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Student Understanding of Some Quantum Physical Concepts
Serap ?al??kan,Gamze Sezgin Seluk
Latin-American Journal of Physics Education , 2009,
Abstract: In spite of nearly a century, quantum physics and quantum phenomena seem to be having some difficulties toinfluence the human brain and logic hence some considerable effort has recently been spending to overcome suchdifficulties. As a part of the international efforts, we composed a questionnaire named as Quantum ConceptsQuestionnaire (QCQ) to investigate student ideas about some concepts in quantum physics and quantum phenomena.In this work, the concepts of electron, wave function, wave-particle duality and structure of atom are specificallyinvestigated and obtained data are statistically analysed. The QCQ is administered to 71 undergraduate students allcompleted the quantum physics course at Education Faculty of Buca, Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir, Turkey. Finallysome important outcomes of the research are presented, discussed and certain suggestions are briefly made.
The Effects of Problem Solving Instruction on Physics Achievement, Problem Solving Performance and Strategy Use
Gamze Sezgin Seluk,Serap ?al??kan,Mustafa Erol
Latin-American Journal of Physics Education , 2008,
Abstract: This study has investigated the effects of problem solving instruction on physics achievement, problem-solving performance and strategy use in an introductory physics course at university level. In this study, pretest-posttest and quasi-experimental design with nonequivalent control group was used. Two groups of student teachers (n=74) participated in this study. During the 8-week study, one group received the strategy instruction while the other group acted as control. Data of the study were collected by Physics Achievement Test (PAT), Problem-Solving Performance Test (PSPT) and Problem-Solving Strategies Scale (PSSS). Findings of the study indicate that strategy instruction was effective on physics achievement, problem-solving performance, and strategy use. The implications of these results for physics instruction are discussed.
Correlation study of physics achievement, learning strategy, attitude and gender in an introductory physics course
Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching , 2010,
Abstract: This study investigates the relationship between multiple predictors of physics achievement including reported use of four learning strategy clusters (elaboration, organization, comprehension monitoring and rehearsal), attitudes towards physics (sense of care and sense of interest) and a demographic variable (gender) in order to determine the significant predictors of physics achievement. The subjects involved in this study were 357 first and second year pre-service teachers at Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey. Subjects were asked to fill out a personal information form, the revised Learning Strategies Scale for Physics Learning (R-LSSPL) and the Scale of Attitudes towards Physics (SAP). Correlation analyses indicate significant relationships between some variables of the study. Multiple regression analyses (stepwise) revealed that learning strategies accounted for 73% of the variation in physics achievement and all the learning strategy clusters (p<0.001) were found to be statistically significant predictors of physics achievement. The implications of these results for physics education are discussed in this paper.
The Effects of Gender and Grade Levels on Turkish Physics Teacher Candidates' Problem Solving Strategies
Gamze SEZG?N SELUK,Serap ?ALI?KAN,Mustafa EROL
Journal of Turkish Science Education , 2007,
Abstract: The aim of this research is to determine how much physics teacher candidates use problem solving strategies and to investigate the effects of gender and grade levels on it. Research data was collected by a Likert-type "Problem Solving Strategies Scale". It has 35 items and its Cronbach Alpha reliability coefficient was found 0,82. 141 students from all grade levels had participated into the research voluntarily. The data has been analyzed by using some statistical techniques as frequency, percentage, mean, Standard deviation, t-test, variance analysis and Scheffé Test. It was concluded that there was a statistically significant difference among groups according to the variables of gender and grade levels. It was also found that female teacher candidates use the problem solving strategies more frequently than the male ones; as the class level increased, the frequency of candidates who use problem solving strategies were also increased.
