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CRT-D Upgrading in a Patient with Persistent Left Superior Vena Cava and Right Superior Vena Cava Atresia Using the Novel Active-Fixation Quadripolar Left Ventricular Lead  [PDF]
Sergio Conti, Antonio Taormina, Vito Bonomo, Umberto Giordano, Giuseppe Sgarito
World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases (WJCD) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/wjcd.2018.89045
Abstract: The persistence of left superior vena cava (PLSVC) is the most common congenital anomaly of the venous return system to the heart. Because of the increasing number of patients referred for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices implantations, it is expected to encounter this venous anatomic variation. Left ventricular lead placement at an appropriate site is an integral and technically challenging part of successful CRT. In case of cardiac abnormalities could be difficult to achieve an optimal cardiac rhythm management devices implantation. Previous reports in patients with PLSVC highlighted the challenges to achieve an optimal cardiac rhythm device implantation. Recently, a new quadripolar active fixation left ventricular lead is available for CRT device implantation. Hereby we report a case of a device upgrading from dual-chamber pacemaker to CRT with defibrillator backup using the active fixation left ventricular quadripolar lead in a patient with PLSVC and right superior vena cava atresia.
Francesco Giuseppe Carollo,Vito Ferro,Donatella Termini
Journal of Agricultural Engineering , 2007, DOI: 10.4081/jae.2007.4.25
Abstract: Vegetation altering hydrodynamic conditions of an open channel flow controls the exchanges of sediment, nutrients and contaminants. In this paper the turbulence structure of open-channel flow over a flexible grass vegetation is investigated. Velocity measurements were carried out, in a rectangular flume, using a 2D-ADV (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) for different values of stem concentration, water discharge, and bed slope. The experimental results showed that: 1) the maximum value of the longitudinal turbulence intensity occurs at a water depth close to the bent vegetation height; 2) the turbulence intensity damps for increasing values of the stem concentration; 3) above the vegetation height, an exponential distribution, similar to Nezu’s law, can be fitted to the measured longitudinal turbulence intensity profile. Finally, a new relative turbulence intensity distribution is proposed and fitted to the measured profiles. This relative turbulence intensity distribution needs the estimate of two parameters coinciding with the vegetation height and the water depth at which the maximum flow velocity occurs.
Vincenzo Bagarello,Vito Ferro,Giuseppe Giordano
Journal of Agricultural Engineering , 2009, DOI: 10.4081/jae.2009.3.33
Abstract: The soil particle-size distribution (PSD) is commonly used for soil classification and for estimating soil behavior. An accurate mathematical representation of the PSD is required to estimate soil hydraulic properties and to compare texture measurements from different classification systems. The objective of this study was to evaluate the ability of the Haverkamp and Parlange (HP) and Fredlund et al. (F) PSD models to fit 243 measured PSDs from a wide range of 38 005_Bagarello(547)_33 18-11-2009 11:55 Pagina 38 soil textures in Sicily and to test the effect of the number of measured particle diameters on the fitting of the theoretical PSD. For each soil textural class, the best fitting performance, established using three statistical indices (MXE, ME, RMSE), was obtained for the F model with three fitting parameters. In particular, this model performed better in the fine-textured soils than the coarse-textured ones but a good performance (i.e., RMSE < 0.03) was detected for the majority of the investigated soil textural classes, i.e. clay, silty-clay, silty-clay-loam, silt-loam, clay-loam, loamy-sand, and loam classes. Decreasing the number of measured data pairs from 14 to eight determined a worse fitting of the theoretical distribution to the measured one. It was concluded that the F model with three fitting parameters has a wide applicability for Sicilian soils and that the comparison of different PSD investigations can be affected by the number of measured data pairs.
