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Fez1/Lzts1 a new mitotic regulator implicated in cancer development
Andrea Vecchione, Carlo M Croce, Gustavo Baldassarre
Cell Division , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1747-1028-2-24
Abstract: Recently we identified a new player: FEZ1/LZTS1 that contributes to the fine-tuning of the molecular events that determine progression through mitosis, and here will review its role in cancer development and in M phase regulation.Frequent loss of heterozygosity (LOH) at specific chromosomal regions in tumors implies the presence of tumor suppressor genes. One of these regions, located at the short arm of chromosome 8 (8p21.3–22) has been pointed out as frequently lost in different human malignancies as well as implicated in tumor progression. Investigation of this region, in primary esophageal cancer, has allowed the identification of the human FEZ1/LZTS1 (Leucine-Zipper Tumor Suppressor 1) gene at chromosome 8p22 [1]. LZTS1 gene show in non-cancerous cells a 6.8 kb mRNA including a 1.7 kb open reading frame (ORF), spanning exons 1–3, which encodes a 596-aa protein of 67 kDa [1]. Homology search of databases showed that the protein contains two Leucine-zipper motifs (Fig. 1) and it has 32% identity to the DNA binding domain of a cAmp-responsive activating transcription factor, Atf-5, although Lzts1 lacks the DNA recognition sub-domain usually found upstream of a Leucine-zipper motif in transcription factor. Moreover, searches for motifs and compositional analyses inside the Lzts1 protein sequence revealed the presence of multiple potential phosphorylation sites for different kinases (Fig. 1), such as PKA, CDC2 and PKC. The product of the LZTS1 gene is the founding member of a three member family proteins, all of which harbor a Leucine zipper Fez domain [2,3]. Interestingly protein alignment of the three members (Lzts1, Lzts2 and Lzts3) showed significant sequences similarity, particularly in the C-terminal potential Leucine zipper regions. Although recently has been reported [4] that the nuclear export sequence identified in Lzts2 is not conserved in both the Lzts1 and the Lzts3 proteins, suggesting a potential role for Lzts2 in the regulation of nuclear and cytopla
Conducting research about sensitive subjects: The case of homeless youth [Dirigiendo la investigación acerca de asuntos sensibles: el caso de la juventud sin casa ni hogar]
Silvia Helena Koller,Marcela Raffaelli,Gustavo Carlo
Universitas Psychologica , 2012,
Abstract: There is growing interest and importance in addressing the logistical and ethical challenges of conducting research with disenfranchised populations, including homeless and working street youth. Drawing upon established international standards on human rights, we review legal and ethical codes for research on disenfranchised populations established by national and international research and professional organizations. Then we explore how university-based researchers can apply these standards to children and adolescents growing up in situations characterized by physical and psycho- logical neglect, lack of adult supervision, limited protection from local law enforcement, and drug use and violence. We reflect upon on our experi- ences in conducting research with vulnerable Brazilian youth to illustrate the challenges of implementing ethical guidelines in real-world situations and propose possible solutions to ethical dilemmas encountered in the field.
