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On the k-normality of some projective manifolds
Alberto Alzati,Gian Mario Besana
Mathematics , 1997,
Abstract: A long standing conjecture, known to us as the Eisenbud Goto conjecture, states that an n-dimensional variety embedded with degree $d$ in the $N$- dimensional projective space is $(d-(N-n)+1)$-regular in the sense of Castelnuovo-Mumford. In this work the conjecture is proved for all smooth varieties $X$ embedded by the complete linear system associated with a very ample line bundle $L$ such that $\Delta (X,L) \le 5$ where $\Delta (X,L) = \dim{X} + \deg{X} -h^0(L).$ As a by-product of the proof of the above result the projective normality of a class of surfaces of degree nine in $\Pin{5}$ which was left as an open question in a previous work of the second author and S. Di Rocco alg-geom/9710009 is established. The projective normality of scrolls $X =\Proj{E}$ over a curve of genus 2 embedded by the complete linear system associated with the tautological line bundle assumed to be very ample is investigated. Building on the work of Homma and Purnaprajna and Gallego alg-geom/9511013, criteria for the projective normality of three-dimensional quadric bundles over elliptic curves are given, improving some results due to D. Butler.
Numerical Criteria for vey Ampleness of Divisors on Projective Bundles over an elliptic curve
Alberto Alzati,Marina Bertolini,Gian Mario Besana
Mathematics , 1997,
Abstract: In Butler, J.Differential Geom. 39 (1):1--34,1994, the author gives a sufficient condition for a line bundle associated with a divisor D to be normally generated on $X=P(E)$ where E is a vector bundle over a smooth curve C. A line bundle which is ample and normally generated is automatically very ample. Therefore the condition found in Butler's work, together with Miyaoka's well known ampleness criterion, give a sufficient condition for the very ampleness of D on X. This work is devoted to the study of numerical criteria for very ampleness of divisors D which do not satisfy the above criterion, in the case of C elliptic. Numerical conditions for the very ampleness of D are proved,improving existing results. In some cases a complete numerical characterization is found.
On polarized surfaces of low degree whose adjont bundles are not spanned
Gian Mario Besana,Sandra Di Rocco
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: Smooth complex surfaces polarized with an ample and globally generated line bundle of degree three and four, such that the adjoint bundle is not globally generated, are considered. Scrolls of a vector bundle over a smooth curve are shown to be the only examples in degree three. Two classes of examples in degree four are presented, one of which is shown to characterize regular such pairs. A Reider-type theorem is obtained in which the assumption on the degree of the polarization is removed.
On The Projective Normality of Smooth Surfaces of degree nine
Gian Mario Besana,Sandra Di Rocco
Mathematics , 1997,
Abstract: We investigate the projective normality of smooth, linearly normal surfaces of degree 9. All non projectively normal surfaces which are not scrolls over a curve are classified. Results on the projective normality of surface scrolls are also given. One of the reasons that brought us to look at this question is our desire to find examples for a long standing problem in adjunction theory. Andreatta followed by a generalization by Ein and Lazarsfeld posed the problem of classifying smooth n-dimensional varieties (X,L) polarized with a very ample line bundle L, such that the adjoint linear system |H| = |K + (n-1)L| gives an embedding which is not projectively normal. After a detailed check of the non projectively normal surfaces found in this work no examples were found except possibly a blow up of an elliptic P^1-bundle whose existence is uncertain.
Hilbert scheme of some threefold scrolls over the Hirzebruch surface F_1
Gian Mario Besana,Maria Lucia Fania,Flaminio Flamini
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: Hilbert schemes of suitable smooth, projective manifolds of low degree which are 3-fold scrolls over the Hirzebruch surface F_1 are studied. An irreducible component of the Hilbert scheme parametrizing such varieties is shown to be generically smooth of the expected dimension and the general point of such a component is described.
Peculiar Loci of Ample and Spanned Line Bundles
Gian Mario Besana,Sandra Di Rocco,Antonio Lanteri
Mathematics , 2003,
Abstract: The bad locus and the rude locus of an ample and base point free linear system on a smooth complex projective variety are introduced and studied. The bad locus is defined as the set of points that force divisors through them to be reducible. The rude locus is defined as the set of points such that divisors that are singular at them are forced to be reducible. The existence of a nonmempty bad locus is shown to be exclusively a two dimensional phenomenon. Polarized surfaces of small degree, or whose degree is the square of a prime, with nonempty bad loci are completely classified. Several explicit examples are offered to describe the variety of behaviors of the two loci.
Higher Order Bad Loci
Gian Mario Besana,Sandra Di Rocco,Antonio Lanteri
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: Zero-schemes on smooth complex projective varieties, forcing all elements of ample and free linear systems to be reducible are studied. Relationships among the minimal length of such zero-schemes, the positivity of the line bundle associated with the linear system, and the dimension of the variety are established. A generalization to higher dimension subschemes is studied in the last section.
On families of rank-2 uniform bundles on Hirzebruch surfaces and Hilbert schemes of their scrolls
Gian Mario Besana,Maria Lucia Fania,Flaminio Flamini
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Several families of rank-two vector bundles on Hirzebruch surfaces are shown to consist of all very ample, uniform bundles. Under suitable numerical assumptions, the projectivization of these bundles, embedded by their tautological line bundles as linear scrolls, are shown to correspond to smooth points of components of their Hilbert scheme, the latter having the expected dimension. If e=0,1 the scrolls fill up the entire component of the Hilbert scheme, while for e=2 the scrolls exhaust a subvariety of codimension 1.
Sociologia e Ecologia: Um Diálogo Reconstruído
Giuliani, Gian Mario;
Dados , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52581998000100005
Abstract: sociology and ecology are often turned to in the current search for answers to two dilemmas: the crisis of paradigms within the human sciences (a product of processes of rapid yet profound changes in our present industrial society) and crises between social organizations and their surrounding physical-natural environment. the expectation that these fields will provide the answer may feed the notion that greater integration between disciplines will suffice to generate efficacious solutions to the problems underpinning these crises. on the one hand, it may seem a simple task to achieve the integration of two sciences displaying such surprising affinities. on the other, this integration can not be attained instantaneously but requires an open dialogue, where both fields are forced to make commitments and compromises and to exchange experiences.
Utopia, Stato e distopia. Il totalitarismo libertario in Tibor Déry
Gian Mario Bravo
Scienza & Politica : per una Storia delle Dottrine , 2006, DOI: 10.6092/issn.1825-9618/2807
Abstract: Utopia, Stato e distopia. Il totalitarismo libertario in Tibor Déry
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