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Optimal Selection of Overseas Oil Development Projects of Sinopec Based on a Multi-Objective Programming Model*  [PDF]
Haijun Fan, Xueqian Zhu, Guangchao Li, Yumei Fan
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2018.63001
With the continuous low oil price, the national oil companies in China are under the pressure of lowering the development cost and improving their investment efficiency of their overseas investments. Optimal methods are needed in screening the overseas assets within the constraint of investment. This paper presents a multi-objective integer programming model for the optimal selection of overseas oil development projects for Sinopec based on the economic evaluation of various projects in different countries and regions. Combination of economic parameters and practical constraints are discussed and presented in the mathematical models. Application of the model shows its advantages over the traditional screening and ranking methods.
Numerical simulation of flow and heat transfer of continous cast steel slab under traveling magnetic field
Gong Haijun,Li Xinzhong,Fan Xueyi
China Foundry , 2013,
Abstract: A unified numerical model for simulating solidification transport phenomena (STP) of steel slab in electromagnetic continuous casting (EMCC) process was developed. In order to solve the multi-physics fields coupled problem conveniently, the complicated bidirectional coupled process between EM and STP was simplified as a unidirectional one, and a FEM/FVM-combined numerical simulation technique was adopted. The traveling magnetic fields (TMFs) applied to the EMCC process were calculated using the ANSYS11.0 software, and then the EM-data output by ANSYS were converted to FVM-format using a data-format conversion program developed previously. Thereafter, the governing equations were solved using a pressure-based Direct-SIMPLE algorithm. The simulation results of the STP in CC-process show that, due to the influences of Lorentz force and Joule heat, the two strong circulating flows and the temperature field can be obviously damped and changed once TMF with one pair of poles (1-POPs) or 2-POPs is applied, which would accordingly improve the quality of casting. It was found in the present research that the integrated actions of 2-POPs TMF are superior to 1-POPs. All the computations indicate that the present numerical model of EM-STP as well as the FEM/FVM-combined technique is successful.
A Realization Method of Protocol Conversion Between Modbus and IEC61850  [PDF]
Fan Zhang, Yongli Zhu, Chunyu Yan, Jiangang Bi, Haijun Xiong, Shuai Yuan
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2013.32B004
Abstract: In order to adapt to the construction needs of the smart grid, smart substation need to solve the problem of protocol conversion between the conventional non-standardized condition monitoring equipment and the standardized monitoring system. This paper proposed a realization method of conversion method between Modbus and IEC61850. Object-oriented technology is used for information model on Modbus. After the analysis of IEC61850 and MMS information and service model, to establish the model mapping relationship between IEC61850, MMS and Modbus based on the principle of minimum information point which is one to one correspondence. Combined with the implementation of SISCO MMS-EASE LITE software development kit programming, giving a realization method using QT programming techniques based on the mapping model. Finally, the establishment the interval controller as an example of protocol scheme verifies the correctness and the feasibility of protocol conversion method.
Analyses of Nature of Fault through Production Data  [PDF]
Haijun Fan, Atif Zafar, S. G. Alam, Muhammad Kashif, Asif Mehmood
Open Journal of Yangtze Oil and Gas (OJOGas) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojogas.2017.23014
Abstract: An application of integration of reservoir production data in analysis for nature of fault is presented in this paper. The real data of a Gas Field (namely RS Gas Field) of L-Basin of Pakistan are used. The basic concept behind this work is to enlighten the importance of production data analysis in a broader way like for finding out the nature of fault i.e. conductive or non-conductive and if it is conductive, what is the leakage factor of the fault etc. Normally in the case of fault analysis we rely on geological and geophysical methods to some extent but in some cases where these geological and geophysical methods are not able to reach any final and firm conclusion because of data limitation or any other reason, production data analysis may play a great role in answering the ambiguities regarding any fault/faults present there. This paper describes the successful implementation of reservoir production data analysis in RS Gas Field where the main uncertainties were identified during initial stage of field development when location of new development well was going to be marked. Numbers and locations of well are important factors of Oil and Gas Filed Developments; but specifically, for Gas Field Development, these factors become more crucial as compared to Oil Field Development; so clear knowledge of any heterogeneity, barrier, boundary or fault is necessary to develop a gas field optimally and economically.
