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Isolation and Purification of Thiamine Binding Protein from Mung Bean
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2013,
Abstract: Thiamine has fundamental role in energy metabolism. The organs mostly sensitive to the lack of thiamine levels in the body are the nervous system and the heart. Thiamine deficiency causes symptoms of polyneuritis and cardiovascular diseases. Because of its importance in the metabolism of carbohydrates, we need to measure the levels of thiamine in the body fluids by using an easy and inexpensive way without compromising the sensitivity and selectivity. An option to it is thiamine measurement based on the principle of which is analogous to ELISA, in which a thiamine binding protein (TBP) act by replacing antibodies. The presence of TBP in several seeds have been reported by previous researchers, but the presence of TBP in mung beans has not been studied. This study was aimed to isolate and purify TBP from mung bean. The protein was isolated from mung bean through salting out by ammonium sulphate of 40, 70, and 90% (w/v). TBP has a negative charge as shown by cellulose acetate electrophoresis. The result obtained after salting out by ammonium sulphate was further purified bymeans of DEAE-cellulose chromatography and affinity chromatography. In precipitation of 90% of salting out method, one peak protein was obtained by using affinity chromatography. The protein was analyzed by SDS PAGE electrophoresis. The result of SDS PAGE electrophoresis showed that TBP has a molecular weight of 72.63 kDa.
Cognitive Effects in the Relationship between Budgetary Participation and Job Performance: A Case Study of Manufacturing Industry in Banten, Indonesia
Imam Abu Hanifah
International Journal of Social Science and Humanity , 2013, DOI: 10.7763/ijssh.2013.v3.269
Abstract: The study focused on budgetary participation in manufacturing companies in Banten Province, Indonesia. The purpose of the study is to find empirical evidence on the cognitive effects of information acquired by local managers related to budgetary participation and job performance. The method of the study is survey method. The sample of the study consisted of 178 middle-level managers of large-scale manufacturing in Banten. The result of the study showed that asymmetry information affects budgetary participation and budgetary participation influence on performance through job relevant information. These findings give some inputs to the company's management when the local information from subordinate is more complete than the superior information. Therefore, the company should open enough space to involve subordinates in the budgeting process. By providing the opportunity to participate in the preparation of the budget, local information obtained will be taken into consideration in deciding the budget.
Thinking on Cause
Rahmi Karaku?
Beytulhikme : An International Journal of Philosophy , 2011,
Abstract: The causality which is the most important tools of information of philosophy and science is understood in different ways since Aristotle. Such that for someone the cause and affact principle is innate, and an experience derived from the habid for someone, and an illusion of metaphysics in the form of closed. The shape of daily life in this topic should be known with all of concepts and assumptions which shape its contents. These issiues open the door of these problems are even more challenging problems of philosophy when we look at them closely.
Türk Felsefesinin mkan üzerine
Rahmi Karaku?
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: Türkiye’de farkl tarzlarda nitelendirilmekle birlikte bir felsefe etkinli i vard r. Varolan felsefe etkinli i dayand zeminler, ilgilendi i sorunlar, elde etti i birikimler ve y neldi i hedefler bak m ndan yakla k bir as rd r da düzenli olmamakla birlikte k sa aral klarla sorgulanmaktad r.1 Bir felsefe gelene i olu turmak veya mevcut dü ünce gelenekleri ile ba lant l olarak yeniden yap land rma gayretleri ile felsefe etkinli imiz kendini dünya felsefeleri ile mukayese etmeye ve dünya felsefesi i indeki yerini g rmeye de al maktad r.2 Bütün bu al malar n ba lang ta ‘Bizde Felsefe’, veya ‘Türkiye’de Felsefe’ eklinde yap l rken son zamanlarda Türk Felsefesi ba l ile yap lmakta olu u -deyimin muhtevas i in dü ünülenler farkl olmakla birlikte- felsefe etkinli imizin kendine güveninin olu tu u eklinde anla labilir. Bu deyimle kastedilenlerin ortak y nü –her ne kadar baz lar Türk e’yi felsefe i in yeterli g rmese de- Türk e’de yürütülen felsefe etkinli idir. Di er konular s z konusu oldu unda zaman zaman kendini gizleyen yanl bir bak a s ile baz al ma tarz, konu ve türlerini felsefe olarak kabul etmeyen anlay lar oldu u da g rülebilmektedir. Hatta felsefecili i ve felsefe retimini ancak belli türden ki ilerin vermesi gerekti i eklindeki bir yakla mla bir s n f te ekkülü veya uzmanl k taassubu fikrini uyand ran yakla mlar sezilmektedir. Felsefe e itiminin orta ve yüksek okullarda yer almas ndan bu yana süren bir ayr l kla felsefeyi3 slam felsefesi/ slam Dü üncesi ekseninde anlayanlarla Bat Dü üncesi/Ayd nlanma ak m veya Bat Dü üncesi/ Yeni-Pozitivizm/Analitik felsefe eklinde dü ünenlerin bir mücadele i inde olduklar ve hatta Z.Direk’in ifadesi ile ‘kutupla ma’4 i inde olduklar g rülmektedir.5 Felsefe etkinli ini belli bir ak ma, belli bir alana, belli bir medeniyet evresine ve belli bir tarihsel d neme hasretmenin me ruiyetini sorgulamaks z n savunulan bu g rü lerin de erlendirmesi bu yaz n n konusu d ndad r.
