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Recognition of convolutional neural network based on CUDA Technology
Yi-bin Huang,Kang Li,Ge Wang,Min Cao,Pin Li,Yu-jia Zhang
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: For the problem whether Graphic Processing Unit(GPU),the stream processor with high performance of floating-point computing is applicable to neural networks, this paper proposes the parallel recognition algorithm of Convolutional Neural Networks(CNNs).It adopts Compute Unified Device Architecture(CUDA)technology, definite the parallel data structures, and describes the mapping mechanism for computing tasks on CUDA. It compares the parallel recognition algorithm achieved on GPU of GTX200 hardware architecture with the serial algorithm on CPU. It improves speed by nearly 60 times. Result shows that GPU based the stream processor architecture ate more applicable to some related applications about neural networks than CPU.
Ultrastructure of basal vitreo-retina interface in enucleated pig eyes
Yi-Bin Xiong
Guoji Yanke Zazhi , 2013, DOI: 10.3980/j.issn.1672-5123.2013.04.06
Abstract: AIM: To investigate the ultrastructure of the basal vitreo- retina interface in enucleated pig eyes after vitreous injection of enzymes. METHODS:Totally 130 eyes were obtained from freshly slaughter pigs and divided into 5 groups. Each group was sub-divided into the 15 minutes group and the 30 minutes group, with 13 eyes in each group. The control group were performed middle vitreous injection of 0.1mL PBS, 200U/mL and 800U/mL hyaluronidase(HA)were injected in groups A and B, 10U/mL and 50U/mL chondroitinase(CA)in groups C and D. After incubation for 15 minutes and 30 minutes, the eye balls were fixed with 4% glutaraldehyde and retina fixative solution. Pathological examination, eosin-hematoxylin staining, scan electron microscopy were taken to evaluate the remaining vitreous on vitreous base, transmission electron microscopy to evaluate retina toxicity. RESULTS:Both of gross appearance and hematoxylin+eosine slice all revealed basal vitreous partially liquefied and degradation. Remarkably decrease was found in basal vitreous than the control group both in the HA 800U/mL group and the CA 50U/mL group when using electron microscopy scanning. Transmission electron microscopy in group B, C and D revealed the remaining vitreous were less than the control group. CONCLUSION: Both CA and HA can cause basal vitreoretinal detachment in enucleated pig eyes. But the HA may cause less damage to the retina.
Multiband Waveform Interpolation Speech Coding Algorithm at 2.4 kbit/s
基于多带的2.4 kbit/s波形内插算法

Tang Yi-bin,Huang Rong,Wu Zhen-yang,
,黄 蓉,吴镇扬

电子与信息学报 , 2010,
Abstract: In the traditional characteristic waveform interpolation speech coding, the high frequency harmonics of the synthetic speech are usually lost, which makes the speech feel noisy, due to the phase information neglect of the characteristic waveform and the whole characteristic waveform alignment. In order to improve the synthetic speech quality, the multiband surd/sonant flag is first introduced. The phase spectrum of the slowly/rapidly evolving waveform is estimated with the waveform interpolation speech coding model depending on the multiband surd /sonant flag. Then the partial characteristic waveform alignment is used in the speech synthesis section and a 2.4 kbit/s multiband waveform interpolation speech coding algorithm is proposed finally. Compared with the traditional characteristic waveform algorithm, the new algorithm can distinctly improve the speech definition. Compared with the standard 2.4 kbit/s MELP algorithm, the synthetic speech quality is also slightly better.

彭 毅

物理学报 , 2000,
Abstract: 采用Frenet-Serret形式研究了Sen时空中的陀螺进动效应,得出了沿圆轨迹以任意常数角速 度运动的轨道陀螺进动的一般公式,当陀螺在赤道平面上沿短程线运动时,由一般公式出发 可得到精确的轨道周期进动角公式.作为特例,研究了静态dilaton时空中的陀螺进动效应. 将所得结果分别与Kerr-Newman和Reissner-Nordstrm时空中的情形相比较,发现dilaton 耦合使陀螺进动速率减慢,轨道周期进动角减小.
Threshold-Based Adaptive Call Admission Control in Hierarchical Mobile IPv6

