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Development of potency assays for a plasmid containing vascular endothelial growth factor 2
Huang,Li-chun; Chin,Emily; Chiang,Yawen L;
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology , 2010,
Abstract: we have developed analytical methods to measure the biological functions of pvgi.1(vegf2), a naked plasmid dna product containing vascular endothelial growth factor 2 used in clinical trials for coronary artery diseases (cad) and peripheral artery diseases (pad). after being injected into muscles, vascular endothelial growth factor 2 (vegf-2), presumably expressed in muscle tissues, binds to the endothelial cell receptors vegfr2 or vegfr3, triggering the downstream responses including cell proliferation and vascularization. as it is important to make sure clinical material is biological active, we developed a quantitative assay first to measure the receptor binding activity of the pvgi.1(vegf2) gene product expressed by the transfected host cells, and then a qualitative assay to confirm the cell proliferation promoting activity of the expressed protein. in both assays the signals were plotted directly against input dna concentrations used to transfect the host cells. we confirmed specificity for both assays. in addition, we demonstrated acceptable levels of spike recovery (86.7-116%), precision (largest relative standard deviation (rsd)=19.3%), linearity and range (60-140% relative potency, 15 - 35 μg/ml) for the quantitative assay. we intend to use the potency assays for routine lot release and stability studies.
Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior of Ni-Alloy/CrN Nanolayered Coatings
Hao-Hsiang Huang,Fan-Bean Wu,Jyh-Wei Lee,Li-Chun Chang
Journal of Nanomaterials , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/137498
Abstract: The Ni-alloy/CrN nanolayered coatings, Ni-Al/CrN and Ni-P/CrN, were deposited on (100) silicon wafer and AISI 420 stainless steel substrates by dual-gun sputtering technique. The influences of the layer microstructure on corrosion behavior of the nanolayered thin films were investigated. The bilayer thickness was controlled approximately 10 nm with a total coating thickness of 1m. The single-layer Ni-alloy and CrN coatings deposited at 350°C were also evaluated for comparison. Through phase identification, phases of Ni-P and Ni-Al compounds were observed in the single Ni-alloy layers. On the other hand, the nanolayered Ni-P/CrN and Ni-Al/CrN coatings showed an amorphous/nanocrystalline microstructure. The precipitation of Ni-Al and Ni-P intermetallic compounds was suppressed by the nanolayered configuration of Ni-alloy/CrN coatings. Through Tafel analysis, the corr and corr values ranged from –0.64 to –0.33 V and 1.42×10?5 to 1.14×10?6 A/cm2, respectively, were deduced for various coating assemblies. The corrosion mechanisms and related behaviors of the coatings were compared. The coatings with a nanolayered Ni-alloy/CrN configuration exhibited a superior corrosion resistance to single-layer alloy or nitride coatings.
Auricular Point Acupressure for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Feasibility Study for 1-Week Treatment
Chao-Hsing Yeh,Lung-Chang Chien,Yi-Chien Chiang,Li-Chun Huang
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/383257
Abstract: Objectives. The objective of this one-group, repeated-measures design was to explore the acceptance of auricular point acupressure (APA) to reduce chronic low back pain (CLBP) and estimate minimum clinically important differences (MCIDs) for pain intensity change. Methods. Subjects received 7-day APA treatment. After appropriate acupoints were identified, vaccaria seeds were carefully taped onto each selected auricular point for 7-day. The Brief Pain Inventory Short Form (BPI) was used to collect outcome data. Results. A total of 74 subjects participated in the study. Ten subjects dropped out and the retention rate was 87%. Subjects reported a 46% reduction in BPI worst pain, and over 50% reduction in BPI average pain, overall pain severity and pain interference by the end of study, and 62.5% subjects also reported less pain medication use. The MCIDs for the subscale of BPI ranged from .70 to 1.86 points. The percentage improvement of MCIDs from baseline was between 14.5–24.9%. Discussion. APA appears to be highly acceptable to patients with CLBP. A sham group is needed in order to differentiate the true effects of APA from the possible psychological effects of more frequent visits by the auricular therapist and patients’ expectation of the APA treatment.
The improvement of thermal stability in NiSi film by adding Mo

Huang Wei,Zhang Li-Chun,Gao Yu-Zhi,Jin Hai-Yan,

物理学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 报导了在镍薄膜中掺入少量Mo提高了镍硅化物的热稳定性.结果表明,经650— 800℃快速热 退火形成的Ni(Mo)Si硅化物薄膜电阻值较低,约为2.4(Ω/□).XRD分析表明薄膜中只存在 NiSi相,而没有NiSi2生成.由吉布斯自由能理论分析表明在Ni薄膜中掺人5.9 %Mo对改善 Ni硅化物热稳定性起到至关重要的作用.经650—800℃快速热退火后的 Ni(Mo)Si/Si肖特基 二极管电学特性良好,势垒高度ΦB为0.64—0.66eV,理想因子接近于1,更 进一步证明掺少量的Mo能够改善NiSi薄膜的热稳定性.
Generation of chirped pulses at high repetition rate with a Ti:sapphire regenerative amplifier

