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Thermodynamics of carbonyl sulfide poisoning on F-T synthesis catalyst

HOU Chao-peng,XIA Guo-fu,LI Ming-feng,NIE Hong,LI Da-dong,

燃料化学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Thermodynamics of poisoning on F-T synthesis catalyst with carbonyl sulfide were calculated according to some thermodynamic data and related software.Poisoning of Ru,Fe and Co can occur spontaneously under the conditions of F-T synthesis reaction because of the low negative value of ΔG thermodynamically.Ruthenium in Ru-based F-T synthesis catalyst can be poisoned by the COS on 10-9 level.There are many types of Fe and Co sulfide generated in the poisoning reactions.Their equilibrium constants are much different for different reactions,and their necessary concentrations of COS are also different.As the active phases of the Fe-based F-T synthesis catalyst are complex,it is feasible to develop some sulfur resistant catalysts.And for the Co catalyst,the characteristics of F-T synthesis reaction and the modification of catalysts may contribute to the development of sulfur tolerant catalyst possibly.
Modeling and Analysis of SLED
Lin Li,Wen-Cheng Fang,Chao-Peng Wang,Qiang Gu
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1088/1674-1137/39/4/047002
Abstract: SLED is a crucial component for C-band microwave acceleration unit of SXFEL. To study the behavior of SLED (SLAC Energy Doubler), mathematic model is commonly built and analyzed. In this paper, a new method is proposed to build the model of SLED at SINAP. With this method, the parameters of the two cavities can be analyzed separately. Also it is suitable to study parameter optimization of SLED and analyze the effect from the parameters variations. Simulation results of our method are also presented.
Generation of RHD-CE(2~9)-D Allele by Gene Conversion in cis

SHAO Chao-Peng,LI Zhen,Xiong Wen,ZHOU Yi-yan,LI Xue-Mei,
,熊 文,周一炎,李雪梅

遗传 , 2005,
Abstract: 以往通过基因组DNA分析,分别在高加索人和中国人中观察到少数Rh阴性个体存在RHD基因第1和第10外显子,但是该等位基因形成的具体分子机制尚有争论.分别针对RHD基因mRNA的5'-和3'-非编码区设计一对特异性引物,通过逆转录PCR(RT-PCR)和cDNA测序,分析2例RHD基因阳性(拥有第1和第10外显子)、D抗原表型阴性个体的全长mRNA/cDNA序列,同时以1例正常Rh阳性个体(CcDDee)作对照.结果正常Rh阳性个体拥有正常RHD基因mRNA,2名携带RHD基因的Rh阴性个体则均检出存在与正常RHD基因或RHCE基因转录产物相同长度、以及相同外显子构成的mRNA,但该转录子的第1和第10外显子及3'-非编码区序列与RHD基因一致,而第2~9外显子全部序列与RHCE(e)基因mRNA相同,表明2名个体均存在RHD-CE(2~9)-D融合RHD等位基因,即其RHD基因的第2~9外显子被同源RHCE(e)基因替换,导致不能编码正常RhD蛋白,形成个体D抗原阴性表型.
Study on the Mechanisms of Hazardous Air Pollutant Emissions from Green Sand Casting

WANG Yu-jue,ZHAO Qi,ZHANG Ying,HONG Chao-peng,HUANG Tian-you,

环境科学 , 2010,
Abstract: Analytic pyrolysis was conducted to simulate the heating conditions that green sand and bituminous coal would experience during metal casting process. The hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions from analytical pyrolysis were analyzed by GC-FID/MS. The major components of the HAP emissions included benzene, toluene, xylene (BTX), phenol, and naphthalene. These HAPs were generated from the pyrolysis of bituminous coal that was added as carbonaceous additives in the green sand. During TGA slow pyrolysis, HAPs were mainly generated at 350-700 degrees C. The yield of HAPs increased considerably when the coal was flash pyrolyzed. The HAP emissions from analytical pyrolysis exhibited some similarity in the compositions and distributions with those from actual casting processes. Compared with the conventional actual metal pouring emission tests, analytical pyrolysis techniques offered a fast and cost-effective way to establish the HAP emission inventories of green sand during metal casting.
Microstructure characteristics of Ni/WC composite cladding coatings
Gui-rong Yang,Chao-peng Huang,Wen-ming Song,Jian Li,Jin-jun Lu,Ying Ma,Yuan Hao
- , 2016, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-016-1226-z
Abstract: A multilayer tungsten carbide particle (WCp)-reinforced Ni-based alloy coating was fabricated on a steel substrate using vacuum cladding technology. The morphology, microstructure, and formation mechanism of the coating were studied and discussed in different zones. The microstructure morphology and phase composition were investigated by scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. In the results, the coating presents a dense and homogeneous microstructure with few pores and is free from cracks. The whole coating shows a multilayer structure, including composite, transition, fusion, and diffusion-affected layers. Metallurgical bonding was achieved between the coating and substrate because of the formation of the fusion and diffusion-affected layers. The Ni-based alloy is mainly composed of γ-Ni solid solution with finely dispersed Cr7C3/Cr23C6, CrB, and Ni+Ni3Si. WC particles in the composite layer distribute evenly in areas among initial Ni-based alloying particles, forming a special three-dimensional reticular microstructure. The macrohardness of the coating is HRC 55, which is remarkably improved compared to that of the substrate. The microhardness increases gradually from the substrate to the composite zone, whereas the microhardness remains almost unchanged in the transition and composite zones.
Identifying and sequence analysis of HLA-B*2736

