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Plasticidade sináptica: natureza e cultura moldando o Self
Dias, Gisele P.;Reis, Ricardo A. M.;
Psicologia: Reflex?o e Crítica , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-79722009000100017
Abstract: the developing brain requires a genetic plan, established by the evolutionary history of human species, but it is also very sensitive to the surrounding environment. environmental stimuli can modify the structure of neural circuits, refining and making synapses, which are the target of neurotransmitters, more efficient by electrical activity and chemical messengers. the aim of the present study is to discuss theoretically how both plasticity and previous specification of brain systems coexist in the brain. the conclusion shows the importance to integrate aspects of social learning and biology in building and refining the various humane skills.
Synaptic plasticity: nature and nurture shaping the self / Plasticidade sináptica: natureza e cultura moldando o Self
Angela Donato Oliva,Gisele P. Dias,Ricardo A. M. Reis
Psicologia: Reflex?o e Crítica , 2009,
Abstract: The developing brain requires a genetic plan, established by the evolutionary history of human species, but it is also very sensitive to the surrounding environment. Environmental stimuli can modify the structure of neural circuits, refining and making synapses, which are the target of neurotransmitters, more efficient by electrical activity and chemical messengers. The aim of the present study is to discuss theoretically how both plasticity and previous specification of brain systems coexist in the brain. The conclusion shows the importance to integrate aspects of social learning and biology in building and refining the various humane skills.
Correla es Entre Variáveis Climatológicas e Seus Efeitos Sobre s Evapotranspira o de Referência
Glaucio Luciano Araujo,Edvaldo Fialho dos Reis,Gisele Rodrigues Moreira
Revista Brasileira de Agricultura Irrigada , 2011, DOI: 10.7127/rbai.v5n200047
Abstract: A estimativa da evapotranspira o de referência é de extrema importancia na agricultura irrigada, sendo utilizada no manejo da irriga o, resultando em economia e preserva o ambiental. A evapotranspira o é um processo dinamico, com varia es espa otemporais, sendo influenciada por diversos fatores do ambiente. O objetivo deste trabalho foi identificar os efeitos diretos e indiretos das variáveis climatológicas: radia o global, temperatura média do ar, velocidade do vento, umidade relativa do ar e fluxo de calor no solo, sobre a variável evapotranspira o de referência por meio da análise de trilha. O estudo foi conduzido na regi o sul do Estado do Espírito Santo, no município de Alegre, sendo os dados coletados por uma esta o meteorológica automática instalada no Centro de Ciências Agrárias da Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo. A radia o global e a temperatura média do ar foram as variáveis de maior influência sobre a estimativa da evapotranspira o de referência, sendo a radia o global a variável de maior efeito direto. As variáveis velocidade do vento eumidade relativa do ar n o foram capazes de explicar varia es na evapotranspira o de forma isolada, necessitando da conjuga o com outras variáveis. A variável fluxo de calor no solo n o apresentou efeito significativo sobre a evapotranspira o de referência.
Assistência de enfermagem e dor em pacientes ortopédicos na recupera??o anestésica, no Brasil
Paula, Gisele Reis de;Reis, Vanda dos Santos;Ribeiro, Flávia Alves;Gagliazzi, Maria Teresa;
Revista Dor , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-00132011000300014
Abstract: background and objectives: pain is noxious for the recovery of patients submitted to orthopedic surgery. this study aimed at describing information on the pain experience of patients in the postoperative period of orthopedic surgeries in the post-anesthetic recovery unit (pacu), which may be useful for the nursing assistance. contents: this is a qualitative study using bireme's platform databases to collect information. the aims were articles meeting the following and previously established inclusion criteria and data were collected by online search. information was approached by the dialectic hermeneutics method. after this approach, the following categories were surveyed: "regional anesthesia decreases postoperative pain in orthopedic surgeries", "therapy for postoperative pain of orthopedic surgeries", "evaluation helps pain management in the postoperative period of orthopedic surgeries". conclusion: postoperative pain control is important for orthopedic patients and regional anesthesia may provide preventive analgesia for the immediate postoperative period. the nursing team shall establish the nursing diagnosis and interventions shall be preceded by the evaluation of intensity, quality and factors interfering with pain felt by orthopedic patients.
