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Green Fertilization Enhances the Photosynthetic Performance and the Growth of Leguminous Trees for Restoration Plantation in Central Amazon  [PDF]
Roberto Kirmayr Jaquetti, José Francisco de Carvalho Gonalves, Joo Baptista Silva Ferraz, Marciel J. Ferreira, Ulysses Moreira dos Santos Junior, Claudivan Feitosa de Lacerda
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.516264

The leguminous tree species Dipteryx odorata (Aubl.) Willd. and Inga edulis Mart. were grown in the field to reforest a degraded area. To investigate the photosynthetic responses and the initial growth of Amazonian forest species under fertilization, the study species were subjected to different treatments: T1 = unfertilized-control, T2 = chemical fertilization, T3 = green fertilization and T4 = green and chemical fertilization. D. odorata showed the highest absolute growth rates in height under treatments T4 (10.2 cm·month-1) and T2 (12.2 cm·month-1). I. edulis exhibited the best performance for this same parameter in T4 (23.0 cm·month-1). The highest photosynthesis values (Pn) for both D. odorata (13.1 μmol·m-2·s-1) and I. edulis (20.6 μ

Estudo cefalométrico das altera??es no perfil facial em pacientes Classe III dolicocefálicos submetidos à cirurgia ortognática bimaxilar
Tavares, Hewerson Santos;Gonalves, Joo Roberto;Pinto, Ary dos Santos;Rapoport, Abr?o;
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-54192005000500011
Abstract: the present study evaluated the facial profile modifications in 15 skeletal class iii patients that were submitted to presurgical orthodontic treatment and orthognathic bimaxillary surgery stabilized with a rigid fixation. eight of the patients have undergone to genioplastic surgery. presurgical (t1) and late postsurgical (t2) radiographs taken apart with a minimum of 6 month interval had been used. the horizontal and vertical displacement of skeletal and soft tissue profile points were analyzed. the comparison of the cases submitted or not to a genioplastic surgery (t test) showed no differences for the displacement of the skeletal and soft tissue points. the multiple linear regression analysis showed a significant correlation for horizontal movements of the pg and pgm points and for vertical movements of the me and mem points. a low correlation was found for the horizontal movements of sena and a points and for pn, sn and ph points. the vertical movements were more evident for the points pg, gn, and me and for the a and sena points but also showed low correlation.
Composi??o florística e estrutura de uma unidade de manejo florestal sustentável na Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Pará
Gonalves, Fábio Guimar?es;Santos, Joo Roberto dos;
Acta Amazonica , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0044-59672008000200006
Abstract: in this work we discuss aspects of the floristic composition and structure of a stand of dense tropical rain forest subjected to low-impact logging practices. we conducted the study in a 3,200 ha forest management unit located in the north portion of the tapajos national forest (para, brazil), where a mean timber volume of 23.7 m3.ha-1 had been extracted. to represent the variability existing within the experimental area, we randomly selected six 1 ha sample plots in different exploitation blocks. the floristic-structural analyses were made at two distinct scales: (a) at a management unit level, for a global characterization of the forest stand in which later studies will be performed; and (b) at a sample plot level, to aid the study of remote sensing data, given the observed floristic-structural variations. the results showed that the forest management unit hosts a high floristic diversity (shannon-weaver index equals 4.22). the stand is characterized by a high individuals/species concentration in few botanical families, and by a high number of locally rare species. analysis of the floristic-structural variations between sample plots showed statistically significant differences in species diversity and similarity, and in mean total height values. in addition, we noted significant variability in the structural metrics such as the distribution of diameters and the estimated timber volume.
