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Effects of Tillage Practices on Winter Wheat Field Evapotranspiration Characteristics at Oasis Area

HUANG Gao-bao,QIN Shu-hao,

自然资源学报 , 2007,
Abstract: As oasis area in Hexi corridor has more and more serious problems of wind erosion,shortage of water and heavy evapotranspiration,evapotranspiration characteristics of different tillage methods of winter wheat field and their influence factors were studied in 2005-2006. Results showed that:no-tillage with stubble retention(NTS)and no-tillage with stubble standing (NTSS) could reduce markedly soil evaporation and improve water use efficiency(WUE),and NTS was even better than NTSS.However,evaporation and transpiration under treatments with stubble cover(NTS and NTSS) was even higher than non-covered treatments(T,TIS and NT) when soil water content at layer of 0-10cm of non-covered treatments was lower than 13%.Normally,evaporation under treatments of TIS and NT was higher than covered treatments,and evaporation under T was strong in morning.Transpiration rate was,in a most significant state,positively,related with Tl,Gs and Ta and negatively related with RH.Evaporation was,in a most significant state,positively related with ST and negatively related with RH.
Evapotranspiration of Reference Crop in Oasis Area

LI Ling-ling,HUANG Gao-bao,

中国沙漠 , 2011,
Abstract: Evapotranspiration(ET0) of reference crop is a very important parameter in calculating crop water requirement.The most precise calculation of ET0 is based on the FAO Penman-Monteith model,but successful application of this model requires a lot of parameters that make it impossible to be used in some areas.In this paper,the ET0 values obtained from ETgage Atmometer and 7 popular simulateion models such as FAO Penman-Monteith etc.were compared to explore a simpler method for estimating ET0 in oasis areas of G...
Eco-physiological characteristics of winter wheat-corn intercropping systems under rainfall catchment and supplementary irrigation

CHAI Qiang,HUANG Gao-Bao,
柴 强

中国生态农业学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The field experiments show that supplementary irrigation can enhance the difference between the temperatures of leaf and atmosphere. The average photosynthesis rate of intercropped wheat and corn can be improved by 2 77% and 24 85% respectively than that of single planting in the whole growth stage, and it is positively correlated to the yield. Supplementary irrigation in critical stages can enhance the relative humidity in the canopy, and improve the photosynthesis rate and yield.
Characteristics of winter wheat evapotranspiration and yield performance under different tillage practices in oasis-irrigated farmland

QIN Shu-Hao,HUANG Gao-Bao,

中国生态农业学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 利用田间定位试验研究了绿洲灌区不同耕作措施下冬小麦蒸发蒸腾特性及产量表现。结果表明,免耕秸秆覆盖(NTS)及免耕立茬(NTSS)能提高冬小麦产量,降低土壤水分蒸发量(E),提高水分利用效率(WUE)。与传统耕作(TT)相比,NT(免耕)、NTS、NTSS与TIS(秸秆翻埋)的产量分别提高27.27%、30.60%、24.31%和18.58%。WUE顺序为NTS〉TIS〉NT〉NTSS〉TT。当裸露土壤水分过度蒸发耗损使0~10cm土壤含水量低于13%时,覆盖处理(NTS、NTSS)的E高于无覆盖处理(TT、TIS及NT),叶面蒸腾量也相对较高,植物生长状况较好。
Ecological stoichiometric characteristics of oasis spring wheat fields under regulated deficit irrigation

ZHANG Heng-Jia,HUANG Gao-Bao,

中国生态农业学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 用配对样本t 检验对绿洲不同调亏灌溉下春小麦收获时土壤C∶N和C∶P生态化学计量比年际间差异及土壤碳平衡进行了分析研究, 结果表明: 小麦收获时不同调亏灌溉处理0~20 cm、20~40 cm 和0~40 cm 土层C∶N 2008 年比2007 年分别显著降低19.0%~37.3%、11.8%~27.9%和17.1%~32.8%, 而C∶P则显著增加31.9%~62.4%、16.5%~79.1%和33.6%~68.8%。两年试验表明, 拔节期轻、中度水分调亏, 孕穗~抽穗期轻度调亏或丰水处理, 而灌浆~生理成熟期中、重度调亏的处理RDI2 和RDI5 C∶N 和C∶P生态化学计量比高于其他处理。两年试验后, 不同土层调亏灌溉处理及对照土壤有机碳均增高, 其中0~20 cm 土层增幅为1.31~2.35t(C)·hm-2, 20~40 cm 土层为2.00~4.58 t(C)·hm-2, 0~40 cm 土层为2.18~3.07 t(C)·hm-2。
Determination of the effect of precipitation distribution on yield of wheat and pea in dryland using APSIM

