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n-Tuples and chaoticity
M. Habibi
International Journal of Mathematical Analysis , 2012,
Semi-periodic infty-tuples
M. Habibi
International Journal of Mathematical Analysis , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper, we introduce semi-periodic ∞-Tuples of commutativebounded linear mappings on a separable Banach space.
infty-Tuples of operators and hereditarily
M. Habibi
International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences , 2012,
infty-tuples of bounded linear operators on Banach space
M. Habibi
International Mathematical Forum , 2012,
On density and hypercyclicity
P. Karami,M. Habibi
International Mathematical Forum , 2013,
Abstract: The aim of the paper ahead Birhoff , Maclane, Godefroy-Shapiro andKitai-Getner-Shapiro and the results of their theorems and hypercyclicoperators on space H(C). In Birhoffs theorem is shown that, if b isnon-zero, then the shift with the vector b is an hypercyclic operator.Maclane in 1952 showed that the Differentiation operator on H(C) isan hypercyclic operator. Bourdon and Shapiro also studied the behaviorof composition operators on this space.
Safety Cultural Assessment among Management, Supervisory and Worker Groups in a Tar Refinery Plant
E Habibi,M Fereidan
Journal of Research in Health Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Background: This study investigated the relationship between people's attitudes towards the safety culture and comparing its perceptions among three levels of refinery Personnel: top management, supervisory staff and frontline workers by conducting safety culture survey. Methods: A questionnaire comprising general information and 59-safety attitude statement were distributed among 237 workers, 53 supervisors and 12 managers in Isfahan Tar Refinery in Iran. Results: The 10 testable factors, including organizational and management commitment to safety and communication, Rule breaking, Training and competence, Pressure for production and safety, Communication, Personal involvement in health and safety, Accident/Incidents/Near misses, Organizational/management commitment to health and safety, Supervisors/Immediate bosses/Line managers, Health and safety procedures/Instructions/rules, Workforce view on state of safety culture, have high inter-correlations and the three groups of respondents hold quite different attitudes regarding safety culture. Conclusion: These findings can give invaluable indication to the managers to have better understanding of safety culture in this industry.
A Case Report of Congenital Megalourethra in A 22-Years-Old Man
M. Mohammadi Fard,A. Habibi
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2008,
Abstract: Introduction: Congenital megalourethra is a rare con-genital malformation of the penile urethra, character-ized by sever dilatation of the penie urethra.It is due to the absence of development of the erectile tissue of the penis. Since the initial description, nearly 80 cases with megalourethra have been reported in English literature. Congenital megalourethra traditionally, has been classified into scaphoid and fusiform types and is usually associated with additional urinary tract and other system anomalies. Herein we report a rare case of scaphoid megalourethra without any associ-ated anomalies."nCase Presentation: A 22-years-old man admitted to the Department of Urogenital Surgery of Imam Reza Hospital with complaints of penile swelling during urination since birth and erectile dysfunction. Physi-cal examination and retrograde cystourethrogram confirmed the diagnosis of congenital scaphoid megalourethra. The patient underwent a reduction urethroplasty. He did well postoperatively and voided with a normal stream without any abnormality of the penile shaft."nDiscussion: Congenital megalourethra is a rare condi-tion, which could be treated by reduction urethro-plasty.
A Note on Change Point Detection Using Weighted Least Square  [PDF]
Reza Habibi
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/am.2011.210182
Abstract: This paper is concerned with the application of weighted least square method in change point analysis. Testing shift in the mean normal observations with time varying variances as well as of a GARCH time series are considered. For both cases, the weighted estimators are given and their asymptotic behaviors are studied. It is also described that how the resampling methods like Monte Carlo and bootstrap may be applied to compute the finite sample behavior of estimators.
Urea- Hydrogen Peroxide (UHP) Oxidation of Thiols to the Corresponding Disulfides Promoted by Maleic Anhydride as Mediator
Bahador Karami,M. Montazerozohori,M. H. Habibi
Molecules , 2005, DOI: 10.3390/10101385
Abstract: Urea-hydrogen peroxide (UHP) was used in the presence of maleic anhydride as mediator in a simple and convenient method for the oxidation in high yield of some thiols to the corresponding disulfides. Peroxymaleic acid formed in situ from the reaction of UHP with maleic anhydride has a key role in this oxidation. Performance of the reaction in various solvents showed that methanol was the solvent of choice at 0 oC. The products were isolated by simple filtration on silica gel.
Study of dense plasma-surface interaction by a Filippov type plasma focus device
Habibi, M.;Amrollahi, R.;Farrahi, M.;
Brazilian Journal of Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-97332008000200009
Abstract: in this paper we have tried to investigate of dense plasma-material interaction in a filippov type plasma focus (90kj, 25kv, 288μf) facility. dense plasma focus discharges are known as a remarkable source of hot plasma bunches and fast streams, fast neutrons, hard and soft x-rays, and energetic particles such as ions and electrons. the aluminum made targets with 20cm in diameter and thickness 5mm, were placed at the central part of plasma focus cathode. these targets were exposed to perpendicular dense high temperature plasma stream incidence. the working gases for these experiments were argon, deuterium +krypton, helium, and pure deuterium. we took advantage of changeable targets surface and used sem technique for analyzing irradiated samples by various working gases. as it shown from sem pictures and surface profiles, melt layer erosion by melt motion, surface smoothing, and bubble formation were some of different effects caused by diverse working conditions.

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