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Stoma Prolapse
?zgür Korkmaz,H.Gülen Ylmaz,?brahim H. Ta?y?ld?z,Ylmaz Akgün
Dicle Medical Journal , 2008,
Abstract: The incidence of prolapse which is a late complication of stoma ranges between 0–25%. In this study the records of the patients who had been treated and followed up with the diagnosis of stoma prolapse between 1995 -2005 in the General Surgery Department of Dicle University Hospital were examined, retrospectively. There were 12 patients (5 men, 7 women) with a mean age of 51,6±15.01 years. The causes of stoma construction were malign diseases in 9 patients and benign diseases in 3 of them. The average time between construction of stoma and formation of prolapse was 10,9±6.84 month. The type of stoma was loop in 7 patient, end stoma in 4 patient and double bowel enterostomy in 1 patient. Of nine patients with stoma prolapse had been subjected chemotherapy. The overall rate of stomal prolapsus was 3,1% in this series. It was 10,8% in patients who had received chemoradiotherapy. Since stomal prolasus is a serious complication and its reconstruction needs general anesthesia great care should be shown when creatig a stoma.
Our Clinical Experience in Re-Thyroidectomy for Recurrent Nodular Go ter
?zgür Korkmaz,H. Gülen Ylmaz,?brahim Ta?y?ld?z
Dicle Medical Journal , 2007,
Abstract: Recurrence is a very important problem after nodular goiter operation. Re-thyroidectomies after relapses are technically difficult operations and complication rates are high. The regional adhesions and the anatomical variations complicate the operation. The aim of this study was to compare the general features and the postoperative complications in the groups of patients who underwent troidectomy for primary or recurrent nodular go ter. In this study, the records of 56 patients who underwent surgery due to recurrent nodulary goiter between the years 1998–2005 were examined, retrospectively. A control group including 54 patients who were operated on for primary nodular go ter in first 4 moths of 2006 was added. Age, sex and complications were the data being evaluated. In re-troidectomy group there were 49 women and 7 men. The mean age was 42,28 ±10,89 years. The average recurrence time was 11,5±6.54 years. Of 25 patients developed complications (%50) and 3 of these complications (%5.4) were permanent. The control group was consist of 12 men 42 women. Because of the fibrosis and diffuse adhesions recurrent nodular go ter carries a higher risk of voice loss due to nerve damage and temporary or permanent hypocalsemia secondary to parathyroid damage in thyroid surgery. Since these features are well known and most of these procedures are being performed by experienced surgeons, the rate of complications decreases. For this reason it is important to use optimal surgery at the first operation. Thus decreases in the rate of recurrences prevent the development of complications and diminish the cost due to recurrence.
Complications of Meckel’s Diverticle in Adults
?zgür Korkmaz,H. Gülen Ylmaz,Celalettin Kele?
Dicle Medical Journal , 2008,
Abstract: Gastrointestinal sistemin en s k rastlanan konjenital anomalisi olup %1–3 oran nda g rülür. Bu al ma ile klini imizde on sekiz y ll k d nemde kar la lan Meckel divertikül komplikasyonlar na ba l takip ve tedavisi yap lan olgular tart ld .Bu al mada 1987–2005 y llar aras nda Dicle üniversitesi T p Fakültesi Genel Cerrahi Klini inde Meckel divertikülüne ba l komplikasyonlar nedeniyle takip ve tedavi edilen 27 olgunun bilgileri retrospektif olarak incelendi. Ya , cinsiyet, Meckel divertikülünün yerle imi ve büyüklü ü, komplikasyon tipi, preoperatif tan y ntemleri, uygulanan ameliyat ve insizyon tipi, postoperatif komplikasyonlar, hastanede kal süreleri ve patoloji sonu lar kaydedildi.Olgular n, 12’ i erkek, 15’ i kad nd . Ortalama ya , 30,7±12.39 idi. Meckel divertikül komplikasyonu olarak olgular n 14’ünde (%50) divertikülit, 12’sinde (%46,2) intestinal t kan kl k, birinde (%3,8) ise alt gastrointestinal kanamas ile kar la ld . Ameliyatta 17 olguya wedge rezeksiyon-primer sütür, on olguya ise ince barsak rezeksiyonu ger ekle tirildi. Bir olguya ise mevcut genel peritonit tablosu nedeniyle rezeksiyon ve stoma uyguland . Divertikülün uzunlu u ortalama 2,93±0,71 cm idi. Histopatolojik incelemede ektopik dokuya rastlan lan olgu olmad . Genel morbidite oran %18,5 idi. Genel mortalite oran ise: %3,7 idi.Bu al mada Meckel divertikülü komplikasyonlar , literatür verilerin aksine her iki cinste e it a rl kta g rüldü. Ayr ca alt gastrointestinal kanamas daha dü ük oranlarda rastlan ld . Ameliyat ncesi tan n n s kl kla mümkün olmamas ve ameliyatta gecikilmesi ciddi sorunlara neden olabilmektedir. Bu nedenle ad ndan s k a s z edilmesine ra men nadir g rülen Meckel divertikülünün ileus, akut kar n ve alt gastrointestinal kanamas ile ba vuran olgularda g z nünde bulundurulmas erken tan ve tedaviyi sa layarak olas komplikasyonlar nleyebilecektir.
