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Seasonal growth of "algod?o-bravo" (Ipomoea carnea spp. fistulosa)
Haase, Rainer;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X1999000200002
Abstract: ipomoea carnea spp. fistulosa, a native woody perennial, is capable of spreading rapidly over seasonally flooded grassland in the brazilian pantanal, south america's largest wetland, thus conflicting with the local cattle ranching. i. carnea is controlled by mowing at the onset of the rainy season, as close as possible before the seasonal flooding. often, however, flooding begins after the plant has had enough time to re-sprout enabling it to survive. the objective of this study was to verify if ipomoea carnea plant's production follows a seasonal cycle, and, if so, at which point in this cycle, the plant is most vulnerable to mechanical control measures. seasonal dynamics of stem and leaf production of i. carnea were studied. the results showed that growth of i. carnea is fastest at the onset of the rainy season in november/december. production declines when seasonal flooding commences in january/february and almost ceases towards the begin of the dry season in may/june. this leads to the proposal that i. carnea could be controlled more effectively if the weed were mown in the early dry season when its production and its capability to re-sprout is lowest, and if any new sprouts were cut by hand when the seasonal flooding starts.
Theological remarks on the Accra confession
HW Haase
HTS Theological Studies/Teologiese Studies , 2009,
Abstract: This article provides a critical evaluation of the Accra Confession (WARC 2004). The misery in various regions of the southern hemisphere poses an extreme ethical challenge for the Christian faith; the outcry for justice should not be left unheeded. It is necessary that the causes of this misery should be clearly described before viable strategies for overcoming it can be developed. The Accra Confession seems to be rather one-dimensional in its evaluation of reality. The ethical charge implied by the term ‘confession’ is of little use when dealing with complex global fi elds of action that only rarely allow a simple equation of cause and reaction. It is not so much a ‘confession’ (or Bekenntnis) that is needed but rather a renewed discussion among all concerned on the best ways to achieve more justice.
UNDERWARE - A Layer for Homogeneous Access to Heterogeneous Multi - Core Processors
Jan Haase
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: This paper proposes a new way to tackle the problemof using the existing resources of multi-core processors withdifferent types of cores, like PowerPC, Intel, ARM, DSPs, FPGAareas, etc. Applications for these heterogeneous multi-cores aredifficult to write, as most programmers and programming toolstarget one platform only and in many cases single-cores only.The way to accomplish this is by creating a new layer, which islocated between the operating system and the underlyingheterogeneous hardware. In analogy to the middleware betweenapplications and the OS it is called “underware”. The underwarelayer itself consists of two sublayers: The lower “adapter layer”builds a uniform interface for any underlyingprocessor-core-configuration; above it lies the “schedulinglayer”, which automatically distributes applications to thecorresponding core or cores (if parallel execution is possible) oreven to several different idle cores if the application is available indifferent platform executables. Research on the approachdescribed in this paper is yet in an early stage; the correspondingproject “UNDERWARE” just started. Therefore no preliminaryresults can be given. However the concept is sound and it cantherefore be expected to get a first prototype soon.
Was ist und was kann Bibliotheksp dagogik?
Jana Haase
Libreas : Library Ideas , 2010,
Rezension zu: Bibliotheksp dagogische Klassenführungen: Ideen und Konzepte für die Praxis (Hrsg. Kerstin Keller-Loibl)
Jana Haase
Libreas : Library Ideas , 2010,
Acta Geographica Debrecina. Landscape and Environment Series , 2008,
Abstract: The level of land consumption for housing and transport contrasts sharply with both the necessity and the legal obligation to maintain the ecological potential afforded by open spaces to meet the needs ofcurrent and future generations in terms of resource protection and climate change. Owing to the increasing intensity of soil usage, in many urban landscapes the soil conditions has deteriorated. The natural filter and run-off regulating functions of soils are impaired or even disappeared altogether by land surfacing. Since such soil functions closely depend on the soil’s biophysical properties, thedecline of water balance functionality caused by urbanisation and increasing imperviousness varies. In response to the demand to sustainably secure urban water resources, it needs to be assessed exactly how land surfacing affects the functions concerned. Analysing and evaluating the urban land use change and the respective imperviousness on the long-term water balance ought to improve ourgeneral understanding of the water household related impact of urbanisation. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to assess the impact of urban land use change and land surfacing on the long-term waterbalance over a 130-year trajectory using the example of Leipzig. In particular, attention is to be paid to evapotranspiration, direct runoff and groundwater recharge.
Polar decomposition and Brion's theorem
Christian Haase
Mathematics , 2003,
Abstract: In this note we point out the relation between Brion's formula for the lattice point generating function of a convex polytope in terms of the vertex cones [Brion1988] on the one hand, and the polar decomposition \`a la Lawrence/Varchenko [Lawrence1991, Varchenko1987] on the other. We then go on to prove a version of polar decomposition for non-simple polytopes.
The group reduction for bounded cosine functions on UMD spaces
Markus Haase
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: It is shown that if A generates a bounded cosine operator function on a UMD space X, then i(-A)^{1/2} generates a bounded C_0-group. The proof uses a transference principle for cosine functions.
Transference Principles for Semigroups and a Theorem of Peller
Markus Haase
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: A general approach to transference principles for discrete and continuous operator (semi)groups is described. This allows to recover the classical transference results of Calder\'on, Coifman and Weiss and of Berkson, Gillespie and Muhly and the more recent one of the author. The method is applied to derive a new transference principle for (discrete and continuous) operator semigroups that need not be groups. As an application, functional calculus estimates for bounded operators with at most polynomially growing powers are derived, culminating in a new proof of classical results by Peller from 1982. The method allows a generalization of his results away from Hilbert spaces to $\Ell{p}$-spaces and --- involving the concept of $\gamma$-boundedness --- to general Banach spaces. Analogous results for strongly-continuous one-parameter (semi)groups are presented as well. Finally, an application is given to singular integrals for one-parameter semigroups.
A transference principle for general groups and functional calculus on UMD spaces
Markus Haase
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: We prove a transference principle for general (i.e., not necessarily bounded) strongly continuous groups on Banach spaces. If the Banach space has the UMD property, the transference principle leads to estimates for the functional calculus of the group generator. In the Hilbert space case, the results cover classical theorems of McIntosh and Boyadzhiev-de Laubenfels; in the UMD case they are analogues of classical results by Hieber and Pruess. By using functional calculus methods, consequences for sectorial operators are derived. For instance it is proved, that every generator of a cosine function on a UMD space has bounded H-infinity calculus on sectors.
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