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Nitrilases in nitrile biocatalysis: recent progress and forthcoming research
Gong Jin-Song,Lu Zhen-Ming,Li Heng,Shi Jin-Song
Microbial Cell Factories , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1475-2859-11-142
Abstract: Over the past decades, nitrilases have drawn considerable attention because of their application in nitrile degradation as prominent biocatalysts. Nitrilases are derived from bacteria, filamentous fungi, yeasts, and plants. In-depth investigations on their natural sources function mechanisms, enzyme structure, screening pathways, and biocatalytic properties have been conducted. Moreover, the immobilization, purification, gene cloning and modifications of nitrilase have been dwelt upon. Some nitrilases are used commercially as biofactories for carboxylic acids production, waste treatment, and surface modification. This critical review summarizes the current status of nitrilase research, and discusses a number of challenges and significant attempts in its further development. Nitrilase is a significant and promising biocatalyst for catalytic applications.
Application of Multimedia Fugacity Model to Assess the Environmental Fate of Benzo (a) Pyrene
Theoneste Ntakirutimana,Jin-song Guo,Xu Gao,De-chun Gong
Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: This study was undertaken in order to assess the environmental fate of Benzo (a) pyrene. We have highlighted the behavior of Benzo (a) pyrene in multimedia environment or biosphere of air, water, soil and sediments. Equilibrium Criterion (EQC) model which is used to evaluate the environmental fate of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) is used as our tool. The structure of the model and the required input data are presented. By undertaking a sequence of level I, II and III calculations, increasing information is obtained about the chemical’s partitioning, environmental process and chemical characteristics that influence chemical fate, its susceptibility to transformation and transport from one media to another. Output data, consisting of diagrams, give a complete picture of Benzo (a) pyrene’s fate in an evaluative environment. The role of this model as a tool for assessing the fate of Benzo (a) pyrene is discussed. We suggested that this assessment can serve as a template which can be applied to other chemicals and groups of chemicals which are present in the environment.
Analysis on the Functions of Administrative Law Enforcement Interpretation in China
Jin-song WU
Canadian Social Science , 2010,
Abstract: The process of administrative law’s application is also the process of its interpretation. Administrative law enforcement interpretation has the functions of standardize administrative law enforcement, promote the development of the law, make up the bugs of law and other functions. These functions complement and supplement each other. Key words: administrative law enforcement; legal interpretation; Functional Analysis Résumé: Le processus de la pratique du droit administratif est celui de l'application du droit administratif. L'application du droit administratif a plusieurs fonctions, telles que la normalisation de l'application du droit administratif, la promotion du développement de la loi et la réparation des failles de la loi. Ces fonctions se complètent mutuellement. Mots-Clés: application du droit administrative; interprétation juridique; analyses fonctionnelles

