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Heavy Metals Accumulation in Topsoils from the Wine-growing Regions Part 2. Relationships between soil properties and extractable copper contents
Marija Romi?,Davor Romi?,Gabrijel Ondraek
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus (ACS) , 2004,
Abstract: The present study analyses the effects of high copper concentrations on its mobility in the soils from the wine-growing regions of the Northwestern Croatia. The aims of this study were to determine the copper distribution in vineyard soils by single extraction procedures, and to relate the total, mobile and mobilisable copper content to several chemical soil characteristics using multiple regression analysis. The total Cu concentrations were determined by an aqua regia procedure. Two other methods were used for evaluating soil available copper: DTPA extraction and calcium chloride extraction. The physical and chemical characteristics (texture, organic C, pH, CaCO3, total P, CEC) were determined as well. Both DTPA- and CaCl2-extractable copper were largely explained by the total copper contents, and they were also highly correlated to each other. It was found that the DTPA-extractable copper decreased with increasing cation exchange capacity, but concentrations of CaCl2-extractable copper mainly depend on pH.
Comparison of Transpiration Models in Tomato Soilless Culture
Gabrijel Ondraek,Davor Romi?,Josip Boro?i?,Marija Romi?
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus (ACS) , 2007,
Abstract: A two-year greenhouse study was performed to determine the possibility of estimating the transpiration rate in hydroponically grown tomato on the basis of climate parameters. Transpiration rate, determined by the water balance method on different substrates, was compared to the transpiration rate calculated using the Penman Monteith equation. Regression analysis of the comparison of two different approaches to water consumption determination confirmed that the transpiration rate of greenhouse grown tomato for the studied area can be estimated with high accuracy (R2 > 0.95).
Strawberry Growth and Fruit Yield in a Saline Environment
Gabrijel Ondraek,Davor Romi?,Marija Romi?,Boris Duralija
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus (ACS) , 2006,
Abstract: Up to 20% of irrigated arable land in arid and semi-arid regions worldwide is salt-affected. The problem of salt-affected soils is also present in the Croatian Mediterranean coastal region where seawater intrudes through porous media into calcareous aquifers, mixes with freshwater and salinizes both ground and surface waters. Climatic conditions enable continuous growing of several crops throughout a year, but increasing demand for irrigation water forces the growers to utilize water of poor quality. In 2005, the effect of rising salinity levels (control, 4, 6, and 8 dS m-1) on strawberry vegetative growth and fruit yield was studied in a greenhouse experiment. Salinity treatments had a negative effect on total fresh fruit yield (29-59%), total number of fruits (24-45%), fruit size, as well as on the number of runners (23-86%) and the length of the longest runner (1.3-2.6 times). Furthermore, NaCl salinity stress accelerated leaf senescence and reduced the strawberry growing period by 12-22 days.
The Influence of Drip Fertigation on Water Use Effi ciency in Tomato Crop Production
Vjekoslav Tanaskovik,Ordan Cukaliev,Davor Romi?,Gabrijel Ondraek
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus (ACS) , 2011,
Abstract: The primary objective of this study was to determine the best irrigation and fertigation practice for tomato crop (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) in order to achieve highest yield with maximum water use efficiency (WUE). The field experiments were conducted during the period of May to September in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Five experimental treatments tested in this study included the following: the first three treatments (T1, T2, and T3) included a combination of drip irrigation and fertigation, treatment four (T4) included drip irrigation, but with conventional application of fertilizer, and the fifth treatment, (T5), included furrow irrigation practice with conventional application of fertilizer. The results of this study show that the drip fertigation treatments (T1, T2, and T3) gave significantly higher tomato yields in comparison with treatments T4 and T5, almost 24% and 39%. During three years of research treatments under drip fertigation showed almost 28% more water use efficiency in comparison with the treatment with conventional application of fertilizer and drip irrigation and 87% more than the treatment with furrow irrigation and conventional application of fertilizer. So, it is clear that the drip fertigation led to an increased yield, indicating enhanced water use efficiency.
Tr na podoba slovenskih gazel = Market Branding of Slovenian Gazelles
Gabrijel Devetak
Management , 2012,
Abstract: The purpose of the article is to show the global marketing activities,guidelines and management decisions for international business ofSlovenian gazelles. The survey was conducted on a sample of 230-sSlovenian gazelles that have been included in the list of 500 fastestgrowing companies in Slovenia in previous years (2007, 2008, 2009 and2010). They are also involved in the selection of ‘Best Fast GrowingCompany or a Gazelle.’ Slovenian gazelles use the internationalizationfor many reasons (saturation of the domestic market, lack of demandin the domestic market, etc.). Findings presented in this articlemay serve Slovenian gazelle in the decision of how to enter a foreignmarket, in the selection of the initial steps and the comparison of the existing market models used in the company.
