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Influenceable and Avoidable Risk Factors for Systemic Air Embolism due to Percutaneous CT-Guided Lung Biopsy: Patient Positioning and Coaxial Biopsy Technique—Case Report, Systematic Literature Review, and a Technical Note
Gernot Rott,Frieder Boecker
Radiology Research and Practice , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/349062
Abstract: Following the first case of a systemic air embolism due to percutaneous CT-guided lung biopsy in our clinic we analysed the literature regarding this matter in view of influenceable or avoidable risk factors. A systematic review of literature reporting cases of systemic air embolism due to CT-guided lung biopsy was performed to find out whether prone positioning might be a risk factor regarding this issue. In addition, a technical note concerning coaxial biopsy practice is presented. Prone position seems to have relevance for the development and/or clinical manifestation of air embolism due to CT-guided lung biopsy and should be considered a risk factor, at least as far as lesions in the lower parts of the lung are concerned. Biopsies of small or cavitary lesions in coaxial technique should be performed using a hemostatic valve. 1. Introduction Percutaneous computed tomography- (CT-) guided lung biopsy, an everyday practice in many institutions, has well-known potential complications, in numbers, mainly occurring as pneumothorax and pulmonary bleeding with both of them normally requiring little or no further treatment. Systemic air embolism is a feared and potentially fatal complication but with very low reported incidences ranging from 0,001% to 0,003% according to publications dealing with greater series of biopsies [1, 2]. Statistically, most radiologists performing percutaneous lung biopsies will never have to deal with this complication. On the other hand one study with a smaller patient population recently reported an incidence of 3,8% [3]. Risk factors for systemic air embolism have been speculated, postulated, and reported; these include use of a coaxial biopsy system, number of biopsies, needle path through a longer distance of ventilated lung, coughing during the procedure, positive pressure ventilation, location of lesion in the lower lobes or lower parts of the lung, location of the lesion above the level of the left atrium, vasculitis, and small or cavitary lesions with some of these being influenceable or even avoidable and others not [2–9]. Prone positioning as a truly influenceable factor has been considered a risk factor [3] but to our knowledge has never been evaluated systematically in a literature review. Our very first case of systemic air embolism after CT-guided lung biopsy occurred at our institution after performing the procedure for much more than 10 years with a frequency of at least 50 cases per year. We are presenting this case, as we strongly believe that, in the light of the very low incidence of this complication, every
Entwicklung der Onlineberatung unter methodischen und strukturellen Gesichtspunkten
Holger Rott
E-Beratungsjournal , 2008,
Abstract: Die Diplomarbeit besch ftigt sich mit einem expandierenden Bereich der Sozialen Arbeit, der Onlineberatung. Dabei werden insbesondere methodische und strukturelle Gesichtspunkte betrachtet.
Searches for the Supersymmetric Partner of the Bottom Quark
Carsten Rott
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: We have performed a search for the scalar bottom quark from gluino decays in an R-parity conserving SUSY scenario with m(gluino) > m(sbottom), by investigating a final state of large missing transverse energy, with three or more jets, and some of them from the hadronization of b-quarks. A data sample of 156pb-1 collected by the Collider Detector at Fermilab at a center-of-mass energy of 1.96TeV was used. For the final selection, jets containing secondary displaced vertices were required. This analysis has been performed 'blind', in that the inspection of the signal region was only made after the standard model prediction was fina lized. Comparing data with SUSY predictions, we can exclude masses of the gluino and sbottom of up to 280 and 240GeV/c^2 respectively.
Review of Indirect WIMP Search Experiments
Carsten Rott
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysbps.2013.04.040
Abstract: Observational evidence for dark matter can be explained by Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs). These dark matter particle candidates could indirectly be detected through the observation of signals produced as part of WIMP annihilations or decays. Latest results from indirect searches for WIMPs are reviewed. Current and planned experiments are presented and their prospects and discovery potential discussed.
