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Effect of lamellar nanostructures on the second harmonic generation of polymethylmethacrylate films doped with 4-(4-nitrophenylazo)aniline chromophores
Alfredo Franco,Laura Romero-Miranda,Guadalupe Valverde-Aguilar,Jorge García-Macedo,Giovanna Brusatin,Massimo Guglielmi
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: The kinetics of the orientation of Disperse Orange 3 molecules embedded in amorphous and nanostructured Polymethylmethacrylate films was studied under the effect of an intense electrostatic poling field. Non-centrosymmetric chromophore distributions were obtained in Polymethylmethacrylate films by Corona poling technique. These distributions depends on the Corona poling time. The changes in the orientation of the Disperse Orange 3 molecules were followed by in-situ transmitted Second Harmonic Generation measurements. The Second Harmonic Generation signal was recorded as function of time at several temperatures; it was fitted as function of the Corona poling time, considering matrix-chromophore interactions. The Polymethylmethacrylate films were nanostructured by the incorporation of an anionic surfactant, the Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate. The lamellar nanostructures in the films were identified by X-ray diffraction measurements.
Arab-Islamic Reception and Development of Hellenistic Science  [PDF]
Giovanna Lelli
Advances in Historical Studies (AHS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ahs.2015.41004
Abstract: This article is an overview of the Arab-Islamic reception and development of Hellenistic science. It particularly refers to mathematics, physics and astronomy. It focuses on the following topics: 1) Two interpretative models of this reception in the 19th, 20th, and 21st century scholarship: the “Indo-European model” (which supposes a cultural heterogeneity between Greece and Islam) and the “cosmopolitan Hellenistic model” (which supposes homogeneity between the two). 2) The channels through which Hellenistic science was transmitted to the Islamic world: the philological channel, and the oral channel which implies the pre-existence of a common Greek-Semitic cultural ground that made this transmission possible. 3) Three features of the Arab-Islamic sciences that highlight their essential contribution to the emergence of modern science in 16th and 17th century Europe: 3.1. The “democratising” character of the Arab-Islamic sciences resulting from a larger diffusion of literacy. 3.2. The higher precision of measurements and calculations. 3.3. The experimental approach of Muslim scientists. A positive role in the accomplishment of these advances has been played by the non-metaphysical character of orthodox Islamic monotheism. According to Muslim orthodoxy, there are no Neo-Platonic intermediaries between the almighty God and his creation. The whole universe is submitted to the same physical laws. I argue that today it is important to open an interdisciplinary debate on the Arab-Islamic sciences. It would certainly lead to a better appreciation of their historical contribution. It could also suggest answers to contemporary epistemological impasses deriving from the growing gap between the humanities and the sciences.
Some Tonal and Rhythmical Sequences in the Vocal Language of Dogs as Significant Earthquake Precursors  [PDF]
Giovanna de Liso
Open Journal of Earthquake Research (OJER) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojer.2018.74013
A monitoring of multiple physical parameters in a moderate seismic area in Western Piedmont (NW Italy) and the simultaneous observation of the behaviour of numerous species of domestic and wild animals gave in a period of over twenty years the possibility to distinguish the unusual animal behaviours due to local earthquake nucleation from other causes. In particular, the observation of the body and vocal language of dogs (Canis familiaris) in the same area has permitted not only to specify the different meanings of vocal language in connection to their body language, but also to classify the minimum elements into a vocal language that is linked together by tonal and rhythmical sequences of sounds that form a semantic lexicon. The usage of the same tonal and rhythmical vocal sequences in similar or identical situations, which are experienced by different groups of dogs, induces us to verify whether it could be possible to link particular vocal sequences to precise physical anomalies before earthquakes. The individuation of physical anomalies due to an earthquake nucleation or due to a hydro-geological destabilization, is possible thanks to a continuous long-term monitoring of some parameters. Moreover, the complexity of the vocal language of dogs increases if the dogs live in an area with a law population density. Then the correlation between some vocal sequences and some seismic precursors is better if dogs live free in yard or on farms, if they are in good health, and if they can establish a strong social relation of group. When dogs live closed in yards of houses that are far apart, they communicate with each other with an amazing vocal language, full of questions and answers, imitations of sequences, and information about situations that may be harmful to them.
Seismic Precursory Phenomenology in Unusual Animal Behaviour in Val Pellice, Western Piedmont, in Comparison with Anomalies of Some Physical Parameters  [PDF]
Giovanna de Liso, Cristiano Fidani
Open Journal of Earthquake Research (OJER) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojer.2014.31005

The unusual animal behaviour, often observed before earthquakes in a moderate seismic area in Western Piedmont (NW Italy), can be connected with the anomalies of some physical parameters, recorded in a multiple parameters monitoring. Physical phenomena such as radioactive decay, gas emission, soil temperature increase, water pH variations in creeks and lakes, magnetic declination anomalies, air electricity and infra-sound, can generate damages to biological structures or, sometimes, death. A multiple parameters physical monitoring started recently in Western Piedmont, which is useful to propose the study of seismic precursors possibly linked to animal behaviour. Observations of unusual animal behaviour as vocal communications and movements were collected in the same area. A statistical analysis of strange behaviours in dogs and cats may indicate the probable early warning factor of the sense of smell.

