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El conflicto entre las bases filosóficas del derecho moderno y posmoderno
Guadarrama González,Pablo;
Frónesis , 2008,
Abstract: political and juridical regimes and even ethical norms prevailing in pre-capitalist social-economic formations did not permit a broad display of individual liberties that bourgeois ideology would later undertake to raise aloft with the objective of founding the supposed eternity of a supposedly perfect society justified by reason -understand the presumed rationality of the market- that constantly manifests the irrationality of its behavior and consequences. the modern spirit was forged under the paradigms of equality, fraternity, liberty: postmodernism is the criticism of the insufficiencies of those paradigms. it was supposed that law in modernity was underpinned by the rationality of arguments fostered by a supposed democratic life of equality and social justice that began to break apart very early when capitalist society revealed more and more its irrational nature. the consequences of irrational discourse have been very severe and its manifestations have appeared in spheres of contemporary spirituality and of course, in law on different levels.
Crítica a los reduccionismos epistemológicos en las ciencias sociales
Guadarrama González,Pablo;
Revista de Filosofía , 2009,
Abstract: this paper aims to criticize the epistemological reductionisms in the social sciences, among which are: geocentric reductionism, geographic, economic, linguistic, logical analysis, structural-functionalist, hermeneutic, phenomenological and emergent reductionism. in contrast to these reductionisms, there are several approaches that have emerged in the history of human thought, that with different terms, have been trying to overcome these reductionist points of view, such as: the dialectical paradigm, the holistic, the complexity and the postcolonial paradigms. as final thoughts, the paper highlights that there have always been and there will always be epistemic grounds to conceive -both unilaterally and multilaterally- reality; and the fact that one or another perspective prevails will depend on the level of development of science and philosophy ( the greater or lesser recognition that the protagonist of some sciences has, in particular, given their social and technological impact), as well as on the degree of development and solution for social contradictions of the historical epoch in which reductionisms are generated and dissolved.
Etapas principales de la Educación Superior en Cuba
Pablo Guadarrama González
Revista Historia de la Educación Latinoamericana , 2005,
Abstract: La educación superior en Cuba ha desempe ado un papel protagónico en la conformación de la cultura y la sociedad cubana y ha contribuido de manera diferenciada durante las tres épocas básicas de su historia: la colonial (1728-1898), la república neocolonial (1900-1958) y etapa revolucionaria (1959-hasta hoy), a consolidar las aspiraciones liberadoras en diferentes planos de la vida nacional.
Hostos y el Positivismo sui Generis Latinoamericano
Pablo Guadarrama González
Revista Historia de la Educación Latinoamericana , 2004,
Abstract: El positivismo fue asumido y cultivado en Latinoamérica de forma sui generis como una filosofía optimista llena de confianza en el hombre, en la capacidad creativa de su pensamiento, en la cultura, la educación, la ciencia, el progreso y el desarrollo industrial. Aliado al liberalismo y a la defensa de la democracia sus ideas resultaban muy avanzadas para los países latinoamericanos, recién liberados en su mayoría del colonialismo espa ol y enfrascados entonces en profundas luchas entre las oligarquías retrogradas y la naciente burguesía nacional. Las ideas filosóficas y educativas de Hostos ponen de manifiesto la riqueza alcanzada por el pensamiento latinoamericano en el siglo XIX que aunque compartió algunas posiciones con el krausismo y el positivismo no se dejó arrastrar de forma unilateral por estas corrientes y supo aprovechar los elementos de valor contenidos especialmente en el positivismo que supo asumir de modo sui generis como la mayoría de los intelectuales latinoamericanos de esa época que se identificaron con él en correspondencia con una praxis educativa y política beneficiosa a los pueblos de América Latina.
Epidemiology and diagnosis of the pancreatic cancer: Epidemiología y diagnóstico Cáncer de páncreas
M. Hidalgo Pascual,E. Ferrero Herrero,M. J. Castillo Fé,F. J. Guadarrama González
Revista Espa?ola de Enfermedades Digestivas , 2004,
Effect of use of citrus bagasse as functional product-extender on physicochemical and textural properties of cooked ham
José Antonio Aguilar-Rico,Leopoldo González-Cruz,José Mayolo Juárez-Goiz,Zaira B. Guadarrama-álvarez
Nacameh , 2011,
Abstract: The substitution effect of carrageenan, soy protein and potato starch by orange bagasse on physico-chemical characteristics of cooked ham was evaluated. A 33 factorial design was used, with substitution levels of 0, 50 and 100%. The results indicate that the substitution of potato starch for orange bagasse results in increase in the ham yield, but to replace the carrageenan and/or soy protein by orange bagasse, cause decrease in yield below that non-substituted ham. Moreover, if even yields increase with substitution of potato starch by orange bagasse, however, the textural characteristics of the product obtained showed deficiency in comparison with thenon-substituted ham. Apparently orange bagasse substitution does not alter the matrix stability formation in ham, so there was no significant difference in expressible moisture. Substitution of carrageenan, soy protein and potato starch by orange bagasse in ham has highest influence on pH and color parameters, this due probably to compounds presents in the fruit (citric acid and carotenoids). Orange bagasse has high potential as a novel source of dietary fiber in food industry.
