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Aspects of fabrication and characterization of electro-thermal micro-actuators
Godoy, Paulo Henrique de;Silva, Emílio Carlos Nelli;
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-58782007000100005
Abstract: this study examines the behavior of well known simple thermal micro-actuators. this work describes some unexplored aspects of the employed methodology to produce these electro-thermal micro-actuators (etms). these information could be time saving for new groups to start research and development on electro-thermal actuators. the focus of the applied methodology is the use of the finite element method (fem) applied to an iterative procedure to predict the behavior of the micro-actuators before production. the computational model is adjusted based on measurements of force and displacement. to be correctly applied, this methodology requires a sensitivity study of the material properties. the results emphasize the need to use fem with more accurate thermal and mechanical properties, and to consider also the variation of these properties with temperature. we must also consider a careful definition of thermal boundary conditions and the effects of heat convection and radiation, due to deviations between experimental results and fe results. in this investigation, the structural material applied was nickel, plated at about 1 μm/min. the experimental characterization was carried out in a micro probe station with a ccd (charge-coupled device) camera attached to it, and used a controlled voltage source.
Importancia da invas?o neural e linfática no prognóstico do adenocarcinoma colorretal
Durante, Antonio Paulo;Bromberg, Sansom Henrique;Barreto, Elci;Cappellano, Giovanni;Godoy, Antonio Claudio de;
Revista da Associa??o Médica Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-42302004000100029
Abstract: objectives: the paradoxical evolution of approximately one third of patients with colo-retal cancer cataloged in dukes stages b and c demonstrates the necessity of make useful other prognostic criteria. the presence of neural and lymphatic invasion of tumor cells was correlated with the prognosis of patients submitted to radical operation. methods: we performed a retrospective study on 320 patients with colo-rectal carcinoma , with mean age 58 years and 199 (62.2%) females. neural invasion was accessed as positive if cancer cells infiltration into the perineurium or neural fasciculus was detected at the leading point. lymphatic invasion was defined by cancer cells infiltration into a space limited by endothelium without muscular or elastic fibers. those variable were associated to the original classification of dukes. results: lymphatic and neural invasion was demonstrated in 14.1% and 15% of 320 operation specimens respectively. the most frequent site of lymphatic and neural invasion was the rectum. the overall survival was 25% in the presence of neural invasion and 64% without neural invasion (p<0.01). at the presence of lymphatic invasion, the overall survivals were 26.7% and 63.3%, respectively (p<0.01). the overall survival was always worse in the presence of the invasion neural, indenpendently of the compromising or not of the lynphonodes. in patients of free lynphonodes, the lymphatic invasion identifird sub-groups of sick with worse prognosis. the presence of these variable it identified in patients with tumors dukes b, sub-group of worse prognosis. conclusion: neural and lymphatic invasion are important ways of spread of colorectal cancer and the presence of both is associated with worse prognosis.
Letalidade hospitalar nas angioplastias coronárias no Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 1999-2003
Godoy, Paulo Henrique;Klein, Carlos Henrique;Souza-e-Silva, Nelson Albuquerque de;Oliveira, Gláucia Maria Moraes de;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2007000400012
Abstract: this study analyzes hospital case fatality associated with percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasties (ptca) covered by the brazilian unified national health system (sus) and performed in hospitals in the state of rio de janeiro from 1999 to 2003. ptca data were obtained from the state health department's database on authorizations for hospital admissions. case fatality rates were estimated according to age, gender, diagnosis, and hospital. overall case fatality was 1.9% in 8,735 ptcas. the lowest rate was associated with angina (0.8%) and the highest rates with acute myocardial infarction (6%) and other diagnoses (7%). in the 50-69-year bracket, case fatality was higher in women. in the over-70 group, it was almost three times that of the youngest group (4% versus 1.4%). there was great variability among ptca case fatality rates in different hospitals (from 0 to 6.5%). ongoing monitoring of ptcas is thus necessary in clinical practice. in conclusion, ptca performance was still unsatisfactory under the unified national health system.