Interaction in the Steady State between Electromagnetic Waves and Matter  [PDF]
Aidan L. Gordon, Giovanna Scarel
World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics (WJCMP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/wjcmp.2018.84012
Abstract: It is common experience that our eyes do not perceive significant changes in color when we observe for long time an object continuously exposed to light. We always see plants to be green in summer until in autumn factors external to our vision, such as changes in the length of daylight and temperature, cause the break-down of chlorophyll and, in turn, spectacular changes in plant’s colors. Likewise, the photocurrent produced in solar panels or field effect transistors achieves a steady state magnitude shortly after the start of the illumination. The steady state photocurrent lasts until the illumination stops. Understanding the origin of the steady state response of a device or light harvesting (LH) system to illumination with electromagnetic (EM) waves motivates the research presented in this work. In our experiments, we used capacitors as LH systems and illuminated them with infrared (IR) light over an 80 hours time period. We investigated the interaction between light and matter by monitoring versus time the voltage output of the capacitors. By combining modeling and experimental observations, we concluded that the steady state voltage is established soon after the start of the illumination as the consequence of the law of conservation of energy. We also found that the magnitude of the voltage in the steady state depends on the power and period of the illuminating IR light, and on the capacitance of the capacitor. When light’s power undergoes fluctuations, also the voltage produced by the capacitor and the surface charge density on the capacitors do so. These findings suggest that the law of conservation of energy has a significant repercussion when light is absorbed by matter in the steady state, for example in the mechanism of vision in vertebrates. Likewise, these findings are true when light is emitted from matter, for example in the mechanism of formation of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB).
The Effect of Infrared Light’s Power on the Infrared Spectra of Thin Films  [PDF]
Giovanna Scarel, Eric C. Stevens
World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics (WJCMP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/wjcmp.2019.91001
Abstract: There are numerous evidences that a relationship exists between the average power P of electromagnetic waves and the mechanical motion of the objects interacting with them. We investigate the effects of infrared (IR) light’s average power P on the transmission Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra of thin cubic Yb2O3 and rhombohedral LaAlO3 films deposited on silicon via atomic layer deposition. We find that different values of P of the IR light displace the minima of the absorption bands. This effect is reproducible in different sets of experiments and in different spectrometers. To interpret the experimental findings, we use the law of conservation of energy. We find a correlation among the energy of the IR waves and the number, moment of inertia, and vibrational/rotational frequency of the bonds involved in the vibrational or rotational motion. The law of conservation of energy unveils that larger values of P of the IR light and lower wavenumbers of the resonances involve a larger number of crystal bonds. One practical application of our approach is that it suggests a way to improve the sensitivity of the FTIR spectra of thin crystalline films in the far IR region.
13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to check 1,3-random, 2-random pattern of fatty acid distribution in olive oil triacylglycerols
Giovanna Vlahov
Spectroscopy: An International Journal , 2005, DOI: 10.1155/2005/765236
Abstract: The fatty acid distribution between the 1,3- and 2-positions of triglycerides was determined in the olive oil set sampled in the Marche region, by using the 13C NMR method which applies the DEPT pulse sequence. The results confirmed that the oleic and linoleic acids were not randomly distributed at the 2-position of triacylglycerols but were lower for oleic acid and higher for linoleic acid compared to the theoretical values expected for a random distribution. Moreover, the unsaturated acids deviated from the 2-random distribution at different extents according to the acid concentration of triglyceride.
La historia, la comida, la salud: Un vínculo siempre más estrecho entre alimentación y medicina
Medicina y Seguridad del Trabajo , 2010, DOI: 10.4321/S0465-546X2010000100008
Abstract: in the ancien regime societies, during the age of enlightment, the influence of scientific and rational thinking paved the way top a new medical culture. in this new medical approach, food habits dramatically changed. alimentation assumed a social role and a deeper attention was devoted to health. doctors started to focus on diet, hygienic conditions, environmental quality. since middle age specific works (tractati) were devoted to food properties by indicating benefits of some foods and warning against others. doctors prescribed fasting as a therapy. henceforth a deeper relation between health and food was established. the recipe books (ricettari) of hospitals reported the appropriate purpose of foods, vegetables and herbs, fruits and salads whose pictures appeared in naturalist as well as in cooking books. the excessive and luxurious banquets of the aristocracy were subsequently replaced by the cheaper meals of the bourgeoisie, although the burghers used food as a way to mark social differences. as the scientific knowledge advanced food habits became healthier through centuries. a basic concept to avoid alimentary excesses prevailed in contemporary age.
Criterios linguístico-semióticos para la elaboracion de un diccionario arqueologico
Cuadernos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Jujuy , 2001,
Abstract: different classes of operations intervene in the making of dictionary coming from linguistics as well as semiotics an many products are originated in different products also, whose characterization depends on the class of support. here i present elements to surf in the dictionary of use for a lithic analysis, done on a corpus of latinamerican archaeological text, which can be visited in www.winchkler.com.ar. i enumerate the criteria followed for each one of the stages of this work (delimitation of the corpus, segmentation of the texts, organization of the segmented fragments in different definitions, term selections, alphabetic lists, making of networks and entrances) i conclude with some commentaries about more complex aspects of this research.
Policía Comunitaria de Guerrero, investigación y autonomía
Gasparello, Giovanna;
Política y cultura , 2009,
Abstract: the community security and justice system. guerrero community police is an autonomous institution that maintains security and imparts justice, in a historically violent and discriminatory context for the indigenous people. many researchers confirmed the legitimacy of this organisation; however, the state doesn't recognize the community police as an exercise of rights to autonomy. the academy could play an important role: demonstrating the efficiency of the system to guarantee access to justice for the natives of the region, and press for the setting of a legal framework that could permit the recognition of such autonomous practices.
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