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Models and Algorithms for Alignment of Biological Networks

GUO Xing-Li,GAO Lin,CHEN Xin,

软件学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 生物网络比对是生物体结构、功能和进化分析的重要研究手段.首先给出了生物网络比对问题的形式化定义;其次重点分析了现有的比对模型和算法,按照比对方法的数学特性对其进行了分类,并对典型算法结合应用进行了深入探讨,对3类比对方法的特点进行了总结与比较;再次,分析归纳了生物网络比对软件,阐述了生物网络比对研究的意义和应用;最后指出了生物网络比对研究中的关键问题及生物网络比对未来的研究方向.
Reproduction of a hyperkalemia animal model
Jian HUO,Xing-li SU,Shuang WANG
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2011,
Abstract: Objective To reproduce an animal model of myocardium hyperkalemia and to relieve its symptoms with calcium chloride(CaCl2) with the purpose of observing the effect of hyperkalemia on electrocardiogram Ⅱ(ECGⅡ).Methods Fifty toads(either gender) were assigned into two groups,i.e.experiment group and control group.Animals in experiment group were injected with 0.3ml of 0.2% potassium chloride(KCl) via abdominal vein to reproduce hyperkalemia model,while those in control group were injected same amount of 0.9% sodium chloride(NaCl),then ECG Ⅱ was synchronously recorded.Two minutes later,animals in experiment group were injected with 0.2ml of 1% calcium chloride(CaCl2) via the abdominal vein to relieve hyperkalemia,and ECGⅡ was again synchronously recorded.Results After injection of 0.2% KCl,ECG Ⅱ of the animals in experiment group showed that the heart rate was slowed down(P < 0.05),P-R interval was extended(P < 0.05),QRS was broadened and lowered(P < 0.05),T peak became higher(P < 0.05) as compared with that in control group.Two minutes after injection of 1% CaCl2,the ECG Ⅱ of the animals in experiment group recovered to normal status,and no significant difference was found between that of experiment group and control group.Conclusion The changes in ECG Ⅱ in toad model of myocardium hyperkalemia,produced by injection of 0.2% KCl,and then relieve the symptoms by injection of 1% CaCl2 via abdominal vein,is similar to that in mammals.Compared with other animal models,the hyperkalemia toad model is more convenient to be established with practical and stable result,and the cost is lower.
Differential expression of the proteins in endosperms of rice with different chromosome sets

XIE Hui-Bo,HUANG Qun-Ce,LI Guo-Ping,WANG Xing-Li,YE Cong-Yun,QIN Guang-Yong,

遗传 , 2007,
Abstract: The present paper compared the major storage proteins in starchy endosperm of four autotetraploid rice lines with that of their corresponding diploid rice lines.The content of albumin,globulin,prolamin and glutelin in each sample was determined respectively.The structure and expression pattern of each storage protein was investigated using one-dimensional SDS-PAGE.Our results showed that the protein content of each fraction in endosperm of autotetraploid rice line is mostly higher than that of its corresponding diploid rice line.However,the SDS-PAGE analysis showed that the subunit types of each storage protein of autotetraploid rice line was generally homologous to that of its corresponding dip-loid rice line,except for one differential band observed on SDS-PAGE gels of total protein fraction and another on the SDS-PAGE gels of albumin and globulin fraction.These results indicated that duplicated genes in autotetraploid rice ac-quired the same expression patterns as that seen in its corresponding diploid rice.It was suggested that the doubling of chromosome sets did not change the protein expression profile but the protein expression level in the starchy endosperm of autotetraploid rice.
Eyebrow Recognition Based on Hidden Markov Models

LI Yu-jian,LI Xing-li,

中国图象图形学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 为说明人类的眉毛作为一种生物特征使用的可能性和可行性,提出了一种基于离散HMM的眉毛识别方法,并对它的识别率随观察符号个数和模型状态数的变化关系进行了初步的实验研究。实验结果表明,该方法在一个27人的小规模眉毛数据库上最高识别率可以达到92.6%。
Subconscious Effect on Pedestrian Counter Flow