Feng Wei-Wei,Lin Li-Huang,Wang Wen-Yao,Li Ru-Xin,Wang Li-Chun,

物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: We present a method to obtain a laser pulse train at high repetition rate for the Ti:sapphire laser system based on the chirped pulse amplification technique.The conventional working mode of the Pockels cell in the Ti:regenerative amplifier is modified.At a certain dumping time,a portion of the amplified seed pulse is dumped out of the cavity by a certain dumping ration every time the pulse runs around the cavity.Thenceforward,the chirped pulses at high repetition rate are generated.Based on the Franz-Nodvik amplification theory,a theoretical model of the regenerative amplifier is established and the analysis of the dependence of the pulse sequence on the dumping time and dumping ratio is given by numerical computation.With a pumping energy of 35mJ and a dumping ratio of 1/2,a fourteen-pulse sequence at 100MHz with pulse energy of 0.02mJ is obtained at a finite period of time in a pumping cycle.
Spatial characteristics of microbial groups associated with the groundwater flow in a small watershed

Huang Xiao-Lan,Chen Jian-Yao,Xie Li-Chun,Fu Cong-Sheng,Zhou Shi-Ning,
Huang XL
,Chen JY,Xie LC,Fu CS,Zhou SN

环境科学 , 2010,
Abstract: Few reports of microbial groups associated with the groundwater flow system are available in China. 16S rRNA gene library was constructed by the cultured-independent approach to investigate gene sequences of microorganism in groundwater samples from the recharge (R), intermediate (M) and discharge (D) zones of an experimental watershed at Zhuhai campus of Sun Yat-sen University. Proteobacterium, Candidate division OPx, uncultured archaeon (uncultured Crenarchaeote and Euryarchaeote) and Actinobacterium are found predominant in all these three zones with the Proteobacterium accounting for 23.21%, 36.21%, and 28.84% in R, M, D zone respectively. The other predominant microbial groups were identified for varied zones, e. g. Eubacterium and Nitrospira in the R wells, Eubacterium and Acidobacterium in the M wells, and Bacteroidetes bacterium in the D wells. Linkages and potential evolution of microbial groups among three zones were examined by using the genetic neighbor-joining tree. Environmental adaptation along the groundwater flow contributes to the similarity and discrepancy of microorganism in term of the genetic tree, and the ecological functions of the microbial groups need further assessment.
Biological effects of EV71 infection in neural cells  [PDF]
Xia Cao, Li-Chun Wang, Long-Ding Liu, Yun Liao, Cheng-Hong Dong, Qi-Han Li
Journal of Biophysical Chemistry (JBPC) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jbpc.2010.12014
Abstract: Enterovirus 71 (EV71) can cause serious nervous system lesions but to date the pathogenesis has been unclear. Our results show that EV71 proliferates in the neural cells and leads to neural cell lesions. The study of the pathology of EV71 infection in neonatal rat brains shows that the invasive ability of EV71 to the nervous system in vivo may depend on many unknown factors.
Prokaryote diversity in water environment of land-ocean ecotone of Zhuhai City

HUANG Xiao-lan,CHEN Jian-yao,ZHOU Shi-ning,XIE Li-chun,FU Cong-sheng,

应用生态学报 , 2010,
Abstract: By constructing 16S rDNA clone library with PCR-RFLP, the prokaryote diversity in the seawater and groundwater of land-ocean ecotone of Zhuhai City was investigated, and the similarity and cluster analyses were implemented with the database of the sequences in Genbank. In the seawater, Proteobacteria was dominant, followed by Archaeon, Gemmatimonadetes, Candidate division OP3 and OP8, and Planctomycetes, etc.; while in the groundwater, Archaeon was dominant, followed by Proteobacteria, Sphingobacteria, Candidate division OP3, Actinobacterium, and Pseudomonas. The dominant taxa in the groundwater had high similarity to the unculturable groups of marine microorganisms. Large amount of bacteria capable of degrading organic matter and purifying water body existed in the groundwater, suggesting that after long-term evolution, the land-ocean ecotone of Zhuhai City had the characteristics of both land and ocean.
An Effective Mixing for Lithium Ion Battery Slurries  [PDF]
Darjen Liu, Li-Chun Chen, Ta-Jo Liu, Tan Fan, Erh-Yeh Tsou, Carlos Tiu
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2014.44053
Abstract: Coating slurries for making anodes and cathodes of lithium batteries contain a large percentage of solid particles of different chemicals, sizes and shapes in highly viscous media. A thorough mixing of these slurries poses a major challenge in the battery manufacturing process. Several types of mixing devices and mixing methods were examined. The conventional turbine stirrers or ball mill mixers could be adequately used for the preparation of anode slurries, but not suitable for cathode slurries. In this study, a newly three-dimensional mixer, in conjunction with a multi-stage mixing sequence was proposed. The mixing effectiveness was examined by means of rheological measurements and flow visualization techniques. Preliminary electrical performance results indicated that the battery obtained using the 3D mixing device with a multi-stage mixing sequence was more efficient to those obtained from conventional methods.
Random Cell Association and Void Probability in Poisson-Distributed Cellular Networks
Chun-Hung Liu,Li-Chun Wang
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: This paper studied the fundamental modeling defect existing in Poisson-distributed cellular networks in which all base stations form a homogeneous Poisson point process (PPP) of intensity $\lambda_B$ and all users form another independent PPP of intensity $\lambda_U$. The modeling defect, hardly discovered in prior works, is the void cell issue that stems from the independence between the distributions of users and BSs and "user-centric" cell association, and it could give rise to very inaccurate analytical results. We showed that the void probability of a cell under generalized random cell association is always bounded above zero and its theoretical lower bound is $\exp(-\frac{\lambda_U}{\lambda_B})$ that can be achieved by large association weighting. An accurate expression of the void probability of a cell was derived and simulation results validated its correctness. We also showed that the associated BSs are essentially no longer a PPP such that modeling them as a PPP to facilitate the analysis of interference-related performance metrics may detach from reality if the BS intensity is not significantly large if compared with the user intensity.
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