Problem Behavior Theory: An Examination of the Behavior Structure System in Latino and non-Latino College Students
Byron L. Zamboanga,Gustavo Carlo,Marcela Raffaelli
Revista Interamericana de Psicología , 2004,
Abstract: Escolares han propuesto que diversos comportamientos problematicos y convencionales reflejan solo un factor subyacente: sin embargo, otros sugieren que la fuerza y el modelo de interrelaciones entre comportamientos problematicos y convencionales no sean constantes a través de diversos grupos culturales. El estudio presente investigó la estrucutra factorial de comportamientos problematicos y convencionales en Cubano, no-Cubano Latino, y no- Latino estudiantes de universidad. Doscientos y sesenta nueve estudiantes de la universidad (mujeres 70%; M edad = 19.0, SD = 2,34 divulgaron sobre su uso de la sustancia y su implicación en comportamientos irregulares (e.g. el luchar, el robar en tiendas, el vandalismo) y convencionales (e.g. funcionamento en la escuela, religiosidad). En sustento del sistema del comportamiento en la Teoría del Comportamiento Problematico (TCP), solo un factor común consideró las interralaciones significativas entre los diversos comportamientos problematicos para la población entera. Sin embargo, las variaciones en el número de las estructuras factoriales emergieron por el grupo étnico y el género, sugiriendo que el sistema del comportamiento puede funcionar diferentemente a través de estos grupos. Una discusión de la función de la cultura en comportamientos problemáticos y convencionales se presenta
Updating the Turing Test Wittgenstein, Turing and Symbol Manipulation  [PDF]
Carlo Penco
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2012.23029
Abstract: In this paper I present an argument against the feasibility of the Imitation Game as a test for thinking or language understanding. The argument is different from the five objections presented by Turing in his original paper, although it tries to maintain his original intention. I therefore call it “the Sixth Argument” or “the Argument from Context”. I show that – although the argument works against the original version of the imitation game – it may suggest a new version of the Turing Test, still coherent with the idea of thinking and understanding as symbol manipulation. In a new form, the main idea which lies behind the original Imitation Game remains untouched by the criticism of Searle’s Chinese room argument and suggest a possible implementation which avoids some of the shortcomings of the original Turing Test.
The role of catalysis on the formation of an active proto-enzyme in the prebiotic aqueous environment  [PDF]
Carlo Canepa
Natural Science (NS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2013.55069
Abstract: A model detailing the conditions for the formation of active enzymes from amino acid monomers in the pre-biotic aqueous environment is proposed, making use of only a minimal number of parameters: the intensity of the amino acid source and the experimental rate coefficient for polypeptide hydrolysis. In a closed system with fixed total amino acid concentration, the formation of polypeptides of significant length is precluded by hydrolysis. In the presence of an amino acid source, the behavior of the steady state solutions is dependent on the efficiency of the catalytic activity in the environment. In absence of catalysis the formation of long amino acid chains shows a remarkable similarity to the equilibrium problem, i.e. it is equally unlikely that an active protein forms. In the presence of catalysis the concentration of polypeptides of significant length increases dramatically to about the same order of magnitude as the steady state concentration of the monomers. Besides the important notion of the proto-enzyme concentration, the model offers a link between the given environmental conditions (flux of monomers, rates of the peptide bond formation and hydrolysis, size of the amino acid set) and properties of the polypeptide relevant to its catalytic properties, such as its length and conserved number of residues.
The Effect of Radiogenic Heating on the Amino Acid Content of an Early Cometary Body  [PDF]
Carlo Canepa
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2013.33033

This study compares the rates for the formation and destruction of amino acids in the liquid cometary core subjected to radiogenic heating by the β+ decay of the cosmogenic nuclide 26Al. The evolution of the temperature and mass of the comet were computed along with the dynamics of relatively complex organic species such as amino acids. Given the experimentally determined rate coefficient for the radiolysis of amino acids in water solution, the destruction of amino acids is virtually completed after an absorbed radiation dose of ~1 kGy. The calculations suggest that the liquid water core in comets with an initial radionuclide abundance that is sufficient to crystallize and melt the original amorphous ice is subjected to a dose of 100 - 1500 kGy. Any amino acid concentration formed in water either by radiolysis of simpler compounds or by thermal processes such as the synthesis of Strecker could not survive the irradiation delivered by the decay of 26Al.

Investigation on Clarified Fruit Juice Composition by Using Visible Light Micro-Raman Spectroscopy
Carlo Camerlingo,Flora Zenone,Ines Delfino,Nadia Diano,Damiano Gustavo Mita,Maria Lepore
Sensors , 2007, DOI: 10.3390/s7102049
Abstract: Liquid samples of clarified apple and apricot juices at different productionstages were investigated using visible light micro-Raman spectroscopy in order to assessits potential in monitoring fruit juice production. As is well-known, pectin plays a strategicrole in the production of clarified juice and the possibility of using Raman for its detectionduring production was therefore evaluated. The data analysis has enabled the clearidentification of pectin. In particular, Raman spectra of apple juice samples from washedand crushed fruits revealed a peak at 845 cm-1 (typical of pectin) which disappears in theRaman spectra of depectinised samples. The fructose content was also revealed by thepresence of four peaks at 823 cm-1, 872 cm-1, 918 cm-1 and 975 cm-1. In the case of apricotjuice, several Raman fingerprints of β-carotene at 1008, 1159 and 1520 cm-1 were alsohighlighted. Present results resulted interesting for the exclusive use of optical methods forthe quantitative determination of the above-mentioned substances in place of thebiochemical assays generally used for this purpose, which are time consuming and requiredifferent chemical reagents for each of them.
