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QCD Phase Transitions and Bag Constants at Finite Chemical Potential
YANG Shu,GUO Hua,ZHAO En-Guang,LU Xiao-Fu,
,GUO Hua,ZHAO En-Guang,Xiao-Fu

中国物理快报 , 2007,
Abstract: The global colour model at finite temperature is further extended to study the systems at finite chemical potential. The deconfinement and chiral phase transition at finite chemical potential and at temperature T = 0 K are studied simultaneously. Meanwhile the evolution of the bag constants at finite chemical potential is calculated. The dependences of results on the model parameters are discussed in detail
A Nonlinear Realized Approach of SU(2) Chiral Symmetry Spontaneous Breaking and Properties of Nuclear Matter
Xiao-Fu Lu,Bao-Xi Sun,Yu-Xin Liu,Hua Guo,En-Guang Zhao
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: A nonlinear realization of SU(2) chiral symmetry spontaneous breaking approach is developed in the composite operator formalism. A Lagrangian including quark, gluon and Goldstone boson degrees of freedom of the chiral quark model is obtained from the QCD Lagrangian. A way to link the chiral symmetry spontaneous breaking formalism at hadron level and that at quark level is predicted. too. The application to nuclear matter shows that the approach is quite successful in describing the properties of nuclear matter and the quark condensate in it.

MO Zhi-shen,XUE Xiao-fu,GUO Qi-peng,TIAN Wen-jing,ZHANG Hong-fang,

高分子学报 , 1991,
Abstract: WAXD, PLM, IR and TBA have been used to investigate the morphology, crystallinity, Tg and intermolecular interaction of PEO/PBHE blends as a function of composition and temperature. Up to a content of about 50 wt% of PEO the blend films are completely filled with PEO spherulites, no separated domains of PBHE being observed. Blends with 30?40 wt% of PEO show islands of crystalline PEO within a matrix of PBHE. Blends with lower PEO content (20 wt%) show no evidence of crystallinity. A IR study of PEO PBHE blends reveals that intermolecular interaction occuring between these two polymeric coponents in stronger than that occuring in pur phenoxy.Decrease of crystallinity and increases of Tg in the blend system are accompanied by an increase in the content of PBHE composition,which is in good agreement with FOX equation. These two polymers are compatible in amorphous zone.
Crystallization Properties of Schoenite in Ethanol-Water and Methanol-Water Mixed Solvents

YUAN Jun-sheng,HAN Rong-min,LIU Yan-lan,GUO Xiao-fu,

过程工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Using wet slag method,the solubilities of schoenite in ethanol-water and methanol-water systems were determined.With conductivity method,the metastable zone widths of schoenite were measured,and the influences of temperature,cooling rate and agitating rate on it also investigated.The results show that the higher proportion the ethanol or methanol in the mixed solvents,the smaller solubility the schoenite has.When the volume ratio of methanol or ethanol to water is 1:1,the solubility of schoenite nearly reach zero.Moreover,the crystalline area of K2SO4 in methanol-water solvent is bigger than that in ethanol-water solvent under the same solvent ratio.Under the present experimental conditions,the metastable zone width of schoenite is expanded from 0.40% to 1.48% with the cooling rate increasing from 15 to 35℃/h,decreasing from 1.54% to 1.04% along with the stirring rate increasing from 250 to 460 r/min,and changing from 1.61% to 1.24% when the temperature rises from 25℃ to 35℃.

GUO Chun-ling,ZHANG Hong-fang,GONG Zhi,XUE Xiao-fu,MO Zhi-shen,WANG Fo-song,

高分子学报 , 1990,
Abstract: Sulfonated 3,4-polyisoprene and its ionomers were synthesized. Their structures and cry-stallinity were examined by IR, 1H-NMR, WAXD and SAXS. The results show that the cry-stallinity of the ionomers is reduced with the increasing content of sulfonic acid groups and sodium salts. The peak in various ionomers, which characterizes the structure of clusters of ionic aggregates, was not observed in the pattern of small angle X-ray scattering. It is shown that only multiplets of group of a few tightly bound ion pairs exist. IR spectra indicate the presence of the O = S = O symmetrical and asymmetrical stretch peaks at 1040 and 1200cm-1. The 1H-NMR experiments indicated that sulfonic acid groups mainly react with the side chain double bonds of 3,4-polyisoprene.
Dynamically generated resonances from the vector meson-octet baryon interaction in the strangeness zero sector
Bao-Xi Sun,Xiao-Fu Lu
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: The interaction potentials between vector mesons and octet baryons are calculated explicitly with a summation of t-, s-, u-channel diagrams and a contact term originating from the tensor interaction. Many resonances are generated dynamically in different channels of strangeness zero by solving the coupled-channel Lippman-Schwinger equations with the method of partial wave analysis, and their total angular momenta are determined. The spin partners N(1650)1/2^{-} and N(1700)3/2^-, N(1895)1/2^{-} and N(1875)3/2^-, and the state N(2120)3/2^- are all produced respectively in the isospin I=1/2 sector. In the isospin I=3/2 sector, the spin partners Delta(1620)1/2^- and Delta(1700)3/2^- are also associated with the pole in the complex energy plane. According to the calculation results, a J^P=1/2^- state around 2000 MeV is predicted as the spin partner of N(2120)3/2^-. Some resonances are well fitted with their counterparts listed in the newest review of Particle Data Group(PDG), while others might stimulate the experimental observation in these energy regions in the future.
Comparison of Food Components Between Rana pleuraden and Rana chaochiaoensis from Kunming and Evaluation of Their Benefit and Harm

