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Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors Restore Cell Surface Expression of the Coxsackie Adenovirus Receptor and Enhance CMV Promoter Activity in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Cells
Laura Kasman,Georgiana Onicescu,Christina Voelkel-Johnson
Prostate Cancer , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/137163
Abstract: Adenoviral gene therapy using the death receptor ligand TRAIL as the therapeutic transgene can be safely administered via intraprostatic injection but has not been evaluated for efficacy in patients. Here we investigated the efficacy of adenoviral TRAIL gene therapy in a model of castration resistant prostate cancer and found that intratumoral injections can significantly delay tumor growth but cannot eliminate established lesions. We hypothesized that an underlying cause is inefficient adenoviral delivery. Using the LNCaP progression model of prostate cancer we show that surface CAR expression decreases with increasing tumorigenicity and that castration resistant C4-2b cells were more difficult to transduce with adenovirus than castration sensitive LNCaP cells. Many genes, including CAR, are epigenetically silenced during transformation but a new class of chemotherapeutic agents, known as histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACi), can reverse this process. We demonstrate that HDACi restore CAR expression and infectivity in C4-2b cells and enhance caspase activation in response to infection with a TRAIL adenovirus. We also show that in cells with high surface CAR expression, HDACi further enhance transgene expression from the CMV promoter. Thus HDACi have multiple beneficial effects, which may enhance not only viral but also non-viral gene therapy of castration resistant prostate cancer. 1. Introduction Epigenetic alterations, such as aberrant activity of histone deacetylases, are frequently observed in malignancies. Acetylation of histones is associated with less condensed chromatin and a transcriptionally active gene status, while deacetylation is associated with transcriptional silencing. Histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACiS) were originally found to reverse the malignant phenotype of transformed cells and have subsequently been developed as a new group of chemotherapeutic agents. HDACi can affect numerous signaling pathways to inhibit growth or angiogenesis and induce apoptosis or senescence [1, 2]. Using two HDACi under evaluation for the treatment of prostate cancer, we previously demonstrated that both romidepsin (also known as depsipeptide) and MS-275 enhanced the in vitro efficacy of adenoviral TRAIL gene therapy in castration-sensitive LNCaP prostate cancer cells [3]. This effect was selective for the malignant cells as primary cultures of prostate epithelial cells were not adversely affected [3]. TRAIL gene therapy has been evaluated for safety in prostate cancer patients with locally confined disease scheduled for prostatectomy [4]. Although
Flash Mob Dance and the Territorialisation of Urban Movement
Georgiana Gore
Anthropological Notebooks , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, I examine Flash Mob Dance as a new dance genre, incorporating elements from previous modes of non-institutional theatrical and other forms of performance through online ethnography. Consisting of one-off collective dance events organised in public spaces through mobile phone and internet communication, it effectively reconfigures urban spaces by implementing diverse staging strategies. Through the creation of temporary performance sites, the flow of people and traffic is disrupted, creating potentially new forms of sociality, regardless of whether the performance has political, economic or other objectives.
A Conceptual Aprroach to Language Contact: Bilingualism
Georgiana Tofan
DOCT-US , 2011,
Abstract: In studies of language contacts, the bilinguism represents a challenge to explore different relations established between social and linguistic aspects. In this paper, we will give a bit of background to the case of social and individual bilingualism, making an attempt to observe some of the linguistic consequences caused by this phenomenon. Bilingualism is tightly linked to identity, including ethnicity, behaviour, attitudes. We have all witnessed different situations of language contacts, a defining feature of this process being the lexical borrowing, whose implications lead to lexical changes.
Romania in the Complex Mosaic of Reform Formulas of the European Enlargement Project
Georgiana Ciceo
Sfera Politicii , 2012,
Abstract: In a period of hectic diplomatic activity for breathing a new life into the project of European integration and bouncing it back after the economic crisis came to threaten its credibility, Romania is bound to take an active role in the ongoing discussions on the future of Europe. The deliberations that have been going on for the past few months advance now along several lines and aim at creating a banking union, a fiscal union, an economic union and a political union. Each of them taken separately and all of them taken together will alter fundamentally the governance structures of the European Union.
Ume's u-distance and its relation with both (PS)-condition and coercivity
Georgiana Goga
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations , 2011,
Abstract: In this article, we study the connection between the u-distance and a new Palais-Smale condition of compactness. We compare this Palais-Smale condition with the coercivity.
