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Modelagem e análise de um novo centro cirúrgico para um hospital em crescimento: uma abordagem baseada em simula??o
Joaquim, élcio Douglas;Vieira, Guilherme Ernani;
Produ??o , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65132009000200005
Abstract: a hospital institution needs frequent improvement to be efficient at its core business: the care of the human being. this paper describes a project conducted at pucpr's university hospital, which main objective is to evaluate changes to the surgical center aiming at being better prepared for the demand increase expected for the coming years. four new scenarios were simulated and analyzed, which included restructuring of internal activities and the increase on the number of surgical rooms. the simulation models showed that the suggested changes will benefit the center and that the best scenario should have two new surgical rooms along with the restructuring of the internal activities flow. this will reduce the patient waiting time for surgical room and the rooms' utilization, besides providing a good service to the community until 2010/2011.
Ant Colony Optimisation for Backward Production Scheduling
Leandro Pereira dos Santos,Guilherme Ernani Vieira,Higor Vinicius dos R. Leite,Maria Teresinha Arns Steiner
Advances in Artificial Intelligence , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/312132
Abstract: The main objective of a production scheduling system is to assign tasks (orders or jobs) to resources and sequence them as efficiently and economically (optimised) as possible. Achieving this goal is a difficult task in complex environment where capacity is usually limited. In these scenarios, finding an optimal solution—if possible—demands a large amount of computer time. For this reason, in many cases, a good solution that is quickly found is preferred. In such situations, the use of metaheuristics is an appropriate strategy. In these last two decades, some out-of-the-shelf systems have been developed using such techniques. This paper presents and analyses the development of a shop-floor scheduling system that uses ant colony optimisation (ACO) in a backward scheduling problem in a manufacturing scenario with single-stage processing, parallel resources, and flexible routings. This scenario was found in a large food industry where the corresponding author worked as consultant for more than a year. This work demonstrates the applicability of this artificial intelligence technique. In fact, ACO proved to be as efficient as branch-and-bound, however, executing much faster. 1. Production Scheduling Still a Differential for Competitiveness The globalised world economic scenario makes entrepreneurial competitiveness unavoidable and being competitive has become an indispensable prerequisite to organisations that strive for success. Within this context, manufacturing activities become especially important for they decisively influence performance, directly affecting (and being affected by) forecast, planning, and scheduling decisions. Shop-floor production scheduling, which within the hierarchical production planning covers disaggregate and detailed decisions in short time frame, consists in allocating activities (production orders or jobs) to resources, by obeying sequencing and setup restrictions, with focus on getting the best possible results from limited available resources, and, at the same time, aiming at reducing production costs and meeting service levels as fast and efficiently as possible. To make all this happen in cases where production and financial resources are limited and restrictions are many, adequate algorithms techniques and intelligence are necessary. Almost four decades ago, Garey et al. [1] classified production scheduling problems as being NP-hard, which in practical ways means that it is very difficult for one to obtain an optimal solution through exact algorithms and also demand unacceptable execution (computer or effort) time. The
Migrate and live: the international legal assistance and the national reception to the right refugee Migrar e viver: a assistência jurídica internacional e o acolhimento nacional ao direito do refugiado
Guilherme Vieira Barbosa
Revista de Direito dos Monitores da Universidade Federal Fluminense , 2010,
Abstract: Front of the context of a post-World War, especially after World War II, the international community comes to the task of solutions to the problem that would set up there, and it would extend for decades: the refugees and their migratory movements. It is constituted as a refugee from the classical motifs whole person suffering persecution due to race, religion, political opinion, nationality or participation by a particular social group, there are other factors such as war, the main practical reason for the occurrence of the refuge, and environmental phenomena. Hence the need for international tutelage of the right of those individuals who have a unique perspective as to migrate and live, made by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Statutes of 1951 and 1967, and the International Criminal Court, also emphasizing the reception national legal such as the case of Brazil, with its Law 9.474/1997, protecting thus the principles of Human Rights Diante do contexto de um mundo pós-Guerras, sobretudo, pós Segunda Guerra Mundial, surge para a comunidade internacional a incumbência de solu es para a problemática que se instauraria aí, e se prorrogaria pelas décadas: os refugiados e seus movimentos migratórios. Constitui-se como refugiado, a partir dos motivos clássicos toda pessoa que sofre persegui o de ra a, religi o, opini o política, nacionalidade ou por participa o a determinado grupo social; havendo ainda outros fatores como a guerra, principal motivo prático para a ocorrência do refugio, e os fen menos ambientais. Daí a necessidade da tutela internacional ao direito desses indivíduos que possuem como uma única perspectiva migrar e viver, feita pelo Alto Comissariado das Na es Unidas para os Refugiados e seus Estatutos de 1951 e 1967, além do Tribunal Penal Internacional, destacando ainda o acolhimento jurídico nacional, como o caso do Brasil, com sua Lei 9.474/1997, resguardando, assim, os princípios dos Direitos Humanos