New Frontiers of Online Communication of Small and Medium Museums in Campania Region, Italy  [PDF]
Giuseppe Vito, Alessandra Sorrentini, Davide Di Palma, Vincenzo Raiola, Maria Tabouras
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2017.79075
Abstract: Objectives: The purpose of this paper is to analyze the marketing relationship between small and medium museums in Campania Region and their current and potential audience. In this regard, the effectiveness of online communication proposed by these museums in relation to consumers is analyzed. A comparison is made with online communication effectiveness of large museums in order to analyse the main differences and to identify the related managerial implications. Method: The research method is based on the study of multiple cases, used in its descriptive mode. Out of 21 museums in Campania having a website administrated by the museums themselves, we selected 10 small and medium ones. Subsequently was conducted a content analysis on the aspects of the communication of Facebook pages and web sites of the 10 selected museums. Finally, 10 museums were compared with 4 large museum consortiums. Findings: The analysis has demonstrated that the communication through the Web 2.0 tools is more suited for establishing dialogic relations with the current and potential museum audiences. It has also shown that from the perspective of advanced interactivity, due to their management creativity and flexibility the communicative content of the museums under study is generally more effective than in case of larger museums having more human resources and capital at their disposal. Research limits: The main limitation of the research is that it does not detect if a performant interactive online communication is able to stimulate demand cultural. It should be noted that this objective was not the purpose of research of this paper. Originality of the study: The paper is an original and innovative work since in the literature there is
Long-Term Results of Combined Tunica Albuginea Plication and Penile Prosthesis Implantation for Severe Penile Curvature and Erectile Dysfunction
Luigi Cormio,Paolo Massenio,Giuseppe Di Fino,Giuseppe Lucarelli,Vito Mancini,Giuseppe Liuzzi,Giuseppe Carrieri
Case Reports in Urology , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/818623
Abstract: Penile prosthesis implantation is the recommended treatment in patients with penile curvature and severe erectile dysfunction (ED) not responding to pharmacotherapy. Most patients with mild-to-moderate curvature can expect cylinder insertion to correct both ED and penile curvature. In patients with severe curvature and in those with persistent curvature after corporeal dilation and prosthesis placement, intraoperative penile “modelling” over the inflated prosthesis has been introduced as an effective treatment. We report for the first time the long-term results of a patient treated with combined penile plication and placement of an inflatable penile prosthesis. 1. Introduction Penile prosthesis implantation is the recommended treatment in patients with penile curvature and severe erectile dysfunction (ED) not responding to pharmacotherapy [1]. Most patients with mild-to-moderate curvature can expect cylinder insertion to correct both ED and penile curvature. In patients with severe curvature and in those with persistent curvature after corporeal dilation and prosthesis placement, intraoperative penile “modelling” over the inflated prosthesis has been introduced as an effective treatment [2–4]. However, this procedure is not effective in all cases and involves a 4% risk of urethral laceration [3]. Tunical incisions, with or without grafting, have been used to correct residual curvatures after penile modelling; however, they involve increased morbidity, particularly in terms of hematoma and infection [5–7]. In 2004, Rahman et al. [8] described a simplified technique for correcting severe penile curvature and erectile dysfunction using combined penile plication and placement of an inflatable penile prosthesis. Herein, we report for the first time the long-term results of a patient we treated with this procedure. 2. Case Report A 60-year-old Caucasian man underwent bilateral nerve-sparing open retropubic radical prostatectomy because of a pT1c Gleason 7 prostate cancer. His preoperative International Index of Erectile Function-5 (IIEF-5) score was 21. Both operative course and postoperative course were uneventful. Final pathology revealed a pT2cN0 prostate cancer Gleason 7 with three positive surgical margins. He therefore received adjuvant radiotherapy. Following such treatments, he noticed a progressive deterioration of his erectile function, despite the use of phosphodiasterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors and intracavernous injection (ICI) with prostaglandin E1 (PGE1), with progressive dorsal penile curvature. At three-year follow-up, his prostate specific
Work Productivity and Activity Impairment in Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Capecitabine  [PDF]
Marco Vacante, Giulia Malaguarnera, Manuela Pennisi, Giuseppe Grosso, Salvatore Salomone, Filippo Drago, Erdogan Ozyalcin, Vito Catania, Alfredo Consoli, Mariano Malaguarnera
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2013.47142

Background: Although the majority of breast cancer patients are able to work, lower work ability and reduced job retention have been reported. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of chemotherapy with capecitabine in patients with breast cancer on work productivity and daily activity. Methods: 34 patients with metastatic breast cancer were enrolled for our study. Capecitabine was given twice daily at a cumulative dose of 2500 mg/m2 on days 1 - 14 and repeated on day 22. Work productivity was determined using the WPAI questionnaire. Results: We observed an increase in absenteeism, presenteeism, work productivity loss and daily activity impairment after 1 cycle and 6 cycles of therapy, but we could not find statistically different significances. Conclusions: This study provides some data indicating an association between problems in breast cancer and work. Our results confirm that capecitabine may improve quality of life of patients with metastatic breast cancer.

