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Organizational Leadership Assessment in Servant Organizations: Adaptation for Turkish Culture, Language Validity and Examination of Factor Structure
Eski?ehir Osmangazi üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to adapt Laub’s (1999) Organizational Leadership Assessment in Servant Organizations to Turkish literaturate on servant leadership. Validity and reliability analyzes were conducted. The original instrument included 60 questions and six dimensions. Data was collected from primaryschool teachers in Eski ehir and Bal kesir. Descriptive statistics and exploratory factor analyis were used to analyze the data. Resulst indicated that, a valid and relaible instrument included 54 questions with two dimensions.
Beden Egitimi ve Spor Bilimleri Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this study is to determine how physical education teacher candidates in Physical Education and Sports Higher Schools in different universities perceive the Community Service Course and to find out whether their perceptions change depending on several variables. The population of the study is composed of 146 fourth-year teacher candidate students who take the community service course in Physical Education and Sports Higher Schools in Ahi Evran, Aksaray, Kastamonu and In nü Universities in 2011-2012 academic year. The data is collected through “Teacher Candidates’ Perceptions towards Community Service Course Scale” developed by Elma et al. (2010), and the alpha reliability coefficient of the scale is .88. Frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, t-test and one-way analysis of variance are applied on the data collected. SPSS 15 statistical package is used to analyse the obtained data in computer environment and a significance level of 0.05 is taken into consideration for relationships and differences between variables. According to the physical education teacher candidates’ average points on the scale; it is observed that their perception towards the course is positive. According to the analysis of study results in terms of the independent variables of the study, there is a significant relationship in the sub-dimension of personal development of teacher candidates according to their universities. However, according to the analysis in terms of the variables of gender and membership to non-governmental organisations, no significant relationship is found in any sub dimension (P > 0.05).
Changes in the level of growth hormone, insulin like growth factor-1 and insulin like growth factor binding proteine-3 in young males 24 hours after submaximaltraining
Hakk? ?oknaz
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: The study was accomplished as a control study, under the question whether 6-weeks endurance training affects the growth hormone (GH), insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and the IGF bindings protein-3 (IGFBP-3) levels. Sixty male subjects participated in the study. The subjects were separated into 2 groups as control (n=30; mean age=21,13±1,16 years) and study (n=30; mean age=21,53±1,61 years) randomly, prior to the runtest. Blood samples were drawn before breakfast and analyzed in the laboratory of the medical faculty of Abant Izzet Baysal University concerning GH, IGF-1and IGFBP-3. VO2max was measured in all individuals. The individuals experimental group trained 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for 6 weeks, on the other hand the control group had rest/rested for 6 weeks. Trainings included 30-40 minutes submaximal run on the treadmill, per day. After the last session of training, blood samples were drawn from all subjects following day before breakfast, and were analyzed similar to the first measurements. Then, all subjects (experimental and control groups) were subjected to VO2max measurement again. There were no differences within groups and between the groups in GH, IGF-1, IGFBP-3levels before (p>0.05) and after the test (p>0.05). VO2max was found to be significantly higher in the study group compare to controls (p<0.05). We conclude that submaximal training does not affect the production of growth hormones, although it may increase oxygen consumption.
?. Hakk? AKSOYAK
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: This article from the 19 th century poet watchmaking term process Refine-i Kalay 'nin couplet 12 of the 8th of lyric In the last couplet "biryol" is on the meaning of words. People in "biryol as" the word spoken and written, have lived in the eighteenth century, of British jam manufacturer is the name of George Prior's. From this example, the poetry of the Divan Literature only traditional methods or modern methods erh have experienced the years of the poet is not any use of material can be understood by drawing attention to. Bu makale, 19 yüzy l airlerinden Ref -i Kalay ’nin saat ilik terimlerini i ledi i 12 beyitlik gazelinin 8. beytinde ge en “biryol” kelimesinin anlam üzerinedir. Halk i inde “biryol” olarak s ylenen ve yaz lan kelime, on sekizinci yüzy lda ya am ngiliz saat imalat s George Prior’un ad d r. Bu rnekten hareketle Divan Edebiyat iirlerinin sadece geleneksel erh metodu ya da modern y ntemlerle de il airin ya am oldu u y llardaki her türlü materyalin kullan lmas ile anla labilece ine dikkat ekilmektedir.
