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Trabalho e aliena o na sociedade burguesa (Work and alienation in the bourgeois society)
Gláucia Lelis Alves
Revista Emancipa??o , 2009,
Abstract: Resumo: O presente artigo aborda uma temática recorrente e de extrema importancia na tradi o marxiana – a quest o da aliena o e de como ela se coloca no processo de expans o global do sistema capitalista. A atualidade dessa temática justifica-se pelo simples fato de que se faz cada vez mais necessário apreender a capacidade de resistência e expans o do capitalismo, e a funcionalidade dos processos alienantes para , a manuten o do sistema bem como para entender as mudan as ocorridas, historicamente, no mundo do trabalho. Abstract: This paper addresses a recurrent theme in the Marxist tradition – alienation and how it is manifested in the process of global expansion of the capitalist system. The importance of the theme lies on the fact that it is increasingly necessary to perceive the capacity of resistance and expansion of capitalism and the functionality of the alienating processes for the maintenance of the system as well as to understand the historical changes that occurred in the working world.
Pós-colonialismo e Império Global
Gláucia Renate Gon?alves
Ilha do Desterro , 2008,
Abstract: Uma inquieta o teórica que já há algum tempo se fazia ouvir em minha atividade acadêmica recente surge, como uma espécie de eco, em dois dos ensaios que comp em o presente número de Ilha do Desterro. Em “Global Designs, Postcolonial Critiques: Rethinking Canada in Dialogue with Diaspora” e “Literature on the Periphery of Capitalism: Brazilian Theory, Canadian Culture”, Diana Brydon e Imre Szeman, respectivamente, atravessam de maneira exemplar as Américas e indagam de que forma o pós-colonialismo poderia se reavaliar, re-situar e se reconfigurar de forma a tomar um novo rumo, aut nomo e eficaz, a partir daquele a que se havia originalmente proposto
Toward a migrant politics of location
Gláucia Renate Gon?alves,Juliana Borges Oliveira de Morais
Revista de Letras , 2008,
Abstract: This article offers a discussion of the concept of home in contemporary times and how it is closely related to an immigrant’s feeling of displacement or sense of placelessness. After brief theoretical considerations on how the concept of home was built traditionally upon a binary world view, the authors move on to undermine a romantic view of home as a place of security and to propose a new politics of location that is based more on confrontation and that has the self as the very site of home. Finally, it is our claim that the construction of this migrant concept of home involves as well a negotiation with one’s memories. As a form of illustration, the article discusses the fictional representation of Dominican immigrants in the United States through an analysis of Loida Maritza Pérez’s novel Geographies of Home.
Morfologia de estruturas sensoriais em pernas e antenas de Agelaia pallipes (Olivier), Polybia paulista (Ihering) e Mischocyttarus cassununga (Ihering) (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)
Santos, Gláucia M.T.;Alves, Armindo A.;Mendon?a, Fernanda A.S.;
Neotropical Entomology , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-566X2007000600007
Abstract: among the communication strategies used by the animals, the sound is one of the most important. hymenoptera have as auditory organs, the subgenual organ (sgo) located in the tibia proximal portion, and the johnston organ (jo) located in the second antenna segment. the subject of this work was to analyze the morphology of these structures in agelaia pallipes (olivier), polybia paulista (ihering) and mischocyttarus cassununga (ihering). the tibiae and antennae of the three species were dissected and fixed in 2% glutaraldhyde in 0, 2 m sodium cacodylate buffer, ph 7.4, during 2h, at 4oc. afterward, they were postfixed in 2% osmium tetroxide in the same buffer. we observed similarity in the shape, location and size of both, sgo and jo, among the studied species. sgo presented a conical shape formed by nervous cells fixed to the internal wall of the tibia on lateral and opposite points. such structure and its location seem to constitute strategies to perceive vibratory stimulations originated from the substratum. in the pedicellum of the three species antenna, we observed jo sensorial cells, disposed in a radial form, ending in the cuticular connection between the pedicellum and the antennal flagella. this arrangement allows the jo to detect vibratory stimuli. in this work, a possible relation between morphology of the sensorial structures and the development of hearing in the different species was not analyzed.
