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A Method for the In Vivo Measurement of Zebrafish Tissue Neutrophil Lifespan
Giles Dixon,Philip M. Elks,Catherine A. Loynes,Moira K. B. Whyte
ISRN Hematology , 2012, DOI: 10.5402/2012/915868
Drift-Diffusion Analysis of Neutrophil Migration during Inflammation Resolution in a Zebrafish Model
Geoffrey R. Holmes,Giles Dixon,Sean R. Anderson,Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro,Philip M. Elks,Stephen A. Billings,Moira K. B. Whyte,Visakan Kadirkamanathan,Stephen A. Renshaw
Advances in Hematology , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/792163
Abstract: Neutrophils must be removed from inflammatory sites for inflammation to resolve. Recent work in zebrafish has shown neutrophils can migrate away from inflammatory sites, as well as die in situ. The signals regulating the process of reverse migration are of considerable interest, but remain unknown. We wished to study the behaviour of neutrophils during reverse migration, to see whether they moved away from inflamed sites in a directed fashion in the same way as they are recruited or whether the inherent random component of their migration was enough to account for this behaviour. Using neutrophil-driven photoconvertible Kaede protein in transgenic zebrafish larvae, we were able to specifically label neutrophils at an inflammatory site generated by tailfin transection. The locations of these neutrophils over time were observed and fitted using regression methods with two separate models: pure-diffusion and drift-diffusion equations. While a model hypothesis test (the F-test) suggested that the datapoints could be fitted by the drift-diffusion model, implying a fugetaxis process, dynamic simulation of the models suggested that migration of neutrophils away from a wound is better described by a zero-drift, “diffusion” process. This has implications for understanding the mechanisms of reverse migration and, by extension, neutrophil retention at inflammatory sites. 1. Introduction The fate of neutrophils following completion of the inflammatory programme is of critical importance for the outcome of episodes of acute inflammation and can determine whether there is prompt healing of a wound or the development of chronic inflammation and tissue injury. Neutrophils recruited to sites of inflammation may leave the site or die in situ [1]. The most widely accepted mechanism of neutrophil disposal is the programmed cell death or apoptosis, of the neutrophil followed by macrophage uptake and clearance (reviewed in [2]). Recently, other routes have been proposed; neutrophils may move away from the inflamed site into the bloodstream (“reverse transmigration” [3]), by migration through other tissues (“retrograde chemotaxis” or “reverse migration” [4–6]), or be lost into the inflammatory exudate [7, 8]. Current understanding of the process of reverse migration is reviewed elsewhere [9]. The uncertainty as to the in vivo fates of individual cells relates in part to the difficulty in following individual cells during inflammation resolution in vivo. The transgenic zebrafish model is emerging as a key model for the study of vertebrate immunity [10] and allows direct
Remote Sensing Study of Glacial Change in the Northern Patagonian Icefield  [PDF]
Lucy Dixon, Shrinidhi Ambinakudige
Advances in Remote Sensing (ARS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ars.2015.44022
Abstract: The Patagonian Icefield has the largest temperate ice mass in the southern hemisphere. Using remote sensing techniques, this study analyzed multi-decadal glacial retreat and expansion of glacier lakes in Northern Patagonia. Glacial boundaries and glacier lake boundaries for 1979, 1985, 2000, and 2013 were delineated from Chilean topographic maps and Landsat satellite images. Aster stereo images were used to measure mass balance from 2007 to 2012. The highest retreat was observed in San Quintin glacier. The area of glacier lakes increased from 13.49 km2 in 1979 to 65.06 km2 in 2013. Four new glacier lakes formed between 1979 and 2013. Between 2007 and 2012, significant glacial thinning was observed in major glaciers, including HPN1, Pared Norte, Strindberg, Acodado, Nef, San Quintin, Colonia, HPN4, and Benito glaciers. Generally, ablation zones lost more mass than accumulation zones.
