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Silver dissolution in a novel leaching system: Reaction kinetics study
Li Xiao,Pei-wei Han,Yong-liang Wang,Guo-yan Fu,Zhi Sun,Shu-feng Ye
- , 2019, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-019-1721-0
Abstract: Effective silver recovery is usually restricted by either environmental pollution or high recovery costs. To tackle the issues, this study introduces a novel method for the effective recovery of silver by utilizing the alkaline sodium thiosulfate-potassium ferricyanide leaching system. The reaction kinetics of silver dissolution in this system was investigated via the rotating disk electrode technology. The influences of important parameters, including the rotation speed, sodium thiosulfate concentration, potassium ferricyanide concentration, and temperature, on the silver dissolution rate were systematically investigated. The activation energy was measured to be 17.96 kJ·mol-1 when the silver dissolution was controlled by a diffusion process. When the silver dissolution was in the region of mixed control, the reaction orders of ferricyanide and thiosulfate were found to be 0.57 and 0.19, respectively, and the reaction orders of ferricyanide and thiosulfate were 0.55 and 0.22, respectively, when the silver dissolution was controlled by surface reaction. This study has great potential for the development of an environmentally friendly silver recovery process from end--of-life products.
Comparative study on grain-size measured by laser diffraction and sedimentation techniques

LI Xue-lin,LI Fu-chun,CHEN Guo-yan,XIE Chang-ren,WANG Jin-ping,LI Wen-jing,

土壤 , 2011,
Abstract: Grain-size distributions of ancient paddy soil(n = 100) and Xiashu loess(n = 105) were measured by laser diffraction and sedimentation techniques,the measured results of the two methods were not comparable for soil samples from the vertical-profile series,but comparable for topsoil samples with different textures.Significant correlations between clay fractions and sand fractions existed in the two methods(r = 0.98 and 0.93,respectively).Both clay and sand fractions obtained by laser diffraction were lower t...
Correlation between fixed ammonium and illite in paddy soil, Nanjing region

CHEN Guo-yan,LI Fu-chun,DU Wei,LI Xue-lin,HE Wei-hong,
,李福春,杜 伟,李学林,何为红

土壤 , 2009,
Abstract: In this study, the contents of fixed ammonium (FA) and mineral components in three different particle sizes (clay, silt and fine sand) and bulk samples from Changchenggang and Quanshui profiles in Nanjing region were analyzed by Silva-Bremner method while clay minerals were measured by X-ray diffraction, then the relationship between FA content and particle content, as well as mineral kind were discussed. The results showed that: ①among the three particle sizes, clay content had the closest correlation with FA content with the correlation coefficients of 0.68 and 0.64 for two profiles respectively. ②for three minerals (illite, kaolinite and montmorillonite), which were dominant in clay particles, illite content had the closest correlation with FA content with the correlation coefficients of 0.50 and 0.49 respectively. ③in the bulk samples, illite content had the most significantly positive correlation with FA content with the correlation coefficients of 0.68 and 0.66 respectively. These results indicated that illite might be one of the most important carriers for the storage of FA in paddy soil of Nanjing region.
Effects of Starvation on Metabolism of Glucose in Juvenile Silurus meridonalis
FAN Guo-yan,LI Ying-wen
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2011,
Abstract: To investigate the effects of starvation with different time courses on hepatosomatic index (HIS), glycogen, serum glucose and activities of glycolytic key enzymes(HK,GK) in juvenile Silurus meridonalis. The fish were starved for 0,1,2,4,8 weeks respectively at (20±1)℃.Samples were taken after the process. The starvation for O week is set as the control group. The results showed that, as starvation continued, HSI and glycogen decreased significantly. Fasting for 1 week ,the HSI was (2.44±0.36)mg·g-1, the liver glycogen was (35.20±2.25)mg·g-1 and the muscle glycogen was (30.69±10.24) mg ·kg-1 respectively; all of the three indices were significanely below original value (p<0.05). During the experiment, HSI took on a similar trend with liver glycogen. Fasting for 4 weeks, serum glucose had began to significanely below orginal value (p<0.05), but it had a lesser variation extent. The activities of HK and GK had began to significanely below original value after fasting for 4 weeks (p<0.05), and the two indices had a similar trend. So, it is suggested that during the stavation, the fish mainly use glucide as energy source, mobilize the substances in liver firstly and the change of liver glycogen has a direct relationship with the stability of serum glucose;and the starvation can restrain the activities of HK and GK, whereas, short-time starvation(two weeks) has a trivial effect.
Syndrome Differentiation in Chinese Herbal Medicine for Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Literature Review of Randomized Trials
Qing Li,Guo-Yan Yang,Jian-Ping Liu
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/232147