WANG Sheng-Ling,HOU Yi-Bin,HUANG Jian-Hui,HUANG Zhang-Qin,

软件学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 提出了一种适用于层次移动IPv6(HMIPv6)网络的呼叫准入控制(call admission control,简称CAC)方案.该方案以过载率和系统容量为限制,根据网络中主机的移动特性和呼叫特性,自适应地计算出区域中各小区的理想呼叫数,使系统效益最大化.通过建立HMIPv6网络下的Markov模型,计算出达到理想呼叫数的CAC阈值,并将其作为是否接纳新呼叫的判断依据.仿真实验分析了影响最优区域范围的因素,为设计动态微移动管理方案提供了依据.它指出:随着呼叫在小区之间的切换率和平均持续时间的增加,最优区
Using the Information of Spacecraft SHEN ZHOU-3 Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer to Retrieve Atmospheric Water Vapour

HUANG Yi-bin,DONG Chao-hu,FAN Tian-xi,

遥感学报 , 2006,
Abstract: In the year 2002, the spacecraft SHEN ZHOU-3 was launched successfully. The moderate resolution imaging spectrometer on the spacecraft acquired a lot of data at 940nm interval. Using part of the information we tried to retrieve the water vapor amount. Some analytical resnhs are presented in this paper.
Extending component library of POOSL based on regenerative cycles

FANG Lin-bo,HOU Yi-bin,HUANG Zhang-qin,

计算机应用研究 , 2007,
Abstract: In order to solve the immanent shortcomings of POOSL that it lacked the quantitative analysis of the long-run sam- ple average performance metrics such as throughput, latency and so on, applied the technique of regenerative cycles, and ex- tended the component library of POOSL. It is very useful for modeling and performance analysis.
Bluetooth-based authentication system for ambient intelligence

ZHANG Li-yan,HE Jian,HUANG Zhang-qin,HOU Yi-bin,DING Zhi-bin,

计算机应用研究 , 2007,
Abstract: According to the requirement of natural human computer interface for ambient intelligence, this paper provided a bluetooth-based authentication technique. At first, introduced an authentication network combining advantages of bluetooth Ad hoc network with Ethernet in detail. Then proposed a bluetooth badge which saves user identification, and introduced the authentication system through bluetooth and authentication network at last. It is demonstrated by experiment that the bluetoothbased authentication technique can authenticate user automatically, and provided a base to build an ambient intelligence system.
A Distributed Dynamic Micro-Mobility Management Scheme for Mobile IPv6

WANG Sheng-Ling,LIU Guo-rong,SHEN Jun-yi,HOU Yi-bin,HUANG Jian-hui,

软件学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 为了弥补移动IP不能支持主机高速移动的缺陷,提出了一种分布式动态型微移动管理方案.该方案在网络中放置多个区域移动代理来实现分布式的域内主机移动管理,并提出一种由主机根据自身的移动特点及获悉的网络参数动态地选择区域移动代理和区域大小的算法,该算法使得主机在域内产生的信令代价和分组传递代价达到最小,且没有对网络拓扑结构和区域移动代理的位置做任何强制性要求.分析表明,当主机的平均分组到达率增加时,区域大小减小而总代价增加;当主机在接入路由器的平均驻留时间增加时,区域大小和总代价均减小.最后,在与分层移动IPv6方案的性能比较中发现,分层移动IPv6方案在几种不同区域大小情况下产生的总代价都比该方案可能产生的最大总代价要高.
Effects of Sod Cultivation in Orchard on Distributions of Soil Aggregates and Soil Organic Carbon of Aggregates

WANG Yi-xiang,WENG Bo-qi,HUANG Yi-bin,WANG Cheng-ji,YE Jing,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: The effects of sod cultivation in orchard on distribution of organic carbon in soil aggregates were investigated, which located in Yuchi Village, Youxi Xian, Fujian Province. The results showed that compared with downslope and landings clean tillage orchards, the proportion of >0.25 mm water-stable aggregate (R0.25), mean weight diameter (MWD), and geometric mean diameter (GWD) of soil aggregate at 0-20 cm soil layer in sod cultivation orchard increased by 3.78%-5.90%, 16.82%-20.94%, 5.86%-50.31% and 3.81%-13.82%, 13.33%- 19.95%, 7.50%-60.63%, and the fractal dimension decreased by 1.54%-2.35% and 1.09%-9.64%, respectively. The sod cultivation could improve proportion of organic carbon storage in large aggregates (>2 mm) to total organic carbon at 0-20 cm soil layer. Therefore, the sod cultivation was beneficial to improve stability of soil aggregate, and could enhance the protection of organic carbon and carbon sink in soil.
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