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Efficient Preparation of Aldoximes from Arylaldehydes, Ethylenediamine and Oxone? in Water
Jing-Jing Xia,Guan-Wu Wang
Molecules , 2007, DOI: 10.3390/12020231
Abstract: The one-pot reaction of aromatic aldehydes, ethylenediamine and Oxone? (2KHSO5·KHSO4·K2SO4) in pure water was found to unexpectedly afford aldoximes in excellent yields.
Characterizing Venous Vasculatures of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using a Multi-Breath-Hold Two-Dimensional Susceptibility Weighted Imaging
Shi-Xin Chang, Guan-Wu Li, Yao Chen, Hong Bao, Lei Zhou, Jun Yuan, Dong-Mei Wu, Yong-Ming Dai
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0065895
Abstract: The aim of our study is to characterize the venous vasculatures of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) using a multi-breath-hold two-dimensional (2D) susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) in comparison with conventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) sequences. Twenty-nine patients with pathologically confirmed HCC underwent MR examination at a 3.0 T scanner. The number of venous vascularity in or around the lesion was counted and the image quality was subjectively evaluated by two experienced radiologists independently based on four image sets: 1) SWI, 2) T1-weighted sequence, 3) T2-weighted sequence, and 4) T1-weighted dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) sequence. Of the 29 patients, a total of 33 liver lesions were detected by both SWI and conventional MR sequences. In the evaluation of the conspicuity of venous vascularity, a mean of 10.7 tumor venous vessels per mass was detected by the SWI and 3.9 tumor vasculatures were detected by T1-weighted DCE (P<0.0001), while none was detected by T1-, T2-weighted sequences. The Pearson correlation coefficients between the lesion sizes and the number of tumor vasculatures detected by T1-weighted DCE was 0.708 (P<0.001), and 0.883 by SWI (P<0.001). Our data suggest that SWI appears to be a more sensitive tool compared to T1-weighted DCE sequence to characterize venous vasculature in liver lesions.

Li Fu-mian,Gu Zhong-wei,Li Guan-wu,Peng Xin-de,

高分子学报 , 1984,
Abstract: 阿斯匹林是近年来发现具有抗血小板凝聚效应的普通药物。在酯基上含有阿斯匹林基团的亲水性丙烯酸酯聚合物的水解研究表明,这些聚合物有可能作为控制释放阿斯匹林的生物相容性释放体系。本文合成了甲基丙烯酸β-(乙酰水扬酰氧)乙酯(HEMAASA)与甲基丙烯酸(MA)的共聚物,观察其水解行为,以期寻找能够进一步控制释放阿
QPSO based actor optimal deployment in WSAN

