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Application of spatially explicit landscape model(LANDIS): A case researches in Huzhong area,Mt.Daxing''anling

HU Yuan-Man,

生态学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The spatially explicit landscape model (LANDIS) was used to study the long-term forest landscape change in Huzhong area located in Mt.Daxing'anling. In order to assess the effect of harvest on forest landscape change, we simulated the landscape change under two scenarios: (1) with harvest and (2) without harvest. The species percent area and species age cohort percent area for each species under two simulation scenarios were derived using APACK. The aggregation index of each species was calculated to quanti...
Behavioral fragmentation of waterfowl habitat and its landscape ecological design in Shuangtai-hekou Reserve, Liaoning, China
Behavioral fragmentation of waterfowl habitat and its landscape ecological design in Shuangtai hekou Reserve, Liaoning, China

Hu Yuan-man,Xiao Du-ning,
Hu Yuan man
,Xiao Du ning

环境科学学报(英文版) , 1999,
Abstract: --Behavioral fragmentation of wildlife habitat isdiscussed. Using "buffer" module in ARC/INFO, behavioralfragmentation habitat of Red-crowned crane, Saunder's gull,Oriental white stork and Siberian white crane was calculated in theShuangtai-hekou national reserve, Liaoning Province, China. Theresult showed that breeding Red-crowned crane, Siberian white craneand breeding Saunder's gull are very sensitive to fragment factors.Suitable habitat is so little for more than 2000 Saunder's gull tobreed. The reserve only has a capacity of 38 pairs for breedingRed-crowed crane. Two key measures were made. First, dismantles allthe abandoned oil wells and recovers the original ecosystem todecrease the fragmentation effect, directly benefit to breeding ormigration of Red-crowned crane and Oriental white stork. Second,recovers the Suaeda tidal mud flat from artificial shrimp and crabpond in the kernel zone of the reserve to enlarge the habitat areaof Saunder's gull and Siberian white crane.
Detecting forest landscape boundary between Mountain Birch and evergreen coniferous forest in the northern slope of Changbai Mountain
CHANG Yu,BU Ren-cang,Hu Yuan-man,XU Chong-gang,WANG Qing-li,
,BU Ren-cang,HU Yuan-man,XU Chong-gang,WANG Qing-li

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2003,
Abstract: Boundaries between different forest types in Changbai Mountain Eastern China are results from complex interactions between forestecosystems, topography, and geomorphology.Detecting and quantifying the transitional zones are highly important since high environmentalheterogeneity and biodiversity are often found within these zones.In this study, we used GIS and multivariate statistics techniques( PCA andMSWA) to analyze data from Landsat TM satellite imageries and quantitatively determined the positions and widths of the landscape boundarybetween mountain birch and evergreen coniferous forests in the northern slope of Changbai Mountain.The results showed that the widths of thelandscape boundary ranges from 30-50m while using the MSWA or/and PC method.Such detected widths are consistent with field transect datathat suggests a 50m transitional zone width.The results further suggest that TM data can be used in combination with GIS and statisticaltechniques in determining forest landscape boundaries; MSWA is more reliable than PCA, while PCA can also be used to determine thelandscape boundary when transects are properly located.
Effect of spatial pattern on nutrient reduction in the Liaohe Delta

LI Xiu-zhen,XIAO Du-ning,HU Yuan-man,WANG Xian-li,

地理学报 , 2001,
Abstract: The effect of spatial pattern on the nutrient reduction is investigated based on the spatial simulation model developed for the study area of the Liaohe Delta, China. Four scenarios are designed to test the effect of different landscape components on the nutrient reduction in the reed marsh: Canal density, reed area size, reed area shrinking pattern, and pumping station position. Based on a spatial model designed for the study area, the nutrient reduction in each case of these scenarios is simulated. The results indicate that each factor brings less than 10% change in the total nutrient reduction rate. More canals will not help much to improve nutrient reduction. Smaller areas are more efficient than larger ones. The shrinkage pattern is better than others in keeping a higher nutrient reduction rate. It is also more efficient to keep the pumping station near the border of the area to be irrigated. These conclusions provide theoretical supports to strategy makers for local land use planning, and contribute to the understanding of the relationship between landscape patterns and functions.
Annual sediment yield in sub-watersheds at upper reaches of Minjiang River: A simulation with SEDD model

YANG Meng,LI Xiu-zhen,HU Yuan-man,HE Xing-yuan,

应用生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Based on GIS, a sediment delivery distributed (SEDD) model was established to simulate the spatial patterns of annual soil water erosion and sediment yield in two sub-watersheds at the upper reaches of Minjiang River. The model was based on the revised universal soil loss equation (RUSLE) for calculating the annual soil water erosion, and coupled with an equation for evaluating the sediment delivery ratio of each cell. The results showed that in most regions of the two sub-watersheds, erosion intensity was below high level. Similar spatial patterns of sediment delivery ratio and sediment yield were observed, i.e., being higher along river, and approached to zero in other regions. Most parts of eroded soil were deposited in the sub-watersheds during their transportation, and less than 5% of it reached the river. Shrub land and forestland were the most important sources of sediment yield, and the sum of their sediment yield occupied 70% of the total.
Change of Forest Landscape Service Function under Timber Harvest

