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Lorentz-Covariant Theory of Gravity Founded on Inertial Frame of Center of Mass
Hai-Long Zhao
Physics , 2005,
Abstract: We suggest a Lorentz-covariant theory of gravity that is equivalent to general relativity in weak gravitational field. We first derive the mass variation of a body falling freely in static gravitational field based on the principle of equivalence and the mass-energy relation. We then modify the standards of space-time in local gravitational field to keep them consistent with the standards in inertial frame of reference at infinity based on the influence of gravitational field on the light. The metric thus obtained agrees with Schwarzschild metric at first order approximation. The gravitational vector potential produced by a moving gravitational source can be obtained by applying Lorentz transformations in local gravitational field. Although inertial and non-inertial frames are equally valid in describing the motion of bodies in gravitational field, we still regard inertial frame, i.e. center of mass of the system, as the preferred frame of reference. This is because Newton's laws of motion only hold for inertial frames. The apsidal motion of binary system and the expansion of the universe can be explained more reasonably when observed from their respective centers of mass than that from relative motions. The expression of static metric in our theory does not contain gravitational radius, thus black hole and singularity do not exist. In our theory, the gravity in the presence of matter is the same as that in the vacuum, i.e. TOV equation does not hold. The maximum mass of a neutron star is about five times of solar mass based on our computation.
On the Implication of Bell's Probability Distribution and Proposed Experiments of Quantum Measurement
Hai-Long Zhao
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1134/S1063776113140070
Abstract: In the derivation of Bell's inequalities, probability distribution is supposed to be a function of only hidden variable. We point out that the true implication of the probability distribution of Bell's correlation function is the distribution of the joint measurement outcomes on the two sides. So it is a function of both hidden variable and settings. In this case, Bell's inequalities fail. Our further analysis shows that Bell's locality holds neither for dependent events nor for independent events. We think that the measurements of EPR pairs are dependent events, thus violation of Bell's inequalities cannot rule out the existence of local hidden variable. In order to explain the results of EPR-type experiments, we suppose that polarization entangled photon pair can be composed of two circularly or linearly polarized photons with correlated hidden variables, and a couple of experiments of quantum measurement are proposed. The first uses delayed measurement on one photon of the EPR pair to demonstrate directly whether measurement on the other could have any non-local influence on it. Then several experiments are suggested to reveal the components of polarization entangled photon pair. The last one uses successive polarization measurements on a pair of EPR photons to show that two photons with a same quantum state will behave in the same way under the same measuring condition.
Explanation of Superluminal Phenomena Based on Wave-Particle Duality and Proposed Optical Experiments
Hai-Long Zhao
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: We suggest an explanation for superluminal phenomena based on wave-particle duality of photons. A single photon may be regarded as a wave packet, whose spatial extension is its coherence volume. As photon propagates as a wave train, its velocity is just the speed of light in vacuum. When it tunnels through a barrier as a particle, its wave function collapses and it travels faster than light. But superluminal propagation can only occur within the coherence length, and the duration is constrained by uncertainty principle. On the other hand, a particle with non-vanishing mass cannot travel faster than light. So superluminal phenomena do not violate causality. We explain the principles of existing superluminal experiments and propose three types of experiments to further verify superluminal phenomena. The first is to show that a single photon is equivalent to a wave packet, which occupies certain spatial volume. The second demonstrates that superluminal phenomena can only occur within the coherence length. The third indicates that negative and superluminal group velocity in anomalous dispersion medium is merely a reshaping phenomenon of the pulse, and it will become subluminal at large distances.
Massless neutrino oscillations via quantum tunneling
Hai-Long Zhao
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: In order for different kinds of neutrino to transform into each other, the eigenvalues of energy of neutrino must be different. In the present theory of neutrino oscillations, this is guaranteed by the mass differences between the different eigenstates of neutrino. Thus neutrino cannot oscillate if it is massless. We suggest an explanation for neutrino oscillations by analogy with the oscillation of quantum two-state system, where the flipping of one state into the other may be regarded as a process of quantum tunneling and the required energy difference between the two eigenstates comes from the barrier potential energy. So neutrino with vanishing mass can also oscillate. One of the advantages of the explanation is that neutrino can still be described with Weyl equation within the framework of standard model.
A Simple and Easy Fuzzy Control Method for Inverted Pendulum