Is diatom richness responding to catchment glaciation? A case study from Cana+9dian headwater streams
Doris Gesierich,Eugen Rott
Journal of Limnology , 2012, DOI: 10.4081/jlimnol.2012.e7
Abstract: Due to global change affecting glaciers worldwide, glacial streams are seen as threatened environments deserving specific scientific interest. Glacial streams from the Coast Range and Rocky Mountains in British Columbia and at the border to Alberta were investigated. In particular glacial streams and downstream sites in the Joffré Lakes Provincial Park, a near by mountain river and two large glacial streams in the Rocky Mountains (Kootenay Range, Jasper National Park) were studied. Regardless of a high variability of catchment glaciation (1 to 99%) thin organic biofilms with firmly attached diatom frustules of the genera Achnanthidium, Psammothidium, Encyonema, Gomphonema and fragilaroid taxa were found in all cases. In spite of fundamentally different geological conditions between the Coast Range sites and the Rocky Mountain sites, the pioneer taxon Achnanthidium minutissimum (with a slimy long ecomorph) was dominating quantitatively in most of the glacier stream samples together with the rheobiontic Hannaea arcus. Individual glacier stream samples were characterized by the dominance of Achnanthidium petersenii and Gomphonema calcifugum/Encyonema latens. The diatom community analysis (cluster analysis) revealed the expected separation of glacier stream sites and sites of the lower segments of the river continuum (e.g., dominance of Diatoma ehrenbergii in the mountain river). In the Joffré area, the total species richness of turbid glacial streams close to the glacier mouth was significantly lower than in the more distant sites. The two largest glacial streams in the Rocky Mountains showed divergent results with a remarkable high species richness (43 taxa) at the Athabasca River origin (Columbia Icefield) and low diversity in Illecillewaet river (9 km downstream the glacier mouth). From the biogeographical point of view the dominant taxa comprised mainly widespread pioneer species coping best with the unstable conditions, while the subdominant taxa comprised taxa specific for pristine arctic-alpine or high altitude habitats (e.g., Psammothidium grischunum). Almost 50% of the taxa were classified as oligo- to oligo-mesotraphentic and approximately 20% as endangered or extremely rare.
Search for Dark Matter from the Galactic Halo with IceCube
Carsten Rott,for the IceCube Collaboration
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: Neutrinos produced in dark matter self-annihilations in the Galactic halo might be detectable by IceCube. We present a search for such a signal using the IceCube detector in the 22-string configuration. We first evaluate the sensitivity before presenting the result based on the collected data. We find that even with the partially instrumented detector and a small dataset, we are able to meaningfully constrain the dark matter self-annihilation cross-section. Future analyses, based on data sets from a larger detector and the inclusion of the Galactic center, are expected to considerably improve these results.
Neutrino Oscillation Measurements with IceCube
Carsten Rott,for the IceCube Collaboration
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: We present preliminary results for a neutrino oscillation analysis in progress on data collected with the IceCube 22-string detector during 2007 and 2008. The goal of this analysis is to measure muon neutrino disappearance as a function of energy for a constant baseline length of the diameter of the Earth by studying vertically up-going muon neutrinos. At this baseline disappearance effects are expected to become sizable at neutrino energies below 100 GeV. This energy range has not been previously explored with IceCube, however due to IceCube's vertical geometry there is some sensitivity for this specific class of events. Based on preliminary selection criteria, we show that IceCube has the potential to detect these events and we estimate the sensitivity to determining oscillation parameters.
Solar WIMPs Unraveled: Experiments, astrophysical uncertainties, and interactive Tools
Matthias Danninger,Carsten Rott
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1016/j.dark.2014.10.002
Abstract: The absence of a neutrino flux from self-annihilating dark matter captured in the Sun has tightly constrained some leading particle dark matter scenarios. The impact of astrophysical uncertainties on the capture process of dark matter in the Sun and hence also the derived constraints by neutrino telescopes need to be taken into account. In this review we have explored relevant uncertainties in solar WIMP searches, summarized results from leading experiments, and provided an outlook into upcoming searches and future experiments. We have created an interactive plotting tool that allows the user to view current limits and projected sensitivities of major experiments under changing astrophysical conditions.
遥感技术与应用 , 1989,
Abstract: 遥感方法可以对区域以至全球尺度的雪盖进行有效监测,根据在光谱的光学波段和微波的各种参数可以描述积雪的反射及发射特性。可见及近红外卫星影像可用以制作积雪面积范围图,这些资料对于气候研究和业务融雪径流预报是很有价值的。航天微波辐射仪资料研究表明:用这种资料可进行积雪面积范围和水当量制图,且具有探测融雪的全天候能力。被动式微波传感器的主要缺点就是空间分辨率较差,这可以用主动式传感器来弥补。合成孔径雷达可以探测湿雪且空间分辨率高。在未来十年中,将发射许多微波传感器,挖掘这一潜力尚需要更艰苦的研究。
Rafael Rott de Campos Velho
Revista Eletr?nica do Curso de Direito da UFSM , 2009, DOI: 10.5902/198136947034
Abstract: O escopo do presente trabalho é demonstrar o quanto os regulamentos expedidos por agências reguladoras independentes s o importantes no cenário hodierno para a garantia da Democracia e dos Direitos Fundamentais. Tais autoridades precisam ser dotadas de relativa independência, haja vista os interesses da sociedade em jogo no processo de tomada de certas decis es técnicas, as quais podem afetar qualquer cidad o. No entanto, o campo de atua o dos entes em quest o deve sofrer limita es com o intuito de garantir a legitima o popular.
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