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Explicit expressions of spin wave functions
Jie-Jie Zhu
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: We derive the explicit expressions of the canonical and helicity wave functions for massive particles with arbitrary spins. Properties of these wave functions are discussed.
Empirical Analysis of Interactive Control’s Effectiveness: A Parent-Subsidiary Company’s Interdependence Perspective  [PDF]
Biao Luo, Jie-Jie Yu, Hong-Mei Ji
iBusiness (IB) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2012.43025
Abstract: Due to the increasingly complex business environment and the principal-agent relationship, the enterprise group should establish a control system to prevent agency risk. Besides traditional system control, the parent company tends to adopt an interactive control including decentralized decision making, process communication and target incentive to guide and govern the subsidiaries. As an elastic control mechanism, the interactive control’s effectiveness could be influenced by the resources dependence relationship which is objective existence between the parent and subsidiary company. Based on the classical literature review, this study analyzes the effects of interaction control to the performance (“interactive control → performance”) and the interdependence’s regulating role by a total sample and a multiple-group structural equation analysis based on Chinese groups’ data, the results show that the interactive control could improve the subsidiaries’ performance, but different control process has its particular applicable interdependence situation. In the conclusions, we proposed some suggestions to promote the interactive control’s effectiveness in the enterprise group’s management practices.
Study on reversible desulfurization reaction of calcium oxide

HUANG Jie-jie~,
,赵建涛,陈富艳,王富红,王 洋

燃料化学学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The reversible reaction of gas desulfurization by CaO was investigated using a thermal balance and a fixed-bed reactor. The results show that there is an optimum desulfurization temperature,i.e. the decomposition temperature of Ca(OH)_2 in the absence of carbon dioxide, and the steam and hydrogen have different effects on the reversible reaction of desulfurization. Increasing the concentration of steam benefits the reverse reaction both in thermodynamics and kinetics, which decreases the efficiency of desulfurization. However, the effect of hydrogen on the reverse reaction at high temperature is negative. As the concentration of hydrogen increases to a certain value, the reverse reaction becomes a single reaction instead of multiple reactions, and the efficiency of desulfurization can be determined by the thermodynamic properties of reaction (CaO + H_2S = CaS + H_2O). In addition, the possibility to use the CaS/H_2O reaction to deal with the waste CaS is discussed.
Transformation of sodium during gasification of a lignite with addition of NaCl and NaAc
外加NaCl 和NaAc褐煤在气化过程中钠的形态变迁规律研究

WEI Xiao-fang,HUANG Jie-jie,FANG Yi-tian,WANG Yang,

燃料化学学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 以水蒸气作为气化剂,在固定床上考察了脱碱金属煤外加NaCl 和NaAc 900℃快速热解煤焦在900℃和950℃下常压气化过程中钠的形态变迁以及挥发析出规律.研究结果表明,外加NaCl的浓度较低时气化后一部分水溶态和酸不溶态的Na向水不溶但酸溶态Na变迁,当外加NaCl的浓度较高时,所有的Na在气化中挥发.外加NaAc的煤焦中的Na在气化过程中大部分挥发到气相,且气化温度和添加的浓度对Na的挥发行为变化影响均较小.

ZHAO Tao,GAO Kun,CHENG Zhong-hu,HUANG Jie-jie,WANG Yang,
赵 涛
,高 鹍,程中虎,黄戒介,王 洋

燃料化学学报 , 2004,
Abstract: In a D300?mm jetting fluidized bed with a three-nozzle distributor, the voidage distribution was simulated by two fluid model combined with kinetic theory of granular flow. It was found that the simulating results were in good agreement with the experimental data. Based on the model, the effects of various elevation angles on the voidage distribution in the fluidized bed were discussed. The results showed that the change of nozzle elevation angles would influence the voidage distribution in the fluidized bed.
Study on reactivity of Chinese anthracite chars gasification--Comparison of reactivity between steam and CO2 gasification

