paper will use India as a lens to examine the broader issues surrounding human resources and public health. It will explore some of the HR strategies employed in a variety of settings with mixed results. Finally, it will look at several very contrasting approaches employed by two Indian states, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, in dealing with human resource shortages as they struggle to reduce maternal mortality.Each year, roughly 27 million women give birth in India [2]. Of these, about 136 000 die as a direct result of their pregnancy and delivery [3]. India accounts for more than 20% of the global burden of maternal mortality and the largest number of maternal deaths for any country [4]. Most of these deaths are caused by haemorrhage (29%), anaemia (19%), sepsis (16%), obstructed labour (10%), unsafe abortion (9%) and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (8%) [5].The relationship between lack of pregnancy-related care and maternal death is well recognized [6]. It is widely believed that most maternal mortality is preventable with skilled obstetric care [7,8]. The World Health Organization (WHO) has prioritized skilled birth attendance (SBA) as a critical strategy for reducing maternal mortality in developing countries [9]. WHO defines SBA as "accredited health professional(s) – such as a midwife, doctor or nurse – who has been educated and trained to proficiency in the skills needed to manage normal (uncomplicated) pregnancies, childbirth and the immediate postnatal period, and in the identification, management and referral of complications in w
Matrix summability of the conjugate deries of derived Fourier series
Shyam Lal,Purnima Yadav
Tamkang Journal of Mathematics , 2002, DOI: 10.5556/j.tkjm.33.2002.35-44
Abstract: In this paper, a new theorem on matrix summability of the conjugate series of a derived Fourier series is proved, which improves and generalizes all the previous known results in this line of work.

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