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Polluting Productions and Sustainable Economic Growth: A Local Stability Analysis  [PDF]
Giovanni Bella
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2009.21007
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to analyze the link between natural capital and economic growth, in a Romer-type economy characterized by dirty emissions in the production process, and to examine the conditions under which a sustainable growth, which implies a decreasing level of dirty emissions, might be both feasible and optimal. This work is close to Aghion-Howitt (1998) with some more general specifications, in particular regarding the structure of preferences and the technological sector. We also deeply study the transitional dynamics of this economy towards the steady state, and conclude that a determinate saddle path sustainable equilibrium can be reached even in presence of a long run positive level of polluting emissions, thanks to a growing level of new home-made inventories, without whom some indetermi-nacy problems are likely to emerge.
Contestability and Collateral in Credit Markets with Adverse Selection  [PDF]
Giovanni Cesaroni
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2012.21010
Abstract: The work discusses a basic proposition in the theory of competition in markets with adverse selection. By working out the sequence of market transactions, we show that the effectiveness of collateral in avoiding equilibrium rationing depends on an assumption of uncontestability of the loan market. If contestability is restored to its proper place, the sepa- ration of borrower by means of sufficient collateral does not impede the emergence of credit rationing, which results from a coordination failure among risk-neutral banks. As a consequence, even in a risk-neutral environment with suitable endowments, the use of collateral in credit contracts could not be a socially efficient screening-device. Our conclu- sion on rationing does not stand in contrast with a general result from Gale.
Endogenous Discounting and Global Indeterminacy  [PDF]
Giovanni Bella
Modern Economy (ME) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/me.2013.411080

This paper innovates the literature on endogenous discounting in environmental economics, by studying the global properties of the equilibrium outside the small neighborhood of the steady state. The internalization of individual consumption in the social discount rate is rich of powerful consequences from the economic point of view, for it leads to a qualitative change in the steady state and its transitional dynamics, so that the perfect foresight equilibrium may not be unique, and thus both local and global indeterminacy can eventually emerge. The main implication for decision making is that if indeterminacy occurs, public policies become not sufficient to drive the economy towards the long-run equilibrium. In particular, we show that the onset of parametric restrictions for which both global indeterminacy in the full R3 vector field, and a quasi-periodic dynamics with trajectories wrapped around an invariant torus, may eventually emerge.

Addressing Biodiversity Conservation Methods with Fagus sylvatica Genetic Indicators  [PDF]
Giovanni Figliuolo
Open Journal of Genetics (OJGen) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojgen.2014.42017

Species biological history revealed by genetic indicators can provide guidelines for long-term biodiversity conservation in Natura 2000 network. Fagus sylvatica is the keystone species which regulates in the Mediterranean Eco-Region ecosystem structure, function and composition. Six hundred fifty nine F. sylvatica individuals have been sampled across 20 sites of European interest in Southern Italy and analyzed at 5 microsatellite loci. For sites marked by both maximum heterozygosity (Ho) and minimum heterozygote deficit (Fis) (IT9210210, ITA070099, IT9210205 and IT9220075) it is suggested to avoid impacts by adopting very conservative measures. Promoting migration processes (pollen flow and seed flow) would be appropriate where it has been monitored low heterozygosity and high genetic disequilibrium. Margin effect due to dryness should be buffered with appropriate belts of thermophilus broad leaved tree species.

