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Gamze ERüK?ü,Emrah AKBA?
Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches (itobiad) , 2012,
Abstract: Türkiye’de ocuk mahkemeleri 1987 y l ndan bugüne kadar su a sürüklenmi ve su ma duru ocuklara y nelik hizmet vermektedir. Bu mahkemelerin “ ocu un yüksek yarar ”n sa lama hususunda mevcut al malar bulunmakla beraber, daha iyi bir ocuk mahkemesi uygulamas n n nas l olmas gerekti ine ili kin hümanist dü üncenin uygulamalarda daha ok yer etmesi gerekmektedir. BM ocuk Haklar S zle mesi, ocuk Adalet Sisteminin Y netimine li kin Minimum Standart Kurallar ile zgürlü ünden Yoksun B rak lm ocuklar n Korunmas in Kurallar gibi e itli uluslararas metinlerde ge en yarg lama standartlar ndaki maddeler ülke temelinde uygulamalarda e itli iyile meler sa lam t r; fakat su a sürüklenen veya su ma duru ocu un rehabilitasyon süreci ne yaz k ki arka plana itilmi tir. ocu un yüksek yarar ve deste i i in al an ocuk refah profesyonellerinin adliye ortam ndaki rolü nedir ve ne olmal d r?Bu al mada ocuk mahkemelerinde sosyal al ma g revlisi kapsam nda olan meslek elemanlar n n uygulamalardaki mesleki müdahale süre lerinde ya ad klar sorunlar ele al nacak, sa l kl bir “ ocuk mahkemesi uygulamas ”n n nas l olmas gerekti i üzerinde durulacakt r. Bu nedenle makalede ncelikle ocuk mahkemelerinin dünyada ve Türkiye’deki tarihsel boyutu ele al nacak, ocuk mahkemelerinin Türkiye’deki geli imi, uygulamalardaki gü lükler, ocuk su lu u olgusu, nedenleri vs. gibi konular irdelenecektir.Child courts in Turkey have been serving for the juvenile pushed to crime and victims of crime since 1987 onwards. Despite the fact that these courts work on “the best interest of the child”, it is mandatory that the humanist thought take more place in practice on how a better child court practice should be. The items in the judgment standards that take place in various international texts such as the UN Convention on Child Rights, Minimum Standard Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice System, and the Rules for the Juveniles who are Deprived of their Liberty, etc. have provided the nationally based practice with progress, but the rehabilitation process of the child pushed to crime or the child who is a victim of crime takes a back seat unfortunately. What is and should be the role of the child welfare professionals who work for the support and best interest of the child in the forensic field?This study will deal with the problems that the proffesionals within the scope of the “proffesional who is in charge of social work” experience in the process of professional intervention and discuss how an effective “child court practice” should be. For this reason
Gerilim ve Uzla ma: Demokrasi Ekseninde Bürokrasi ve Siyaset li kisi üzerine Bir De erlendirme
Gamze AKSAN,?zlem ?EL?K
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: The main stress of democracy which is the ideal administrative method of modern societies can briefly be defined as theruling of those elected by the people under their own will, the equality and equal rights for the citizens. The functioning ofdemocracy is possible with the existence of institutions organized with certain rules. Bureaucracy covers this definition and is themain agent for the execution of democracy in an unproblematic way. Furthermore, bureaucracy which implies a form oforganization determined by rules and laws in all levels of the state embodies also structures required by the political organizationlegally holding the power to rule the people. Thought within this context, the harmonious functioning of the structures created bythe elected and the bureaucratic institutions consisting of appointees appears to be a vital necessity for the execution ofdemocracy. However, it is possible to state that these institutions bear some structural and functional problems in practice.In general the term bureaucracy which refers to the execution of procedures and actions, valid in a certain administrativesystem, by authorized and specialized persons, was first used in France in the mid-seventeenth century. The term was derivedfrom the French word “bureau” meaning “office” in English. The other word completing the term “cratie” has its roots in oldGreek and means power and domination ( ahin,1998:2).The various approaches to describing the features of bureaucracy diversify the definition of the concept. The first approachdefines bureaucracy by stressing the structural features of an organization. In this context we are confronted with a bureaucracycarrying certain characteristics as division of labour, hierarchy and procedure systems. The second approach, which