Letalidade por doen as isquêmicas do cora o no Estado do Rio de Janeiro no período de 1999 a 2003
Oliveira Gláucia Maria Moraes de,Klein Carlos Henrique,Silva Nelson Albuquerque de Souza e,Godoy Paulo Henrique
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2006,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Estimar a letalidade nos procedimentos de doen as isquêmicas do cora o (DIC) aguda e cr nica e por revasculariza o miocárdica (RVM) e angioplastia coronariana (AC) nos hospitais cadastrados no SIH/SUS (Sistema de Informa es Hospitalares/Sistema único de Saúde) no Estado do Rio de Janeiro (ERJ), de 1999 a 2003. MéTODOS: Os procedimentos considerados de RVM e de AC provieram do Datasus. As taxas foram padronizadas por sexo, idade e gravidade de doen a, tendo como padr o todos os procedimentos de alta complexidade cardiovascular, realizados no ERJ em 2000. Os grupos de DIC s o: angina, infarto agudo do miocárdio, outras DIC agudas e DIC cr nicas. RESULTADOS: As letalidades por angina, IAM, outras DIC agudas e DIC cr nicas foram de 2,8%, 16,2%, 2,9% e 3,9%, respectivamente, no ERJ. As taxas de letalidade, ajustadas por idade, sexo e grupo diagnóstico, nas RVM e AC foram elevadas, variando entre 1,9% e 12,8% nas RVM, e atingindo 3,2% nas AC, e de 2,3% e 11,1%, quando o tratamento clínico era realizado. CONCLUS O: As RVM e AC no tratamento das DIC no ERJ vêm aumentando progressivamente. A letalidade esteve acima do desejável, principalmente nas interna es por DIC cr nicas (5,4% e 1,7%, respectivamente). O tratamento clínico otimizado parece boa op o terapêutica, reservando-se as RVM e AC para os casos de pior prognóstico. A letalidade no IAM com tratamento clínico foi semelhante à existente quando n o se utilizam trombolíticos (16,7%).
Letalidade e complica??es da cirurgia de revasculariza??o miocárdica no Rio de Janeiro, de 1999 a 2003
Oliveira, Thaís Mendon?a Lips de;Oliveira, Gláucia Maria Moraes de;Klein, Carlos Henrique;Souza e Silva, Nelson Albuquerque de;Godoy, Paulo Henrique;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2010005000091
Abstract: background: coronary artery bypass grafting (cabg) is a consolidated procedure for the treatment of ischemic heart diseases (ihds), which requires continuous assessment. objective: to assess the quality of cabg surgery by reviewing patients' clinical characteristics, mortality rates up to one year after hospital discharge, primary causes of death and postoperative complications, at four public hospitals in rio de janeiro from 1999 to 2003. methods: cabg patient charts were randomly selected. a retrospective review was conducted to collect data on clinical characteristics, complications and deaths from patient medical charts and statements of death (sds). mortality rates were estimated for the hospitalization period and for up to one year after hospital discharge. results: the prevalence of preoperative patient characteristics were: women: 31.9%; arterial hypertension: 90.7%; dyslipidemia: 67.4%; diabetes: 37.2%; current smoking status: 22.9%; obesity: 18.3%; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: 8.2%; prior stroke: 5.8%; extracardiac artery disease: 12.7%; elevation of creatinine levels: 4.1%; critical preoperative status: 3.7%; recent acute myocardial infarction: 23.5%; unstable angina: 40.8%; acute coronary syndrome: 50.0%; prior cabg: 2.4%; left ventricular dysfunction: 27.3%; left main coronary artery lesion: 3.9%; and associated with lesion in another system: 19.8%. in-hospital mortality rates ranged from 7.0% to 14.3%, and up to one year after hospital discharge from 8.5% to 20.2%. ischemic heart disease (ihd) accounted for more than 80% of the deaths, and the most frequent complications after surgery were hemorrhage or post-procedural low cardiac output. sixty percent of the patients who died had five or more complications, whereas 40% of those who survived had none. conclusion: mortality and complication rates were high. even among those patients who survived, complications were more frequent than expected.