LI Yue-hui,HU Zhi-bin,CHANG Yu,HU Yuan-man,

自然资源学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 文章以大兴安岭呼中林业局亚里河林场为研究区,以遥感数据、林相图和采伐设计资料为信息源,选择水源涵养、固土保肥、固定CO2和释放O2四项服务功能,运用景观生态学原理,引用相应模型,估算了研究区1989年和2000年服务功能价值及其空间分布变化;建立历年采伐分布图,计算采伐造成的服务功能价值损失,揭示该损失值与木材生产的经济效益之间的关系,并分析了服务功能价值在各管理区域内的分布。结果表明,1989年服务功能价值为1.85×108元,2000年为1.37×108元,价值20×104元h/m2以上的面积明显下降。生态服务功能的下降由采伐导致,1989至1999年采伐导致的生态损失价值为0.71×108元,是木材生产获利的1.9倍,采伐损失价值与年出材量呈现相同的变化趋势。最后证明了管理等级区划和限制采伐量,即“天保工程”,将有利于森林植被恢复,大幅度提高整个亚里河林场的生态服务功能。
A modified ecological footprint approach and its application in regional sustainable development study

LIU Miao,HU Yuan-man,CHANG Yu,ZHANG Wei,ZHANG Wen-guang,

生态学杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: 生态足迹法是一种度量可持续发展程度的有效方法。本文选用传统生态足迹法及其改进方法——"实际土地需求法",结合遥感(RS)和地理信息系统(GIS)技术对岷江上游地区1982—2000年的可持续发展状况进行了时间动态分析。结果表明:研究区的人均消费生态足迹在研究时间段内呈缓慢上升趋势;实际土地需求法计算结果小于生态足迹法。1982—1998年,研究区每年向外输出大量木材,木材足迹与消费足迹计算结果相似。虽然生态承载力大于实际土地需求,但其呈明显下降趋势,表明研究区的资源利用方式并不合理,生态环境一直朝着不可持续的方向发展。1998年开始实施的"天然林保护工程"的生态作用对研究区生态承载力的作用尚未显现,应进行进一步的跟踪研究。
Latitudinal changes in species diversity of permafrost wetland plant communities in Great Xing’an Mountain valleys of Northeast China
Ju Sun,Xiu-Zhen Li,Xian-Wei Wang,Jiu-Jun Lv,Zong-Mei Li,Yuan-Man Hu
生态学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Studying the changes of species diversity in plant communities along latitude gradients is important to discover the correlation between biodiversity and environmental factors. Along the main ridges of the Great Xing’an Mountains, 12 natural permafrost wetlands in the valleys were investigated from north to south. Latitudinal changes in species diversity were analyzed with regressive analysis. About 150 plant species were recorded and were found to be in the 12 permafrost wetland plant communities. Most plants belong to the Compositae or Gramineae. The number of family, genus and species increased significantly in the herb layer with decreasing latitude (P < 0.01), but decreased significantly in the shrub layer (P < 0.01). Species composition and the orders of dominant species in the plant communities by importance value changed along latitude. Latitudinal changes of α-diversity in permafrost wetland plant communities were different in the herb and shrub layers. With decreasing latitude, species richness and species diversity increased in the herb layer; but decreased in the shrub layer. The opposite patterns were found for species dominance. Species evenness in the shrub layer decreased with decreasing latitude. ?-diversity in the herb and shrub layers decreased first, and then increased, and finally decreased with increasing latitude. Species composition in the herb layer was similar among the plots at higher latitudes.
Emergy analysis of eco-economic system in Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province

LIU Miao,HU Yuan-man,CHANG Yu,BU Ren-cang,

生态学杂志 , 2008,
Abstract: 基于能值理论和分析方法,应用统计和实地调查数据,对四川省汶川县1982-2002年的生态经济系统进行了分析.结果表明:汶川县的经济水平较低,规模较小;主要能值投入为可再生资源;能值产出中不可再生资源能值占大部分,主要来自矿产资源和水泥生产;研究区输出大量能值,项目包括矿产资源和木材资源,大量的能值输出,特别是木材能值输出已使得研究区脆弱的生态环境出现生态问题;汶川县的人均能值消费水平较低,生活水平不高;研究区应注意经济与生态的协调发展.
Landscape change and its spatial driving force of farmlands in Wenchuan County of Minjiang River upper reach

LIU Miao,HU Yuan-man,CHANG Yu,BU Ren-cang,ZHANG Wei,

应用生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Based on remote sensing images and geographic information system, and by using landscape metrics and Kappa coefficient, this paper studied the farmland landscape change in Wenchuan County of Minjiang River upper reach. A logistic regression model was used to analyze the driving forces of this change, with elevation, gradient, aspect, and the distances to road, river and settlement as the affecting factors. The results showed that from 1974 to 2000, the farmland area in Wenchuan County kept increasing, with the greatest increment in 1974-1986. In 1986-2000, farmland area had no evident increase, but converted with other landscape types frequently and had an evident spatial position change, especially in the period from 1994 to 2000. Such a farmland change was mainly driven by policy, and the spatial driving forces differed in different periods.
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