pays moreattention to behavioural features, refers to positive organizational aspects such as objectivity, certainty, accuracy, file info andconsistency as well as to negative aspects like avoidance of responsibility, paperwork, rigidity, excessive secrecy, unwillingness inthe exercise and delegation of authorization (Heady’den akt. Ery lmaz,2008:6,7). Parallel to the definitions related to bureaucracy,a variety in bureaucratic theories can be observed. Hegel, Marx and Weber can be named as prominent figures contributingtheoretically to the bureaucratic literature. Another theory contributing to the theories is the elitist theory.In understanding the relationship between politics and bureaucracy and especially between the bureaucrat and the politician,three different approaches come to the forefro
Gamze ?an
TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin , 2006,
Abstract: Basic aim of an epidemiological study is to quantify the association between the exposure and the outcome of interest. To achieve this, the incidence of disease in a group of individuals exposed to the putative risk factors must be compared with the incidence in a group of persons not exposed. This comparison can be summarized by calculating either the ratio of the measures of disease occurrence for the two groups, which indicates the likelihood of developing the disease in the exposed individuals relative to those unexposed, or the difference between the two, which provides information about the absolute effect of the exposure in those exposed compared with those unexposed. Some terms about relative risk were explained and examine with samples in this article.
An Indicator Model of the Spatial Quantification and Pattern Analysis of Urban Sustainability: A Case Study of Cincinnati, Ohio  [PDF]
G?ker Okumu?, David J. Edelman
Current Urban Studies (CUS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/cus.2015.33019
Abstract: Shen & Guo (2014) have recently developed an array of urban sustainability indicators (USIs) as a tool to measure urban sustainability. Using 2006 data for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, they developed a theoretical integrated USI model with a hierarchical index system, to spatially monitor urban sustainability using geo-matic approaches and further statistically detect its spatial patterns. The purpose of this study is to apply Shen and Guo’s general approach to a major American city, Cincinnati, Ohio, utilizing U.S. census data from 2010, to test its utility beyond the original Canadian test case. In doing so, the model and its indicator structure were modified for the American context after a further review of sustainability indicators. Unlike Shen and Guo, however, the model is not subjectively weighted. Nevertheless, the revised model similarly applied both statistical analysis and geo-statistical analysis to explore how urban sustainability was spatially distributed and what spatial patterns (random, dispersed or clustered) for the indices could be found among Cincinnati’s census tracts. This work confirms Shen and Guo’s conclusion that geo-matic tools can be applied to detect spatially urban sustainability patterns, which can be provided visually for urban planners, managers and administrators for use in future policy making and implementation.
Dr. Mehmet K??ER
Turkish Studies , 2008,
Abstract: Being the leader of Turkish National Struggle andfounder of Turkish Republic, Atatürk proved such an eminent leader that many other countries, nations andleaders took him as a source of inspiration, a good modelin other words. He showed himself as a leading person inTurkish Nationalist Movement, which started rising afterthe 19th century, followed changes and developmentexperienced in the world closely and most importantlywas a very well-educated person. He always adopted astable and self-consistent policy while implementing hisrevolutions with the public’s support. Nadir Shah, thethird leader throning to Afghanistan during Atatürk era,was a soldier like Atatürk. Being aware of importanceboth Turkey and Atatürk posed for his country,Afghanistan, Nadir Shah like Emanullah realized crucialrole of maintaining friendly relations with newly-foundedTurkish Republic with an eye to contribute toAfghansitan’s welfare and development. Hence, hestruggled hard to establish communication with Atatürk’sTurkey. He showed his determination in this aspect byasking for the Turkish ambassador’s idea while he wasbeing throned to rule. Furthermore, the message he sentto Atatürk to celebrate anniversary of Turkish Republicjust after he was throned was an obvious sign of thisloyality and interest.
