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Environmental risk assessment using the Persian version of the Home Falls And Screening Tool (HOME FAST) in Iranian elderly
Bahareh Maghfouri,Afson Hassani Mehraban,Ghorban Taghizade,Gholam Reza Aminian
Pajouhan Scientific Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Introduction: One of the common problems among older people is falling. Falling inside the houses and streets makes up a large incidence between Iranian elderly, then the effort to identify environmental factors at home and home modification can reduce falls and injury in the elderly. The aim of this study is identifying elderly at risk of fall with using screening tool (HOME FAST) and define reliability of this tool.Material and Methods: As a reliability, through the health housing of the town councils in five geographical regions of Tehran, 60 old person were selected. Participants aged 60 to 65 years and the HOME FAST tool was used in the two stages (inter rater and test-retest).Results: Test-retest reliability in the study showed that agreement between the items is over than 0.8, which shows very good reliability. The results showed that the relative of the each item in the Agreement between the domain is 1 - 0.65, which shows moderate to high reliability. And the results in this study showed that agreement between the items in Inter rater reliability is over than 0.8, which shows the level of reliability is very good. Also it showed that the relative of the each item in the agreement between the domain is 1 - 0.01, which shows poor to high reliability.Conclusion: This study shows that the reliability of the HOME FAST is high. The findings of these comments have been expected that the test objectives were appropriate to prevent falls and the tools showed acceptable reliability, then this test can be used as a tool for to professionals.
The protein quality value of two homemade cereals legume mixtures compare to a commercial baby food sample
Zatollah Asemi,Mohsen Taghizade
Behbood , 2011,
Abstract: Background: Mixed cereals and legumes products enhance protein quality. This study has been conducted to compare the protein value of two homemade foods (a mixture of beans and rice and a mixture of vetch and rice) with a commercial baby food (wheat- based Cerelac) in rats. Methods: An experimental study has been conducted on 80 male rats, which divided into 8 subgroups. Five different diets including3 3 test diets (Cerelac and two of the homemade foods), 1 standard diet (casein) and 1 basic diet (protein free) were admitted to determine the TPD (True protein Digestibility), AD (Apparent Digestibility). Furthermore, 3 test diets, 1 standard diet and 1 basic diet used to determine the NPR (Net protein ratio), PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) and FER (Food Efficiency Ratio). Difference between values of TPD, NPR and PER among the groups was analyzed using ANOVA and SPSS software.Results: Our findings indicated that the TPD for Cerelac, bean+rice and vetch+rice (87.7, 80.2 and 81.9; respectively) were statistically different. The NPR for Cerelac, bean+rice and vetch+rice were 4.6, 4 and 4.5; respectively. There was significant difference for PER between three groups (2.5, 2.9 and 2.8; respectively). Conclusion: The findings showed that the protein value of homemade foods is acceptable in comparison to commercial products such as Cerelac.
Comparison of quality proteins regarding evaluation in two samples of home made cereal/legume mixtures with a sample of commercial baby food
Zatollah Asemi,Mohsen Taghizade
Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: (Received 19 August, 2009 ; Accepted 18 November, 2009)AbstractBackground and purpose: Protein quality of cereal/legume mixtures results in nutrient profiles. Regarding to the importance of food protein quality, this study was conducted to compare protein value of two samples of home made food (based on semolina spaghetti + soybean and nole spaghetti + soybean mixed) with Cerelac - based on wheat (commercial baby food) in Rats.Materials and methods: Experimental study was conducted on 80 male rats (wistar) aged 21days in 8 groups, under 10 diets inclusive of: 3 test diets (Cerelac and two samples of home made food), 1 diet standard (casein+Methionine) and 1 diet basal (protein free) for True protein Digestibility (TPD) and Apparent Digestibility (AD) study and 3 test diets, 1 diet standard and 1 diet basal for Net Protein Ratio (NPR), Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) and Food Efficiency Ratio (FER) study. The value of TPD, NPR and PER between groups were analyzed by ANOVA and then with Bonferroni post test.Results: The value of TD 92.8, 87, 89 and 85.4, NPR 4.3, 4.3, 3.6 and 3.6, PER 3, 2.5, 1.8 and 1.7, were for casein+Methionine, Cerelac and home made foods based on semolina spaghetti+soybean and nole spaghetti+soybean mixed. So there are significant difference between groups in compare to TD and PER (p<0.05), but in compare to NPR is not significant.Conclusion: The findings showed that TD and NPR of home made food in comparison with Cerelac are acceptable, but in compare to PER is lower.J Mazand Univ Med Sci 2009; 19(72): 28-35 (Persian)
Toeplitz graph decomposition
Samira Hossein Ghorban
Transactions on Combinatorics , 2012,
Abstract: Let $n,t_1,...,t_k$ be distinct positive integers. A Toeplitz graph $G=(V, E)$ denoted by $T_n$ is a graph, where $V ={1,...,n}$ and $E= {(i,j) : |i-j| in {t_1,...,t_k}}$.In this paper, we present some results on decomposition of Toeplitz graphs.
The Relationship between Students’ Conceptions of Learning and Their Academic Achievement  [PDF]
Ghorban Hemati Alamdarloo, Shahram Moradi, Gholam Reza Dehshiri
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2013.41006

This study investigates the relationship between pre-university students’ conceptions of learning with their academic achievement. The sample consisted of 309 students (165 males and 144 females) in Tehran city. Among them, 104 individuals were in Mathematics, 110 in Experimental Science, and 95 in Literature (Humanities). The participants were selected through multistage cluster sampling. To assess their conceptions of learning, Purdie and Hattie’s (2002) questionnaire was used, and to measure their academic achievement, the total mean of high school diploma was considered. The results showed a significant relationship between students’ conceptions of learning and their academic achievement. There is also a meaningful relationship between students’ number of conceptions of learning and their academic achievement.