Liu Jin-song,

中国物理 B , 2001,
Abstract: A universal theory of steady-state one-dimensional photorefractive spatial solitons is developed which applies to the steady-state one-dimensional photorefractive solitons under various realizations, including the screening solitons in a biased photorefractive medium, the photovoltaic solitons in open- and closed-circuit photovoltaic-photorefractive media and the screening-photovoltaic solitons in biased photovoltaic-photorefractive media. Previous theories advanced individually elsewhere for these solitons can be obtained by simplifying the universal theory under the appropriate conditions.
Fungal His-Tagged Nitrilase from Gibberella intermedia: Gene Cloning, Heterologous Expression and Biochemical Properties
Jin-Song Gong, Heng Li, Xiao-Yan Zhu, Zhen-Ming Lu, Yan Wu, Jing-Song Shi, Zheng-Hong Xu
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0050622
Abstract: Background Nitrilase is an important member of the nitrilase superfamiliy. It has attracted substantial interest from academia and industry for its function of converting nitriles directly into the corresponding carboxylic acids in recent years. Thus nitrilase has played a crucial role in production of commercial carboxylic acids in chemical industry and detoxification of nitrile-contaminated wastes. However, conventional studies mainly focused on the bacterial nitrilase and the potential of fungal nitrilase has been far from being fully explored. Research on fungal nitrilase gene expression will advance our understanding for its biological function of fungal nitrilase in nitrile hydrolysis. Methodology/Principal Findings A fungal nitrilase gene from Gibberella intermedia was cloned through reverse transcription-PCR. The open reading frame consisted of 963 bp and potentially encoded a protein of 320 amino acid residues with a theoretical molecular mass of 35.94 kDa. Furthermore, the catalytic triad (Glu-45, Lys-127, and Cys-162) was proposed and confirmed by site-directed mutagenesis. The encoding gene was expressed in Escherichia coli Rosetta-gami (DE3) and the recombinant protein with His6-tag was purified to electrophoretic homogeneity. The purified enzyme exhibited optimal activity at 45°C and pH 7.8. This nitrilase was specific towards aliphatic and aromatic nitriles. The kinetic parameters Vmax and Km for 3-cyanopyridine were determined to be 0.81 μmol/min·mg and 12.11 mM through Hanes-Woolf plot, respectively. 3-Cyanopyridine (100 mM) could be thoroughly hydrolyzed into nicotinic acid within 10 min using the recombinant strain with the release of about 3% nicotinamide and no substrate was detected. Conclusions/Significance In the present study, a fungal nitrilase was cloned from the cDNA sequence of G. intermedia and successfully expressed in E. coli Rosetta-gami (DE3). The recombinant strain displayed good 3-cyanopyridine degradation efficiency and wide substrate spectrum. This fungal nitrilase might be a potential candidate for industrial applications in carboxylic acids production.
LTR retrotransposon landscape in Medicago truncatula: more rapid removal than in rice
Hao Wang, Jin-Song Liu
BMC Genomics , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-9-382
Abstract: We use a newly developed tool LTR_FINDER to identify LTR retrotransposons in the Mt genome and detect 526 full-length elements as well as a great number of copies related to them. These elements constitute about 9.6% of currently available genomic sequences. They are classified into 85 families of which 64 are reported for the first time. The majority of the LTR retrotransposons belong to either Copia or Gypsy superfamily and the others are categorized as TRIMs or LARDs by their length. We find that the copy-number of Copia-like families is 3 times more than that of Gypsy-like ones but the latter contribute more to the genome. The analysis of PBS and protein-coding domain structure of the LTR families reveals that they tend to use only 4–5 types of tRNAs and many families have quite conservative ORFs besides known TE domains. For several important families, we describe in detail their abundance, conservation, insertion time and structure. We investigate the amplification-deletion pattern of the elements and find that the detectable full-length elements are relatively young and most of them were inserted within the last 0.52 MY. We also estimate that more than ten million bp of the Mt genomic sequences have been removed by the deletion of LTR elements and the removal of the full-length structures in Mt has been more rapid than in rice.This report is the first comprehensive description and analysis of LTR retrotransposons in the Mt genome. Many important novel LTR families were discovered and their evolution is elucidated. Our results may outline the LTR retrotransposon landscape of the model legume.Transposable elements (TEs) are mobile repetitive DNA that have been found in virtually all eukaryotic genomes investigated so far [1-3]. LTR retrotransposons are class I TEs that transpose in a "copy and paste" mode via RNA intermediates. Typical structural characters of a LTR retrotransposon include: 1) two highly similar LTR sequences from several hundred to several tho
Intraclonal spatial division of labour in two stoloniferous plants with different branching type in response to reciprocal patchiness of resources

CHEN Jin-Song,

生态学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 以青藏高原和四川盆地过渡带两种不同分枝型匍匐茎植物野草莓 (Fragaria vesca)和过路黄 (Lysimachia christinae)为对象 ,研究它们在高光照低养分斑块和低光照高养分斑块组成的资源交互斑块性生境中的克隆内分工。结果显示 ,与资源的空间同质性处理 (I)和 (II)相比 ,资源的空间异质性处理 (III)和 (IV)中野草莓和过落黄的近端、远端和整个克隆片段的生物量和分株数均获得显著增加。生长在低光高养条件下的远端分株 ,若与高光低养的近端分株相连 ,相比连接到低光高养的近端分株 ,它们分配更多的生物量到地下部分 ;生长在高光低养条件下的远端分株 ,若与低光高养的近端分株相连 ,相比连接到高光低养的近端分株 ,它们分配更多的生物量到地上部分 ;生长在高光低养条件下的近端分株 ,若与低光高养的远端分株相连 ,相比连接到高光低养的远端分株 ,它们分配更多的生物量到地上部分。实验结果表明 ,资源交互斑块性生境中野草莓和过路黄均发生了克隆内分工。通过克隆内分工 ,克隆植物能有效的利用异质性分布的资源 ,缓解资源交互斑块性分布对克隆植物生长的不利影响
Simulation on water ecological characteristics of agroforestry in the hilly area of Taihang Mountain

ZHANG Jin-Song,

生态学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Based on the well-verified models on water transfer in SPAC of Apple-wheat intercropping and wheat monoculture (as control) system in the hilly region of Taihang Mountain, simulation of spatial and temporal variation of transpiration, water uptake by roots and soil water content during the period of from wheat jointing to wax ripeness was conducted for both the intercropping and monoculture system. The water ecology of the intercropping was then characterized by quantitative analysis. This study was inte...


物理学报 , 1993,
Abstract: The temperature characteristics of two-beam coupling in photorefractive crystal was discussed by using the one-carrier and one-level band-conduction model. The effect of physical parameters on the temperature characteristics was analyzed generally. In this paper, the concept of thermosenseless range has been put forward. If a crystal operates in this range, the optimum results of high efficiency, small thermonoise and small thermodrift of operation point can be obtained. The relationship between physical parameter and the location and extent of the range has been given, the method to amend experiment has been suggested.


物理学报 , 1993,
Abstract: The method of two-stage coherent optical amplification was put forward based on the principle of two-beam coupling. This not only makes it possible that two pieces of low quality crystals can yield the result that one piece of high quality crystal reaches, but also solves the problem that the amplification coefficient can not be greatly increased by means of one-stage amplification. The feasibility of the method was proved by theoretical analysis and experimental demonstration.
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