Dwinna Rahmi
Makara Seri Sains , 2010,
Abstract: Chelating resin-packed minicolumn preconcentration was used for multielement determination of trace metals inseawater by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The chelating resin-packed minicolumn wasconstructed with two syringe filters (DISMIC 13HP and Millex-LH) and an iminodiacetate chelating resin (Chelex 100,200-400 mesh), with which trace metals in 50 mL of original seawater sample were concentrated into 0.50 mL of 2 Mnitric acid, and then 100-fold preconcentration of trace metals was achieved. Then, 0.50 mL analysis solution wassubjected to the multielement determination by ICP-MS equipped with a MicroMist nebulizer for micro-samplingintroduction. The preconcentration and elution parameters such as the sample-loading flow rate, the amount of 1 Mammonium acetate for elimination of matrix elements and the amount of 2 M nitric acid for eluting trace metals wasoptimized to obtain good recoveries and analytical detection limits for trace metals. The analytical results for V, Mn, Co,Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Cd, Pb, and U in three kinds of seawater certified reference materials (CRMs; CASS-3, NASS-4, andNASS-5) agreed well with their certified values. The observed values of rare earth elements (REEs) in the aboveseawater CRMs were also consistent with the reference values. Therefore, the compiled reference values for theconcentrations of REEs in CASS-3, NASS-4, and NASS-5 were proposed based on the observed values and referencedata for REEs in these CRMs
Free Glutamate Content of Condiment and Seasonings and Their Intake in Bogor and Jakarta, Indonesia  [PDF]
Nuri Andarwulan, Lilis Nuraida, Siti Madanijah, Hanifah N. Lioe, Zulaikhah .
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2011.27105
Abstract: Free glutamate has been known as flavor enhancer. Commercially, free glutamate is available in form of monosodium glutamate (MSG) crystal. Seasoning or premix may also contain free glutamate or MSG. The aim of the present study was focus on the determination of the usage and potential/actual exposure of consumers to free glutamate from condiment and seasonings. There were several steps of the study, i.e. survey, laboratory analyses, data analyses, and evaluation of total exposure of free glutamate from condiment and seasonings. The survey was conducted to the 110 households in Bogor (rural) and 112 households in Jakarta (urban). The samples of condiment/seasoning were analyzed by using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with fluorescent detector. The condiment/seasonings were categorized into 15 types, i.e. sweet soy sauce, salty soy sauce, fermented soybean paste, tomato sauce, MSG, premix seasoning, fermented fish/shrimp paste, chili sauce, ready to use seasoning, seasoned flour, dip and sauce, mayonnaise and mustard, spread, oyster and fish sauce, and teriyaki and others. The results of condiment/seasonings survey revealed that sweet soy sauce, MSG, and premix seasoning were used by most of households (±71% or more than 80 households) both in Bogor and Jakarta. The laboratory analyses of free glutamate from condiment/seasonings revealed that the highest free glutamate content was found in MSG (733.29 mg/g). Beside MSG, there were three other condiments that also had high free glutamate content, i.e. premix seasoning (70.77 mg/g in Bogor and 63.66 mg/g in Jakarta), oyster and fish sauce (46.76 mg/g in Bogor), and ready to use seasoning (15.71 mg/g in Jakarta). Although the average condiment/seasonings usage in Bogor (5.39 g/cap/day) was lower than that in Jakarta (9.62 g/cap/day), but the free glutamate intake from condiment/seasonings in Bogor (847.04 mg/cap/day) was higher than that in Jakarta (615.87 mg/cap/day). This was due to the high contribution of MSG that used in higher amount in Bogor.