Effect of Pseudomonas fluorescens and Burkholderia pyrrocinia on the Growth Improvement and Physiological Responses in Brachiaria brizantha  [PDF]
Monyck Jeane dos Santos Lopes, Moacyr Bernardino Dias Filho, Thomaz Henrique dos Reis Castro, Marta Cristina Corsi de Filippi, Gisele Barata da Silva
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2018.92021
Abstract: The use of beneficial microorganisms in forage grasses is a potentially advantageous technique for a more sustainable pasture management by decreasing the need for chemical fertilization. Our aims were to determine the best method of microorganism inoculation on Brachiaria (Syn. Urochloa) brizantha cv. BRS Piata, compare the responses of inoculated plants of this forage grass with fertilized and unfertilized controls and examine its effect on some morphological, physiological and biochemical responses. On the first experiment, three inoculation methods were tested: in the seed, seed and soil, and soil, with Pseudomonas fluorescens (BRM-32111) and Burkholderia pyrrocinia (BRM-32113). In the second experiment, fertilized and unfertilized plants were either inoculated with BRM-32111, BRM-32113 and co-inoculated (BRM-32111 + BRM-32113). In a final experiment, B. brizantha was inoculated by soil drenching with BRM-32111, BRM-32113 and co-inoculated (BRM-32111 + BRM-32113), and compared to fertilized- and unfertilized-controls. The inoculation by soil drenching, at seedling stage, was more effective than inoculation only in the seed or both in the seed and by soil drenching. The fertilizer may have suppressed the beneficial bacterial effects on the growth of B. brizantha. P. fluorescens and B. pyrrocinia co-inoculated increased nitrate, protein, nitrogen concentration, Spad index (chlorophyll content), leaf area,
The dynamics of intraguild predation in Chrysomya albiceps Wied. (Diptera: Calliphoridae): interactions between instars and species under different abundances of food
Rosa, Gisele S.;Carvalho, Lidia R. de;Reis, Sergio F. dos;Godoy, Wesley A.C.;
Neotropical Entomology , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-566X2006000600009
Abstract: the pattern of larval interaction in blowflies confined with chrysomya albiceps wied. and c. rufifacies maquart can be changed in response to the predatory behaviour of the two species to a contest-type process instead of the scramble competition that usually occurs in blowflies. facultative predation is a frequent behaviour in c. albiceps and c. rufifacies that occurs as an alternative food source during the larval stage. in this study, we investigated the dynamics of intraguild predation by c. albiceps on other fly species in order to analyse interspecific and intraspecific survival in c. albiceps, c. megacephala and c. macellaria fabricius. the experimental design of the study allowed us to evaluate how factors such as species, density and abundance of food influenced the survival of the calliphorid species. when c. albiceps was confined with c. megacephala or c. macellaria, only adults of c. albiceps survived at different larval densities and abundance of food. in addition, the survival of c. albiceps was higher in two-species experiments when compared to single species experiments. the implications of these results for the dynamics of c. albiceps were discussed.
Occlusal caries diagnosis in permanent teeth: an in vitro study
Angnes, Gisele;Angnes, Vivian;Grande, Rosa Helena Miranda;Battistella, Márcio;Loguercio, Alessandro Dourado;Reis, Alessandra;
Brazilian Oral Research , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-83242005000400002
Abstract: the reduction in caries prevalence has not occurred uniformly for all dental surfaces. as the occlusal surfaces are still the most likely sites for the development of lesions, new methods of diagnosis are still being evaluated. this study compared a laser fluorescence (lf) system (diagnodent) with the ekstrand?s visual system for in vitro detection of occlusal caries. a total of 57 extracted molars with macroscopically intact occlusal surfaces were selected. two-examiners assessed 110 sites by visual inspection (vi) and lf. after ten days from the first measurement, all teeth were re-evaluated through the same methods by each examiner. caries extension was histologically assessed (x 40). the methods were compared by means of sensitivity, specificity, intra- and inter-examiner reproducibility and area under the roc curve. the kappa?s test showed good intra- and inter-examiner reproducibility for both methods. vi and lf showed similar sensitivities for both examiners, however, vi showed higher specificities than lf. the overall analysis, as demonstrated by the area under the roc curve, showed that vi had a better performance than the lf device. it was concluded that the ekstrand?s visual system is more reliable than the lf device. lf should be considered only as an adjuvant for occlusal caries diagnosis.
Integralidade, uma diretriz do SUS para a vigilancia sanitária
O'Dwyer,Gisele; Reis,Daniela Carla de Souza; Silva,Luciana Leite Gon?alves da;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232010000900010
Abstract: the sanitary surveillance (visa) performs several practices, on different objects and its actions are guided by principles and guidelines of the sus. it was done a critical reflection on the interaction conditions of practice in visa, with a constitutional proposition of the sus: integral care. the analysis was based on the theory of structuration (giddens) that considers mobilization of structural resources as dimensions of social interaction, which would justify the legitimacy exercised since the standards. have been analyzed the following categories: visa and its insertion within the sus; the integral care and the visa; and political impediments. the visa has been organized by national health surveillance agency. nowadays it has as sanitary responsibilities, communication with society and health promotion. the proposal of the literature concerning integral care is based on the assistance issue. the organization of the services in the different federative entities is the sense of integral care most adopted by visa. political impediments focus on the institutional renewal, on the conflicts of interest arena, on the distance between formulated policies and established practices and gaps concerning work management and the insufficiency of financial support.