Relating LANDSAT ETM+ and forest inventory data for mapping successional stages in a tropical wet forest / Relacionando LANDSAT ETM+ e dados de inventário florestal para mapeamento estádios sucessionais em uma floresta tropical úmida
Fábio G. Gonalves,Mikhail Yatskov,Joo Roberto dos Santos,Robert N. Treuhaft
Ambiência , 2010,
Abstract: In this study, we test whether an existing classification technique based on the integration of LANDSAT ETM+ and forest inventory data enables detailed characterization of successional stages in a tropical wet forest site. The specific objectives were: (1) to map forest age classes across the La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica; and (2) to quantify uncertainties in the proposed approach in relation to field data and existing vegetation maps. Although significant relationships between vegetation hight entropy (a surrogate for forest age) and ETM+ data were detected, the classification scheme tested in this study was not suitable for characterizing spatial variation in age at La Selva, as evidenced by the error matrix and the low Kappa coefficient (0.129). Factors affecting the performance of the classification at this particular study site include the smooth transition in vegetation structure between intermediate and late successional stages, and the low sensitivity of NDVI to variations in vertical structure at high biomass levels. ResumoNesse estudo, testamos se uma técnica de classifica o existente, baseada na integra o de imagens LANDSAT ETM+ e os dados de inventário florestal, permite a caracteriza o detalhada dos estádios sucessionais em uma área de floresta tropical úmida. Os objetivos específicos foram: (1) mapear classes de idade florestal na Esta o Biológica La Selva, na Costa Rica, e (2) quantificar as incertezas da abordagem proposta em rela o aos dados de campo e mapas de vegeta o existente. Apesar de terem sido detectadas rela es significativas entre dados ETM+ e medidas de entropia da altura da vegeta o (um substituto para a idade florestal) o sistema de classifica o testados nesse estudo n o se demonstrou adequado para caracterizar a varia o espacial em idade em La Selva, como evidenciado pela matriz de erro e o baixo coeficiente Kappa (0,129). Fatores que afetam o desempenho da classifica o área de estudo em particular, incluem a alta similaridade estrutural entre os estádios sucessionais intermediário e avan ado, e a baixa sensibilidade do NDVI a varia es na estrutura vertical da biomassa em áreas com níveis elevados de biomassa.
SAR data for the analysis of forest features: current Brazilian experiences
Joo Roberto dos Santos,Fábio Furlan Gama,Fábio Guimar?es Gonalves
Ambiente e água : An Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Science , 2006,
Abstract: This article presents some applications of airborne polarimetric and/or interferometric microwave data to improve the knowledge of forest structures. Three airborne SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) experiments were done in the Amazon tropical forest: (a) to study the spatial distribution of very large trees (VLTs) in the primary forest using local maximum filtering and a series of Markov processes; (b) to model the estimation of biomass variations in primary and secondary forests; (c) to analyze the retrieval of timber volume over selective logging areas. Another experiment (d) was to investigate the relation among SAR data and the volumetric configuration in stands of Eucalyptus sp. done by an airborne SAR imaging mission in SE-Brazil. To perform the objectives (b), (c) and (d) we carry out regression techniques, using variables got from multipolarimetric and/or interferometric SAR attributes and biophysical parameters from the forest cover. All data from the experiments were calibrated radiometrically to extract information during digital processing, besides an exhaustive field survey which was done simultaneously to SAR imaging, to know the physiognomy/structure of forest typology and to support the models produced for each case. The results of this series of experiments show advances at the techniques to treat SAR data, focusing on models of stand architecture and forest stock density. This will be helpful to increase the regional inventory and surveying procedures of forest conversion in the Brazilian territory in the near future.
Desenvolvimento de um torquímetro de precis o para o estudo do desempenho de implantes osseointegrados
Bianchi Eduardo Carlos,Aguiar Paulo Roberto de,Santos Marcelo de Almeida Souza,Gonalves Joo Roberto
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2003,
Abstract: Esse artigo tem como objetivo apresentar o projeto, a constru o e os resultados obtidos no estudo da osseointegra o com um torquímetro de alta precis o. Esse torquímetro, especialmente desenvolvido para este tipo de pesquisa, pode ser usado para desenvolver pesquisas odontológicas da osseointegra o de implantes dentários. Os implantes foram feitos em sete coelhos que foram avaliados após 21 e 42 dias. Alguns coelhos sofreram estimula es ultra-s nicas em seus implantes, enquanto outros foram analisados sem se submeterem a estas estimula es. Os resultados mostraram o bom funcionamento do torquímetro e que o torque para remover o implante do coelho é diretamente proporcional ao tempo de osseintegra o e que as estimula es ultra-s nicas podem influenciar o torque necessário para remover o implante em alguns casos.