Palmar Intertriradial Ridge Counts in Sardinians  [PDF]
Giovanni Floris
Advances in Anthropology (AA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/aa.2015.53012
Abstract: Palmar intertriradial ridge counts (a-b, b-c, c-d, a-d) in 260 males and 260 females of Sardinian origin were considered. Bilateral and sex differences, correlation coefficients, skewness and kurtosis of the four distributions and an index of asymmetry were calculated. There are no sex differences, ridge counts show positive and almost always significant correlations. The a-d ridge count shows a normal distribution in both sexes.
Only One Goal: Economic Growth. How Can Environmentalism Survive in the 21st Century?  [PDF]
Giovanni Capulli
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2015.56017
Abstract: This paper is aimed to explore environmentalism in the 21st century: this broad philosophy has to overcome its limits in order to survive in a society where there seems to be only one goal, the economic growth. In the first part of the essay, I want to analyze the present condition as a result of a weak environmental consciousness. In the second part of the essay, I want to describe and compare two mainstreams of present environmentalism: de-growth theory and sustainable development.
New Road Infrastructures in Italy: Governance, Coordination and Regional Development—Actual Case: Quadrilatero S.p.A.  [PDF]
Giovanni Capulli
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2016.64015
Abstract: This essay is aimed to verify the following statement by an actual case from the Italian experience: when decisions are well coordinated and there is a strong cooperation within the hierarchy, new road infrastructures can solve congestion and at the same time, they can be an important flywheel for the regional economy especially in those regions that have economies export-orientated.
The Origin of the Color Charge into Quarks  [PDF]
Giovanni Guido
Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology (JHEPGC) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jhepgc.2019.51001
Abstract: Showing the origin of the mass in an additional coupling between field quantum oscillators, we formulate a hypothesis of a geometrical structure of the oscillators of “fields-particles”. In this way, we define the possible structure of quarks and hadrons (as the proton). This hypothesis is reasonable if one admits field oscillators composed by sub-oscillators at semi-quantum (IQuO) and in which a degree of internal freedom is definable. Using the IQuO model, we find the origin of the sign of electric charge in to particles and, in quarks, the isospin, the strangeness and colour charge. Finally, we formulate the structure of the gluons and the variation modality of the colour charge in quarks.
Time and space analysis of two earthquakes in the Appennines (Italy)  [PDF]
Michele Caputo, Giovanni Sebastiani
Natural Science (NS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2011.39101
Abstract: In this paper, we study two earthquakes: the April 6th 2009 earthquake of L’Aquila in the region of Abruzzo (Italy) and the 1997 Colfiorito earthquake in the regions of Umbria and Marche (Italy). The data sets of these two earthquakes were analysed in both time and space domains. For time domain we used statistical methods and models both parametric and non-parametric. Concerning the space domain, we used Mathematical Morphology filters. The time domain analysis provides evidence of a possible correlation between seismic activities and the tides of the crust of the Earth. The results obtained show evidence that the daily number of earthquakes of the sequences proceeding and following the April 6th 2009 earthquake of L’Aquila and that of the sequence following the 1997 Colfiorito earthquake have a periodic component of occurrence with period of about 7 days. It seems that the maxima of this component occur at a position of the Moon with respect to the Earth and the Sun corresponding to approximately 3 days before the four main Moon phases. The space domain analysis indicates that the foreshock activity in both earthquakes is clustered and concentrated. Furthermore, in each of the two earthquakes the clusters are located at about 3 kilometers from the epicentre of the main shock.
Are children safe indoor from outdoor air pollution? A short review  [PDF]
Giovanni Ghirga, Mara Pipere
Open Journal of Pediatrics (OJPed) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojped.2012.22016
Abstract: Background: Air pollution is a serious threat to children health. Given that children spend over 80% of their time indoors, understanding transport of pollutants from outdoor to indoor environments is important for assessing the impact of exposure to outdoor pollution on children health. The most common advice given during a smoke pollution episode is to stay indoors. How well this works depends on how clean the indoor air is and how pollutants from outdoor air contribute to pollutants load in indoor air. Objective: To assess the amount of outdoor air pollution coming indoors threatening children health. Methods: A Medline/EMBASE search of scientific articles was performed to evaluate the indoor-to-outdoor (I/O) concentration ratios of two main pollutants: ultrafine particles (UFP) and ozone (O3). Result: Under infiltration condition, the highest I/O ratios (0.6 - 0.9) were usually observed for larger UFP (70 - 100 nm), while the lowest I/O ratios (0.1 - 0.4) occurred typically around 10 - 20 nm. O3 I/O ratios vary according to air exchange and may be 0.6 - 0.8 for interiors having a large volume exchange with outdoor air (i.e. open windows) and 0.3 - 0.4 with conventional air conditioning systems. Conclusions: In the absence of indoor sources or activities, indoor UFP particles originate from outdoors. O3 concentration indoors may reach concentration similar to outdoors. Environmental and energy policies must also explicitly account for all the impacts of fossil fuel combustion on child health and development.
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