ZHAO Hai-long,

控制理论与应用 , 2000,
Abstract: This paper applies simple and easy fuzzy control method to inverted pendulum to keep it stable and to realize one way movement and two way movement by controlling the balance position of inverted pendulum not in the verical direction.
Experimental Sensitivities on Searching for Rare and Forbidden Decays of Charm Mesons at BES-III

ZHAO Ming-Gang,RONG Gang,MA Hai-Long,

中国物理快报 , 2009,
Abstract: We discuss the Monte Carlo studies of searching for the rare and forbidden pure-leptonic and semi-leptonic decays of D+,0 and D+s mesons, based on a full Monte Carlo simulation for the BES-III detector, with the BES-III Offline Software System. The experimental sensitivities of searching for 36 rare and forbidden charm meson decays are estimated.
Experimental sensitivity on searching for CP violation at BES-III

Zhao Ming-Gang,Rong Gang,Ma Hai-Long,Zhang Da-Hua,

中国物理 B , 2009,
Abstract: The $CP$ violation in the $D$ system is predicted to be an unobserved level in the Standard Model. In this paper, we describe the method of searching for $CP$ violation decay processes with the coherently produced $D^0\bar D^0$ mesons from the $\psi(3770)$ decay. The $CP$ violation decay processes can be searched for at the BES-III experiment. The experimental sensitivity for searching for the $CP$ violation can reach about a $10^{-4}$ level with a $\psi(3770)$ data sample of about $20$ fb$^{-1}$.
Study and materialization of new seismic physical model building materials

LI Zhi-hong,ZHU Hai-long,ZHAO Qun,CHAO Hui,

地球物理学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: Building of physical model is the foundation of seismic physical modeling. The key to physical model building is to determine the compound formulation that can produce materials of desired velocity. Based on the principles of interpenetrating polymer network and copolymerization, we studied the course of network interpenetrating and copolymerization of araldite with rubber and other polymers, and achieved blending of different polymers in line with the requirements of physical modeling materials. The resulted polymers are of good cross-linking level. Factors that affect the physical model building are discussed. Measures to diminishing these factors are proposed in terms of model material selection, compound formulation adjustment, as well as workflow of model building. These measures ensure the cured composition with superior thermal stability and mechanical properties by controlling the heat release of curing reaction, as well as the shrinkage and linear expansion coefficient of curing. A relatively complete material series has been developed, which includes materials with low velocity to high velocity. The proposed measures and synthesized materials were verified in real seismic physical modeling.
Study of crosswell seismic physical modeling

ZHU Hai-long,LI Zhi-hong,ZHAO Qun,

地球物理学进展 , 2008,
Abstract: Crosswell seismic data are of very high resolution and complex wavefield. Primaries are usually weak and are tend to be smeared by strong coherent interference such as guide waves, which poses challenges for identification and decomposition of wavefield. In this paper, the author studied the characteristics of different wave modes in crosswell seismic data such as direct wave, transmitted wave, reflected wave, refracted wave, multiples, and guide wave through single geological body models, combined geological body models, and real crosswell seismic physical model. Results show that it provides more reliable estimation of traveltime on shot-receiver domain. First arrivals should be picked and verified on both common shot gathers and common offset gathers to ensure the reliability of direct wave identification and accuracy of travetime picking.
The Actual State and Improvement Countermeasures for Geo-park Website Construction in China
YANG Qian-jin,FU Hai-long,ZHOU Shan-yi,ZHAO Yong-bin
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2011,
Abstract: The construction of geo-park website has a votal significance for the geological vestige protection and development, and the business and management in geo-parks. In this paper, the actual state of the Chinese 22 world geological park website has been evaluated from the six perspectives such as the accessibility by search and query , website technology, website interface, website content, website functions, external environment for website construction. The exstent key problems about geo-park website in China are founded, which involve search difficulty, unsmooth network access, characterless theme and style, slow update, imperfection of basic traveling function, and lack of government unity supervision. It lead us to a conclusion that the construction of Chinese geo-park website is still at the initial stage, its website does not play a catalytic role ideally. According to the problems of the six aspects above, improvement countermeasures for geo-park website construction have been put forward correspondingly. These countermeasures include choosing suitable technique platform such as ArcIMS to construct the tourism Web Gis ,highlighting the theme and style to impress the tourist, updating information in time to attract the vositor, providing customized service to meet needs for all kinds of tourist ,ect.

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