Pancreolauril sérico: prueba bioquímica no invasiva para evaluar función pancreática exocrina
López Mingorance,Fabiana Norma; Tiscornia,Osvaldo Manuel; Negri,Gustavo Alberto; Di Carlo,María Beatriz;
Acta bioqu?-mica cl?-nica latinoamericana , 2011,
Abstract: the pancreas is a mixed gland; the exocrine portion produces and secretes enzymes involved in the digestion of nutrients in the diet. chronic pancreatitis (cp) is an inflammatory process that leads to progressive loss of the functions of the gland. the diagnosis is based on a clinical study, imaging and laboratory. serum pancreolauryl test (plt) indirectly measures the activity of a specific pancreatic cholesterol esterase. the objectives of the present work are to optimize the plts, to establish sex differences in plt values, and to study the pl values ??in cp and control patients. the cutoff value used for the plt was 4.5 mg/l. in patients with cp the cutoff value was lower than the control (p<0.001), and established differences between moderate and severe cp. the plt was lower in men than in women (p<0.05). plt is an economic, noninvasive and feasible test to perform in the biochemical laboratory.
Tratamento da epifisiólise proximal femoral grave com osteotomia subtrocantérica pelo método de Ilizarov
Spinelli, Leandro de Freitas;Faccioni, Samuel;Kim, Jung Ho;Calieron, Luis Gustavo;Rojas, Juan Carlo Mendieta;
Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-36162010000100007
Abstract: objectives: this paper evaluates the treatment of severe proximal femoral epiphysiolysis through subtrochanteric osteotomy by the ilizarov method and propose a new method for calculating the necessary correction. methods: a case study was carried out with patients affected by severe proximal femoral epiphysiolysis, submitted to subtrochanteric osteotomy with external multiplanar fixation, and evaluated postoperatively by the modified southwick classification. a method was developed for calculating the necessary angular correction at surgery procedure. results: thirteen hips were analysed, four on the left (30.8%) and nine to the right (69.2%). the majority of patients (61.5%) were male, with a mean age of 14 yrs. in relation to pain and function, results were excellent: 30.8%; good: 46.2%; and regular: 23.0%. there were no poor results in relation to these two aspects. the results for mobility were: excellent 46.2%; good 30.8%; and regular: 23.0%. radiographically, the results were: excellent 7.7%; good: 69.2%; regular: 15.4%; and poor: 7.7%. conclusions: percutaneous treatment of the severe proximal epiphysiolysis by the ilizarov method is a good treatment option with good indices for improvement of pain and function. the proposed calculation method can help in planning surgery procedures, showing small variations between preoperative calculated angles and measured postoperative angles.
Glucose Sensing by Time-Resolved Fluorescence of Sol-Gel Immobilized Glucose Oxidase
Rosario Esposito,Bartolomeo Della Ventura,Sergio De Nicola,Carlo Altucci,Raffaele Velotta,Damiano Gustavo Mita,Maria Lepore
Sensors , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/s110403483
Abstract: A monolithic silica gel matrix with entrapped glucose oxidase (GOD) was constructed as a bioactive element in an optical biosensor for glucose determination. Intrinsic fluorescence of free and immobilised GOD was investigated in the visible range in presence of different glucose concentrations by time-resolved spectroscopy with time-correlated single-photon counting detector. A three-exponential model was used for analysing the fluorescence transients. Fractional intensities and mean lifetime were shown to be sensitive to the enzymatic reaction and were used for obtaining calibration curve for glucose concentration determination. The sensing system proposed achieved high resolution (up to 0:17 mM) glucose determination with a detection range from 0:4 mM to 5 mM.
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