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Enhancement of Biodegradation of 4-chlorophenol During Co-metabolic Process by Immobilized-Cells of Pseudomonas putida
固定在活性炭聚砜中空纤维膜中的Pseudomonas putida菌对四氯苯酚的共代谢降解

LI Yi,HU Hong-ying,

环境科学 , 2007,
Abstract: Cometablic biodegradation of phenol and 4-chlorophenol was enhanced by cells immobilized in polysulfone hollow fiber membranes. Polysulfone hollow fiber membranes have three layers in structure. Pseudomonas putida can be immobilized in the fibers and cometabolically degrade 600 mg/L phenol and 120 mg/L 4-chlorophenol (4-cp) within 29 hours. With the incorporation of activated carbon, the fibers show higher adsorption capacity and looser structure. 1000 mg/L phenol and 200 mg/L 4-cp were biodegraded within 51 hours by cells immobilized in activated carbon integrated hollow fiber membranes, while it took about 88 hours without activated carbon present. The immobilized cells can be used for at least four times. Immobilized cells were protected by hollow fiber membranes and transformed phenol and 4-cp continuously.
Growth Properties of Typical Water Bloom Algae in Reclaimed Water

YANG Ji,HU Hong-ying,LI Xin,

环境科学 , 2010,
Abstract: Based on Algal Growth Potential Test, the water bloom risk of reclaimed water was studied. Microcystis aeruginosa was proved as the main algae under the experimental conditions in this study. In 3 kinds of secondary effluent(A2O, Oxidation Ditch and Activated Sludge), its maximum density could attain above 106 cells·mL-1, and the specific rate was above 0.39 d-1. Advanced treatment (A2O-Ultrafiltration Membrance Filter-Activated Carbon and Chlorine Disinfection) did not reduce the growth potential of Microcystis aeruginosa. The effects of initial concentration of phosphorus in reclaimed water on maximum density(Kmax) and population growth rate(Rmax) of Microcystis aeruginosa can be described with Monod equation.
Effect of LED's Red/Blue Light on the Growth Characteristic and Lipid Production of Scenedesmus sp.LX1

LI Xin,HU Hong-ying,YANG Jia,

环境科学 , 2010,
Abstract: 基于藻细胞叶绿素主要吸收可见光中的红光及蓝光用于光合作用,研究了LED红光/蓝光对栅藻LX1生长及产油特性的影响.在1 400 1x的同等光照强度下,以红光、蓝光和红蓝光为光源时,栅藻LX1的比生长速率分别比白光高出15.8%、13.2%和18.4%,藻细胞密度和种群生物量增长速率也明显大于白光;其中,以红蓝光为光源,栅藻LX1生长最快,培养至第4.5 d时,栅藻LX1的藻细胞密度和种群生物量增长速率最高可分别达到白光的2.7倍和3倍.表明LED红光/蓝光的光能效率更高,对栅藻LX1的生长具有明显促进作用.以白光、红光、蓝光、红蓝光为光源时,培养17 d栅藻LX1的油脂总产量分别为0.27、0.34、0.31和0.28 g·L-1;油脂含量分别为43.3%、39.5%、36.3%和30.1%.可见,以LED红光/蓝光为光源,栅藻LX1生长得到促进的同时单位藻细胞油脂含量略有下降,但油脂总产量仍相对较高.
Effects of Allelochemical EMA from Reed on the Production and Release of Cyanotoxins in Microcystis aeruginosa

MEN Yu-jie,HU Hong-ying,

环境科学 , 2007,
Abstract: The growth inhibition of ethyl-2-methylacetoacetate (EMA) isolated from common reed (Phragmites australis Trin. or Phragmites communis Trin.) on the growth of Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806 was investigated and the intracellular and extracellular concentration of cyanotoxin (MC-LR) after treatment of EMA were tested. The experimental results indicated that EMA has significant inhibitory effect on the growth of M. aeruginosa PCC7806, and the value of EC(50,7d) was 2.0 mg x L(-1). However, the inhibition declined with the cultivation time. During the whole cultivation period, EMA showed no significant effect on the release of MC-LR from cells to the culture. After 7 days, the amount of intracellular MC-LR per cell unit increased with the increasing of EMA concentration. The amount of MC-LR per cell unit was 25 ng x (10(6) cells)(-1) after the treatment with 1.5 mg x L(-1) EMA, which was increased by 39% compared with the control. The total MC-LR production (including intracellular and extracellular MC-LR) first slightly increased and then decreased significantly with the increase of EMA concentration. After the treatment with 3 mg x L(-1) EMA, the total MC-LR production was 28 microg x L(-1) (only half of that in the control). After 16 days, EMA showed no significant effect on both the amount of MC-LR per cell and the total MC-LR production.
A study on ecological forest

ZHONG Quan-lin,CAO Jian-hu,WANG Hong-ying,

自然资源学报 , 2001,
Abstract: In this paper,cost method,contingent value method,forest resource environmental ef-fect evaluation method and timber demand curve amend method were applied to calculate value of ecological forest in Jinggang Mountain region,Jiangxi of China.The results showed that the e-cological forest's value ratio using cost method(discount rate is10%),contingent value method,forest resource environmental effect evaluation method and timber demand curve amend method is0.4592:0.2185:1.7106:1.Analysis revealed that the timber demand curve amend method,whose annual accounting value is1302yuan/hm 2 and can be applied to ecological forest's value compensation,is more reasonable than others;the cost method with an annual accounting value of597.9yuan/hm 2 can be considered as the minimum of the value compensation;and contingent value method with an annual value of284.5yuan/hm 2 can be only used as the amount of the value compensation for those people benefited from the ecological forest.
Growth Feature of Biomass of Lemna aequinoctialis and Spirodela polyrrhiza in Medium with Nutrient Character of Wastewater