The Physical Principles Elucidate Numerous Atmospheric Behaviors and Human-Induced Climatic Consequences  [PDF]
Ernani Sartori
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2012.24045
Abstract: The principles that govern the operation of an open and a closed evaporator are relevant for the understanding of the open and “closed” Earth’s atmospheric behaviors, and are thus described. In these greenhouses, the water is included, otherwise the heat and mass balances do not match. It is incorrect to consider the radiation as the only energy transfer factor for an atmospheric warming. Demonstrations show that when the greenhouse effect and the cloud cover increase, the evaporation and the wind naturally decrease. Researchers did not understand why reductions in surface solar radiation and pan evaporation have been simultaneous with increased air temperature, cloudiness and precipitation for the last decades. It is an error to state that the evaporation increases based solely on the water and/or air temperatures increase. Also, researchers did not comprehend why in the last 50 years the clouds and the precipitation increased while the evaporation decreased and they named such understanding as the “evaporation paradox”, while others “found” “the cause” violating the laws of thermodynamics, but more precipitation is naturally conciliatory with less evaporation. The same principle that increases the formation of clouds may cause less rainfall. Several measurements confirm the working principles of greenhouses described in this paper. The hydrological cycle is analyzed and it was also put in form of equation, which analyses have never been done before. The human influence alters the velocity of the natural cycles as well as the atmospheric heat and mass balances, and the evaporation has not been the only source for the cloud formation. It is demonstrated that the Earth’s greenhouse effect has increased in some places and this proof is not based only on temperatures.
Climate Changes: How the Atmosphere Really Works  [PDF]
Ernani Sartori
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2015.54016
Abstract: Top concepts adopted by the current science on climate changes or atmospheric warming are not in agreement with the first principles of the physics. This paper presents a new understanding on the atmospheric behaviors. For example, the radiation is not the only factor that influences the air temperature, as the law of conservation of energy defines and as shown physically and mathematically in this article. The Sun is not the only heat source for the atmosphere because there is generation of heat at the Earth’s surface by human activities. It is also shown that the water vapor is not a null effect and that the water vapor cannot be removed from the atmosphere for air temperature, greenhouse effect and climate changes considerations, in contrast to the current literature beliefs. The “feedback” concept is unfounded and invalid. The literature also says that “water vapor increases as the Earth’s atmosphere warms”, but this is also incorrect. The above equivocated understanding is accompanied by another one which believes that more water evaporates if the air temperature increases, but it is not in this way. These demonstrations and other authors’ surveys showing that in the last decades the planet became wetter eliminate the literature concept that the water vapor does not have influence on the atmospheric warming/cooling. The conventional water cycle is related to the mass of water (mass of evaporation \"\" mass of precipitation) and then the physical and mathematical principles of the new hydrological cycle that includes the direct human influence are shown. The same is done for the carbon cycle. It is solved the problem on why the wind speed on Venus is very high above the cloud deck while it is stagnant below it, being this the same physical principle valid for the Earth’s cloud cover. In the atmosphere, all the corresponding principles are the same, only their amounts change. It is demonstrated that the CO2 is not decisive for building and changing the temperatures of Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Earth. Ice cores are not valid for “determining” “past” temperatures of the planet, because the mass of their air bubbles may be old, but the corresponding temperatures are not.
Growth and development of litchi fruit cv. Brewster
Vieira, Gerival;Finger, Fernando Luiz;Agnes, Ernani Luiz;
Bragantia , 1996, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051996000200018
Abstract: fruit growth and development of litchi (litchi chinensis sonn.) cv. brewster, were observed during growing season in vi?osa, state of minas gerais, brazil. from panicle flowering to about 45 days after flowering (daf), 95% of fruit fresh weight was due to the seed and skin. fruit weight increased exponentially from 45 to approximately 80 daf, but lower increases were observed until 104 daf. at a later stage of drupe development, the aril accounted for 60% of fruit fresh weight, while 14% consisted of seed and 26% skin. soluble solids reached maximum value at about 77 daf, becoming somewhat stable afterwards. acidity, on the other hand, dropped from 6.0% at 45 daf to 0.6% at 89 daf onwards. mature red fruits were present 89 daf from panicle flowering, but after 104 daf fruit skin became brown.