?. Hakk? AKSOYAK
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: The language of Divan literature has always been introduced as a synthesis of three languages: Arabic, Persian and Turkish. Indeed, Ottoman Turkish that is the combination of these three is the essential of Divan literature. However, Divan poets also used words from Greek, Armenian, Italian, and some languages of Balkans and Caucasus besides Arabic and Persian words. Especially poets who were Rumelian or worked as the state officers for years were finding different ways of usage in their works with the expressions they borrowed from the Balkan languages. In ten verses of a poem of Mustafa l of Gallipoli who was a bureaucrat, an intellectual and at the same time a poet and who had served as a statesman for a long time in the Balkans in the 16th century, there are expressions of Arabic, Persian, Albanian, Franc, Serbian, Greek, Manav, Bosnian and Chagatai people in their own languages and dialects. Based on this example, it would not be wrong to say that Divan poetry is a part of “a literature of an empire” and that the language is “an imperial language”. In conclusion, the language of Divan literature is an entire entity that has basically Ottoman Turkish as a dominant factor but also comprises many elements from the languages of the nations all around the Ottoman Empire. Divan edebiyat n n dili daima Arap a, Fars a ve Türk e kar m bir dil olarak tan t lm t r. Ger ekten de Türk e Divan edebiyat n n esas n olu turur. Divan airleri, Arap a ve Fars a k kenli kelimelerin yan nda Yunanca, Ermenice, talyanca, Balkan ve Kafkas dillerinden s zcükler de kullan yorlard . zellikle Rumelili olan veya oralarda uzun y llar g rev yapan airler, Balkan dillerinden ald klar ibarelerle de i ik ileti im ve anlat m yollar buluyorlard . Balkanlarda uzun y llar g rev yapan XVI. yüzy lda bürokrat, entelektüel ve ayn zamanda air olan Gelibolulu Mustafa l de bir manzumesinin 10 beytinde Arap, Acem, Arnavut, Firenk, S rp, Rum, Manav, Bosnal ve a atay halklar ndan insanlar kendi dil ve leh eleri ile konu turur. Bu rnekten hareketle divan iiri i in “imparatorluk edebiyat ” ve dili i in de “imparatorluk dili” ifadesini kullanmak hi de yanl olmaz. K sacas Divan edebiyat n n dili, Türk e esas olmakla birlikte imparatorlu u olu turan kavimlerin dillerinden eleri de bar nd ran bir bütündür.
Role of Kv7 Potassium Channels in The Morphine-Induced Antinociception in Acute and Neuropathic Pain
Nevzat KAHVEC,Guldal GULEC,Kasim OZLUK
Journal of Neurological Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: We aimed to investigate the role of Kv7 potassium channels in the morphine-induced antinociception in both acute and neuropathic pain models.Methods: Neuropathic pain was induced by partial ligation of the right sciatic nerve. For intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) injections, each rat was equipped with a permanent cannula. The response to painful thermal stimuli was assessed by the tail-flick test. In sciatic nerve-ligated rats, thermal hyperalgesia was assessed by paw withdrawal latencies in the plantar test and the mechanical hyperalgesia was determined by rigid von Frey filaments.Results: Rats received morphine (2, 5, 20 μg/10 μl; i.c.v.) or saline (10 μl; i.c.v.) 15 min before the tests. In all tests, morphine produced significant antinociceptive effect. When a Kv7 potassium channel blocker, linopirdine (0.1, 1, 10 μg/10 μl; i.c.v.) was administered 15 min before morphine, the effect of i.c.v. morphine in the tail-flick test and plantar test but not in the test with von Frey filaments were prevented.Conclusions: Kv7 potassium channels contribute to the effect of i.c.v. morphine on acute pain induced by thermal stimulation. In the sciatic nerve-ligated rats, these channels play role in the effect of morphine on thermal hyperalgesia, but not on mechanical hyperalgesia.
?brahim Hakk? ?ztürk
International Journal of Instruction , 2011,
Abstract: In recent years, the curriculum programs have been changed dramatically in Turkey, as part of a comprehensive reform initiative. The history curriculum for secondary schools was subjected to this transformation as well. This study examines the curriculum reform in terms of teacher autonomy, a key-concept for the comprehension and improvement of the teachers’ role in education. The study aims to analyze whether the change in the curriculum has brought any significant innovation regarding the teacher autonomy. According to study’s findings, the new history curriculum fails to construct a new framework that is able to provide to teachers a broad sphere of power and autonomy which could allow and encourage them to assume a greater role in the curriculum planning and implementation. This situation is evidently in contradiction with the main reform’s goals such as the development of student-centered teaching methods focusing on the needs, interests and demands of the students and considering their diversities.