YAN Xiao-ying,CHENG Guo-jian,ZHOU Guan-wu,

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: To improve the efficiency of WSAN, based on QPSO, this paper proposed a new coverage optimization strategy for actor deployment in WSAN. It adopted a number of particles independently searching for solution space, to share the current global optimal value at a certain communication rate. Through experiments, the results show that the proposed method can improve the real-time coverage rate, and then compare the performances of this algorithm with other latest WSAN deployment algorithms.
A Highly Compatible Circular-Shifting Network for Partially Parallel QC-LDPC Decoder  [PDF]
Yanzhi Wang, Zhenzhi Wu, Peipei Liu, Ning Guan, Hua Wang
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2017.105B003
The conventional methodology for designing QC-LDPC decoders is applied for fixed configurations used in wireless communication standards, and the supported largest expansion factor Z (the parallelism of the layered decoding) is a fixed number. In this paper, we study the circular-shifting network for decoding LDPC codes with arbitrary Z factor, especially for decoding large Z (Z P) codes, where P is the decoder parallelism. By buffering the P-length slices from the memory, and assembling the shifted slices in a fixed routine, the P-parallelism shift network can process Z-parallelism circular-shifting tasks. The implementation results show that the proposed network for arbitrary sized data shifting consumes only one times of additional resource cost compared to the traditional solution for only maximum P sized data shifting, and achieves significant saving on area and routing complexity.
Modeling and Representation of Human Hearts for Volumetric Measurement
Qiu Guan,Wanliang Wang,Guang Wu
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/389463
Abstract: This paper investigates automatic construction of a three-dimensional heart model from a set of medical images, represents it in a deformable shape, and uses it to perform volumetric measurements. This not only significantly improves its reliability and accuracy but also makes it possible to derive valuable novel information, like various assessment and dynamic volumetric measurements. The method is based on a flexible model trained from hundreds of patient image sets by a genetic algorithm, which takes advantage of complete segmentation of the heart shape to form a geometrical heart model. For an image set of a new patient, an interpretation scheme is used to obtain its shape and evaluate some important parameters. Apart from automatic evaluation of traditional heart functions, some new information of cardiovascular diseases may be recognized from the volumetric analysis.
Molecular detection of Torque teno virus in different breeds of swine
Zhiwei Wu, Hongning Wang, Xin Yang, Zhongbing Guan, Yingshun Zhou
Virology Journal , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1743-422x-8-503
Abstract: In this study, 208 serum samples collected from seven swine breeds (Rongchang pig, Chenghua pig, Zibet pig, Wild boar, Duroc, Landrace, Large Yorkshire) from two independent farms were detected to determine the prevalence of two swine TTV genogroups, TTV1 and TTV 2, by nested polymerase chain reaction methods, and to analyse prevalence difference among these breeds.The results showed that the prevalence of TTV in the seven breeds was 92%-100%. No significant difference (p > 0.05) in TTV infection was observed between different breeds. Interestingly, significantly higher prevalence for TTV1 in Rongchang boars (90%) and for TTV2 in Rongchang sows (95%) were detected, while co-infection rate (43.8%) was lower than other breeds. Sequence analysis showed that the homology of TTV1 and TTV2 were over 90.9% and 86.4% in these breeds, respectively.The results indicated that TTV was widely distributed in the seven swine breeds. The prevalence of both TTV genogroups associated with swine breeds and genders. This study also respented the first description of swine TTV prevalence in different swine breeds. It was vitally necessary to further study swine TTV pathogenicity.Torque teno virus (TTV) was first found from a Japanese patient with post-transfusional hepatitis of unknown etiology (non-A-G) in 1997 [1]. TTV is a small, non-enveloped, single-stranded, negative sense, and circular DNA virus, belonging to the Anelloviridae family, Iotatorquevirus genus [2,3]. TTV is frequently detected in humans and swines, but its pathogenicity/virulence and its ability to induce specific diseases are currently unknown [4,5]. However, TTV co-infection with other virus species could be related with such a disease but to date no definitive correlation has been found with any disease syndrome [6-10]. The swine TTV genogroup 2 has been found to be more common in pig suffering from postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS), a disease caused by porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), than in non
Age and genesis of the Shagou River terraces in eastern Qilian Mountains
Baotian Pan,Guangjian Wu,Yixiang Wang,Zhigang Liu,Qingyu Guan
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2001, DOI: 10.1007/BF03187270
Abstract: The fluvial terrace sequence in eastern Qilian Mountains is a record of periodic uplift events of the Tibetan Plateau. Based on paleomagnetic dating, thermoluminescence dating, radio carbon dating and loess-paleosol sequence on terraces, we preliminarily determine the ages of five major terraces of the Shagou River, northern side of the Qilian Mountains. The ages of five terraces were about 830, 418, 250, 140 and 10 ka, respectively. Analysis on characteristics of terraces show that five major terraces were mainly tectonic genesis. Therefore, five major terraces recorded five strong rising events in the Qilian Mountains during the past 830 ka. The ages of those rising events are about the same as those terraces formation. Sub-terraces, constituting a main terrace, were perhaps mainly formed by climatic changes.
Effect of sputtered TiAlCr coatings on oxidation and hot corrosion resistance of Ti-24Al-14Nb-3V
Effect of Sputtered TiAlCr Coatings on Oxidation and Hot Corrosion Resistance of Ti-24Al-14Nb-3V

Fuhui WANG,Chunhong GUAN,Zhaolin TANG,Weitao WU,

材料科学技术学报 , 2001,
Abstract: The effect of sputtered Ti-50Al-10Cr and Ti-50Al-20Cr coatings on both isothermal and cyclic oxidation resistance at 800 similar to 900 degreesC and hot corrosion resistance at 850 degreesC of Ti-24Al-14Nb-3V was investigated. Results indicated that Ti-24Al-14Nb-3V alloys exhibited poor oxidation resistance due to the formation of Al2O3+TiO2+AlNbO4 mixed scales in air at 800 similar to 900 degreesC and poor hot corrosion resistance due to the spallation of scales formed in Na2SO4+K2SO4 melts at 850 degreesC. Both Ti-50Al-10Cr and Ti-50Al-20Cr coatings remarkably improved the oxidation and hot corrosion resistance of Ti-24Al-14Nb-3V alloy.
Soil Temperature Triggers the Onset of Photosynthesis in Korean Pine
Jiabing Wu, Dexin Guan, Fenhui Yuan, Anzhi Wang, Changjie Jin
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0065401
Abstract: In forest ecosystems, the onset of spring photosynthesis may have an important influence on the annual carbon balance. However, triggers for the onset of photosynthesis have yet to be clearly identified, especially for temperate evergreen conifers. The effects of climatic factors on recovery of photosynthetic capacity in a Korean pine forest were investigated in the field. No photosynthesis was detectable when the soil temperature was below 0°C even if the air temperature was far beyond 15°C. The onset of photosynthesis and sap flow was coincident with the time of soil thawing. The rates of recovery of photosynthetic capacity highly fluctuated with air temperature after onset of photosynthesis, and intermittent frost events remarkably inhibited the photosynthetic capacity of the needles. The results suggest that earlier soil thawing is more important than air temperature increases in triggering the onset of photosynthesis in Korean pine in temperate zones under global warming scenarios.
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