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Assessment of Aquifer Vulnerability Based on GIS and ARCGIS Methods: A Case Study of the Sana’a Basin (Yemen)  [PDF]
Yahia Alwathaf, Bouabid El Mansouri
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2011.312094
Abstract: Groundwater is the main source of water in arid and semi-arid regions. Therefore, pollution of groundwater is a major issue because aquifers and the contained groundwater are inherently susceptible to contamination from wastewater and agricultural activities. Aquifer vulnerability has been assessed in the Sana’a basin using the DRASTIC method, based on a Geographic Information System (GIS). The DRASTIC model uses seven environmental parameters (Depth to water, net Recharge, Aquifer media, Soil media, Topography, Impact of vadose zone, and hydraulic Conductivity) to characterize the hydrogeological setting and evaluate aquifer vulnerability. A regional scale aquifer vulnerability map of the basin was prepared using overlay analysis with the aid of GIS. A DRASTIC vulnerability map, verified by data of nitrate in groundwater, shows that the defined areas are compatible with land-use data. It is concluded that 6.4% of the basin area is highly vulnerable and urgent pollution-preventions measures should be taken for every kind of relevant activity within the whole basin.
Cerebral Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: A Case Report  [PDF]
H. El Mansouri, S. Assagau, A. Benhammouda, F. Amenzouy, M. Oauli, N. Cherif Idrissi Ganouni
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105115
Langerhans cells histiocytosis (LCH) is a disease caused by the proliferation and abnormal accumulation of Langerhans cells in different tissues and organs. It is a rare disease that still hides many of its mysteries as to its etiology and pathophysiology. The cerebral localization remains exceptional and dominated by hypothalamic-pituitary axis involvement. We report a case of a 20-year-old patient followed for acquired central diabetes insipidus with Panhypopituitarism and multiple dermatological lesions, who recently had visual acuity decline with progressive cerebellar syndrome in a state of apyrexia. Brain MRI showed multiples scattered plaques and nodular lesions involving the periventricular white matter, the basal ganglia, cerebellum, brainstem and cervical medulla. The two diagnoses suggested in this clinical presentation sarcoidosis with pituitary localization and cerebral Langerhans cells histiocytosis. A skin biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of langherans cell histiocytosis.
Socioeconomic interest and valorization of medicinal plants from the Rissani oasis (SE of Morocco)
Boletín Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Plantas Medicinales y Aromáticas , 2011,
Abstract: La supervivencia y sustentabilidad de la humanidad depende en gran medida de las plantas. Estas satisfacen directamente el 87% de sus necesidades alimenticias y constituyen, en países en desarrollo, una fuente para el cuidado de salud. Basados en estudios y observaciones de campo realizadas en el oasis de Rissani (SE de Marruecos), hemos identificado las 109 especies de plantas más utilizadas que pertenecen a 45 familias y 102 géneros. La distribución por familia es: Lamiaceae (15.2%), Asteraceae (11.5%), Fabaceae (8.46%), Proaceae (8.12%) y Apiaceae (6.75%). Las especies utilizadas en medicina tradicional corresponden al 57.8%, en alimentación 28.5% y para usos múltiples 28.4%. De estas especies el 10.1% son cultivadas, naturalizadas, introducidas y/o corresponden a malezas. Subproductos del 48.8% de estas especies son importados de otras regiones de Marrueco para su comercialización. Muchas de las especies medicinales no son reconocidas por los habitantes del oasis y es necesario sensibilizarlos en relación a su utilización y conservación.