Hepatocarcinoma como causa de abdome agudo em adolescente: relato de caso Acute abdomen caused by rupture of hepatocellular carcinoma in an adolescent: case report
Joo Augusto dos Santos Martines,Brenda Margatho Ramos Martines,Daniel Gonalves Leal Araújo,Fabiana Roberto Lima
Autopsy and Case Reports , 2012,
Abstract: O carcinoma hepatocelular (CHC) é pouco prevalente nos países ocidentais, porém é um dos tumores mais freqüentes na ásia e a quinta causa de cancer no mundo. é relatado um caso de adolescente do sexo feminino sem fatores de risco para um tumor extremamente agressivo, internada no Hospital Universitário da Universidade de S o Paulo. A apresenta o clínica foi de abdome agudo secundário a sangramento para cavidade peritoneal por ruptura do tumor evidenciado através de tomografia computorizada multidetectores (TCMD) confirmado por laparotomia exploradora e biópsia hepática e tratada com rafia hemostática do parênquima hepático. Hepatocelular carcinoma (HCC ) is not frequent in West Countries, but is one of the most prevalent tumors in Asia and the fifth most common cancer in the world. We present a case of a teenager girl diagnosed with an extremely aggressive HCC without the known risk factors. The patient was admitted in Hospital Universitário da Universidade de S o Paulo with the diagnosis of acute hemorrhagic abdomen secondary to hepatic rupture confirmed by exploratory laparotomy and liver biopsy, treated with surgical hemostasis of the ruptured hepatic parenchyma.
Adilson Donizeti Damasceno,Eugênio Gonalves Araújo,Joo Roberto Mata,Maria Clorinda Soares Fioravanti
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2008,
Abstract: As proteínas das jun es de aderência têm sido associadas ao mecanismo patológico da miocardiopatia chagásica. Objetivando determinar a natureza dessas altera es, infectaram-se dez camundongos machos Swiss Webster com 25 dias de idade por via intraperitoneal com uma cepa tipo III de Trypanosoma cruzi na dose de 1,0 x 104 tripomastigotas/camundongo. Cinco camundongos infectados foram sacrificados no 14° dia (pico de parasitemia) de infec o (grupo A) e outros cinco camundongos (grupo C) três meses após a inocula o, representando a fase cr nica da infec o. Inocularam-se dez animais com solu o estéril de cloreto de sódio 0,9%, sendo sacrificados no 14° dia (grupo CA) e cinco ao final do terceiro mês (grupo CC), para servirem como controles n o-infectados. As jun es de aderência foram analisadas a partir do lisado total dos cora es submetido a western blotting para pan-caderina e β-catenina. A análise do western blotting revelou aumento da express o de pan-caderina na fase aguda (2,1x ± 0,89, p= 0,048) e cr nica (2,1x ± 0,92, p= 0,05) quando comparadas com seus respectivos controles. Em rela o à β-catenin, os resultados mostraram o mesmo padr o caracterizado pelo aumento de seus níveis na fase aguda (6,8x ± 4,65, p= 0,047) e cr nica (3,65x ± 1,93, p= 0,033) em compara o aos controles. Assim, estes resultados indicam a associa o das proteínas de jun o de aderência aos eventos patológicos em cora es de camundongos infectados por T. cruzi. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Doen a de Chagas, jun es de aderência, miocardite, western blotting. Adherens junctions proteins have also been envolved in pathological mechanism of chagasic myocardiopathy. Aimed to determine the nature of these alterations, ten Swiss Webster male mice, 25 days-old were infected with a Type III strain of Trypanosoma cruzi through intraperitoneal (IP) route with 1.0 x 104 trypomastigotes/mouse. Five infected mice were killed at 14th day (parasitemia peak) of infection (group A). Another five infected mice (group C), were killed three months after inoculation, representing the chronic phase of the infection. Ten mice were injected through IP route with sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution and were maintained under the same general conditions of the other groups. Five mice were killed either on day 14 (group CA) and five were killed at the end of the third month (group CC), and served as uninfected controls. Adherens junctions were analyzed by total lysate of the hearts that were immunoblotted for pan-cadherin and β-catenin. Western blot analysis revealed increases of cadherins in both acute (2.1
