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Picasso alquimista: Una lectura de "Las Meninas"
Aisthesis , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-71812010000100018
Abstract: the objective of this essay is to reflect on picasso's las meninas según velázquez, painted in 1957. we have chosen three moments to develop our thesis: in the first place, we will develop a critical revisión of the classical lectures on las meninas since foucault published his essay in les mots et les choses (1966); secondly, and taking as a starting point rosalind krauss' essay on picasso, the picasso papers, we will read the series as a dialectic of fake and falsification, and finally we will analyze the relationship between form and content through the problem-posing of musical variation. we would like to point out that what is revolutionary in picasso's series is indeed their fake power.
Picasso alquimista: Una lectura de "Las Meninas" Alchemist Picasso: a Reading of "Las Meninas"
Guadalupe Lucero
Aisthesis , 2010,
Abstract: Este texto presenta una lectura de la serie Las meninas según Velázquez que Picasso realizó en 1957, articulada en tres momentos: 1) revisión de las interpretaciones clásicas de Las Meninas, que poco después de la aparición de la serie picassiana se reactivan en torno al clásico texto de Michel Foucault que preludia Las palabras y las cosas; 2) presentación de la serie a la luz de una dialéctica de la falsificación y 3) análisis del vínculo forma-contenido a partir de la problematización de la noción misma de "variación", buscando algunas resonancias con la lógica musical de la variación. Consideramos que la radicalidad del ejercicio picassiano se encuentra en el centro de lo que se le reprocha: su potencia falsificante. The objective of this essay is to reflect on Picasso's Las meninas según Velázquez, painted in 1957. We have chosen three moments to develop our thesis: in the first place, we will develop a critical revisión of the classical lectures on Las Meninas since Foucault published his essay in Les mots et les choses (1966); secondly, and taking as a starting point Rosalind Krauss' essay on Picasso, The Picasso Papers, we will read the series as a dialectic of fake and falsification, and finally we will analyze the relationship between form and content through the problem-posing of musical variation. We would like to point out that what is revolutionary in Picasso's series is indeed their fake power.
Nitrogen Source Affects Glycolipid Production and Lipid Accumulation in the Phytopathogen Fungus Ustilago maydis  [PDF]
Ariana Zavala-Moreno, Roberto Arreguin-Espinosa, Juan Pablo Pardo, Lucero Romero-Aguilar, Guadalupe Guerra-Sánchez
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2014.413104
Abstract: When cultured in medium limited of nitrogen sources, the phytopathogen Ustilago maydis produces two amphipathic glycolipids: Ustilagic acid (UA) and Mannosylerythritol lipid (MEL), which in addition to the hydrophilic moiety, contain dior tri-hydroxylated C16 fatty acids (UA), or C8 and C16 saturated fatty acids (MEL). We compared the growth and morphology of cells in YPD and in minimum media containing glucose and nitrogen sources such as nitrate or urea and those deprived of nitrogen. Nitrogen-starved cells showed a dramatic accumulation of internal lipids identified as lipid droplets when stained with the hydrophobic probe BODIPY; these lipid droplets were enriched in unsaturated fatty acids. Fatty acids in YPD or medium containing nitrate as nitrogen source showed a combination of saturated/unsaturated lipids, but when urea was the nitrogen source, cells only contained saturated fatty acids. The glycolipid profiles produced in the presence or absence of nitrogen showed preferences towards the production of one kind of glycolipid: cells in media containing nitrate or urea produced different proportions of UA/MEL, but under nitrogen starvation cells contained only UA. The emulsification capacity of the glycolipids produced in media with or without nitrogen was similar (72% - 76%). HPLC of the glycolipids allowed the separation of fractions with different emulsifying characteristics. Our results indicate that U. maydis accumulates lipid droplets when deprived of nitrogen source and confirm that UA is not under nitrogen control, but rather that MEL and lipid droplets are produced and oppositely regulated by nitrogen.
Hábitos alimentarios de ni os en edad escolar y el papel de la educación para la salud Eating habits in school-age children and the health education paper
Adriana Ivette Macias M,Lucero Guadalupe Gordillo S,Esteban Jaime Camacho R
Revista Chilena de Nutricíon , 2012,
Abstract: Se realizó una revisión teórica acerca del papel de la familia, los anuncios publicitarios y la escuela, en la adopción, o bien modificación de los hábitos alimentarios de los ni os. Debido a que las nuevas dinámicas familiares y la gran exposición de los ni os a los comerciales alimentarios han modificado los patrones de consumo de los ni os originando con ello el aumento de la obesidad infantil, motivo por el que se enfatiza la importancia de la educación para la salud como herramienta preventiva y promocional en el cambio de conductas relacionadas con la adopción de hábitos alimentarios saludables, destacando el desarrollo de programas nutricionales aplicados en escuelas con el objetivo de buscar el trabajo conjunto entre los padres de familia y los profesores, para lograr modificar conductas no saludables y lograr estilos de vida saludables. The role of the family, media advertising and school influence on the eating habits of children was reviewed. The exposure of children to these behavioral factors has modified the consumption patterns in children, resulting in an increase in the prevalence of obesity. This underlines the importance of health education as a preventive and promotional tool in the change of behaviors related to the adoption of healthy eating habits, emphasizing the development of nutritional programs applied in schools with the cooperation of parents and teachers to modify unhealthy behaviors and to acquire healthy life styles.