Letalidade por doen?as isquêmicas do cora??o no Estado do Rio de Janeiro no período de 1999 a 2003
Oliveira, Gláucia Maria Moraes de;Klein, Carlos Henrique;Silva, Nelson Albuquerque de Souza e;Godoy, Paulo Henrique;Fonseca, Tania Maria Peixoto;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2006000200009
Abstract: objective: to estimate the lethality rate of acute and chronic ischemic heart disease (ihd) procedures, coronary artery bypass graft (cabg) procedures and percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (ptca) procedures in the hospitals that are registered as service providers for the hospital information system / single healthcare system (sih/sus) plan in the state of rio de janeiro (rj) between 1999 and 2003. methods: the procedures considered as cabgs and ptcas were provided by datasus (sus databank). the rates were standardized in accordance with gender, age, and disease severity. the common factors among these procedures are that they are highly complex cardiovascular procedures performed in rj in the year 2000. the ihd groups are: angina, acute myocardial infarction, other acute ihds and chronic ihds. results: lethality rates for angina, acute myocardial infarction (ami), other acute and chronic ihds were 2.8%, 16.2%, 2.9% and 3.9%, respectively, in the rj. the lethality rates for cabg and ptca, adjusted by age, sex and diagnostic groups, were elevated ranging from 1.9% to 12.8% for cabg procedures and as high as 3.2% for ptca. when medical therapy was performed the rates were 2.3% for cabg and 11.1% for ptca. conclusion: there has been a progressive increase in the number of cabg and ptca procedures to treat ihds in the rj. lethality rates were above the desirable level, mainly for chronic ihd hospital admissions (5.4% and 1.7%, respectively). optimized medical therapy appears to be a worthwhile therapeutic option, reserving cabg and ptca procedures for the cases with the worst prognoses. lethality rates for ami with medical therapy was comparable to current rates when thrombolytics were not used (16.7%).
A ecocardiografia com contraste no diagnóstico de dilata??es vasculares intrapulmonares em candidatos ao transplante hepático
Pavarino, Paulo Roberto;Corbucci, Hélio Augusto do Reis;Marchi, Carlos Henrique de;Mata, Paula Fernanda da ?;Godoy, Moacir Fernandes de;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2004000400004
Abstract: objective: to determine the importance of contrast echocardiography in the diagnosis of intrapulmonary vascular dilations (pvd) in patients with severe hepatic diseases, eligible for transplantation. methods: transthoracic ecocardiography (tte) with second harmonic imaging was performed in 76 patients, among them 32 patients were consecutively undergone to a transesophageal study (ete). echocardiographic contrast was obtained from microbubbles derived from the injection of agitated saline solution, in venous peripheral access. abnormal presence of contrast in the left cardiac chambers was considered positive, with a delay of 4 to 6 cardiac cycles , after initial opacicification of the right cardiac chambers. results: pvd diagnosis was performed in 53.9% of the patients (41/76). sensibility, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, and accuracy of the tte in relation to the ete was 75%, 100%, 100%, 80% e 87.5%, respectively. echocardiography was positive in 37 (55.2%) of 67 nonhypoxemic patients, and in 4 (44.4%) hypoxemic ones. no cardiologic hemodynamic repercussions from intrapulmonar shunt were observed. conclusion: the contrast echocardiography is efficient, easy to be used, and safe in the search for and identification of intrapulmonary vascular alterations in patients eligible for hepatic transplantation
A ecocardiografia com contraste no diagnóstico de dilata??es vasculares intrapulmonares em candidatos ao transplante hepático
Pavarino, Paulo Roberto;Corbucci, Hélio Augusto dos Reis;Marchi, Carlos Henrique de;Mata, Paula Fernanda da;Godoy, Moacir Fernandes de;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2004000600004
Abstract: objective: to determine the importance of contrast echocardiography in the diagnosis of intrapulmonary vascular dilations in patients with severe liver disease, who are candidates for liver transplantation. methods: the study comprised 76 patients with chronic liver disease and no evidence of intrinsic pulmonary disease, heart failure, or congenital heart disease with intracardiac communications, who underwent transthoracic echocardiography with second harmonic imaging. thirty-two of them underwent consecutive transesophageal study. the result of contrast echocardiography was considered positive when the presence of contrast was detected in the left cardiac chambers with a delay of 4 to 6 cardiac cycles after initial opacification of the right cardiac chambers. results: the prevalence of intrapulmonary vascular dilations was 53.9% (41/76 patients). the sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values, and accuracy of transthoracic echocardiography as compared with those of transesophageal echocardiography for confirming pulmonary vascular abnormalities in patients with liver disease were, respectively, 75%, 100%, 100%, 80%, and 87.5%. the degree of arterial oxygenation showed no correlation with the occurrence of a positive echocardiographic study. arterial hypoxemia (pao2 < 70 mm hg) was observed in 9 (15.9%) of the 76 patients. the echocardiographic study was positive in 37 (55.2%) of the 67 nonhypoxemic patients and in 4 (44.4%) of the 9 hypoxemic ones. conclusion: contrast echocardiography proved to be effective, easy, and safe to use in candidates for liver transplantation. transthoracic echocardiography may be used in the diagnostic routine of intrapulmonary vascular dilations, the transesophageal study being reserved for inconclusive cases with clinical suspicion.
