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Network Traffic Anomaly Detection Method Based on a Feature of Catastrophe Theory

YANG Yue,HU Han-Ping,XIONG Wei,CHEN Jiang-Hang,

中国物理快报 , 2010,
Abstract: For the existing problems of current network traffic anomaly detection, the behavior of the network traffic anomaly will show nonlinearity, non-stationarity and complexity according to the network traffic often driven by the control of multiple factors. Owing to the characteristic that the internal evolution equation will lead to dynamical structure catastrophe, the phase space reconstruction method and the statistical physics method can be used to compute the macro feature values of the network traffic. By choosing some of the feature values which can obviously reflect the unusual change in the network traffic volume as control variables, a network traffic anomaly detection method based on the catastrophe series theory model is developed. Many experimental results show that the proposed network traffic anomaly detection method has a low false alarm rate under the same condition of detection rate.
Secure mobile payment

LI Xi,HU Han-ping,

计算机应用研究 , 2008,
Abstract: The paper presented an efficient mobile payment protocol in wireless insecure environments using mobile devices.The protocol optimized the payment processes for the limited computational ability of mobile devices.Basing transferring the payment information in one session neither merchant nor bank need set additional sessions for identity authentication respectively.Moreover,the protocol used the off-line-update key mechanism to enhance the security of mobile payment.Also encrypting sensitive payment data by one-session-one-key preserved payers' privacy.At last the protocol took effective measures of fund allocation to protect the benefits both of merchants and payers.
Specificity of auricular acupoints in reflecting changes of qi and blood measured by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Han-ping Liu
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2012,
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to assess the specificity of auricular acupoints in responding to changes of qi and blood which, in traditional Chinese medicine, are considered as the fundamental substances in the human body for sustaining normal vital activity.METHODS: A miniature fiber optic system was used to invasively measure the diffuse reflectance spectra of three auricular acupoints, namely, Uterus (TF2), Gan (CO12) and Neifenmi (CO18), at different stages of menstruation, when the female body exhibits regular changes of qi and blood. The spectra of different acupoints were compared to find their difference in responding changes of qi and blood, especially the reflectivity of absorption peaks of hemoglobin.RESULTS: The reflectivity of the same auricular acupoint during menstruation is higher than that before and after menstruation, and this trend is more obvious for the Uterus point compared with the points Gan and Neifenmi. The average reflectivity of the Uterus point during menstruation was significantly higher than that before or after menstruation (P<0.01). The D-values during and after menstruation of the Uterus point were greater than those of the points Gan and Neifenmi at 544.06 and 577.47 nm, respectively (P<0.05).CONCLUSION: The diffuse reflectance light of auricular acupoints changes as qi and blood fluctuates, and there is relative specificity among different auricular acupoints in reflecting changes of qi and blood. The Uterus point may be the most sensitive auricular acupoint in reflecting uterus function and subsequent changes of qi and blood.
Density Functional Based Tight Binding (DFTB) Study on the Thermal Evolution of Amorphous Carbon  [PDF]
Chung-Kiak Poh, Han-Ping D. Shieh
Graphene (Graphene) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/graphene.2016.52006
Abstract: Density functional based tight binding (DFTB) model is employed to study the sp3-to-sp2 transformation of diamond-like carbon at elevated temperatures. The understanding could lead to the direct-growth of graphene on a wide variety of substrates.
Novel Non-stationary Time Series Anomaly Detection Model Based on Superstatistics Theory

YANG Yue,HU Han-ping,XIONG Wei,DING Fan,

计算机科学 , 2011,
Abstract: Because of network traffic non-stationary property it can hardly use traditional way to analyze the complicated network traffic. A new detection method of non-stationary network traffic based on superstatistics theory was discussed. According to the superstatistics theory, the complex dynamic system may have a large fluctuation of intensive quantities on large time scales which causes the system to behave as non-stationary which is also the characteristic of network traffic. This new idea provides us with a novel method to partition the non-stationary traffic time series into small stationary segments. We used the slow parameters of the segments as a key determinant factor of the system to describe the network characteristic and analyze the slow parameters with time series theory to detect network anomaly.The result of experiments indicates that this method can be effective.
A Fast Algorithm of Triangulation on 3D Surface