Perfil psicosocial del cuidador primario informal del paciente con EPOC
Islas Salas, Noemí Lucero;Ramos del Río, Bertha;Aguilar Estrada, Ma. Guadalupe;García Guillén, Ma. de Lourdes;
Revista del Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias , 2006,
Abstract: introduction: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) affects patient and patient's family quality of life. nearly 75% of patients with copd are unable to perform their usual daily chores without the help of a caretaker. objective: to describe the psychosocial profile of the informal primary caretaker (ipc) of patients with copd in our socioeconomic environment. method: prospective, descriptive, horizontal study during july and august 2006; i pcs arriving to the outpatient clinic with their patients with copd were submitted to the health's ipc questionary. results: forty six ipcs were interviewed; 76.1% were female, 66.7% were married, 32.6% were patients' wives, 32.6% daughters, 67.4% were illiterate, 52.2% were housewives and 84.8% shared the home with the patient, 50% had not seen a physician during the previous six months. only 37% reported light and 23.9% moderate stress during their caretaking chores; 63% reported sadness and/or depression, 52.2% anger and irritability, 50% fear and anxiety, 58.7% rest and sleep difficulties, 73.3% muscular tension and 45.7% fatigue. conclusions: the psychosocial profile of the ipc in our study is consistent with that of reports from méxico and other countries. the importance of the ipc as a caretaker of patients with copd is underscored, as well as the need to develop protocols to train and help the needs of the ipc.
A no??o de das Ding em Jacques Lacan
Lucero, Ariana;
Psicologia Clínica , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-56652009000200002
Abstract: the present article aims to explicit the lacanian usage of the notion of das ding extracted from freud's ([1895] 1995) entwurf einer psychologie. we will also try to show at what point das ding can clarify important aspects of lacan's work, such as the relationship of the infant with the other, as well as the statute of the latter; and the question of the translation of the term vorstellungsrepr?sentanz to presentation-of-representation.
Rethinking the Third World Novel
Adelaida Lucero
Kasarinlan : Philippine Journal of Third World Studies , 1997,
Abstract: Third World fiction emanates from the Third World experience of exploitation, dehumanization and dislocation, shaped by the oppressive triad of geography, culture and history. As the author treats of the agonies, protestations and aspirations of file wretched of the earth, the novel revolves around two main complementary themes: protest and affirmation. The protest, which occurs in three levels, is directed externally or internally, against colonizers and minority power groups, and neocolonizers and sub-oppressors, respectively. The theme of affirmation comes in two forms: the assertion of a glorious past, culture, or civilization, and the affirmation of human dignity, fraternity and liberty. When these themes thus assault lie consciousness of the reading millions, the possibilities for collective social transformation become tremendous.
Empiricism, Structuralism and Scientific Change
Susana Lucero
Principia : an International Journal of Epistemology , 2008,
Abstract: In the last decades there was a structural turn in the classic debate between scientific realists and antirealists with empiricist orientation. Two main arguments support the realist conception: the ‘No Miracle Argument’ and the thesis of continuity. The thesis of continuity states that some parts of a theory are retained when a scientific change takes place. In a current famous article, J. Worrall (1989) defends the continuity argument by stating that what is preserved in the succession of two empirically successful theories are the relations among the postulated entities and not the nature of the relata (structural or syntactical realism). Based on this perspective, van Fraassen introduces his position named Empiricist Structuralism, which claims that only the structures of phenomena are retained. This conception tries to explain the success of science and at the same time defend the continuity of structures. I will demonstrate in this paper that the accomplishment of the two mentioned requirements imply a capitulation in favor of realistic intuitions.
Robotics Potential Fields
Jordi Lucero
Undergraduate Journal of Mathematical Modeling : One + Two , 2009, DOI: 10.5038/2326-3652.2.1.3
Abstract: This problem was to calculate the path a robot would take to navigate an obstacle field and get to its goal. Three obstacles were given as negative potential fields which the robot avoided, and a goal was given a positive potential field that attracted the robot. The robot decided each step based on its distance, angle, and influence from every object. After each step, the robot recalculated and determined its next step until it reached its goal. The robot's calculations and steps were simulated with Microsoft Excel.
El aborto en Colombia: dinámica sociodemográfica y tensiones socioculturales
Lucero Zamudio
Revista Derecho del Estado , 2000,
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