ZHANG Lin-xian,HUANG Jie-jie,FANG Yi-tian,WANG Yang,
,黄戒介,房倚天,王 洋

燃料化学学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 在常压和920℃-1050℃下,采用热重方法,进行了六种中国典型无烟煤焦水蒸气与二氧化碳气化活性比较的研究。结果表明,无烟煤焦与水蒸气气化反应的活性与无烟煤的煤化程度相对应,无烟煤煤化程度越高,水蒸气气化反应活性越小。无烟煤焦与二氧化碳气化反应的活性与煤中矿物质的催化作用有密切关系,煤中矿物质的催化作用越大,二氧化碳气化反应活性越大。无烟煤焦与二氧化碳气化反应活性明显小于与水蒸气气化反应活性,后者比前者大10倍左右。初步探讨了无烟煤焦与水蒸气和二氧化碳的气化机理。
A New Type of Combination Forecasting Method Based on PLS——The Application of It in Cigarette Sales Forecasting  [PDF]
Biao Luo, Liang Wan, Wei-Wei Yan, Jie-Jie Yu
American Journal of Operations Research (AJOR) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajor.2012.23049
Abstract: Cigarette market is a kind of monopoly market which is closed loop running, it depends on the plan mechanism to schedule producing, supplying and selling, but the “bullwhip effect” still exists. So it has a fundamental significance to do sales forecasting work. It needs to considerate the double trend characteristics, history sales data and other main factors that affect cigarette sales. This paper depends on the panel data of A province’s cigarette sales, first we established three single forecasting models, after getting the predicted value of these single models, then using the combination forecasting method which based on PLS to predict the province’s cigarette sales of the next year. The results show that the prediction accuracy is good, which could provide a certain reference to cigarette sales forecasting in A province.
Experimental studies on infant Tupaia belangeri chineses with EV71 infection
EV71 可感染幼龄中缅树鼩

Wang Wen-Guang,Huang Xiao-Yan,Xu Juan,Sun Xiao-Mei,Dai Jie-Jie,Li Qi-Han,
Wang WG
,Huang XY,Xu J,Sun XM,Dai JJ,Li QH

动物学研究 , 2012,
Regeneration characteristics of sulfided zinc titanate sorbent for hot gas cleaning

ZHAO Jian-tao,HUANG Jie-jie,WEI Xiao-fang,FANG Yi-tian,WANG Yang,
,黄戒介,卫小芳,房倚天,王 洋

燃料化学学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 在热天平装置上研究了再生反应温度、反应气体中氧气体积分数、脱硫剂颗粒粒径对钛酸锌高温煤气脱硫剂再生行为的影响。实验结果表明,较高的反应温度和氧气体积分数,较小的颗粒粒径有利于提高脱硫剂的再生反应速率。由于二次反应的影响,脱硫剂再生过程中有硫酸盐生成,提高反应温度或降低反应气体的氧气体积分数可以减少硫酸盐的生成。利用收缩核模型对其动力学行为进行了分析,结果表明,脱硫剂的再生过程存在动力学控制步骤的转移。脱硫剂再生转化率较低(<65%)时,再生过程主要受化学反应控制;再生转化率较高(>75%)时,再生过程主要受颗粒内扩散控制。表观化学反应速率常数的指前因子为8.01×10-2m/s,活化能为19.11 kJ/mol;有效扩散系数的指前因子为3.12×10-4m2/s,扩散活化能为48.84 kJ/mol。
Preparation and mechanism of Fe-K/AC for catalytic oxidation of hydrogen sulfide

FANG Hui-bin,ZHAO Jian-tao,WANG Sheng,HUANG Jie-jie,FANG Yi-tian,

燃料化学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Modified activated carbon Fe-K/AC(activated carbon supported iron and potassium) was used as an oxidation catalyst for low concentration hydrogen sulfide(H2S) removed.The orthogonal design method was introduced in the research of Fe-K/AC preparation to determine the optimum condition and to measure the impact of different factors.Then,catalytic activity and mechanism on Fe-K/AC catalyst for oxidation of hydrogen sulfide was investigated.The optimum preparation condition of Fe-K/AC with high sulfur capacity and selectivity is that the iron and potassium content is 0.5% and 5.0%,respectively;and the calcination temperature and the Fe2+/Fe3+ atomic ratio is 600 ℃ and 0.5,respectively.The order of their influences is potassium content > iron content > calcination temperature > Fe2+/Fe3+ atomic ratio.Results from structural parameters and surface morphology of sorbents reveal that iron metal oxide loaded on the surface of activated carbon has the selective catalytic oxidation activity of hydrogen sulfide to element sulfur.Alkali metal oxide,which changes basic surface groups,has a synergistic effect on the catalytic oxidation of hydrogen sulfide.However,the catalytic activity decreases due to excessive metal oxides loadings that may block the accessibility of micropores and reduce the surface area.
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