Eficiência de fungos micorrízicos arbusculares isolados de solos sob diferentes sistemas de uso na regi?o do Alto Solim?es na Amaz?nia
Silva, Gláucia Alves e;Siqueira, José Oswaldo;Stürmer, Sidney Luiz;
Acta Amazonica , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0044-59672009000300001
Abstract: arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (amf) are important components of terrestrial ecosystems where they are believed to play a fundamental role for their sustainability. these fungi are influenced by a number of anthropic factors such as, land use which modifies the structure and diversity of fungal communities and this may compromise their ecological functions. in the present study it was evaluated the behavior of amf isolated from soils under different land use systems in (lus). fifty-one amf were isolated in trap cultures from soil samples from different sut tested on cowpea [vigna unguiculata (l.) walp] under controlled conditions. it was found that all amf colonize the cowpea, but in a highly variable intensity. similar results were found for phosphorus uptake and plant growth. colonization ranged from 1 to 68%. growth positive effects ranged from 33 to 148%, being more common in isolates from pasture and crops ecosystems. the enhancement in phosphorus uptake was generalized (95% all fungi), but their growth promoting effects did not followed the same trend. only 39% of fungal isolated tested were efficient. these more isolated from almost all lus. fungal treatments with high efficiency had the following species: a. foveata, glomus sp.1, acaulospora sp.1 and a mixture the first two species with a. bireticulata and e. infrequens. the results indicate a wide efficiency diversity of amf in the alto solim?es region. although this characteristic has no direct relationship with the lus, the proportion of effective isolates varied with their origin.
Enzymatic synthesis of short chain citronellyl esters by a new lipase from Rhizopus sp
Alves Macedo,Gabriela; Soberón Lozano,Maria Mercedez; Pastore,Gláucia Maria;
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology , 2003,
Abstract: short chain citronellyl esters were synthesized by a new microbial lipase from rhizopus sp strain isolated and lipase produced at unicamp, brazil. direct esterification and transesterification reactions have been performed to produce citronellyl acetate and butyrate in a free-solvent system and with n-hexane in reaction medium. reaction mixture for direct esterification and transesterification was carried out at 45oc in equimolar concentration of substrates: acid or ester and alcohol. only citronellyl butyrate was synthesized by direct esterification with yields from 95 to 100% after 24 hrs. of reaction time, with or without n-hexane. citronellyl acetate was synthesized by transesterification with ethyl acetate and cytronellol, with yield of 58% after 48 hrs. and 48% of conversion for reaction butyl acetate and cytronellol. the results suggest that the size of the aliphatic chain from acyl donor was importance to conversion rate. acids with more than two carbons showed to be better substrate for rhizopus sp lipase. transesterification reaction showed different behaviour, ester substrate with four carbons was better than six carbon for citronellyl acetate synthesis.
Avalia??o ultrassonográfica da tireoide, determina??o da iodúria e concentra??o de iodo em sal de cozinha utilizado por escolares de Ribeir?o Preto, S?o Paulo, Brasil
Alves, Maria Lúcia D'Arbo;Duarte, Gláucia C.;Navarro, Anderson Marliere;Tomimori, Eduardo K.;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302010000900007
Abstract: objective and methods: previous studies have pointed out that ribeir?o preto, s?o paulo, is an area of borderline iodine deficiency, later becoming a region of excessive iodination. in a reevaluation of the iodine status of the city in 2007-2008, 300 schoolchildren aged 8 to 10 years were evaluated, from 3 schools of 3 different socioeconomic levels who were submitted to the determination of iodine concentration in urine samples and in kitchen salt and thyroid ultrasound. results and conclusion: among boys and girls ioduria was higher in the school of highest socioeconomic level compared to the others, with a significant difference in the ages 8 and 10 years for boys with ranges : p < 0,0001 and p = 0,0106, respectively; and in the ages 8 and 9 years for girls with ranges: p = 0,0024 and p = 0,0154, respectively. median iodine concentrations in samples of kitchen salt ranged from 26.6 to 27.8 mg iodine/kg and did not differ between the schools studied. ultrasound evaluation revealed that 15,6% of thyroids examined were hypoechoic, suggesting that these glands may present changes in the architecture not reflected yet in their volume.