Comparison of Protein Value of Commercial Baby Food with Homemade Baby Food and Casein Standard in Rats as the Refference point
Z. Asemi,M. Taghizade,H. Ahmari Tehran
Qom University of Medical Sciences Journal , 2008,
Abstract: Background and ObjectivesEvaluation of protein quality in food is of great importance due to the biological and economical impacts of food proteins. This study has been conducted with the aim of comparing the protein quality of homemade food (mixture of macaroni and soy bean) with commercial baby food (Cerelac Wheat) using Casein as the refference point.MethodsThis study was conducted on 64 twenty one day old male Wistar rats. The rats were divided into 8 groups, and each group was put on a different diet regiments. The diet regiments were as follow: 2 homemade food+Cerelac test diet, 1 Ccasein+Methionine standard diet, 1 protien-free basal diet, 2 test diet, 1 standard diet and 1 basal diet. The purpose of protien-free diet was to evaluate True Protien Digestability (TPD). Net Protein Ratio (NPR) and Protien Efficiency Ratios (PER) were investigated by the basal diet. Protein intake and increasing of weight were determined for NPR and PER calculating. Nitrogen intake and fecal Nitrogen were determined to calculate TPD. Comparison of TPD, NPR and PER among the groups were analyzed by ANOVA and Tukey methods.ResultsTPD values of Standard, Cerelac and homemade food diets were 92.8±4, 87±8 and 85.4±3.2; NPR values were 4.3±0.4, 4.3±0.9, 3.8±0.6; and PER values were 3±0.2, 2.5±0.4, 1.7±0.1 respectively. The statistical difference between TPD and PER values were significant (p < 0.05), whereas NPR differences were insignificant ( p > 0.05). ConclusionThese results shows that TPD and PER of homemade foods are lower than Cerelac while their NPR are acceptable.Keywords: Protein; Cerelac; Macaroni; Soybeens.
Asymmetry energy of nuclear matter: Temperature and density dependence, and validity of semi-empirical formula
G. H. Bordbar,R. Feridoonnezhad,M. Taghizade
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: In this work, we have done a completely microscopic calculation using a many-body variational method based on the cluster expansion of energy to compute the asymmetry energy of nuclear matter. In our calculations, we have employed the $AV_{18}$ nuclear potential. We have also investigated the temperature and density dependence of asymmetry energy. Our results show that the asymmetry energy of nuclear matter depends on both density and temperature. We have also studied the effects of different terms in the asymmetry energy of nuclear matter. These investigations indicate that at different densities and temperatures, the contribution of parabolic term is very substantial with respect to the other terms. Therefore, we can conclude that the parabolic approximation is a relatively good estimation, and our calculated binding energy of asymmetric nuclear matter is in a relatively good agreement with that of semi-empirical mass formula. However, for the accurate calculations, it is better to consider the effects of other terms.
Agronomic and Quality Characteristics of High-Yielding Rice Lines
Ghorban Ali Nematzadeh,Ghaffar Kiani
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: This study is a part of rice cultivar development program in north of Iran with the aim of yield potential increase and attention to eating quality. Thirteen lines developed from the crosses between high yielding cultivars with aromatic low yield ones based on pedigree breeding method. These lines along with two controls (Neda and Sang-e-Tarom) were evaluated for agronomic and quality traits in a randomized complete block design during 2005. Farm and laboratory tests showed that lines 33-DN-1, 33-DN-18 and 32-DN-6 were superior in yield (more than 5.5 t ha-1) and had suitable eating quality in comparison with Sang-e-tarom as a local control.
A Study on Effect of Brand Credibility on Word of Mouth: With Reference to Internet Service Providers in Malaysia
Zahra Seyed Ghorban,Hossein Tahernejad
International Journal of Marketing Studies , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ijms.v4n1p26
Abstract: Service industries have chosen the significance of customers’ satisfaction and loyalty in one side, and the retention of these customers in another side. Factors influencing the retention of customers in which brand credibility is one. Despite there have been studies targeting issues of brand, satisfaction and loyalty; this study included word of moth to fill the existing gap in the Internet service providers in Malaysia. 120 respondents participated in this study, which all were customers of Internet services for at least 2 years. This study found that brand credibility has positive impact on word of mouth through customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.
The Impact of a Self-Control Training Program on Enhancement of Social Skills in Students with ADHD  [PDF]
Ahmad Beh-Pajooh, Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi, Bagher Ghobari Bonab, Hamid Alizadeh, Ghorban Hemmati
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2012.38094
Abstract: Objective: The study examined the effect of a self-control training program on enhancing social skills in students with ADHD. Method: The study selected a pre-test-posttest control group design for a sample of twenty male students in an elementary school in Tehran, Iran. The sample was divided into experimental and control groups with the implementation of the treatment for the random assignment of the experimental group for the period of one month. A repeated measure method was performed to analyze the data. Results: The results indicated that the self-control training procedure was significantly effective in improving the social skills of students with ADHD. The follow-up data indicated the effectiveness of the treatment after the lapse of one month. Conclusion: The results suggested that teaching self-control techniques to students with ADHD would enhance their social skills.

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