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Unveiling Cost Burden Interdependencies with the Use of the Hypothetical Extraction Method  [PDF]
Ana-Isabel Guerra Guerra, Ferran Sancho
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2015.52025
Abstract: Networked economies constitute an interlocked mechanism of direct effects and indirect feedbacks. Each piece of the mechanism plays a specific role influencing the overall performance of the system. In the setup of an interindustry economy, the interlocked pieces are typical economic sectors. Any sector influences other sectors and is in turn being influenced by them. We propose a new methodology to unveil the underlying cost linkage effects being exerted by sectors and affecting the complete price system. The methodology reformulates the Hypothetical Extraction Method, usually applied to the quantity side of the economy, and extends it to the cost side of the economy. The derived cost linkage indicators reveal valuable information that may be used in the design of tax reforms or efficiency policies. We present a practical example of the capacities of this new proposal using US data.
Titanium Oxide Nanorods pH Sensors: Comparison between Voltammetry and Extended Gate Field Effect Transistor Measurements  [PDF]
Elidia Maria Guerra, Marcelo Mulato
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2014.57049
In recent years there has increased interest in the characterization of titanium oxide nanorods for application in analytical devices. The titanium oxide nanorods (NRTiO) were obtained by hydrothermal reaction with a NaOH solution heated in the autoclave at 150°C for up to 50 h. Experimental data indicate that the prepared nanorods consist of anatase and rutile phases, with a possible interlayer structure. The NRTiO was investigated as pH sensor in the pH range 2 - 12, and the extended gate field effect transistor (EGFET) configuration presented a sensitivity of 49.6 mV/pH. Voltammetric data showed a sensitivity of 47.8 mV/pH. These results indicate that the material is a promising candidate for applications as an EGFET-pH sensor and as a disposable biosensor in the future.
A situa??o da Citotaxonomia de angiospermas nos trópicos e, em particular, no Brasil
Guerra, Marcelo;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 1990, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33061990000300009
Abstract: plant cytotaxonomy was developed in europe and w. america, accumulating data and establishing evolutionary models based mainly on temperate taxa and floras. the introduction of more refined cytogenetic techniques has allowed an improved analysis of the karyotypic variability, but these new methods have been applied only to a very small number of taxa. consequently, the main focus of the cytotaxonomy is still the chromosome number. chromosomal data for tropical species are still very scarce, especially those from the american tropics. in brazil, cytotaxonomy has been developed as an adjunct of cytogenetics rather than as a taxonomic approach. however, in the recent years these has been an increase in the number of laboratories working on plant cytogenetics and many advances in cy to taxonomic studies on representatives of our flora have been made.
Patterns of heterochromatin distribution in plant chromosomes
Guerra, Marcelo;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572000000400049
Abstract: the c-band distribution patterns of 105 angiosperm species were compared to identify general patterns or preferential sites for heterochromatin. the base-specific fluorochrome reaction of heterochromatin for 58 of these species and the role played by the average chromosome size in band distribution were also considered. the results showed that heterochromatin was preferentially located in similar chromosome regions, regardless of the distance from the centromere. this trend results in generalized bands, with heterochromatin distribution being identical in most chromosomes of a karyotype. such bands very often displayed the same fluorochrome reaction, suggesting possible repeat transfer between non-homologous sites. chromosome size may also play a role in heterochromatin location, since proximal bands were much more common in small-sized chromosomes.
Hematoxylin: a simple, multiple-use dye for chromosome analysis
Guerra, Marcelo;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47571999000100016
Abstract: a staining mixture of hematoxylin-iron alum combined with a strong hydrochloric hydrolysis was successfully applied for chromosome observation of several kinds of plants and some animals. slightly different procedures were developed for different materials and objectives. for plant cells, the most important technical aspect was the use of 5 n hcl hydrolysis, which resulted in a very transparent cytoplasm, combined with an intense, specific hematoxylin stain. this technique is recommended for cytogenetical analysis in general, and it is especially indicated for practical classes, due to its simplicity and high reproducibility of results. moreover, the deep contrast observed makes this technique very useful for sequential staining of cells previously analyzed with other stains, as well as for materials with fixation problems.
Aportes Tecnológicos en las intervenciones nutricionales poblacionales.