A Review of Adult Cases with Intussusception
?zgür Korkmaz,H.Gülen Ylmaz,?brahim Ta?y?ld?z,Bilsel Ba?
Dicle Medical Journal , 2007,
Abstract: The records of twelve patients who had been treated with the diagnosis of invagination in our department between 1998 and 2005 were reviewed. There were four women and eight men with a mean age of 24,7±5.47 years. The mean duration between the symptom onset and admittance was 15,6 ±12.12 days. All patients had abdominal pain. Six patients complained from complete absence of flatus and stool. On physical examination there were signs of peritoneal irritation in ten patients and abdominal mass in two patients. One of the patients had necrotic and hemorrhagic stool on digital rectal examination. Invagination was due to benign causes in nine patients, malign causes in two patients and idiopathic in 1 patient. There were enteroenteral invagination in 11 of the patients and ileocolic invagination in 1 of them. Resection and anastomosis was performed in eight patients, deinvagination in two patients, and resection and double barrel enterostomy in two patients. Although it is encountered rarely in adults, physicians should be aware of invagination and consider it in each cases of acute abdomen because of its wide spectrum of clinical settings. The invaginated segment should be resected completely.
Assessment of Serum Sialic Acid and Oxidative Stress Parameters in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Receiving Anti-TNF-a and Conventional Therapies - Original Article
Burak Erer,Selma Yaz?c?,Gülen Ylmaz,Fatma Meri? Ylmaz
Türkiye Fiziksel Tip ve Rehabilitasyon Dergisi , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: In this study, we aimed to evaluate sialic acid (SA) levels and oxidative stress parameters by measuring nitric oxide metabolites (NOx), thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS) and thiol (SH) in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients treated with either conventional or anti-tumor necrosis factor-a (anti-TNF-a) therapy.Materials and Methods: Eighty-six RA patients and 20 healthy controls were enrolled in the study. All RA patients fulfilled the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) criteria for RA. Thirty patients were on anti-TNF-a therapy. The rest of the patients were either treated with two or three disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs. Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) score and the Disease Activity Score 28 (DAS28) were calculated in all patients. NOx, TBARS, SA, and SH levels were measured in both patients and controls. Results: The SA levels were statistically higher in RA patients than in controls. We found increased levels of TBARS and NOx and decreased levels of SH in both groups, but these results were statistically insignificant. Spearman correlation analysis revealed positive correlation between serum TBARS levels and both NOx (r=0.322, p=0.001) and SA (r=0.242, p=0.017) levels. Conclusion: Our results confirm the role of SA in the pathogenesis of RA and its correlation with oxidative stress. Further studies on larger numbers of subjects and with longer treatment durations are needed to analyze the long-term effects of RA therapies on serum oxidative stress parameters. Turk J Phys Med Rehab 2010;56:182-5.
Damages to unreinforced masonry buildings by the Van earthquakes of 23 October and 9 November 2011
Y. S. Tama, A. Solak, N. etinkaya, G. en, S. Y lmaz,H. Kaplan
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) & Discussions (NHESSD) , 2013,
Abstract: Van, a city in Eastern Anatolian Turkey, was hit by two earthquakes with magnitudes of Mw = 7.2 and Mw = 5.6 in October and November 2011. Both earthquakes caused extensive damage to many buildings. Unreinforced masonry buildings, especially in rural areas, suffered from those earthquakes extensively as in many other cases observed in Turkey during other previous earthquakes. This paper presents a site survey of damaged masonry buildings. Reasons for the wide spread damages are discussed in the paper.