Transformation and Upgrading of Processing Trade in Guangdong under the New Normal Situation: Status Quo, Problems and Opportunities and Strategic Implications  [PDF]
Haijun Liu
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2017.75046
Abstract: Under the new normal situation, the traditional development model processes trade with the feature of “three high and one low”. It has been eliminated by the times; to promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade is imminent.?The author takes Guangdong as the research object, which is the coastal processing trade gathering place. Based on the comprehensive analysis of the present situation and development problems of Guangdong processing trade, this paper combines the opportunities and challenges of the transformation and upgrading of Guangdong processing trade under the new normal situation, and puts forward some strategies and revelations to promote the transformation, upgrade, innovation and development of Guangdong’s processing trade under the new normal situation. The strategies such as implementing the “Internet plus”, “machine substitutions” strategy, to carry out the information and intelligent transformation on the processing trade industry, rely on CEPA and free trade area platform to build processing trade transformation, upgrading and innovative service system, to enhance the “rooted” and “localization” of the processing trade industry, innovative talents training and independent brand building mechanism, to promote the upgrading and introduction, transfer of new linkage of the processing trade and so on.
Preliminary animal studies on observation of injured spinal cord with intraoperative ultrasound backscatter microscopy
HaiJun Niu,LiFeng Li,Kai Liao,XiaoGuang Li,YuBo Fan
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-012-5219-7
Abstract: Many studies have shown that strategies of nerve regeneration and cell-based transplantation are valid based on animal models of spinal cord injury (SCI). To apply these strategies and bridge spinal cord defects, the identification and precise localization of lesions during spinal cord surgery is necessary. The aim of the present experiment was to evaluate the capabilities of ultrasound backscatter microscopy (UBM) in identifying morphologic changes after SCI. After laminectomy, high-resolution ultrasound images of the spinal cord were obtained in one normal and seven spinal cord-injured adult Wistar rats using a UBM system with a 55-MHz center frequency scanner. Comparison between histoanatomic and UBM images was also performed. The results showed that UBM can identify cysts after the experimental SCI is removed in adult rats. In addition, the glial scar formed in secondary injury showed obvious hyperechoic speckle in the UBM image and correlated with the histoanatomic image. UBM has obvious clinical value in nerve regeneration and cell-based transplantation strategies in injured spinal cords.
Change Detection of Tidal Flats and Tidal Creeks in the Yellow River Delta Using Landsat TM/ETM+ Images

HUANG Haijun,FAN Hui,

地理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: We have interpreted tidal flats and tidal creeks in 5 typical tidal basins around the Yellow River Delta using Landsat TM/ETM images acquired in June 1986 and August 2001. The drainage density and fractal dimension of tidal creeks of each tidal basin were calculated. The results show that a lot of changes have taken place during the past 15 years in tidal zones of the Yellow River Delta. The average change rate of tidal creeks' length in 5 typical tidal basins is -14.9 km/yr, -8.4 km/yr, 2.5 km/yr, 4.7 km/yr and -4.9 km/yr respectively (1986-2001). In the Taoer River Estuary, artificial coastline has advanced rapidly towards the sea (0.8 km/yr) due to the development of oil fields, fishponds and salt ponds. Box-counting dimensions of tidal creeks and coastlines have decreased, which showed that the tidal flats and tidal creeks systems in the study areas are retrogressive except the tidal basins from south of the Yellow River mouth to the Tianshuigou River Estuary and from Tiaohe River Estuary to 106 Station.