Biomasa y rendimiento de frijol con potencial ejotero en unicultivo y asociado con girasol
Gardu?o-González, J.;Morales-Rosales, E. J.;Guadarrama-Valentín, S.;Escalante-Estrada, J. A.;
Revista Chapingo. Serie horticultura , 2009,
Abstract: the aim of this study was the estimation of biomass production, yield and yield components of two cultivars ('acerado' and 'criollo') of common bean (phaseolus vulgaris l.) with high potential for the snap bean production, monocropped and intercropped with two cultivars of sunflower (helianthus annuus l.) ('sunbright' and 'victoria'). the study was done during the spring of 2006 under rainfed conditions in tenancingo, mexico. the variables evaluated were leaf area index (lai), net assimilation rate (nar), total biomass (tb), pod diameter (pd), pod length (pl), number of pods·m-2 (np) and pod yield·m-2 (py), which were analyzed in a randomized complete block factorial arrangement. in order to consider the degree of association between the studied variables and pod yield, an analysis of simple linear correlation was made. in cultivar factor, statistical differences were detected in nar and pd; for the sowing systems factor there were significant differences in tb, pd, np and py. the interaction of cultivars * sowing system was significant in all the variables, except in nar. the associations 'criollo' + 'sunbright', 'acerado' + 'victoria', and monocropped 'acerado' had the highest py. the variables lai, tb and np were correlated positively and significantly with the pod yield. the results indicate that 'criollo' and 'acerado', associated with 'sunbright' and 'victoria', respectively, respond positively to the association, constituting a favorable option for the producers of the region of tenancingo, mexico.
Validación de un juego de reactivos (CUALINEN-HCG) para la detección cualitativa de gonadotropina coriónica humana en el embarazo
García Dafonte,Gema E.; Arranz Calzado,Celeste M.; Rodríguez Pendás,Berta; Almeida Zaldívar,Isabel; González Suárez,Roberto M.; Coto Rodeiro,Remigio; Santana Porbén,Sergio; Lozano Guadarrama,Armando;
Revista Cubana de Endocrinolog?-a , 2002,
Abstract: the results of the standardization of a kit of reagents (cualinen-hcg), for the detection of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) in urine and their diagnostic validation at primary level are presented. cualinen-hcg is a double capture micro elisa that involves the participation of a specific monoclonal antibody for the b subunit of the hcg (acm-bhcg-ig1) and the enzymatic conjugated with the corresponding colorimetric substrate, obtained and purified in the national institute of endocrinology. the results of the analytic validation of the cualinen-hcg showed that it was able to distinguish between positive and negative urines samples, with a ratio positive/negative of 10; it was obtained coefficients of variation of 6 % in studies of precision (inter and intra assays) carried out for the positive control. 91 samples of matutinal urine from women who had been with amenorrhea between 4 and 16 weeks, starting from the last date of menstruation, were processed. pregnancy was diagnosted later among these women. we performed the validation at primary level of the cualinen-hcg with a diagnostic sensibility and specificity of 85 % and 95 % respectively and a diagnostic accuracy of 90 %. their use is recommended as auxiliary tool for the diagnostic of the pregnancy to primary level starting from the first week of absence of the menstruation (5 weeks of amenorrhoea).
Some New Questions about the Seasonal Decrease of the Ozone Layer  [PDF]
Jaime González Velasco
Green and Sustainable Chemistry (GSC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/gsc.2012.23016
Abstract: The depletion-recovery cycle of the ozone layer is explained on the basis of the magnetic properties of oxygen, ozone, nitrogen oxides and chlorine combinations, which upon interaction with the Earth’s magnetic field, give rise to gaseous fluxes polar- and equatorial-wards.
What Does “Noise Pollution” Mean?  [PDF]
Alice Elizabeth González
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2014.54037

Noise features different characteristics that make it different from every other “classic” pollutant. Noise is invisible; it does not smell; it disappears when the source is turned off and leaves no traces in the environment. In addition, when people perceive something wrong about their hearing capacity, it is often long time after the beginning of noise exposure. This fact contributes to strengthening the misconception that noise is not harmful to human health or, at least, efforts and funds aim preferably at controling and decreasing the emission of other pollutants. Adding to this, most people tend to consider that noise is the price to pay for accessing to the amenities of the Technological Era and it is indivisible and inevitably linked to them. Last but not least, noise pollution could adversely affect ecosystems and ecological services. Then, how is it possible to convince the decision makers that noise pollution is one of the major current environmental problems? The aim of this paper is to discuss step by step the applicability of noise of a “pollution” definition, as a way to ease the understanding that lowering environmental noise levels should be prioritized: because it will lead to a healthier and better society.

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