Dr. Mehmet K??ER
Turkish Studies , 2008,
Abstract: Being the leader of Turkish National Struggle and founder ofTurkish Republic, Atatürk proved such an eminent leader that manyother countries, nations and leaders took him as a source ofinspiration, a good model in other words. He showed himself as aleading person in Turkish Nationalist Movement, which started risingafter the 19th century, followed changes and development experiencedin the world closely and most importantly was a very well-educated person. He always adopted a stable and self-consistent policy whileimplementing his revolutions with the public’s support. Nadir Shah,the third leader throning to Afghanistan during Atatürk era, was asoldier like Atatürk. Being aware of importance both Turkey andAtatürk posed for his country, Afghanistan, Nadir Shah likeEmanullah realized crucial role of maintaining friendly relations withnewly-founded Turkish Republic with an eye to contribute toAfghansitan’s welfare and development. Hence, he struggled hard toestablish communication with Atatürk’s Turkey. He showed hisdetermination in this aspect by asking for the Turkish ambassador’sidea while he was being throned to rule. Furthermore, the message hesent to Atatürk to celebrate anniversary of Turkish Republic just afterhe was throned was an obvious sign of this loyality and interest.
Properties of nucleon in nuclear matter: once more
K. Azizi,N. Er
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-014-2904-5
Abstract: We calculate the mass and residue of the nucleon in nuclear matter in the framework of QCD sum rules using the nucleon's interpolating current with an arbitrary mixing parameter. We evaluate the effects of the nuclear medium on these quantities and compare the obtained results with the existing theoretical predictions. The results are also compared with those obtained in vacuum to find the shifts in the quantities under consideration. Our calculations show that these shifts in the mass and residue are about $32\%$ and $15\%$, respectively.
Bilaterally Located Bochdalek Hernia
Gamze K?rk?l,Mehmet Hamdi Muz,Ercan Kocako?
Turk Toraks Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: Bochdalek hernia is a type of congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) that typically presents in childhood, but may rarely be detected in adults. Most cases are asymptomatic and diagnosed incidentally. Hernias are often located on the left-side,while bilateral location is rare. We present a 75-year-old man in whom bilaterally Bochdalek hernia was detected incidentally.
Assessment of Trabecular Bone Structure with Magnetic Resonance T2 Relaxation Time in Osteoporosis
Ye?im Akyol,Gamze Alayl?,Bar?? Diren,K?van? Cengiz
Türkiye Fiziksel Tip ve Rehabilitasyon Dergisi , 2008,
Abstract: Objective: This study was planned to investigate the utility of Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI in assessing osteoporosis in a quantitative manner by evaluating bone micro architecture and to assess the correlation between MRI measurements and dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Materials and Methods: The study group consisted of 31 ostmenopausal osteoporotic women and control group consisted of 31 healthy postmenopausal women with normal bone mineral density (BMD). BMD measurements were performed with DXA at spine and at femur. The MRI T2 relaxation time (T2 RT) measurements were performed at lumbar 3 (L3) vertebra and calcaneus. The results of L3 vertebra DXA measurements of the postmenopausal subjects were compared with L3 vertebra MRI T2 RT and calcaneus T2 RT.Results: There was a significant difference between postmenopausal women with normal BMD and those with low BMD regarding the T2 RT of L3 vertebra and calcaneus (p<0.001). We found a negative correlation between L3 vertebra BMD and L3 vertebra T2 RT and calcaneal T2 RT. There was a positive correlation between L3 vertebra T2 RT and calcaneal T2 RT.Conclusion: The MRI results obtained by this technique were found to be correlated with the DXA results. It seems to be possible to discriminate postmenopausal osteoporotic and healthy women with MR T2 RT which assess trabecular bone structure. Turk J Phys Med Rehab 2008;54:50-3
Bili im Sistemleri Ba ar Modeli ve Aile Hekimli i Bili im Sistemleri(Information Systems Success Model and Family Health-care Information Systems)
Canan Gamze BAL,Serkan ADA,Adnan ?EL?K
Y?netim ve Ekonomi , 2012,
Abstract: In parallel with most of the countries, our country is recently experiencing a transformation in the health-care as well. Information technology is in the center of this transformation. The importance of transforming all of the health-care processes with information technologies is continuously increasing, an large amounts of investments are done in these technologies. Therefore, it is of great importance to measure the success of information systems due to the high amounts of investments and to see whether these investments are on target. The objective of this study is to measure the success of the information systems that family physicians use. The findings reveal that both mandatory and voluntary use of information systems increase the user satisfaction, leading to an increase in the value created in the health-care system.

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