Elaboration of the Hydro-Geophysics GIS Showing the Volubilis Depression and the Prerifains Ridges Structuration (Morocco North Occidental)  [PDF]
Asma Ben Moussa, Abdelaziz Mridekh, Bouabid El Mansouri, Ahmed Manar, Mohamed Chibout
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2015.66050
Abstract: We present a comparative analysis of electrical and gravity data on the Geographic Information System of the prerifaines ridges. At the Meso-Cenozo?c sequence, the geometry of the prerifaines ridges is fairly well known. However, the post-Miocene series remain to be characterized. In this perspective, we use a database composed of gravity and vertical electrical sounding profiles and geo-electrical sections in order to characterize this structuration. These data are calibrated by many oil and hydrogeological boreholes. Preliminary results lead to better understanding of the organization of its underlying structures in this area. The Gravimetric filtering results show that the area may be dissected by tree major faults striking NW-SE, NE-SW and N-S. All these faults have contributed, since Hercynian to Alpines orogenies, to the structuring of this area, being proved to be the deepest and can reach 4500 m. The comparison of gravity maps, geological and structural maps under Geographic Information System allows the identification of major structural directions and trends of the study area. It confirms some structural elements gathered from outcrops and define new ones. Results from this work show the importance of using various filtering and interpretation techniques in the analysis of gravity data. They also provide news insights into the deep structure of the study area.
A study of risk management in cloud computing bank
Dou El Kefel Mansouri,Mohamed Benyettou
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: Cloud computing apparently helps in reducing costs and providing the scheduling optimal level. In practice however it may confront the problem of unavailability of resources. Taking into consideration the cloud computing bank with its somehow commercial nature, the resources unavailability, such as liquidity risk, remains. In this paper, an attempt to show through a solution so far applied in economy, how would it be possible to predict such a liquidity risk in cloud computing bank. The proposed solution can especially be adapted to stock management. To reduce the risk we will also make use of a method inspired from physics based on the fluids mechanics; it is an application of Bernoulli's theorem called Torricelli. The resource bank will be considered as a reservoir of liquid, and the availability of resources then will depend on the liquid flow velocity and the replacement.
Nour Eddine El Mansouri,Qiaolong Yuan Mail,Farong Huang
BioResources , 2011,
Abstract: Besides polyurethanes and polyesters, phenolic and epoxy resins are the most prominent applications for technical lignins in thermosetting materials. To evaluate the potential application of lignin raw materials in phenol formaldehyde and epoxy resins, three types of alkaline lignins were characterized in terms of their structures and thermal properties. The lignin samples analyzed were kraft lignin (LIG-1), soda–rice straw lignin (LIG-2), and soda-wheat straw lignin (LIG-3). FTIR and 1H-NMR methods were used to determine their structure. Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) was used to determine the molecular weight distribution (MWD). Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) was used to measure the glass transition temperature (Tg), and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) to determine the thermal stability of lignin samples. Results showed that kraft lignin (LIG-1) has moderate hydroxyl-group content, is rich in G-type units, and has good thermal stability. These properties make it more suitable for direct use in phenol formaldehyde resins, and it is therefore a good raw material for this purpose. The alkaline soda-rice straw lignin (LIG-2) with a high hydroxyl-group content and excellent thermal stability is most suited to preparing lignin-based epoxy resins.
Etude chimique et biologique des huiles essentielles de Juniperus phoenicea ssp. lycia et Juniperus phoenicea ssp. turbinata du Maroc
Mansouri, N.,Satrani, B.,Ghanmi, M.,El Ghadraoui, L.
Biotechnologie, Agronomie, Société et Environnement , 2011,
Abstract: Chemical and biological study of essential oils of Moroccan Juniperus phoenicea ssp. lycia and Juniperus phoenicea ssp. turbinata. The composition of the essential oils of the branches and berries of Juniperus phoenicea (Cupressaceae), J. phoenicea ssp. lycia (plain) and J. phoenicea ssp. turbinata (mountain), obtained by hydrodistillation, collected from Morocco, was analyzed by GC and GC/MS. The yields of essential oils were varying in function of the subspecies and of the part of the plant studied. The essential oils of these tree species are largely dominated by α-pinene and may be an important source of this component of a great interest on the international market. The effectiveness of essential oils from branches of the subspecies lycia against fungi decay wood has also been emphasized.