Biodisponibilidade do cálcio dietético
Buzinaro, Elizabeth F.;Almeida, Renata N. Alves de;Mazeto, Gláucia M.F.S.;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302006000500005
Abstract: dietary calcium (ca) is fundamental to the bone's health. both the purport and the element bioavailability in the food need to be considered. the purpose of this work was to summarize the factors involved in ca absorption and point out the sources with higher bioavailability. ca is mostly absorbed in the jejunum and low ph seems to favor its absorption, which is higher during growth, gestation/lactation and ca and phosphorus (p) deficiency, and lower with aging. the richest and best-absorbed ca source is cow's milk and its derivatives. other foods show high ca concentrations but variable bioavailability: foods rich in phytates and oxalates show a smaller absorption and carbohydrate-rich foods show higher absorption. since ca bioavailability in other animal's milk, soymilk and some vegetables is closer to that in cow's milk, adequate amounts of these foods could be used as an alternative.
Medo, ansiedade e controle relacionados ao tratamento odontológico
SINGH, Kira Anayansi;MORAES, Antonio Bento Alves de;BOVI AMBROSANO, Gláucia Maria;
Pesquisa Odontológica Brasileira , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-74912000000200007
Abstract: the aim of this study was to test fear, anxiety and control related to dental treatment. the subjects were 364 children with ages between 7 and 13 years. three questionnaires with multiple choice questions were applied in groups of 10 children. the first instrument was the 15-item dental subscale from the children?s fear survey schedule9. the subjects rated their level of fear on a 5-point scale. the second survey instrument was the 20-item subscale from the state trait anxiety inventory for children16. this measure was used to capture how anxious the child was, in general. the third instrument was the child dental control assessment19. it contained 20 items to assess perceived control and 20 items to assess desired control. the results of the survey indicated that dental fear and anxiety were slightly higher for females when compared with male subjects (p < 0.05). older children (11 to 13 years old) obtained higher fear scores than younger ones (7 to 9 years old). concerning perceived control, the results indicate that younger children perceive more control than older ones. for desired control, the results indicate that younger children reported higher percentages than older ones. in this study, patients who had undergone anesthesia during treatment revealed higher fear scores when compared with those who had not. dental fear etiology seems to be related to a procedure that may involve pain or lack of control.
Situa??o vacinal da popula??o discente da Universidade de S?o Paulo
Gon?alves,Ernesto Lima; Salles,Gláucia Pereira; Quaglia,Sérgio Reis;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 1977, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89101977000200002
Abstract: some aspects regarding the vaccinal situation of students in the various "campi" of the s?o paulo university (usp) are presented. at first an inquest was made, by means of a questionnaire which was answered by 13.139 people (42.3% of the total university population). with respect to amallpox immunization, 20% of pupils from upcountry and 30% from s?o paulo said they had no vaccination scar; 50% of pupils from upcountry and 75%. from s?o paulo said they were vaccinated about 5 years ago and 35% of all of them said that the last vaccination was efficient. about 2/3 of all usp students were not vaccinated against tetanus or did not receive a recognized scheme of immunization. in reference to antimeningococcus immunization, the inquest was done in an upcountry "campi" before the wide official programme of may 1975; in the s?o paulo "campus" , the inquest was applied after this event. because of this, only 17% of hinterland people were said to be already immunized, as against 80% from s?o paulo university students. the chosen patterns were absence of smallpox-vaccination scar and utilization of a non-recognized scheme of anti-tetanic vaccination. from 3.113 people examined, 405 received smallpox-vaccine, with 87.3% positive results. as regards antitetanic immunization, 67% of all examined people received the previously approved anatox dose.
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