Urbani obvodni javni prostor – reka kot razvojni generator : Urban riverside public space – river as the generator of development
Artur Olaj,Peter Gabrijel?i?,Alenka Fikfak
Geodetski Vestnik , 2012,
Abstract: Odprti javni prostori imajo klju no vlogo v razpoznavnosti mest, kar zlasti velja za javne prostore, ki le e ob rekah. Zato so reke, ki te ejo skozi mesta, njihovo naravno bogastvo in hkrati velik razvojni potencial. So mo an ekonomski razvojni generator ter generator rasti in oblikovanja mestnih tkiv. Javni odprti obre ni prostori in njihove razli ne oblike so odvisni od hidrolo kih in geomorfolo kih zna ilnosti re nega telesa ter vplivov ir ega okolja. Obravnavana tema je pomembna, saj sta bila kakovost obre nih prostorov in njihov razvojni potencial v preteklosti premalo upo tevana. Danes so to prostori mesta, ki do ivljajo najve je transformacije. Za namen raziskave je bil pomen urbanega obvodnega javnega prostora preverjen v estih evropskih mestih. Tema je v prispevku podrobneje predstavljena v treh mestih: Ljubljani, Ptuju in Gradcu. V njih prepoznavamo sti ne to ke v odnosu do obre nega prostora. Razprava o urbanem obre nem prostoru se navezuje na dve obmo ji, ki sta izbrani kot prostorski okvir raziskave: o je obmo je re nega koridorja (KUV – koridor urbanega vodotoka) in ir e obre je (NUV – nabre je urbanega vodotoka). Javni prostori na obmo ju NUV imajo velik in poseben prostorski potencial, kar je potrdila raziskava med uporabniki javnega prostora, izvedena z anketo v navedenih mestih. Anketa je hkrati pokazala nizko stopnjo splo ne zavesti me anov o mo nostih, ki jih ponujajo obre ni prostor in ureditve javnih prostorov ob njem, ter o na inih, kako ta prostor obogatiti ; Open Public Spaces play a key role in visibility of cities, especially public spaces near rivers. This is the reason rivers in the cities represent their natural wealth while simultaneously being their development potential. They are strong economic development engines, engines of growth and creators of the urban fabric. Public open riverside spaces and their different forms depend on geomorphological features of the river body as well as the impact of the wider environment. The topic is important, as the quality of riverside spaces and their development potential was previously insufficiently taken into account. Today these are the spaces of cities, which experience enriched transformation. For the purposes of this research, the theme of the importance of urban waterside areas was verified in six European cities. The paper presents in detail the importance of this topic in three cities: Ljubljana, Ptuj and Gradec. They recognize points of contact in relation to the riverside area. The debate on urban riverside areas is related to two areas that are selected as a spatial
On the energy growth of some periodically driven quantum systems with shrinking gaps in the spectrum
Pierre Duclos,Ondra Lev,Pavel Stovicek
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1007/s10955-007-9419-5
Abstract: We consider quantum Hamiltonians of the form H(t)=H+V(t) where the spectrum of H is semibounded and discrete, and the eigenvalues behave as E_n~n^\alpha, with 0<\alpha<1. In particular, the gaps between successive eigenvalues decay as n^{\alpha-1}. V(t) is supposed to be periodic, bounded, continuously differentiable in the strong sense and such that the matrix entries with respect to the spectral decomposition of H obey the estimate |V(t)_{m,n}|<=\epsilon*|m-n|^{-p}max{m,n}^{-2\gamma} for m!=n where \epsilon>0, p>=1 and \gamma=(1-\alpha)/2. We show that the energy diffusion exponent can be arbitrarily small provided p is sufficiently large and \epsilon is small enough. More precisely, for any initial condition \Psi\in Dom(H^{1/2}), the diffusion of energy is bounded from above as _\Psi(t)=O(t^\sigma) where \sigma=\alpha/(2\ceil{p-1}\gamma-1/2). As an application we consider the Hamiltonian H(t)=|p|^\alpha+\epsilon*v(\theta,t) on L^2(S^1,d\theta) which was discussed earlier in the literature by Howland.
Some additions to the Scale insect fauna (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) of Crete with a check list of the species known from the island
Giuseppina Pellizzari,Francesco Porcelli,Gabrijel Seljak,Ferenc Kozár
Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research , 2011, DOI: 10.4081/jear.2011.e31
Abstract: A list of the scale insects (Homoptera: C occoidea) recorded by the authors for the Greek island of C rete is reported. This includes twenty-seven species new to the island The most interesting records are Kermes palestiniensis Balachowsky (Kermesidae), only recorded previously from Israel, and Getulaspis bupleuri (Marchal) (Diaspididae), only known previously from North A frica and the Middle E ast. With the present additions, the number of scale insect species recorded on C rete has reached 82. A revised check list of the scales presently known from the island is also provided.
Accurate prediction of band gaps and optical properties of HfO$_2$
Pavel Ondra?ka,David Holec,David Ne?as,Lenka Zají?ková
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We report on optical properties of various polymorphs of hafnia predicted within the framework of density functional theory. The full potential linearised augmented plane wave method was employed together with the Tran-Blaha modified Becke-Johnson potential for exchange and local density approximation for correlation. Unit cells of monoclinic, cubic, and tetragonal crystalline, and a simulated annealing-based model of amorphous hafnia were fully relaxed with respect to internal positions and lattice parameters. The thus obtained band gaps of 5.76 eV, 5.88 eV, 6.54 eV, and 5.5 eV for monoclinic, cubic, tetragonal, and amorphous hafnia, respectively, are in excellent agreement with available experimental data. Dielectric functions were calculated and a shift of spectral weights to higher energies with respect to experimental data was predicted. This was attributed to the random phase approximation used to calculate the dielectric function, rather than inaccuracies in the band structure.
Influence of Inorganic Salts on the Adsorption of Cationically Modified Starch to Fibers  [PDF]
Nejc Zakraj?ek
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2014.53030

The article is focused on the influence of inorganic salts on the adsorption of cationically modified starch to fibers. Results show that low concentrations of inorganic salts usually affect the process of adsorption in a positive way. Adsorption efficiency at higher concentrations, however, depends on the type of inorganic salts as well as the sequence of adding inorganic salts and starch to paper suspension.

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