On the Behavior of Solutions of the System of Rational Difference Equations:,, and
Abdullah Sel uk Kurbanli
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/932362
Abstract: We investigate the solutions of the system of difference equations
Analyzing Land Use/Land Cover Changes Using Remote Sensing and GIS in Rize, North-East Turkey
Seluk Reis
Sensors , 2008, DOI: 10.3390/s8106188
Abstract: Mapping land use/land cover (LULC) changes at regional scales is essential for a wide range of applications, including landslide, erosion, land planning, global warming etc. LULC alterations (based especially on human activities), negatively effect the patterns of climate, the patterns of natural hazard and socio-economic dynamics in global and local scale. In this study, LULC changes are investigated by using of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Rize, North-East Turkey. For this purpose, firstly supervised classification technique is applied to Landsat images acquired in 1976 and 2000. Image Classification of six reflective bands of two Landsat images is carried out by using maximum likelihood method with the aid of ground truth data obtained from aerial images dated 1973 and 2002. The second part focused on land use land cover changes by using change detection comparison (pixel by pixel). In third part of the study, the land cover changes are analyzed according to the topographic structure (slope and altitude) by using GIS functions. The results indicate that severe land cover changes have occurred in agricultural (36.2%) (especially in tea gardens), urban (117%), pasture (-72.8%) and forestry (-12.8%) areas has been experienced in the region between 1976 and 2000. It was seen that the LULC changes were mostly occurred in coastal areas and in areas having low slope values.
“Corpus Callosum” Mystic Region of the Brain
Seluk Apak
Güncel Pediatri , 2009,
Abstract: Corpus Callosum (CC) is located in the middle part of the brain. Although it’s presence known since centuries, some functions still could not be well understood. Structure of CC is somewhat different from other parts of brain and easily be affected from several factors during pre and post natal period. Agenesis or dysgenesis of corpus callosum can be a part of several genetic syndromes or by itself is associated with some somatic and psychiatric diseases. Recently US and MRI greatly help to discover the disorders of CC. In this paper, the importance of CC in pediatric disorders and the philosophique, anatomic, morphologic, filogenetic and ontogenetic features during historical periods will be reviewed. (Journal of Current Pediatrics 2009; 7: 142-6)
Sosyal Bilimciler i in Word’de “Dizin” Haz rlama / Indexing with Word for Social Scientists
Seluk ??kla
Bilgi Dünyas? , 2006,
Abstract: Indexes are the parts that make scientific studies more practical. It’s noticeable that in Turkey, most of the studies in the form of books or thesis lack indexes. The details given systematically in this paper aim to help general researchers save time while compiling indexes and lead those who work in the field of social sciences and who don’t have enough knowledge and experience in this area to compile indexes. If researchers take the details presented in this paper into consideration, they will be able to compile indexes in their works easily, without losing much time
Pakrac liva, under Ottoman rule in second half of sixteenth century
Seluk Ural
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: Shortly after completing its foundation process, by means of tahrir tradition which was especially started with entering the conquest process, the Ottoman Empire registered fastidiously conquered places one by one. The tahrir notebooks, which are commonly used nowadays as well, have come out with the aid of this application of the Ottoman Empire. The main objective of this paper is to evaluate one of the most significant title deed-tahrir notebooks with a numbered of 355 and dated of 1565 related to the region. It is also aimed to determine the state and regional management methods in the political sense of Ottoman Empire after settling down the Balkan political land. We believe that our paper and similar publications constitute the utmost important point in terms of Ottoman Political History, and these studies could help the Ottoman History to get rid of monotony which we get used to so far.
The Application of Jizya Tax into the Sanjak of Kayseri and Jizya Berat Dated to the Year 1699///Cizye Vergisinin Kayseri Sanca nda Uygulanmas ve 1699 Tarihli Cizye Berat
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2010,
Abstract: The jizya tax(The non-Muslims having lived in Ottoman State paid a tax called jizya in return for military service. The women, the children, the old, the slaves, the sick and the men of religion were kept free from paying the jizya tax, which was taken from the z mmis who were old enough to do their military service) having taken from the non-Muslim subjects in the Ottoman State was collected based on two different methods beginning from the year 1691, whichs was a turning point to be accepted. Throughout our study, the application of these two methods in Kayseri when collecting the jizya taxes, the distinction between two periods and the problems encountered in the course of the application have been evaluated. The court records of Kayseri, a sanjak connected to the Province of Karaman, form the backbone of this study.
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