ZHOU Wei,PAN Xiao-fu,OU Xiao-hong,ZHANG Qing,

动物学研究 , 2007,
Abstract: Food components of 1 105 individuals of Ranapleuraden and 428 Rana chaochiaoensis collected from Bailongsi, Huahongdong and Xijiekou of Kunming from May 1998 to November 2003 were analyzed by dissecting their stomachs. It was calculated that percentage of number and frequency, a diversity index, index of percent similarity, width of trophic ecological niche, overlap of trophic ecological niche and beneficial coefficient of the two frog species. According to results, major food components of different populations of R. pleuraden collected from different localities as well between R. pleuraden and R. chaochiaoensis were basically identical. However, there were differentiation in food diversity and trophic ecological niche between R. pleuraden and R. chaochiaoensis as well between their males and females. The annual beneficial coefficients of both R. pleuraden and R. chaochiaoensis were positive, which implied that their benefit for mankind was larger than harm. The beneficial level of R. pleuraden was higher than one of R. chaochiaoensis. The study results showed that beneficial coefficient could be changed among populations of a species collected from different regions and/or the same population collected from different seasons or years, which meant that the beneficial coefficient could not be compared. This coefficient only expressed the level of benefit and harm for mankind in the certain period.
The Feeding Strategy of Rana pleuraden from Kunming, China

ZHOU Wei,PAN Xiao-fu,OU Xiao-hong,LI Wei,
周 伟

动物学研究 , 2007,
Abstract: Until now, the correlation between the food found in a frog's stomach and the richness of food resources in their habitats were not fully considered when food selection of amphibians was studied in China. The diet of 494 specimens of Rana pleuraden were collected from Bailongsi and Xijiekou, Kunming, and the composition of the food resource in their habitats were investigated. The results showed that the food consumption of the frog and the food resource composition in the habitats were steady. The main groups of food resources were Orthoptera, Homoptera, Hemiptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera and Arachnida. However, the proportion of each group varied among specimens from different localities, years and months of the year. Rana pleuraden also showed selectivity towards its food and/or prey, supported by the results of scientific analyses, such as the discrepancy significance analysis, the correlation analysis and the selectivity analysis between food consumption and food resources. There was no correlation between food resource found in the habitats and the food in the frog's stomach (Bailongsi: r=0.077, P=0.575; Xiejiekou: r=-0.086, P=0.500). The insects of Orthoptera (Ei<-0.35) and Homoptera (Ei<-0.37) were avoided when feeding. The insects of Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera and Arachnida were the preferred prey for Rana pleuraden (Ei>0.45).
Research of the hairy-root of Rhodiola sachalinensis A. Bor

XU Hong-Wei,ZHOU Xiao-Fu,

中国生态农业学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 建立了高山红景天毛状根培养系统,研究表明红景天子叶、子叶节能被A4、R1601、ATCC15834感染产生毛状根,PCR检测在500bp处有rolC基因存在。以1/2MS_0液体培养基、散射光、温度为20℃左右、pH值4.5~4.8间毛状根生长为佳。对C源要求不高,N源NH_4~ :No_3~-为1:1时毛状根生长较好且红景天甙含量增加。
Reply to the Comment on "Spin and orbital angular momentum in gauge theories: Nucleon spin structure and multipole radiation revisited" [PRL 100:232002 (2008)]
Chen, Xiang-Song;Lü, Xiao-Fu;Sun, Wei-Min;Wang, Fan;Goldman, T.
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.100.232002
Abstract: This is a Reply to the Comment [] on our paper [PRL 100:232002 (2008)].
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