Beden Egitimi ve Spor Bilimleri Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of this study is to research educat onal levels and characteristic qualifications of the athletes having joined to the Turkey Championship of Wrestling , organized in Kayseri in 2010 according to their sex and age variations.The study group of the researc consists of 74 athletes having joined to the championship. The datum of the research have been acquired by using the ‘Personal Information Form’ which was prepared by the researcher and the Eysenck character analysis (EPQ).In this research,together with the questionnaires the dimensions of neurotism and extrovertism /withdrawn which depend on hesubscales of Eysenck character inventory have been used. On the datum acquired, k tst and Kraus valis tests have been applied. In the analysis of the datum acquried in the research, (SPSS 15) has been used. 00.5 mportance level has been taken into consideration between the relations and differences of variants. At the end of the study, no meaningful difference in the dimensions of neurotism and extrovertism subscales according to age have been detected (p-0.05). n the subscale of extrovertism in the educational dimension, meaningful relation in the subscale of nevrotism according to sex has been detected (p-0.05).
Bilgi Ekonomisi De i kenlerine Y nelik lk zlenimler: Türkiye-OECD ülkeleri Kar la t rmalar (1995-1999) First Impressions on Information Economic Variables :A Comparative Study between Turkey and OECD Countries (1995-1999)
Yelo?lu, Hakk? Okan
Bilgi Dünyas? , 2009,
Abstract: Bilgi ekonomisinin zellikle 1990’l y llar n sonlar na do ru artan nemi, farkl ara t rmasorular n n gündeme gelmesine neden olmu tur. Bu al ma, hem bilgi ekonomisig stergelerini olu turan de i kenlerin neler olabilece ini ele almakta ve hem de Türkiye’yidi er ülkelerle kar la t ran bir konumland rma yapmay ama lamaktad r. B ylece, bilgiekonomisi ba lam nda, Türkiye’nin zaman i erisinde bilgi ve ileti im teknolojileri faaliyetleribak m ndan hangi ülkelerle benzerlik g sterdi i ortaya konulmaya al lm t r. Bu amacay nelik olarak al mada, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD)’nin bilgi ekonomisinin varl n l mede kulland kriterler g z nündebulundurularak g rgül bir al ma yürütülmü tür. al mada, ok de i kenli istatistiksely ntemlerden biri olan kümeleme analizinin kullan lmas ile elde edilen bulgulara g re,Türkiye’nin, y llar itibariyle g sterdi i geli me y nünden daha ok Kuzey Avrupa ülkeleriile benze ti i tespit edilmi tir.The gradual growth in the importance of Information Economics, especially in late 1990s;has led to different research inquiries along with broadened study fields. In addition, therehave been continuous disputes on subjects like; how “an information economy” shouldbe defined theoretically, and with which variables can its intensity and characteristicsbe measured. Thereby, this study covers both the possible variables that build up theinformation technology, and also it aims to set forth a positioning, by means of comparingTurkey with other countries. Furthermore, in the context of information technology, it hasbeen intended to designate Turkey’s resemblance to other countries in due course, in terms of its information and communication-based technological activities. This studyconceives OECD’s (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) criteriafor an information economy assessment, and conducts an empirical research. Throughoutthe study, it has been identified that, in terms of the progress exhibited by Turkey mostlybears resemblance to North European countries, according to the findings which wereobtained by using hierarchical cluster analysis.
Hakk MA min Ay
Lex et Scientia , 2008,
Abstract: It is vital for the Government- as a whole of organized institutions and associations- to be aware of economic and social developments in its borders. That the economy of the government is registered and therefore presence of reliable statistical information have important effects on the functions which the government undertakes such as for whom and how much commodity and service it will produce, how to finance the expenditures for these products, in the light of which data that the policies to be produced will be drown for economic and social life, and how to create social peace and free competition environment. Informal economy is an important problem of underdeveloped and developing countries and just as the developed countries. Unregistered employment constitutes the major step of informal economy in all countries because informal economic actions are executed thanks to unregistered employment. In case that the individuals do not perform unregistered actions, it cannot be mentioned about informal economy. In this paper, the reasons of unregistered employment in Turkey, its effects and comparison with the world will be dealt with.
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