LIU Ya-Qin,ZOU Guo-Yan,SONG Xiang-Fu,FU Zi-Shi,PAN Qi,LIU Fu-Xing,FAN Jie-Qun,

水生生物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: The ecological floating bed system (EFBS), as an effective means to improve the water quality and restore water ecosystem, was widely applied by worldwide scientists. Biomass and the community structure of phytoplankton are important characters of the water eutrophication. The effect of two EFBSs, a new EFBS with sufficient space in surface, equipped with zeolite, and the traditional foam EFBS, on water quality and phytoplankton community was employed to investigate the response of phytoplankton to EFBS during the process of water quality restoration. A terrestrial plant Cyperus alternifolius and the water from a canal nearby were tested in the present study. Treatments included Control with no phytoplankton, the traditional EFBS and the new EFBS. Nutrient concentration in water and phytoplankton were detected at two weeks interval during the two months experimental time. The results showed that after the canal water was transported to the experimental concrete cistern for 2 weeks, Chlorella Beij. and Scenedesmus Mey., which belong to Chlorophyta, came to dominate the phytoplankton population, insteading of Oscillatoria Vauch. and Spirulina Turp., which belong to Cyanophyta due to the habitat alteration. Simultaneously, total biomass of phytoplankton decreased rapidly from 20mg/L to below 3mg/L. At most of the experimental time, the biomass of phytoplankton under both EFBS treatments was significantly lower than that in Control (P<0.05) with a decreasing order of control>traditional EFBS>new EFBS. A water bloom composed of Microcystis Kütz broke out in Control after one and half months and it highest abundance and biomass reached 80.22×106ind./L and 5.21mg/L. Both EFBS could significantly remove all forms of N and P (P<0.05), especially NH4-N and TP (P<0.01) in water, and the new EFBS showed better effect than the traditional EFBS. The positive correlation between phytoplankton biomass and nutrients level, especially with TP (0.579, P<0.05) and TDP (0.611, P<0.05) indicated that EFBS might affect phytoplankton indirectly through removing nutrients from water, and the high efficiency of P removal by EFBS could be the main contribution of EFBS in controlling water bloom.
Effects of Acrylonitrile on Sperm Motility in Male Mice

CHEN Y,LI Fu-lun,MA Guo-yan,JIN N,LIU Shu-yu,DANG Yu-hui,LI Zhi-lian,

生态毒理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 为探讨丙烯腈(Acrylonitrile, AN)对雄性小鼠的生殖毒性作用机制,将250只SPF级昆明种雄性小鼠按体重随机分为5组:3个AN染毒组(1.25、2.50、5.00mg·kg-1)、1个阴性对照组(生理盐水0.01mL·g-1)和1个阳性对照组(环磷酰胺40mg·kg-1),腹腔注射染毒5d,每天1次. 于初次染毒后第7、14、21、28、35d分五批处死小鼠,检测分析小鼠精子运动参数的变化. 结果表明,5个观察终点各剂量组精液参数(精子密度、活动度、运动速度、运动方式参数、空间位移程度)变化与阴性对照均无显著差异(p>0.05). 提示,在试验浓度范围内,AN对小鼠精子运动参数无影响.
Concurrent Transmission MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Based on Nodes'' Geographical Location Information

YANG Guo-yan,ZHANG Guo-yin,

计算机科学 , 2012,
Abstract: Aiming at the exposed terminal problems in multi-hop wireless sensor networks,this paper proposed the efficient concurrent transmission LACT-MAC protocol based on geographical location information.The protocol breaks through the limit of concurrent transmission based on traditional CSMA MAC protocols,for this protocol exploits nodes’ geographical location information to achieve the concurrent transmission of exposed terminal,so as to enhance the reuse efficiency of the valuable wireless channel resources.According to the location coordinates of the nodes,this paper explored the feasibility analysis of concurrent transmission of exposed terminal node,and completed the concurrency check.Simulation results show that,compared to IEEE 802.11 DCF protocol,LACT-MAC protocol can significantly improve the average throughput of the network,reduce data transmission delay,and effectively improve the efficiency and performance in wireless sensor networks.
Effects of Starvationand Refeeding on MetabolismofGlucose in Juvenile Parabramis pekinensis
FAN Guo-yan,ZHAO Chun-yan,LI Ying -wen
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2010,
Abstract: The effects of short-term starvation and refeeding with different time courses on hepatosomatic index(HIS), liver glycogen and serum glucose in juvenile Parabramis pekinensis is investigated. The fish were randomly allocated into control and treatment groups (20±1)℃,control group was sustained fed, treatment groups were starved for 0, 1,4,7,12 d or starved for 12 d then refed for 1, 4, 7, 15 d respectively. Samples were taken after the process. The result showed that, asstarvation continued,HSI and liver glycogen decreased significantly (P<0.05). Fasting for 4 days, the twoindiceswere(1.34±0.05)and (10.53±4.18)mg . g-1 , and been both markedly below original value;when starved for 12 days, the two indices were (0.96±0.04) and (4.03±0.81)mg . g-1,which were the lowest value ,respectively. As refeeding continued,HSI and liver glycogen increased significantly (P<0.05). The value of liver glycogen after refeeding for 1 d and 15 d had returned to those of original level (P>0.05). During the experiment, serum glucose took on a similar trend with HSI and liver glycogen, and it had a less variation extent. The results indicated that serum glucose had a better stability than the other twoindices; moreover, liver glycogen recovered faster than HSI. So, we suggest that during the starvation, the fish mainly uses glucide as energy source, mobilizes the substance in liver firstly and the change of liver glycogen has a direct relationship with the stability of serum sugar.
Optimal Bounds for Seiffert Mean in terms of One-Parameter Means
Hua-Nan Hu,Guo-Yan Tu,Yu-Ming Chu
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/917120
Abstract: The authors present the greatest value and the least value such that the double inequality holds for all with , where and denote the Seiffert and pth one-parameter means of two positive numbers a and b, respectively.
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