Anales Venezolanos de Nutrición , 2005,
Abstract: abstract the food industry, using different technologies, produces foodstuffs for nutritional interventions that can reduce malnourishment in the short and long term. when this is a consequence of excessive consumption, it is associated with overweight or obesity, diabetes, dislipídemias, whilst deficiencies consumption are generally associated to protein energetic malnourishment or of some micronutrient: iodine, iron, calcium, vitamin a and vitamin c. the food industry of the country has installed capacity to process national or imported raw material allowing for the supply of foodstuffs in quantity and quality according to the needs of the population. the technology available in the food industry can contribute to solve the problems of malnourishment, supplying foodstuffs for the nutritional protection programs. this can be done through joint programs between government and industry, as is the case of the marketing of products of the basic basket of goods through the mercal and the small grocery shops ("bodegas populares") program, or enriched products such as fruit juice or nectars with calcium and folic acid; milk and dairy products with iron, magnesium and calcium; pre-cooked corn flour with proteins and calcium, and rice with iron, calcium and vitamin a. the fortification or enrichment can be targeted to vulnerable groups of the population such as children, pregnant women or the elderly, who have specific requirements of fixed nutrients such as folic acid, zinc, magnesium, vitamin e and fatty acids omega 3. all the forms of actions can be carried out manufacturing special foodstuffs for the nutritional protection programs that comply with government regulations, where the manufacturer gets a fair price and the population benefits.
A forma??o profissional frente aos desafios da interven??o e das atuais configura??es do ensino público, privado e a distancia
Guerra, Yolanda;
Servi?o Social & Sociedade , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-66282010000400008
Abstract: the current crisis of the capital, together with its new and old determinations, demands metamorphoses from the world of work, which requires a professional profile that serves to this phase of capitalism. my hypothesis is that the current configurations of education are adequate to the demands of the present phase of capitalism, and that such education is guided by the requirements of the labor market. so, the professional background has a double challenge: to unveil and to face the crisis of the capital, as well as the several ways making the working relations and conditions precarious, the flexibility of rights and the emphasis of the social policies that, as a part of the same reasoning, express and influence the professional activity and background.
La beca de retorno de la Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1726-46342010000300016
Abstract: developing countries suffer from brain drain for many decades. industrialized countries have raised their barriers against immigrants, but have created mechanisms to attract foreign professionals, with aggressive policies to capture talents, in an effort to increase their competitiveness. to mitigate the effects of the migration of scientists, the universidad peruana cayetano heredia has created its own "return scholarship" about 12 years ago, and has repatriated 12 scientists through it. the funds invested in attracting the scholars total u.s. $ 333,540.00 and they have secured u.s. $ 9’249,828.42 in research funds during the same period, a figure over 27 times higher. they have published 8 articles in national journals, 68 internationally, and trained 29 undergraduate and 20 graduate students as thesis tutors. other universities and institutions of our countries can emulate this successful experience, which is still evolving.
Le contr le de l'Univers: la dialettica del potere nelle Histoire(s) du cinéma di Jean-Luc Godard
Michele Guerra
Ricerche di S/Confine , 2010,
Abstract: In Histoire(s) du cinéma, Jean-Luc Godard finally connects his human being’s existence with history of cinema as uncontrollable stream of images, as a system of screens and mirrors that our experience produces and from which it is produced. The image is the nothing’s negation – Godard says – but also the nothing’s gaze on us. Through an omnivorous cinematographic writing, through the exploitation of quotation’s potentiality of movies – made possible only for a director –, Godard prepares a dialectic mechanism of visual power that points out the individual’s endurance versus images and images’endurance versus the individual. Between film-archive and film-museum, Godard manipulates images until to reveal us their secret power structure.
Die Erziehung zu einer aktiven Bürgerschaft
Guerra, Luigi
Social Work and Society , 2007,
Abstract: Trying to give a definition of Citizenship Education is a challenging operation: it is characterized by a variety of meanings flowing from Civic Education (related to knowledge and practice about the system of laws, rules, conventions referring to a particular civil community) to Socio-political education (related to the awareness of being part of the system of cultural elements, values, traditions historically produced by the community itself). It would be not be correct identifying Citizenship Education only with elements of Civic Education, as it would restrict its range to formal level of rules and laws, rights and duties. Otherwise, limiting its understanding only on elements of Sociopolitical Education, would offer the risk of investing in cultural similarities, common roots, values homogeneity, that are strong in giving hold on identity, membership, participation, but so exposed to acts of fanaticism, exclusion of diversity, hostility towards minorities. Therefore, it is necessary to assume that Citizenship Education has to be established on problematic integration of the two presented perspectives, thus founding knowledge and practice about the rules of civil society on the system of values and cultural aspects that every single micro-community (and every single individual) recognizes to be source of the rules: a complex system of various elements made of homogeneity and inhomogeneity, similarities and differences in constant modification an dynamic intercommunication.
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