ZHOU Yan,LI De-hu,CHEN Zhen-yu,HU Han-ping,
周 焰

中国图象图形学报 , 2000,
Abstract: Triangulation from 3D points set is one of often using ways in which 3D surface is restored. But in practice, it needs to process a huge of data, so it is time consuming. Based on the fact in 3D restoration that most sequential section contours of an object are similar to adjacent ones, a quick method on triangulation between two section contours is proposed in this paper. First, the dominant points of every contour are located, then the dominant points of two contours are matched each other, so the area between two contours is segmented into multi smaller areas. And then triangulation is performed in each small area. Because of the pre matched dominant points, a simple and quick triangulation can be applied. In this paper, the strategy of triangulation we used is:keep the proportion of the numbers of the dots not used on two curves in accordance with that of whole numbers of the dots on the two curves. Analysis by theory and experiments show that the visual effect of this algorithm is almost the same in computing with common global optimizing methods, and it spends much less time. So the algorithm is effective.
A Chaotic Poly phase Pseudorandom Sequence

HU Han-Ping,LIU Shuang-Hong,WANG Zu-Xi,Wu Xiao-Gang,

数学物理学报(A辑) , 2004,
Abstract: A method based on Logistic map to generate poly-phase (2 n phases) sequence proposed in this paper. It gives the sufficient condition for this map to produce an independent and identically distributed (i.i.d) poly-phase pseudorandom (PN) sequence. The theoretical and numerical analyses show that the sequence also has a high complexity. It gives a fast algorithm to generate this sequence and general expression of the sequence in the paper too. The sequence can be used in fields such as information security and spread spectrum communication.
An Approach to Measure and Evaluate the Network Security

HU Han-Ping,CHEN Xiang,ZHANG Bao-Liang,GUO Wen-Xuan,

软件学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Based on the active defense model of the network data transmission, a method of security measurement of the network data transmission is proposed. Deceptive packets are used in the active defense model to trap attacks. In addition, statistical quantification is used to measure and evaluate the security of the network data transmission according to network status parameters. This method not only helps make the policy of network data transmission accurately and efficiently, but also guarantees the security of the network data transmission.
Effects of Grasses of Vetiveria and Pennisetum on Trophic Groups of Soil Nematodes

SHAO Yuan-hu,XIA Han-ping,ZHOU Li-xi,LIN Yong-biao,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 对广州华南植物园香根草属泰国香根草(Vetiveria nemoralis)、普通香根草(V.zizanoides)的2个品种Sunshine和Karnataka以及狼尾草属象草(Pennisetum purpureum)、皇草(P.purpureum×P.thyphoides)和杂交狼尾草(P.americanum×P.purpureum)的地下土壤线虫各食性类群在根区和非根区的分布特征进行了对比研究,结果表明:线虫主要集中在0-15 cm的浅层土壤中,在不同生境下食细菌和植物寄生性线虫占优势,两类线虫的比例在香根草属植物生境下为87.7%-97.6%,狼尾草属植物生境下为88.5%-94.0%,而食真菌、捕食性和杂食性线虫数量则很少,其相应的比例分别为2.4%-12.3%和6.0%-11.5%。两属植物根区的线虫数量显著高于非根区,但不同营养类群的线虫在根区和非根区的分布有较大差异。香根草属植物和杂交狼尾草非根区植物寄生性线虫的比例高于根区,而食细菌线虫的比例低于根区;但象草和皇草非根区植物寄生性线虫的比例低于根区,而食细菌线虫的比例高于根区。除皇草外,两属植物非根区食真菌线虫的比例一般高于根区。在所选的植物中,Karnataka和杂交狼尾草在土壤改良和土壤生物学效应方面有更好的潜力。
Isolation and Characterization of Novel Microsatellite Markers for Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens)
Aibin Zhan,Yao Wang,Bonnie Brown,Han-Ping Wang
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/ijms10010018
Abstract: To perform whole genome scanning for complex trait analysis, we isolated and characterized a total of 21 novel genomic-SSRs and EST-SSRs for yellow perch (Perca flavescens), using the methods of construction of SSR-enrichment libraries and EST database mining of a related species P. fluviatilis. Of 16 genomic-SSR primer pairs examined, eight successfully amplified scorable products. The number of alleles at these informative loci varied from 3 - 14 with an average of 8.5 alleles per locus. When tested on wild perch from a population in Pennsylvania, observed and expected heterozygosities ranged from 0.07 - 0.81 and from 0.37 - 0.95, respectively. Of 2,226 EST sequences examined, only 110 (4.93%) contained microsatellites and for those, 13 markers were tested, 12 of which exhibited polymorphism. Compared with genomic-SSRs, EST-SSRs exhibited a lower level of genetic variability with the number of alleles of averaging only 2.6 alleles per locus. Cross-species utility indicated that three of the genomic-SSRs and eight of the EST-SSRs successfully cross-amplified in a related species, the walleye (Sander vitreus).
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