The essential role of gold in the fabrication of microwave electronics systems
Giles Humpston
Gold Bulletin , 1999, DOI: 10.1007/BF03216613
Abstract: Microwave technology will be the cornerstone of 21st Century electronics. Microwave electronics systems differ radically from conventional silicon semiconductor technology, requiring specialist semiconductors, circuits and interconnects. Gallium arsenide and gallium nitride are advanced compound semiconductors that fulfil the first requirement. Gold and gold alloys have unique properties that are essential for integrating these components into functioning systems.
Phenomenologically researching the Lecturer-Student Teacher Relationship: Some Challenges Encountered
D Giles
Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology , 2009,
Abstract: The teacher-student relationship has long been of primary concern to educators and the focus of much educational research. While various theoretical understandings of this relationship exist, ontological understandings of the lived experiences of this relationship are not so prevalent, and there is thus a call for phenomenological studies aimed at uncovering the essential and ontological meanings of this taken for granted phenomenon. This paper reports on such a project and, in particular, some of the challenges encountered in the process of phenomenologically researching the relationship which arises in the context of teacher education between the lecturer and the student teacher. The challenges of phenomenological research are both numerous and complex. These challenges relate to the intensity of the lived experience of the research itself, the meditative attunement of the researcher to the focal phenomenon, and the process of walking in a research process that is mindful of one's own historicity (Gadamer, 1960/1995). While the primary focus of this paper is on the challenges of researching the lecturer-student teacher relationship in a phenomenological way, it nevertheless reflects the unique capacity of a phenomenological approach to respect the centrality and humanity of relationship and to open understanding that affirms this.
Precipitation strengthening of fine-wire of the Au-lwt%Ti alloy — 10 years at room temperature
Giles Humpston
Gold Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF03214755
Non-invasive mechanical ventilation
BL Giles
Southern African Journal of Critical Care , 2005,
Abstract: Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is a modality of providing airway and pulmonary support in both acute and chronic diseases of the lung. The method of mechanical ventilation without the use of an endotracheal tube was developed over a century ago, but its utility has only been explored recently with advances in technology. NIV is the method of choice when there is a desire to avoid the inherent complications that arise from using artificial airway supports such as endotracheal tubes and tracheostomies. NIV can be used in the intensive care unit and in the outpatient setting in appropriately selected patients. Adult and paediatric critical care and respiratory divisions have a wealth of experience in successful use of NIV. The history, use and experience will be discussed along with recommendations for initiating NIV. SAJCC Vol. 21 (1) 2005: pp. 10-15
An Overview of the Survey of Laobur and Income Dynamics (SLID)
Giles, Philip
Canadian Studies in Population , 2001,
Abstract: English The Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics adds a new dimension to existingdata on the labour market activity and income. The survey focuses on the whole range of transitions,durations, and repeat occurrences of Canadians' financial and work situations. As a longitudinalsurvey, it also provides information on the fluctuations in family characteristics. Special featuresof the survey as well as major themes covered by the survey are described in this paper. In addition,suggestions are offered for obtaining or working with the data. French L’enquête longitudinale main d’oeuvre et revenu ajoute une nouvelle dimensionaux données sur ces questions. L’enquête concerne une série de transitions, dedurées et de répétitions des situations de travail et de revenue des Canadiens.étant une enquête longitudinale, on a également des informations sur leschangements de caractéristiques familiaux. On décrit ici les aspects uniques del’enquête ainsi que les thèmes principaux, et on offre des suggestions pourobtenir et utiliser les données.
L’avenir des études clunisiennes
Giles Constable
Bulletin du Centre d’études Médiévales d’Auxerre , 2011, DOI: 10.4000/cem.11960
Abstract: On a déjà tellement écrit sur Cluny – des douzaines de livres, y compris les vies de ses célèbres abbés ; et des centaines d’articles – qu’il est facile d’oublier le travail qui reste à faire. Dans cet exposé, après un mot rapide sur les sources, je me concentrerai sur cinq domaines qui nécessitent de nouvelles recherches. Premièrement : qu’a été Cluny et qui étaient les Clunisiens ? Deuxième point : la communauté de Cluny. Troisième point : les activités des moines. Quatrième point : l’ordre...
Results on direct CP violation from NA48
Giles Barr
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: A report on the recent measurement of epsilon-prime, which characterises direct CP violation in the neutral kaon system, by the NA48 collaboration.
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