In vivo sensitivity reduction of Puccinia triticina races, causal agent of wheat leaf rust, to DMI and QoI fungicides Redu o da sensibilidade de ra as de Puccinia triticina, agente causal da ferrugem da folha do trigo, aos fungicidas DMI e QoI, in vivo
Gisele da Silva Arduim,Erlei Melo Reis,Amarilis Labes Barcellos,Camila Turra
Summa Phytopathologica , 2012,
Abstract: Experiments were carried out to determine in vivo the IC50 and the IC90 for demethylation-inhibitor fungicides (DMIs, triazoles) and quinone outside inhibitors (QoIs, strobilurins) to the five most frequent races of Puccinia triticina in 2007 growing season in Southern Brazil. The tests were done in a greenhouse with wheat seedlings. DMI fungicides were tested at the concentrations, in mg/L, 0.0; 0.02; 0.2; 2.0; 20.0; 100.0 and 200.0, and QoIs at the concentrations 0.0; 0.0001; 0.001; 0.01; 0.1; 1 and 10.0 mg of active ingredient/L water. Fungicides were preventively applied at 24 hours before the inoculation of seedlings with the fungal spores. The effect of treatments was assessed based on the number of uredia/cm2. The lowest IC50 (inhibitory concentration) for DMI fungicides determined for MCG-MN, sensitive race, ranged from 0.33 to 0.91 mg/L, while the highest values for MDP-MR, MDT-MR, MDK-MR, MFH-HT races, varied from 9.63 to 85.64 mg/L (suspected insensitivity). QoI fungicide presented an IC50 varying from 0.0018 to 0.14 mg/L. The sensitivity reduction factor for DMIs varied from 8.8 to 238.8, and for QoIs from 0.3 to 1.5 mg/L. Sensitivity reduction was confirmed for the races MDP-MR, MDT-MR, MDK-MR, MFH-HT to DMIs, as well as their sensitivity to QoI fungicides. Experimentos foram conduzidos para determinar, in vivo a IC50 e CI90 para fungicidas inibidores da demetila o (IDM)(triazois) e inibidores da quinona externa (IQe) (estrobilurinas) a cinco ra as de Puccinia triticina mais frequentes na safra 2007, no Sul do Brasil. Os experimentos foram realizados em camara de crescimento com plantulas de trigo. Os fungicidas IDMs foram testados nas concentra es em mg/L de 0,0; 0,02; 0,2; 2,0; 20,0; 100,0 e 200,0 e os IQes nas concentra es de 0,0; 0,0001; 0,001; 0,01; 0,1, 1 e 10,0 mg de ingrediente activo/L de água. Os fungicidas foram aplicados preventivamente 24 horas antes da inocula o das plantulas com os esporos do fungo. O efeito dos tratamentos foi avaliado pelo número de urdias/cm2. A menor IC50 (concentra o inibitória) para fungicidas DMI determinados para MCG-MN, ra a sensível, variaram de 0,33 a 0,91 e os maiores valores de MDP-MR, MDT-MR, MDK-MR, MFH-HT corridas, variou de 9,63 a 85,64 mg/L (suspeitas de insensibilidade). A CI50 dos fungicidas IQes variou de 0,0018-0,14 mg/L. O fator de redu o da sensibilidade para os DMIs variou de 8,8-238,8 e para os IQEs de 0,3-1,5 mg/L. Foi confirmada a redu o na sensibilidade de ra as MDP-MR, MDT-MR, MDK-MR, MFH-HT para DMIS e sua sensibilidade aos fungicidas IQe.
Concordance patterns in zooplankton assemblages in the UHE - Luís Eduardo Magalh es reservoir in the Mid-Tocantins river, Tocantins State, Brazil = Padr es de concordancia entre grupos zooplanct nicos do reservatório da UHE – Luís Eduardo Magalh es no Médio Tocantins – Estado do Tocatins, Brasil
Gisele Fernandes Bessa,Ludgero Cardoso Galli Vieira,Luis Mauricio Bini,Deusiano Florêncio dos Reis
Acta Scientiarum : Biological Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: The goal of this study was to evaluate the concordance amongst threezooplankton groups (Rotifera, Cladocera, and Copepoda) and between the zooplankton groups and the environmental variables in the Luis Eduardo Magalh es reservoir, in the Mid-Tocantins River, Tocantins State, Brazil. Concordance patterns were found in relation to environmental variables, cladocerans, and rotifers, although values were relatively low. These results indicate that one should be cautious about the use of indicative taxonomic groups to detect environmental changes, where divergent results annul extrapolation possibilities and indicate the existence of distinct environmental factors controlling different groups. O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a concordancia entre os três grupos zooplanct nicos (Rotifera, Cladocera e Copepoda) e entre os grupos zooplanct nicos e as variáveis ambientais no reservatório da Usina Hidrelétrica Luis Eduardo Magalh es no Médio Tocantins, Estado de Tocantins. Foram encontrados padr es concordantes em rela o às variáveis ambientais e cladóceros e rotíferos, mesmo assim, com valores relativamente baixos de concordancia. Estes resultados indicam que se deve ter cuidado no uso de grupos taxon micos indicadores para detectar mudan as ambientais, em que os resultados divergentes anulam as possibilidades de extrapola o e indicam a existência de fatores ambientais distintos que controlam os diferentes grupos.
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