Nour Eddine El Mansouri,Qiaolong Yuan,Farong Huang Mail
BioResources , 2011,
Abstract: Epoxidization is an interesting way to develop a new application of lignin and therefore to improve its application potential. In this work, kraft lignin-based epoxy resins were obtained by the epoxidization reaction, using the kraft lignin recovered directly from pulping liquor and modified by a methylolation reaction. The methylolated lignins were obtained by the reaction of original kraft lignin with formaldehyde and glyoxal, which is a less volatile and less toxic aldehyde. 1H-NMR spectroscopy showed that methylolated kraft lignin has more hydroxymethyl groups than glyoxalated kraft lignin. For the epoxidization reaction we studied the influence of the lignin:NaOH (w/w) ratio, temperature, and time of the reaction on the properties of the prepared epoxidized lignins. The structures of lignin-based epoxy resins were followed by epoxy index test and FTIR spectroscopy. Optimal conditions were obtained for lignin-based epoxy resin produced at lignin/NaOH = 1/3 at 70 oC for 3h. Thermogravimetry analysis (TGA) revealed that the epoxidization enhances the thermal stability of lignins and may allow a wider temperature range for applications with lignin epoxy-PF blends.
On synchronization of clocks in general space-times
M. R. H Khajehpour,R. Mansouri
Iranian Journal of Physics Research , 2005,
Abstract: Einstein and transport synchronizations of infinitesimally spaced and distant clocks are considered in a general Riemannian space-time. It is shown that infinitesimally spaced clocks can always be synchronized. In general one can not find observers for whom distant clock are Einstein synchronized but transport synchronized observers do always exit. Whenever both procedures are possible, they are equivalent.
Modeling of the Groundwater Flow and Saltwater Intrusion in the Coastal Aquifer of Fum Al Wad, Province of Laayoun, Morocco  [PDF]
Mohamed El Mokhtar, Mohamed Chibout, Bouabid El Mansouri, Jamal Chao, Malika Kili, Sidi Mokhtar El Kanti
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2018.91005
Saltwater intrusion caused by groundwater over-exploitation from coastal aquifers poses a severe problem in many regions. The Fum Al Wad aquifer is located between Atlantic Ocean in the West and Laayoun in the East. This aquifer covers an area of 250 Km2, and represents an essential water resource for Laayoun city and the periphery regions. It is heavily exploited for water supply, agriculture and industry. The freshwater-saltwater interface is affected by groundwater extraction by public supplies, irrigation wells, and domestic wells in the coastal of this aquifer. The position of the interface is controlled by several factors: these include precipitation, recharge rate, dryness, evapotranspiration, hydraulic conductivity and hydraulic head. Landward migration of the interface freshwater-saltwater often results in a significant decrease in the water resources available for coastal communities. The volume pumped by public for irrigation and the domestic usage in 2010-2011 is estimated 2.5 Mm3/year, and in 2015 about 2.91 Mm3/year only for domestic usages. The objectives of this work are to model the groundwater flow and saltwater intrusion in the coastal aquifer of Fum Al Wad, by SEAWAT-2000 program which coupled both the version of MODFLOW-2000 and MT3DMS. They are designed to simulate variable-density groundwater flow and solute transport in three dimensions. The model is calibrated for hydraulic conductivity, specific yield, porosity, and recharge rate as well as dispersivity coefficient. The result of simulation of the hydrodynamic model during the period of 1986-2015 has revealed a piezometric drawdown with 2.3 m approximately at the level of the pumping zone. Furthermore, this piezometric depression is caused by excessive pumping of the various uses of water and its corresponding that has resulted in the migration of the saltwater intrusion into freshwater with 4.3 km approximately. The simulations result for scenarios 2020 and 2030 of Fum Al Wad aquifer showed a vertical decrease of the piezometric head (about 2.5 m) in 2030, but the saltwater intrusion has advanced diagonally to reach 4.7 km under the freshwater of groundwater of this aquifer.

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