LI Zhen,ZOU Hong-Yan,SHAO Chao-Peng,TANG Si,WANG Da-Ming,CHENG Liang-Hong,

遗传 , 2007,
Abstract: 使用FLOW-SSO、PCR-SSP以及测序等分型技术,发现一个与HLA-B*270401基因相关的未知基因.设计基因特异性引物单独扩增B*27基因的外显子2-5,包括内含子2-4,并进行双向测序,分析与B*270401基因序列的差异.该基因的扩增产物为1815 bp.与B*270401相比在外显子3和4共有10个碱基的改变,从而使相应氨基酸发生错义或同义突变.碱基634 A→C(密码子130丝氨酸→精氨酸);670 A→T(密码子142苏氨酸→丝氨酸);683 G→T(密码子146色氨酸→亮氨酸);698A→T(密码子151谷氨酸→缬氨酸);774 G→c(密码子176谷氨酸→天冬氨酸);776 C→A(密码子177苏氨酸→赖氨酸);781 C→G(密码子179谷氨酰胺→谷氨酸):789G→T(密码子181丙氨酸同义突变);1 438 C→T(密码子206甘氨酸同义突变);1 449 G→C(密码子210甘氨酸→丙氨酸).在IMGT/HLA数据库中B*27组只有3个基因(B*270502/2706/2732)提交了内含子序列.该未知基因的内含子2序列与 B*2706相同,显示了与B*27组基因的同源性,但其同源性在内含子3、4均未得到支持,与B*27组基因相比,内含子3的第106个碱基C→G,碱基168缺失,碱基179 G→A,碱基536 G→A;内含子4中碱基82T→C.但其内含子3、4序列却与B*070201完全相同.该基因序列已提交GenBank,编号为被DQ915176,被WHO确认为HLA-B*2736等位基因.
A Noval CFAR Algorithm Based on Unbiased Minimum-Variance Estimation and Ordered Statistics Estimation

Hao Cheng-peng,Hou Chao-huan,

电子与信息学报 , 2007,
Abstract: In order to make full use of the cell information and decrease CFAR loss, A new CFAR detector (MOSUM-CFAR) based on unbiased minimum-variance estimation and ordered statistics estimation is presented in this paper . It takes the sum of UMVE of leading window and OS estimation of lagging window as a global noise power estimation. Under swerling II assumption, the analytic expressions of Pf aand Pd in homogeneous background are derived, and the analytic expression of Pd in multiple target situations is also derived. In contrast to other detectors, the MOSUM-CFAR detector has fairly well detection performance in both homogeneous background and multiple target situations.
A Two Parameter CFAR Detector in K-Distribution Clutter

Hao Cheng-peng,Hou Chao-huan,

电子与信息学报 , 2007,
Abstract: A new two parameter CFAR detector in K-distribution clutter based on enhanced M-estimator and OSGO-CFAR detector is proposed in this paper. The performance of the detector is analyzed against uniform clutter background. Compared to OSGO with given shape parameter, the OSGO with shape parameter estimation has little additional detection loss against uniform clutter background, and has broad adaptation to K-distributed clutter.
The modification of MA-CDFRFT algorithm used in computing discrete fractional fourier transform

CHEN Peng,HOU Chao-Huan,MA Xiao-Chuan,
,鹏 侯朝焕,马晓川

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The MA-CDFRFT(Multiangle Centered Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform) algorithm which is based on the eigendecomposition of the centered version DFT matrix makes full use of the FFT operation to reduce the computations in computing a group of DFRFT operations.Combining the symmetry principle of DFT(Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform) operation with even numbers,expands the one-dimensional symmetry principle in MA-CDFRFT algorithm to the two-dimensional plane of frequency and transform the order according to the mathematical derivation.Utilizing this two-dimensional symmetry principle,the modified algorithm decreases the computations of the original algorithm to approximately one half. And the simulation test proves the correctness of the modified algorithm.
A New Estimator for Estimating the Parameters of K-Distribution

Hao Cheng-peng,Hou Chao-huan,Yan Jin,

电子与信息学报 , 2005,
Abstract: This paper proposes a new estimator for estimating the parameters of K-distribution which combines U estimator with X estimator efficiently. Simulations show that this new estimator yields shape parameter estimates with lower variance when compared with previous estimators. Parameter estimates obtained from new estimator are approximately equal to the numerically evaluated Maximum Likelihood(ML) estimates when v is low.
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