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Acupuncture as a Modality in Buerger’s Disease
Ghatak RK,Chakraborty U
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 2009,
Abstract: A 32 yrs male patient presented with history ofclaudication pain and ulcers on left great and 2nd toes.He was a smoker. He was diagnosed as having Buerger’sdisease. The patient was treated with acupuncturetherapy, with remarkable subjective and objectiveimprovement. It is felt that acupuncture could be triedas a therapy in Buerger’s disease.
Acupuncture as a Modality in Low Back Pain
Ghatak RK,Das TK
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 2008,
Abstract: 32 years married muslim female having chronic low back pain for four years was treated in the Deaprtmentof Physical Medicine, Burdwan Medical College, West Bengal in the year 2005. Patient could not tolerateNSAIDS due to recurrent peptic ulcer. Physiotherapeutic exercises and management with Ultrasonic therapyhad to be withdrawn due to nausea and vomiting reported by the patient. Patient was then put on Acupuncturetreatment. There was remarkable improvement with Acupuncture within 2 months. Exercise therapy andadvice regarding posture care was continued along with acupuncture therapy.
Identity and Belonging in Mudrooroo’s Wild Cat Falling
Antara Ghatak
Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities , 2010,
Abstract: Wild Cat Falling, the rebellious, anti-colonial story by the black Australian author, Mudrooroo, tells us what ‘belonging’ means in Australia, when one is other than white. Written in an autobiographical mode, Mudrooroo’s first novel, Wild Cat Falling is an avant-garde as it presents an interventionist discourse for the first time in the literary history of Australia directed towards opening up the space for self-determined representation by an Aboriginal. The novel retells the continuing entrapment of the Indigenous minority in an inequitable network of social, economic and cultural relationship that they have inherited from British conquest. This paper explores how the issues of identity and belonging make Wild Cat Falling an important interventionist discourse.
Confinement induced instability of thin elastic film
Animangsu Ghatak
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.73.041601
Abstract: A confined incompressible elastic film does not deform uniformly when subjected to adhesive interfacial stresses but with undulations which have a characteristic wavelength scaling linearly with the thickness of the film. In the classical peel geometry, undulations appear along the contact line below a critical film thickness or below a critical curvature of the plate. Perturbation analysis of the stress equilibrium equations shows that for a critically confined film the total excess energy indeed attains a minima for a finite amplitude of the perturbations which grow with further increase in the confinement.
Subspace Codes for Random Networks Based on Plücker Coordinates and Schubert Cells
Anirban Ghatak
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: The Pl\"{u}cker coordinate description of subspaces has been recently discussed in the context of constant dimension subspace codes for random networks, as well as the Schubert cell description of certain code parameters. In this paper this classical tool is used to reformulate some standard constructions of constant dimension codes so as to give a unified framework. A general method of constructing non-constant dimension subspace codes with respect to a given minimum subspace distance or minimum injection distance among subspaces is presented. These codes may be described as the union of constant dimension subspace codes restricted to selected Schubert cells. The selection of these Schubert cells is based on the subset distance of tuples corresponding to the Pl\"{u}cker coordinate matrices associated with the subspaces contained in the respective Schubert cells. In this context, it is shown that a recent construction of non-constant dimension Ferrers-diagram rank-metric subspace codes (Khaleghi and Kschischang) is subsumed in the present framework.
Codes on Lattices for Random SAF Routing
Anirban Ghatak
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper, a construction of constant weight codes based on the unique decomposition of elements in lattices is presented. The conditions for unique primary decomposition and unique irreducible decomposition in lattices are discussed and connections with the decomposition of ideals in Noetherian commutative rings established. In this context it is shown, drawing on the definitive works of Dilworth, Ward and others, that, as opposed to Noetherian commutative rings, the existence of unique irreducible decomposition in lattices does not guarantee unique primary decomposition. The source alphabet in our proposed construction is a set of uniquely decomposable elements constructed from a chosen subset of irreducible or primary elements of the appropriate lattice. The distance function between two lattice elements is based on the symmetric distance between sets of constituent elements. It is known that constructing such constant weight codes is equivalent to constructing a Johnson graph with appropriate parameters. Some bounds on the code sizes are also presented and a method to obtain codes of optimal size, utilizing the Johnson graph description of the codes, is discussed. As an application we show how these codes can be used for error and erasure correction in random networks employing store-and-forward (SAF) routing.