Taxa metabólica de repouso de ciclistas estimada por equa??es e obtida por calorimetria indireta
Cocate, Paula Guedes;Alfenas, Rita de Cássia Gonalves;Pereira, Letícia Gonalves;Marins, Joo Carlos Bouzas;Bressan, Josefina;Cecon, Paulo Roberto;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922009000600008
Abstract: the resting metabolic rate (rmr) can be determined by indirect calorimetry (ic). however, the clinical estimation of this parameter has been done using mathematical equations, which were developed in studies involving non-athletes. although some authors have indicated that such equations do not estimate correctly the rmr, they have been constantly used to estimate such parameter and to prescribe diets, including for athletes. the objective of this study was to compare the rmr determined by ic with the ones estimated using the equations proposed by harris & benedict (hb), schofield, fao/who/unu and henry & rees (hr), in 15 male cyclists, aged 24.4±3.68 years, body mass index of 21.97±1.46 kg/m2 and vo2max of 70.00±5.32 ml(kg.min)-1. student's t test (when data presented normal distribution) and mann-whitney (when data did not present normal distribution) were used to compare the rmr determined by ic and the ones estimated by the equations. probability values below 0.05 were considered statistically significant. pearson bivariate correlation coefficients were calculated to evaluate the relationship between rmr and fat free mass (ffm). it was verified that the rmr was significantly underestimated in 23.5%, 16.7%, 16.8% and 16.9%, respectively by the equations proposed by hr, fao/who/unu, schofield and hb in comparison to rmr obtained by ic. rmr values were significantly correlated with ffm (r=0.551, p=0.03). these results confirm that the equations evaluated in this study are not appropriate to estimate the rmr of athletes. such results can be explained by the fact that athletes have more ffm and possibly a greater β- adrenergic receptors response to the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn leads to rmr higher than in sedentary people. therefore, we created an equation considering the ffm and age variables to better estimate athletes′ rmr. however, this equation should be validated in a study involving a greater number of cyclists before it can be clinically used.
Efeito do índice glicêmico no gasto energético e utiliza??o de substrato energético antes e depois de exercício cicloergométrico
Cocate, Paula Guedes;Alfenas, Rita de Cássia Gonalves;Pereira, Letícia Gonalves;Bressan, Josefina;Marins, Joo Carlos Bouzas;Cecon, Paulo Roberto;
Revista de Nutri??o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-52732010000600002
Abstract: objective: the present study assessed, on 5 consecutive days, the effect of consuming meals with different glycemic indices on energy expenditure, energy substrate oxidation and excessive oxygen consumption after exercise. methods: a total of 15 well trained men aged m=24.4, sd=3.70 years with a mean body mass index of m=21.97, sd=1.46 kg/m2 and maximum oxygen uptake (vo2max) of m=70.00, sd= 5.32 ml(kg.min)-1 participated in the study. after the meal, the participants remained 90 minutes in the indirect calorimeter deltatrac? for assessment of the metabolic parameters. next, they exercised at 85-95% of their maximum heart rate in three bouts of 10 minutes. the metabolic parameters were reassessed within the 60 minutes following the exercise. results: the study treatments did not affect energy expenditure, excessive oxygen consumption or fat oxidation after exercise. however, the rate of fat oxidation in the 90 minutes that followed the meal was higher in those who consumed the high-glycemic index meal than in those who consumed the low-glycemic index meal. moreover, the postprandial fat oxidation rate was lower than that observed after the exercise. conclusion: these results suggest that, while the consumption of low-glycemic index meals may not have beneficial effects, exercise can promote greater fat oxidation and, consequently, reduce body fat.
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