CHONG Yun-xiao,HU Hong-ying,QIAN Yi,

环境科学 , 2004,
Abstract: Duckweeds have an important potential in nutrient recovery from wastewater because of their rapid multiplication and high protein content in biomass. The growth rate of duckweed biomass has a direct relationship with nutrient removal and recovery. With laboratory experiments of batch culture and continuous culture, the growth curves of two duckweed species, Lemna aequinoctialis and Spirodela polyrrhiza,cultivated in different media were gotten and fitted by Logistic model. The effect of nitrogen on growth of duckweed was evaluated. Experimental results indicated that the growth curve had characteristic of sigmoidal shape and the growth rate had density-dependent characteristic. Results of statistical analysis demonstrated that Logistic model is suitable to describe the growth of single duckweed specie. The maximal growth rate from regression in medium with ammonia nitrogen was lower than those in medium with nitrate nitrogen. The maximal growth rate of Lemna aequinoctialis was higher than Spirodela polyrrhiza The paper also discussed the application of Logistic model in harvesting of duckweed biomass from wastewater.
Bioremediation of Nitrobenzene-polluted Sediments Using Pseudomonas putida

LI Yi,HU Hong-ying,YU Yin,LI Xin,

环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: Bioremediation of nitrobenzene-polluted sediments was studied through lab-scale and in situ experiments. The polluted sediments were remediated through the addition of bacterial separated from the sediments, even at a low temperature of 5 degrees C. Nitrobenzene at a concentration of 11.8 mg/kg was biodegraded within 4 d with the addition of 2 mL cell solution (10(7) cells/mL). No extra nutrients were needed for the bioremediation process, showing that enough nutrients existed in the sediments. For the in situ bioremediation experiment, the initial nitrobenzene concentrations at solution and sediments were 50-61 mg/L and 7-8 mg/L respectively. The remediation process was also enhanced through cell addition. The above mentioned nitrobenzene was biodegraded within 48 h, compared with 96 h without cells presence. Nitrobenzene in solution was removed preferentially than those in sediments.
Effect of Environment and Nutrient Factors on the Content of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Two Duckweeds Species: Spirodela polyrrhiza and Lemna aequinoctialis

CHONG Yun-xiao,HU Hong-ying,QIAN Yi,

环境科学 , 2005,
Abstract: Effects of temperature, light density, nitrogen level and phosphorus level of medium to the content of two species Spirodela polyrrhiza and Lemna aequinoctialis were researched. The results showed that the content of nitrogen in two species kept constant when the concentration of nitrogen was higher than 3 mg\5L-1 and temperature higher than 25.It decreased under lower concentrations of nitrogen and lower temperature. Photon flux density had no effect on it. But weak photon flux density and low temperature led to reduce the content of phosphorus of duckweed. The content of phosphorus in two duckweed species kept constant when photon flux density was higher than 8 000 lx and temperature higher than 25. The relationship between the content of phosphorus and concentrations of phosphorus in medium could be described by Monod model. The saturated phosphorus content of Spirodela polyrrhiza was higher than Lemna aequinoctialis.
Comparison of the Quality and Toxicity of Wastewater After Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide Disinfections

WANG Li-sh,ZHANG Tong,HU Hong-ying,

环境科学 , 2005,
Abstract: The effects of chlorine and chlorine dioxide disinfections on quality and toxicity of wastewater were compared.The experiment results showed that chlorine disinfection had no obvious effect on wastewater color,while chlorine dioxide disinfection decreased wastewater color observably.The DOC of wastewater did not change much after chlorine and chlorine dioxide disinfections.Chlorine disinfection significantly increased UV230 of wastewater and chlorine dioxide disinfection slightly decreased UV230 of wastewater.When the disinfectants dosage was 30mg/L,UV230 increased about 0.7cm-1 after chlorine disinfection and decreased about 0.05cm-1 after chlorine dioxide disinfection.The acute toxicity of wastewater increased with increasing disinfectants dosage for both chlorine and chlorine dioxide disinfections and the acute toxicity after chlorine disinfection is much stronger than that after chlorine dioxide disinfection.The genotoxicity of wastewater increased slightly after chlorine disinfection and decreased slightly after chlorine dioxide disinfection.
Removal of Coliphages by Wastewater Treatment Processes

LI Mei,HU Hong-ying,ZHANG Xue,SHEN Huan,

环境科学 , 2006,
Abstract: The concentrations of somatic coliphages (SC) and F-specific RNA bacteriophages in effluent of three wastewater treatment plants in Beijing city were detected. Somatic coliphages and F-RNA bacteriophages in source wastewater were 6.25 x 10(3) - 1.34 x 10(4) PFU x mL(-1) and 2.4 x 10 - 2.4 x 10(3) PFU x mL(-1) respectively, and the corresponding average removal rates were 72.45% - 99.89 % and 57.84% - 93.06% by the wastewater processes, and which were lower than that of faecal coliforms. Biological aerated stage appeared to be the most efficient step in reducing the numbers of phages in wastewater, but not obviously in sand filter. The result of predicted concentrations of enteroviruses according to concentrations of F-RNA bacteriophages in water show that there are 0.65 - 15.8 PFU x L(-1) of the enteroviruses in final effluent.
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