LI Guang,HUANG Gao-Bao,
李 广

中国生态农业学报 , 2010,
Abstract: By using APSIM model, the effect of precipitation seasonal distribution on crop yield was determined in rain-fed agriculture area of the Loess Plateau. Next, the effect of precipitation seasonality on crop yield was explored via integral regression analysis. The study shows that APSIM model can reliably simulate wheat and pea yield. Crop yield is highly related with annual precipitation and its seasonal distributon. The seasonal distribution of participation has a positive U-shaped quadratic relation with wheat and pea yield. Precipitation in the months of June and July significantly influences wheat yield, while that in the months of May and June importantly influences pea yield. With 1 mm increase in precipitation, wheat and pea yield respectively increases at the rate of 10.4 kg·hm-2 and 10.3 kg·hm-2. Seasonal precipitation distribution more importantly influences crop yield than annual precipitation.
Acting formations and applying development of allelopathy

HUANG Gao-Bao,CHAI Qiang,
,柴 强

中国生态农业学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The current advance of researches on the autotoxicity of crops and the allelopathy among crops or among crops and weeds is reviewed in this paper and the great potentials of allelopathy are proposed, in getting rid of the obstacles of continuous cropping, constructing the high efficient intercropping systems, regulating the crops growth and preventing the pests and weeds.
Allelopathic effect of 3-methyl-phenol on maize under different nitrogen doses

CHAI Qiang,HUANG Gao-Bao,
柴 强

中国生态农业学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 通过发芽和管栽试验研究了不同供氮水平下,小麦根系分泌物间甲酚对玉米的化感作用。结果表明,间甲酚对玉米幼苗根系产生的化感作用较弱,对地上组织的化感作用较强,其中苗高受间甲酚的影响最明显。氮素与间甲酚对玉米生物产量和根重均存在显著的互作作用,施氮量与间甲酚对成熟期玉米生物产量产生的化感作用呈显著负相关,施N量为300mg·kg^-1(土)时,浓度为300×10^-6mol·kg^-1(土)的间甲酚对玉米生物产量表现为化感抑制作用,但施N量为150mg·kg^-1(土)时,相同浓度的间甲酚对玉米生物产量表现为促进作用。间甲酚可增大玉米的根重,施氮可显著提高间甲酚增加根重的作用。农田生态系统中,当存在化感物质时,选择适宜的施肥水平十分重要。
Tiller redundancy in winter wheat in irrigated arid areas

HOU Hui-Zhi,HUANG Gao-Bao,

中国生态农业学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Yield components of two different winter wheat varieties in the Hexi irrigated area of Gansu were analyzed through all, 1/3, 1/2 tiller and main-stem removal and the control (CK), labelled as A, B, C, D and E respectively. The results indicate that total biomass and effective tiller weight of the two winter wheat varieties under treatments B and D are higher than under CK. Compared with CK, though main-stem spike length, spike weight, per-spike grain number and grain weight are highest in treatment A, there is no remarkable difference in these variables among treatments. Tiller spike length, spike weight, per-spike grain number and grain weight in treatments B and D are higher than in CK, but those in treatments A and C are lower than in CK. We therefore conclude that at least 1/3 tiller is redundant for winter wheat cultivation in Hexi area of Gansu.
The optimum sampling unit area on the spatial distribution pattern of grassland on the saline land in Linze

LI Guang,HOU Fu-Jiang,HUANG Gao-Bao,

生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: The spatial distribution of grassland community was studied on the saline land in Linze using different sampling areas and zoning methods.Results showed that the spatial distribution pattern of grassland community was sensitive to sampling sizes and zoning methods.The effect of aggregation was very obvious when the sampling area was under 12500m2.The different zoning methods had certain effects on the spatial distribution pattern under same sampling sizes.However,the effect of zoning methods on the spatial distribution pattern decreased as sampling area increased.Therefore,it is essential to optimise the sampling areas and select the appropriate zoning methods to minimise the difference between sampling units for the research on spatial distribution of grassland community on saline land.
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