KUANG Hua,SONG Tao,LI Xing-Li,DAI Shi-Qiang,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: We propose an extended lattice gas model with different maximum velocities to simulate pedestrian counter flow by considering the subconscious behaviour of walkers. Four types of walkers including faster right walkers, slower right walkers, faster left walkers and slower left walkers are involved in the simulation. The simulation results show that our model can capture some essential features of pedestrian counter flows, such as the lane formation, segregation effect and phase separation at higher densities. We also find that the subconscious effect can reduce the occurrence of jam cluster evidently compared with the case of un-subconscious effect. At large maximum velocity, the critical density corresponding to the maximum flow rate of the fundamental diagram is in good agreement with the empirical results.
Phase transition on speed limit traffic with slope

Li Xing-Li,Song Tao,Kuang Hua,Dai Shi-Qiang,

中国物理 B , 2008,
Abstract: Through introducing a generalized optimal speed function to consider spatial position, slope grade and variable safe headway, the effect of slope in a single-lane highway on the traffic flow is investigated with the extended optimal speed model. The theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the flux of the whole road with the upgrade (or downgrade) increases linearly with density, saturates at a critical density, then maintains this saturated value in a certain density range and finally decreases with density. The value of saturated flux is equal to the maximum flux of the upgrade (or downgrade) without considering the slight influence of the driver's sensitivity. And the fundamental diagrams also depend on sensitivity, slope grade and slope length. The spatiotemporal pattern gives the segregation of different traffic phases caused by the rarefaction wave and the shock wave under a certain initial vehicle number. A comparison between the upgrade and the downgrade indicates that the value of saturated flux of the downgrade is larger than that of the upgrade under the same condition. This result is in accordance with the real traffic.
Adaptive digital watermarking algorithm based on energy analysis of wavelet coefficients block

ZHU Xing-li,ZHANG Jia-shu,

计算机应用 , 2006,
Abstract: To enhance the robustness of watermark, an improved digital watermarking algorithm based on wavelet transform was proposed. The third level detail sub-images decomposed the original image using three levels DWT(Discrete Wavelet Transform) were divided into non-overlap blocks. Then the blocks, which were more adaptable to embed watermark, were selected by block energy analysis. At the end, combining with the properties of human visual system, the watermark was adaptively embedded into the largest coefficients which belonged to the selected blocks. Theoretical analysis and experiment results show that the watermark generated with the proposed algorithm is imperceptible and more robust.
New insights into traffic dynamics: a weighted probabilistic cellular automaton model

Li Xing-Li,Kuang Hu,Song Tao,Dai Shi-Qiang,Li Zhi-Peng,

中国物理 B , 2008,
Abstract: From the macroscopic viewpoint for describing the acceleration behaviour of drivers, a weighted probabilistic cellular automaton model (the WP model, for short) is proposed by introducing a kind of random acceleration probabilistic distribution function. The fundamental diagrams, the spatiotemporal patterns, are analysed in detail. It is shown that the presented model leads to the results consistent with the empirical data rather well, nonlinear flow--density relationship existing in lower density regions, and a new kind of traffic phenomenon called neo-synchronized flow. Furthermore, we give the criterion for distinguishing the high-speed and low-speed neo-synchronized flows and clarify the mechanism of this kind of traffic phenomenon. In addition, the result that the time evolution of distribution of headways is displayed as a normal distribution further validates the reasonability of the neo-synchronized flow. These findings suggest that the diversity and the randomicity of drivers and vehicles have indeed a remarkable effect on traffic dynamics.
Nitrogen released from different plant residues of the Loess Plateau and their additions on contents of microbial biomass carbon, nitrogen in soil

Jian-Bin Zhou,Xing-Li Chen,Ying-Li Zhang,Jian-Liang Liu,

生态学报 , 2010,
Effect of following strength on pedestrian counter flow

Kuang Hu,Li Xing-Li,Wei Yan-Fang,Song Tao,Dai Shi-Qiang,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: This paper proposes a modified lattice gas model to simulate pedestrian counter flow by considering the effect of following strength which can lead to appropriate responses to some complicated situations. Periodic and open boundary conditions are adopted respectively. The simulation results show that the presented model can reproduce some essential features of pedestrian counter flows, e.g., the lane formation and segregation effect. The fundamental diagrams show that the complete jamming density is independent of the system size only when the width W and the length L are larger than some critical values respectively, and the larger asymmetrical conditions can better avoid the occurrence of deadlock phenomena. For the mixed pedestrian flow, it can be found that the jamming cluster is mainly caused by those walkers breaking the traffic rules, and the underlying mechanism is analysed. Furthermore, the comparison of simulation results and the experimental data is performed, it is shown that this modified model is reasonable and more realistic to simulate and analyse pedestrian counter flow.
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