Determination of the Incidence Rate of Geographical Sub-groups of PVYN/NTN in Seed Potato Tubers in Turkey
Hidayet Bostan,Rahmi Dumlupinar
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: In order to determine the incidence rate of tobacco veinal necrosis strain (PVYN/NTN) and its geographical subgroups of European (EU) PVYN/NTN and the North American (NA) PVYN/NTN in seed potatoes belonging to various cultivars obtained from the main potato production areas in Turkey, a total of 320 tubers known to be infected with PVY were tested individually using S6+A primer pairs which determine in all PVY N/NTN regardless of their origin and type of strains. RT-PCR test result revealed that 264 out of 320 tubers were infected with PVYN/NTN. When the samples found to be infected with PVYN/NTN were tested using S3+A (specific for EU-PVYN/NTN), S4+A (specific for NA-PVYN/NTN), S5+A (specific for NA-PVYNTN and NA-PVYN) primer pairs, it was determined that all positive samples (264) were found to be infected with EU-PVYN/NTN, but NA-PVYN/NTN was not found in the cultivars used in this study.
Back-Calculation of Fork Lengths of Capoeta capoeta umbla (Pisces:Cyprinidae) from Otolith Lengths Dursun Sen
Rahmi Aydin,Metin ?alta
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2002,
Abstract: In this study, the ages of Capoeta capoeta umbla inhabiting in Hazar Lake (Turkey) were determined from otolith. The lengths of fish at previous ages were estimated from otolith length by using back-calculation method. The calculated fork length values for male, female and all fish samples ranged 67.26-329.27, 71.05-341.03 and 69.36-336.33 respectively. In all age groups, calculated lengths were always found smaller than measured lengths. The relationship in calculated lengths was significantly different between some age groups, but did not differ between females and males It was found that the gap between calculated length and measured length was gradually close to each other with increasing fish age.
Amerikal lar n Antep Misyonunun Kurulu ve Faaliyetleri Hakk nda Bir Deneme //// An Essay on the Establishment of American's Antep Mission and their Activities
Rahmi Do?anay
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2009,
Abstract: Amerikal misyonerler Anadolu'ya ge gelmelerine kars l k,adeta nce gelenlerle fark kapatmak i in ok s k bir al smai erisine girmislerdir. O denli organize ve h zl al sm slard r ki,hi bir misyon teskilat , Anadolu'daki al smalar nda teskilat,metot, saha genisli i ve verimlilik a s ndan Amerikal lara ulasmay basaramam st r. Amerikan misyonunun g sterdi i bu gelismede, Amerikanhükümetlerinin yan s ra ngiltere'nin de Amerikal misyonerlereyard mc olmas da etkili olmustu. Hatta Amerikal misyonerler ilkd nemlerde, Amerika'dan daha ok ngilizlerin deste ini alm slar veonlar n kanatlar alt nda gelismislerdi. //// Since the American missioners arrived to Anatolia lately,they had been worked very intensively in order to close the gapwith the early coming missioners. They had been worked soorganized and rapidly that none of the other missioner organizations could reach to Americans in terms of organization,method, field wideness and effectiveness.Alongside the American governments, the Britain’s supportsto the Amearican missioners had been effetive on these developments Americans achieved. Moreover, in the earlier periods,the American missioners had had more support from British thanAmerica and had been protected by British
Rahmi Oruc Guvenc
Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy , 2006,
Abstract: The Group for the Research and Promotion of Turkish Music was founded by Asst. Prof. Dr. Rahmi Oruc Guvenc in 1976, and research in theory and application is being carried out, exploring the subjects of Turkish music history, its instruments and their manufacturing techniques and specialties, repertory elements and execution methods within the scope of comparative music history and the Ethnomusicology tradition. The musical healing and movement therapy tradition, which uses ethnomusical elements within the environment of modern medical science, has an important place in Turkish history and culture. TUMATA, has united the residue of knowledge in musical healing and movement therapy that has reached our time, with clinical and laboratory experiments.
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