Semantics Interaction Control for Constructing Intelligent Ecology of Internet of Things and Critical Component Research  [PDF]
Haijun Zhang, Yinghui Chen
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2018.611003
Abstract: Intelligent equipment is a kind of device that is characterized by intelligent sensor interconnections, big data processing, new types of displays, human-machine interaction and so on for the new generation of information technology. For this purpose, in this paper, first, we present a type of novel intelligent deep hybrid neural network algorithm based on a deep bidirectional recurrent neural network integrated with a deep backward propagation neural network. It has realized acoustic analysis, speech recognition and natural language understanding for jointly constituting human-machine voice interactions. Second, we design a voice control motherboard using an embedded chip from the ARM series as the core, and the onboard components include ZigBee, RFID, WIFI, GPRS, a RS232 serial port, USB interfaces and so on. Third, we take advantage of algorithms, software and hardware to make machines “understand” human speech and “think” and “comprehend” human intentions to structure critical components for intelligent vehicles, intelligent offices, intelligent service robots, intelligent industries and so on, which furthers the structure of the intelligent ecology of the Internet of Things. At last, the experimental results denote that the study of the semantics interaction controls based on an embedding has a very good effect, fast speed and high accuracy, consequently realizing the intelligent ecology construction of the Internet of Things.
Relationship between triphasic mechanical properties of articular cartilage and osteoarthritic grade
HaiJun Niu,ChengRui Liu,Ang Li,Qing Wang,YueXiang Wang,DeYu Li,YuBo Fan
Science China Life Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s11427-012-4326-7
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to explore the triphasic mechanical properties of osteoarthritic cartilage with different pathological grades. First, samples of cartilage from rabbits with different stages of osteoarthritis (OA) were graded. Following this, the cartilage was strained by a swelling experiment, and changes were measured using a high-frequency ultrasound system. The result, together with fixed charge density and water volume fraction of cartilage samples, was used to estimate the uniaxial modulus of the cartilage tissue, based on a triphasic model. For the control cartilage samples, the uniaxial elastic modulus on the cartilage surface was lower than those in the middle and deep layers. With an increase in the OA grade, the uniaxial elastic modulus of the surface, middle and deep layers decreased. A significant difference was found in the surface elastic modulus of different OA grades (P<0.01), while no significant differences were identified for OA cartilages of Grades 1 and 2 in the middle and deep layers (P<0.01). Compared with Grades 1 and 2, there was a significant reduction in the elastic modulus in the middle and deep layers of Grade 3 OA cartilage (P<0.05). Overall, this study may provide a new quantitative method to evaluate the severity of OA using the mechanical properties of cartilage tissue.
Ultrasound speed and attenuation in progressive trypsin digested articular cartilage
HaiJun Niu,LiFeng Li,Feng Sun,Yan Yan,YueXiang Wang,DeYu Li,YuBo Fan
Science China Life Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s11427-011-4235-1
Abstract: Subtle changes of articular cartilage (AC) can lead to tissue degeneration and even osteoarthritis (OA). The early degeneration of AC is closely related to a change in proteoglycans (PG) content. The observation of PG is therefore an appropriate way of studying OA and evaluating the degree of AC degeneration. In this study, 20 cartilage-bone samples were prepared from normal porcine femoral condyle cartilage and 10 samples were digested over 2 h using 0.25% trypsin solution. The dynamic process of PG-digestion was explored using a conventional A-mode ultrasound (US) experimental system with a 10 MHz center frequency. Quantitative acoustic parameters were calculated from ultrasonic radio-frequency echo signals and included US speed (USS), US amplitude attenuation coefficient (UAA) and broadband US attenuation coefficient (BUA). The experimental results showed that the conventional A-mode ultrasound is valuable for tracking the degree of PG-digestion. Histology also confirmed the validity of the ultrasound observations. For every AC sample, the degree of PG-digestion within a given time was different and was affected by individual differences. After two hours of degeneration, USS showed a mean decrease of 0.4% (P<0.05). UAA was significantly lower after a two-hour PG depletion period (from (2.45±0.23) to (2.28±0.41) dB mm 1). BUA showed no significant differences during this process. In conclusion, conventional ultrasound can provide useful information about trypsin-induced progressive PG depletion in AC and can reflect variations of PG content via the quantitative acoustic parameters USS and UAA. The results of this study may be used to identify an indirect indicator of cartilage matrix integrity and OA disease progression.
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