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La constel.lació alternativa
Joan Gomis
Temps d'Educació , 2000,
Odón de Buen: forty-five years of commitment to the university
Gomis, Alberto
Asclepio : Revista de Historia de la Medicina y de la Ciencia , 2011,
Abstract: The aragonese naturalist Odón de Buen y del Cos for twenty-two annual academic courses professor of natural history at the University of Barcelona and for twenty-three of the University of Madrid. Strong supporter of Darwin's evolutionary theory, experimental work in the field and laboratory, in this paper puts the value of their efforts, as an educator, to popularize the natural sciences and thus separated from the concerns, superstition and fanaticism, which they were basic reasons of the moral and material backwardness in which Spain was found. El naturalista aragonés Odón de Buen y del Cos fue durante veintidós cursos académicos catedrático de Historia Natural en la Universidad en Barcelona y durante veintitrés de la Universidad de Madrid. Firme defensor de la teoría evolucionista de Darwin, del trabajo experimental en el campo y en el laboratorio, en este artículo se ponen en valor sus esfuerzos, como docente, para popularizar las ciencias positivas y, así, separarlas de las preocupaciones, de la superstición y del fanatismo, que eran causas primordiales del atraso moral y material en que se encontraban en Espa a.
De l'enfance tragique dans Allah n'est pas obligé de Kourouma: entre guerre et représentation littéraire de l'horreur
Aimé Gomis
DOCT-US , 2011,
Abstract: I intend to study in Allah n'est pas obligé the literary representation of horror. This text of Kourouma focusing on the African childhood, can locate the levels of involvement of the war in the structuring of the character identity, especially of Birahima, the novel’s hero. But it also helps to assess areas of confluence called "mixed zone" in the representation of the human and where the philosophical aspects of esse appear as central to human phraseology struck by the Real, that of horror, which is out of control. It's the whole point of this article based on rich textual information to suggest another possible sociopolitical, historical and anthropological reading of the African trauma.
D-Branes, Holonomy and M-Theory
Jaume Gomis
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1016/S0550-3213(01)00247-4
Abstract: We show that M-theory on spaces with irreducible holonomy represent Type IIA backgrounds in which a collection of D6-branes wrap a supersymmetric cycle in a manifold with a holonomy group different from the one appearing in the M-theory description. For example, we show that D6-branes wrapping a supersymmetric four-cycle on a manifold with G_2 holonomy is described in eleven dimensions by M-theory on a space with Spin(7) holonomy. Examples of such Type IIA backgrounds which lift to M-theory on spaces with SU(3), G_2, SU(4) and Spin(7) holonomy are considered. The M-theory geometry can then be used to compute exact quantities of the gauge theory on the corresponding D-brane configuration.
Anti de Sitter Geometry and Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories
Jaume Gomis
Physics , 1998, DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(98)00820-X
Abstract: We propose supergravity duals to non-trivial fixed points of the renormalization group in three dimensions with ADE global symmetries. All the fixed point symmetries are identified with space-time symmetries.
D-branes on Orbifolds with Discrete Torsion And Topological Obstruction
Jaume Gomis
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1088/1126-6708/2000/05/006
Abstract: We find the orbifold analog of the topological relation recently found by Freed and Witten which restricts the allowed D-brane configurations of Type II vacua with a topologically non-trivial flat $B$-field. The result relies in Douglas proposal -- which we derive from worldsheet consistency conditions -- of embedding projective representations on open string Chan-Paton factors when considering orbifolds with discrete torsion. The orbifold action on open strings gives a natural definition of the algebraic K-theory group -- using twisted cross products -- responsible for measuring Ramond-Ramond charges in orbifolds with discrete torsion. We show that the correspondence between fractional branes and Ramond-Ramond fields follows in an interesting fashion from the way that discrete torsion is implemented on open and closed strings.