Performance Evaluation and Electromagnetic Compatibility Measurements on UHF Radio Frequency Identification Systems
Georgiana Buta
DOCT-US , 2010,
Abstract: The history of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) can be traced back to World War II, when Germans, Japanese, Americans and British were using radar systems to detect the approaching planes while they were miles away. Nowadays, RFID technology is used in a large field of applications like asset tracking, manufacturing and supply chain automation, automotive and contactless payments. Several electromagnetic compatibility measurements on an UHF (865 MHz - 945 MHz) RFID system were performed, while the radiated emissions levels were recorded using a 20 Hz-26.5 GHz EMI Test Receiver, a log-periodic antenna and RF cables. The tests were made in a semi-anechoic chamber, which is a shielded enclosure with radio absorbing material on ceiling and walls
An Examination of the Relationship between Family and U.S. Latinos’ Physical Health
Georgiana Bostean
Field Actions Science Reports , 2010,
Abstract: Latinos, especially immigrant Latinos, have lower mortality rates and some better health outcomes than U.S.-born Latinos and whites, a situation called the Latino Paradox. One explanation for the advantage is that Latinos’ family orientation protects health. However, because few large-scale studies examine Latinos’ family relationships by nativity, the extent to which family factors contribute to Latinos’ health outcomes is unclear. Additionally, while a large literature focuses on family cohesion, fewer studies address both cohesion and conflict, which may be particularly important among immigrants, whose migration and adaptation experiences can strain family relations. This study examines the relationship between family context and U.S. Latinos’ physical health outcomes. Using nationally representative data on Latinos, it explores the relationship between chronic conditions and activity limitation and nativity, ethnicity, and family factors—both subjective, such as cohesion and conflict, and objective, such as household size, marital status, and language spoken with family. Results reveal that family conflict in particular is related to poorer health. Furthermore, objective measures of family context, such as marital status and household size, do not capture the effects of family relationships (cohesion, conflict, social support). These findings emphasize the importance of family relationships and the need for makers of both immigration and health policy to take into account the complex effects of these relationships on society from a public health perspective. Les Latinos, et en particulier les immigrants latinos, affichent des taux de mortalité plus faibles et un meilleur état de santé que les Blancs et les Latinos nés aux Etats-Unis. Cette situation est connue sous le nom de Paradoxe latino. L’une des explications à ce paradoxe est que la cohésion familiale des Latinos aurait un effet bénéfique sur la santé. Toutefois, étant donné que peu d’études à grande échelle s'intéressent aux relations familiales des Latinos en fonction de leur lieu de naissance, l'influence des facteurs familiaux sur l’état de santé des Latinos n’est pas claire. En outre, alors que l’on dispose d’une littérature abondante sur la cohésion familiale, peu d’études portent à la fois sur la cohésion et le conflit, ce dernier pouvant pourtant être particulièrement présent chez les immigrants, les expériences de migration et d’adaptation à la société américaine pouvant mettre à rude épreuve les relations familiales. Cette étude porte sur les relations entre le contexte familial et l
Journal of Science and Arts , 2011,
Abstract: Let P be a partially ordered set (poset) locally finite and kQ the path coalgebra over a field k associated to P. In this paper we investigate finiteness properties of this coalgebra by using an injective morphism of coalgebras from incidence coalgebra kS of P to the path coalgebra kQ. We deduce that kQ is left semiperfect only if kS have the same property, and that kQ is cosemisimple when the order relation on P is the equality. Finally we characterize the coradical filtration of the path coalgebra.
Georgiana Susmanschi
CES Working Papers , 2012,
Abstract: Internal audit provides through its tasks reasonable assurance that decisions implemented and on-going objectives are under control. Internal audit has passed from a simple check to a role in assisting management in order to have better control over operations, thus the internal audit function overcomes its primordial role to provide simple stage directions functional, following his path to becoming a useful leverage to optimize the company. Any company, irrespective of its business and operating environment, faces a number of risks, frauds. The most effective tools in preventing fraud are management control and internal audit, the latter being of prime importance in the field of corporate governance. The present paper follows to highlight the place and role that internal audit has in the economic entities which it is labeled as an attribute of management. A negative element identified at the level of the affected companies is the failure to identify risk management, due to increasing complexity of services and risky nature of the business. Although internal audit is not responsible for implementation of actions as a response to risks, it is responsible for providing reports to the management of significant information showing key risk assessment and so helps the management to become more efficient.
Coalgebraic Tools for Bisimilarity and Decorated Trace Semantics
Georgiana Caltais
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: The modelling, specification and study of the semantics of concurrent reactive systems have been interesting research topics for many years now. The aim of this thesis is to exploit the strengths of the (co)algebraic framework in modelling reactive systems and reasoning on several types of associated semantics, in a uniform fashion. In particular, we are interested in handling notions of behavioural equivalence/preorder ranging from bisimilarity for systems that can be represented as non-deterministic coalgebras, to decorated trace semantics for labelled transition systems and probabilistic systems, and testing semantics for labelled transition systems with internal behaviour. Moreover, we aim at deriving a suite of corresponding verification algorithms suitable for implementation in automated tools.
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