Disordered nano-wrinkle substrates for inducing crystallization over a wide range of concentration of protein and precipitant
Anindita Sengupta Ghatak,Animangsu Ghatak
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1021/la305135y
Abstract: There are large number of proteins, the existence of which are known but not their crystal structure, because of difficulty in finding the exact condition for their crystallization. Heterogeneous nucleation on disordered porous substrates with small yet large distribution of pores is considered a panacea for this problem, but a universal nucleant, suitable for crystallizing large variety of proteins does not really exist. To this end, we report here a nano-wrinkled substrate which displays remarkable ability and control over protein crystallization. Experiments with different proteins show that on these substrates, crystals nucleate even at very low protein concentration in buffer. Small number of very large crystals appear for precipitant concentrations varied over orders of magnitude ~0.003-0.3M; for some proteins, crystals appear even without addition of any precipitant, not seen with any other heterogeneous substrates. In essence, these substrates significantly diminish the influence of the above two parameters, thought to be key factor for crystallization, signifying that this advantage can be exploited for finding out crystallization condition for other yet-to-be-crystallized proteins.
Influence of Demagnetization Effect on Giant Magneto Impedance of soft Ferromagnetic Metal
S. K. Ghatak
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.ssc.2010.03.019
Abstract: The large change in electromagnetic impedance in ferromagnetic state of soft magnetic metals in presence of biasing magnetic field is associated with change in screening of electromagnetic field. The screening depends on the permeability of the metal. Apart from dependence on intrinsic properties of metal the permeability depends on size of the sample. It is observed that the decrease in MI in amorphous ferromagnetic ribbon of Fe40Ni40B20 alloy is large for long sample whereas corresponding change is small for short one with same biasing field. As intrinsic magnetic properties and bias field are same and the demagnetization factor increases with reduction of length of the sample the reduction of MI effect is associated with demagnetization field.
Magnetic Behaviour of Disordered Ising Ferrimagnet in High Magnetic Field
Sobhendu K. Ghatak
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1080/14786435.2011.607864
Abstract: The magnetic behaviour of a disordered ferrimagnetic system Ap B1-p where both A and B represent the magnetic atoms with respective spin SA = 1/2 and SB = 1 in presence of high magnetic field is treated theoretically.Assuming the magnetic interaction can be described through Ising Hamiltonian the approximate free energy is obtained using the cluster-variational method. The field dependence of the magnetization is then obtained for different concentration p and exchange parameters (JAA, JBB and JAB). For p = 0.5,the magnetization M in ferrimagnetic state and in absence of compensation temperature Tcm vanishes at TC.Field induced reversal of M is found at switching temperature TS (
Title Cluster-Variational Treatment of Disordered Mixed Spin Ising Model
Sobhendu K. Ghatak
Physics , 2006,
Abstract: A disordered alloy Ap B1-p where both A and B represent the magnetic atoms with respective spin SA =1/2 and SB =1 and whose magnetic interaction can be described through Ising Hamiltonian is treated using the cluster-variational method. In this method it is assumed that the system is built out of building block which is embedded in an effective field. Taking building block as 4-atom cluster the approximate free energy of the alloy is then obtained by treating the interactions between spins within the cluster of all possible configurations in exact manner and the rest of the interaction by an effective variational field . The magnetization M and transition temperature Tc are then calculated for different concentration and exchange parameters (JAA, JBB and JAB). The magnetization M exhibits different kinds of ferrimagnetic behaviour depending on concentration and relative strength of intra- and inter- sub-network exchange interactions. For antiferromagnetic JAB, the sub-network magnetization saturates and aligned antiferromagnetically at low temperature. The existence of compensation temperature Tcm, where total magnetization reverses its direction, depends sensitively on relative values of JAA/ JAB and JBB/ JAB and p. For B (A)-rich alloy with small JAB, the direction of net magnetization remains same upto Tc and a maximum of M appears at intermediate T < Tc when JBB>> JAA (JBB<< JAA).When magnitude of JAB > JAA, JBB, Tc exhibits a maximum with p. The transition temperature is much less than the mean-field value for all cases. The magnetic susceptibility for diverges and is Curie-Wiess like at T >>Tc. The meta-magnetic behaviour at high magnetic field has been found. Some of these results are in tune with experimental observation in amorphous rare-earth-transition metal alloys.
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