On SUSY Breaking And \chiSB From String Duals
Jaume Gomis
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1016/S0550-3213(01)00658-7
Abstract: We find regular string duals of three dimensional N=1 SYM with a Chern-Simons interaction at level k for SO and Sp gauge groups. Using the string dual we exactly reproduce the conjectured pattern of supersymmetry breaking proposed by Witten by showing that there is dynamical supersymmetry breaking for k= h/2, where h is the dual Coxeter number of the gauge group. We also find regular string duals of four dimensional N=1 SYM for SO and Sp gauge groups and exactly reproduce the expected pattern of chiral symmetry breaking Z_{2h}--> Z_2 by analyzing the symmetries of the string solution.
Un estudio sobre prácticas de empleo en firmas multinacionales en México: Un primer mapeo
Carrillo, Jorge;Gomis, Redi;
Frontera norte , 2011,
Abstract: the article aims to establish an initial profile of multinational corporations in méxico, focusing on labor and union issues, as a first step to disclosing the results of empirical research on human resource practices in these kinds of companies. this study forms part of an academic network that simultaneously conducted this study in another eight countries. the analysis seeks to determine different business behaviors according to their country of origin, industry and employment rates. this heterogeneity can generally be confirmed although in some specific aspects, homogeneous behavior can be observed. the results of the analysis presented are expected to encourage discussion of the role of multinationals in méxico in order to contribute to deeper knowledge of the subject, particularly as regards the importance of the role of multinational companies in employment.
Pèlerins fran ais en route pour Rome en 1600 French pilgrims to Rome in 1600
Stéphane Gomis
Belgeo : Revue Belge de Géographie , 2013,
Abstract: En 1600, le jubilé universel voit converger vers Rome d’importantes foules pèlerines, au sein desquelles les sujets du roi de France sont assez largement représentés. Dans ce contexte, le journal tenu lors du pèlerinage effectué cette année là par seize prêtres de la région de Dreux dans le diocèse fran ais de Chartres est un document riche d’informations. L’auteur de ce petit livret n’est pas un membre du clergé. En effet, il s’agit du dix-septième pèlerin, parent de l’un des clercs, Laurent Barbereau, notaire de son état. Cette originalité conduit, tout d’abord, à s’interroger sur ce type d’écrit issu du “for privé”; puis, sur les acteurs mis en scène par notre scripteur ainsi que sur la nature de leur quête spirituelle. Enfin, il importe de poser la question de l’organisation et du déroulement d’un tel périple. Au total, guide, aide-mémoire, livre de comptes, le principal objet de ces feuillets est, avant tout, d’être utile. In 1600, the universal jubilee in Rome sees large crowds of pilgrims, in which the subjects of the King of France are fairly well represented. In this context, the diary kept during the pilgrimage that year by sixteen priests from the region of Dreux in the French diocese of Chartres, is a document rich in information. The author of this booklet is not a member of the clergy. Indeed, he is the seventeenth pilgrim, parent of one of the clerics, Laurent Barbereau, a notary by trade. This originality leads to question this kind of writing produced from the first-person writing, the actors directed by our writer as well as the nature of their spiritual quest. Finally, it is important to question the organization and conduct of such a journey. In total, guide, fact sheets, account book, the main purpose of these sheets is, above all, to be useful.
La construcción de un cluster de software en la frontera noroeste de México
Alfredo Hualde,Redi Gomis
Frontera norte , 2004,
Abstract: El presente trabajo aborda las implicaciones que tiene la formación y desarrollo del cluster de tecnologías de información y software de Baja California. En el trabajo se trata de entender el cluster ubicándolo en su contexto territorial y sectorial. Al mismo tiempo se presentan sus características específicas principales a partir de una encuesta realizada por Deloitte & Touche. También se desarrolla una reflexión acerca del significado del proyecto de creación del cluster de software mencionado en relación con los conceptos y significados de la frontera, la inserción de la región en cadenas globales, y las posibilidades de crear clusters de desarrollo endógeno que estimulen la creación de sistemas de innovación regionales.

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