Effects of microbial inoculants and amino acid production by-product on fermentation and chemical composition of sugarcane silages
Rodrigues, Paulo Henrique Mazza;Gomes, Rodrigo da Costa;Meyer, Paula Marques;Borgatti, Laura Maria Oliveira;Franco, Fernando Masello Junqueira;Godoy, Gilson Luiz Alves de;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982012000600011
Abstract: the objective of this study was to evaluate the chemical composition, fermentation patterns and aerobic stability of sugarcane silages with addition of amino acid production (monosodium glutamate) by-product (apb) and microbial inoculants. mature sugarcane was chopped and ensiled in laboratory silos (n = 4/treatment) without additives (control) and with apb (10 g/kg), pioneer 1174? (pio, 1.0 mg/kg, lactobacillus plantarum + streptoccoccus faecium, pioneer), lalsil cana (2.0 mg/kg, lactobacillus buchineri, lallemand) or mercosil maís 11c33? (1.0 mg/kg, lactobacillus buchineri + lactobacillus plantarum + streptoccoccus faecium, timac agro). fresh silage and silage liquor samples were obtained to assess ph, chemical composition and organic acid concentrations. silage temperature was recorded throughout seven days to evaluate aerobic stability. the addition of apb decreased lactic acid levels, increased ph and n-nh3 and did not alter ethanol, acetic and butyric acids concentrations or dry matter (dm) losses. microbial inoculants enhanced acetic acid levels, although only pioneer 1174? and mercosil maís 11c33? lowered ethanol, butyric acid and dm losses. the addition of apb increased cp content and did not modify dm, soluble carbohydrates contents or in vitro dry matter digestibility. additives did not alter silage maximum temperature or temperature increasing rate; however, pioneer 1174? and mercosil maís 11c33? increased the time elapsed to reach maximum temperature. monosodium glutamate production by-product does not alter fermentation patterns or aerobic stability of sugarcane silages, whereas homofermentative bacteria can provide silages of good quality.
Evaluation of the Acoustic Environment in a Protestant Church Based on Measurements of Acoustic Descriptors  [PDF]
Samuel Ansay, Paulo Henrique Trombetta Zannin
Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research (JBCPR) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jbcpr.2016.43011
Abstract: The new guidelines of the Catholic Church are in line with the guidelines adopted by Protestant churches since the Reformation, unifying appreciation for the liturgical practices of preaching and congregational singing. These guidelines require that the room, in this case the church, provides appropriate acoustic characteristics, which can be characterized by acoustic descriptors such as Reverberation Time (RT), Clarity (C80) and Definition (D50). In this article, we analyzed the acoustic quality of a protestant church whose design tried to follow these guidelines. Our findings revealed the poor quality of the acoustic environment in terms of both speech intelligibility and music. These findings emphasized the need to adopt not only Reverberation Time but also other acoustic descriptors such as Clarity and Definition in church design.
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