Avalia??o do coeficiente de atrito de braquetes metálicos e estéticos com fios de a?o inoxidável e beta-titanio
Braga, Cristine Pritsch;Vanzin, Guilherme Drumond;Marchioro, Ernani Menezes;Beck, Jo?o Carlos P.;
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-54192004000600011
Abstract: an important factor that defines the effectiveness of the appliances is the friction between the surfaces of wires and brackets. thus, that study was developed in order to investigate the static friction coefficient between stainless steel and beta-titanium wires (tp orthodontics) and the stainless steel brackets (dynalock? - unitek), esthetic brackets with a stainless steel slot (clarity? - unitek) and conventional esthetic brackets (allure? - gac). for this purpose, an equipment was built in the department of mechanical engineering and mechatronics at pucrs. it should be stressed that before the tests began, the method error was quantified and it was found that there was no significant interference (p>0,05) by the factor operating in the measurements. from then, the friction coefficient could be calculated, obtained by dividing friction force by the normal load. the statistic method used in these study was analysis of variance (anova) and multiple comparison test (tukey). it was found that: 1) the combination with the lowest friction coefficient was constituted by the stainless steel wire against the dynalock? bracket, and the one with the highest friction coefficient was that of the allure? bracket with the beta-titanium wire; 2) the beta-titanium wire presented a friction coefficient that was significantly higher than the stainless steel wire; 3) the dynalock? bracket did not present any significant differences in relation to the friction coefficient of the clarity? bracket when the wire used was of beta-titanium. however, when the wire tested was of stainless steel, the dynalock? bracket presented a significantly lower friction coefficient. the clarity? bracket presented a significantly lower friction coefficient than the allure? bracket.
Influence of plasma arc and quartz-tungsten-halogen curing lights on the polymerization of orthodontic composite resin
Berthold, Telmo Bandeira;Cerveira, Guilherme;Berthold, Roger;Hahn, Luciane;Spohr, Ana Maria;Marchioro, Ernani Menezes;
Revista Odonto Ciência , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1980-65232011000400008
Abstract: purpose: to analyze, in vitro, the influence of a quartz-tungsten-halogen (qth) and a plasma arc (pac) on the degree of conversion and hardness of a composite resin, as well as the heat generated by the units. methods: transbond xt disks were prepared and light-cured for 10, 20 and 30 seconds with a qth (curing light xl 3000) or with a pac (apollo 95e) for 1, 2 and 3 seconds. the composite resin polymerization was evaluated by infrared spectrophotometry (ftir) and knoop hardness number (khn). the temperature at the curing tip was evaluated. the results were analyzed using anova and tukey test (α=0.05). results: according to ftir and khn, the polymerization of the composite resin was statistically higher with the qth. the temperature obtained with the qth 20 s (45.44oc) and 30 s (45.84oc) was statistically higher than the qth 10 s (39.90oc). the pac 1 s (27.12oc), 2 s (28.48oc) and 3 s (29.96oc) presented the lowest temperature and did not differ statistically among them. conclusion: transbond xt light-activated for 10, 20 and 30 seconds with the qth presented higher degree of conversion and hardness in comparison with those obtained with the pac for 1, 2 and 3 seconds, and the qth generated more heat than the pac.
Luiz Alberto Lago,Marilia Martins Melo,Luis Guilherme Diniz Heneine,Ernani Paulino Lago
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2012,
Abstract: The efficacy of detoxification of the crotalic venom for cattle by iodination and iodination plus encapsulation methods was clinically evaluated. Eleven 18-month-old heifers, weighing 160 kg in average, were used in this study. Groups of five animals were inoculated intramuscularly with 0.03mg/kg with either the detoxified non-encapsulated venom or the detoxified encapsulated venom. One control animal received the same dose of non-detoxified venom by the same route. Clinical evaluations were performed every two hours after venom inoculation (T0 - T 24). All clinical parameters (behaviour, posture, temperature, cardiac, respiratory and rumen movements frequencies, color of mucous membrane, sensorial and motor functions, and alterations at the inoculation site) were within the normal standards of the species throughout the studied period. It could be concluded that iodination of the crotalic venom, with or without incorporation into liposomes, suppresses the clinical manifestations of the crotalic envenomation in cattle.
The New Brazilian Power Quality Standard and a Low Cost Device Meter  [PDF]
Guilherme P. Colnago, Jose L. F. Vieira, Gilberto C. D. Sousa, Jose R. Macedo Jr.
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2012.43020
Abstract: This paper presents an overview about the new Brazilian Power Quality Standard and provides a low cost device PQ meter, developed and implemented to assist the national campaign to assess the Brazilian power quality indices, unknown until now. This work contributes with the search of a low cost devices PQ meter for a cost sensitive market, and introduces the new Brazilian Power Quality Standard to the international community.
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