Electrical Behaviors of Flame Retardant Huntite and Hydromagnesite Reinforced Polymer Composites
Hüsnügül Ylmaz Atay,Erdal ?elik
ISRN Polymer Science , 2012, DOI: 10.5402/2012/359034
Abstract: In our previous work, we studied the physical characteristics (particle size, surface treatment, etc.) of huntite/hydromagnesite mineral in order to be employed as a flame retardant filler. With this respect, electrical properties of the mineral reinforced polymeric composites were investigated in this study. After grinding of huntite/hydromagnesite mineral to the particle size of 10?μm, 1?μm, and 0.1?μm, phase and microstructural analyses were undertaken using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive spectroscopy (SEM-EDS). The ground minerals with different particle size and content levels were subsequently added to ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) to produce composite materials. After fabrication of huntite/hydromagnesite reinforced plastic composite samples, they were characterized by using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and SEM-EDS. Electrical properties were measured as a main objective of this paper with Alpha-N high resolution dielectric analyzer as a function of particle size and loading level. Dielectric constant, dissipation factor, specific resistance, and conductivity of the composite materials were measured as a function of frequency. On the other hand, conductivity of Ag-coated and uncoated polymeric composite materials was measured. It was concluded that the electrical properties of plastic composites were improved with reducing the mineral particle size. 1. Introduction Despite significant advances in synthesis and characterization of polymers, a correct understanding of polymer molecular structure did not emerge until the 1920s. Before then, scientists believed that polymers were clusters of small molecules (called colloids), without definite molecular weights, held together by an unknown force. In 1922, Hermann Staudinger proposed that polymers consisted of long chains of atoms held together by covalent bonds, an idea which did not gain wide acceptance for over a decade and for which Staudinger was ultimately awarded the Nobel Prize [1]. A polymer can be described as macromolecule composed of repeating structural units typically connected by covalent chemical bonds [2]. A large and growing number of commercial polymers are composed of different types of unit attached together by chemical covalent bonds. They are known as copolymers and can comprise just two different units or three and so on. It is one of the common strategies used by molecular engineers to manipulate the properties of polymers to gain just the right combination of properties for a specific application [3]. Due to their low
A case of Hemophilia A presenting with paraparesis following lumbar puncture
Cahide Ylmaz,Fatmagül Ba?arslan,Ahmet Sami Güven,Hüseyin ?aksen
Dicle Medical Journal , 2011,
Abstract: Besides large intra-joint bleedings that are frequently observed in Hemophilia A, bleeding may also rarely occur in spinal joints. Additional to traumatic or spontaneous hematomas, cord suppression may be occured due to various reasons such as epidural tumor and infections, myelosclerosis and bone tissue suppression that occurs to the enlargement in the bone marrow because of hemolytic anemia and thalassemia. In the present study a 6 months old male who developed paraparesis as a result of spinal compression of a hematoma that occurred after lumbar puncture and then diagnosed with Hemophilia A presented on account of the present case, our aim is to emphasize that perispinal hematoma may lead to paraparesis and that paraparesis may develop due to neurological retention that is rarely seen in children with Hemophilia A.
Investigations of Self-Healing Property of Chitosan-Reinforced Epoxy Dye Composite Coatings
Hüsnügül Ylmaz Atay,Leyla Eral Do?an,Erdal ?elik
Journal of Materials , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/613717
Abstract: Chitosan has a very wide application range in different parts of life such as in biomedical and antimicrobial areas. In recent years the self-healing property of chitosan becomes more of an issue. In the study chitosan was used to obtain a self-healing composite material. An epoxy dye was converted to a self-healing coating. Different types of samples were prepared by coating the glass substrates with a polymer matrix reinforced with various amounts of chitosan. The samples were characterized by fourier transform Infrared (FTIR) and scanning electron microscope-energy dispersive spectroscopy (SEM-EDS). In addition, self-healing test was applied as a primary objective of this research. In this respect, the samples were scratched with a very thin pin, and they were analyzed by SEM periodically. It was observed that chitosan-reinforced dyes showed self-healing property. Mechanism of the self-healing process was also scrutinized. 1. Introduction A self-healing material is a material that has the built-in ability to partially repair damage occurring during its service life time. Self-healing is the ability of a material to restore mechanical properties, which were earlier perturbed by a plastic deformation or failure involving cracks and voids. Usually, certain properties of any engineering material such as metals, polymers, ceramics, cementitious, and elastomeric and fibre-reinforced composite materials degrade over time due to environmental conditions or fatigue or due to damage incurred during operation. This damage is often on a microscopic scale, requiring periodic inspection and repair to avoid them growing and causing failure [1]. Self-healing materials address this degradation through the inclusion of an “active” phase that responds to the microdamage by initiating a repair mechanism, and several mechanisms have been proposed for the engineering materials. Investigation of possible self-healing mechanisms is an important emerging field of nanotechnology [2]. The inspiration of self-healing materials comes from biological systems, which have the ability to heal after being wounded. Initiation of cracks or other types of damage on a microscopic level changed thermal, electrical, and acoustical properties and eventually led to whole scale failure of the material. Usually, cracks cannot be mended by hand because it is hard/difficult to detected. A material that can intrinsically correct damage can lower production costs of a number of different industrial processes, can reduce the inefficiency over time caused by degradation, and can prevent costs
Y netici Etkinli inin Sa lanmas Sürecinde Karar Destek Uygulamas (The Application of Decision Support in The Process of Achieving Manager Efficiency)
Ylmaz G?K?EN,Senem KILI?
Dokuz Eylül üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: Sustainability for companies depends on increase customer satisfaction, effective and rational usage of resources and increases the volume of business. Both providing customer satisfaction and increase the productivity of business processes, effective process management is required. The effect of results that decision-makers change processes due to the working results, on customers is very important. In this study, a decision support application is realized with using computer technologies on customer satisfaction results access and evaluation tasks in customer relations management process.
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