The Role of Work in Breast Cancer Patients  [PDF]
Manuela Pennisi, Giuseppe Chisari, Marco Vacante, Francesco Lucca, Salvatore Spitaleri, Giulia Malaguarnera, Giuseppe Grosso, Filippo Drago, Vito Catania, Alfredo Consoli, Mariano Malaguarnera
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2013.48157

Background: Since the survival rates of cancer have increased considerably, the long-term side effects of cancer and cancer-related treatments may impact survivors’ capability to regain normal lives. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of the breast cancer on the job satisfaction and the quality of life. Methods: We enrolled 130 women divided into four groups: 1) 40 breast cancer survivors (aged 39 - 50); 2) 44 women diagnosed with breast cancer (aged 35 - 49); 3) 46 women in good health status (aged 37 - 48). Job satisfaction was measured with the Warr-Cook-Wall (WCW) Job satisfaction scale that measures overall job satisfaction and satisfaction with nine aspects of work. Results: Compared to healthy subjects, breast cancer survivors reported a poorer number of hours of work (p < 0.05) and a significant amount of variety in job (p < 0.01), opportunity to use abilities (p < 0.001), income (p < 0.01). Compared to patients with breast cancer at diagnosis, breast cancer survivors reported a significant amount of variety in job (p < 0.05), opportunity to use abilities (p < 0.05), amount of responsibility (p < 0.05), income (p < 0.05). In our study, the comparison between breast cancer survivors, breast cancer at diagnosis, and healthy subjects does not differ significantly in overall job satisfaction. Conclusions: Understanding the job problems associated with cancer can provide relevant information regarding potential treatment and psychological support in breast cancer survivors.

Why Amphibians Are More Sensitive than Mammals to Xenobiotics
Angelo Quaranta,Vito Bellantuono,Giuseppe Cassano,Claudio Lippe
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0007699
Abstract: Dramatic declines in amphibian populations have been described all over the world since the 1980s. The evidence that the sensitivity to environmental threats is greater in amphibians than in mammals has been generally linked to the observation that amphibians are characterized by a rather permeable skin. Nevertheless, a numerical comparison of data of percutaneous (through the skin) passage between amphibians and mammals is lacking. Therefore, in this investigation we have measured the percutaneous passage of two test molecules (mannitol and antipyrine) and three heavily used herbicides (atrazine, paraquat and glyphosate) in the skin of the frog Rana esculenta (amphibians) and of the pig ear (mammals), by using the same experimental protocol and a simple apparatus which minimizes the edge effect, occurring when the tissue is clamped in the usually used experimental device.
A Recyclable Nanoparticle-Supported Rhodium Catalyst for Hydrogenation Reactions
Maria Michela Dell’Anna,Vito Gallo,Piero Mastrorilli,Giuseppe Romanazzi
Molecules , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/molecules15053311
Abstract: Catalytic hydrogenation under mild conditions of olefins, unsaturated aldeydes and ketones, nitriles and nitroarenes was investigated, using a supported rhodium complex obtained by copolymerization of Rh(cod)(aaema) [cod: 1,5-cyclooctadiene, aaema–: deprotonated form of 2-(acetoacetoxy)ethyl methacrylate] with acrylamides. In particular, the hydrogenation reaction of halonitroarenes was carried out under 20 bar hydrogen pressure with ethanol as solvent at room temperature, in order to minimize hydro-dehalogenation. The yields in haloanilines ranged from 85% (bromoaniline) to 98% (chloroaniline).
Perfluoro Allyl Fluorosulfate (FAFS): A Versatile Building Block for New Fluoroallylic Compounds
Ivan Wlassics,Vito Tortelli,Serena Carella,Cristiano Monzani,Giuseppe Marchionni
Molecules , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/molecules16086512
Abstract: In this study we will present and discuss both the synthesis of CF2=CFCF2OSO2F (perfluoroallyl fluorosulfate, FAFS), focusing in particular on the important role of C3F6/SO3 ratio, reaction temperature and boron catalyst/SO3 ratio on FAFS’ yield and selectivity, as well as a wide variety of ionic and radical reactions possible with FAFS. We focused our attention on reactions of FAFS with aliphatic and aromatic alcohols, acyl halides, halides, H2O2, ketones and radicals whose synthesis and reaction mechanisms will be presented and discussed. Particular attention will be devoted to the novel diallyl-fluoroalkyl peroxide obtained. Factors such as pKa and Lowry and Pearson’s Hard/Soft Acid-Base Theory which determine the selectivity between Addition/Elimination vs. Nucleophilic Substitution reaction mechanisms on FAFS will also be presented and discussed.
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